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Knight, Damon  What Rough Beast?  1959 FEB  nv  editor of sf magazine If: Worlds of S.F., for three issues, 1958 OCT - 1959 FEB; has anth. A Century of Science Fiction(1962), First Flight(1963), Tomorrow X 4(1964), A Century of Great Short Science Fiction Novels(1964), Beyond Tomorrow(1965)
   Books: Half Loaves  1959 APR  br  Edmund Cooper: Tomorrow's Gift; Murray Leinster: The Monster from World's End; Knight is considered the 1st outstanding book reviewer in sf(Clute); for his reviews he also won a retrospective 1975 Pilgrim Award from the Science Fiction Research Assoc.
   Books: Wine With Your Bottle, Sir?  1959 MAY  br  John Bowen: After the Rain; Poul Anderson: The Enemy Stars; Knight has trans. a number of French sf stories, some pub. in F&SF, which are coll. in 13 French Science Fiction Stories(1965)
   Books: From the Horse's Mouth  1959 JUL  br  Heinlein, Bloch, Kornbluth, Bester: The Science Fiction Novel, Imagination and Social Criticism(nf, with intro by Basil Davenport)
   Books: Innocence of Evil, The  1959 AUG  br  horror stories, Groff Conklin(ed): Br-r-r!; Donald A. Wollheim(ed): The Macabre Reader
   To Be Continued  1959 OCT  ss  has anth. The Dark Side(1965), The Shape of Things(1965), Cities of Wonder(1966), Nebula Award Stories 1965(1966), Science Fiction Inventions(1967), Worlds to Come(1967); edited the famous Orbit 1-21 anth.(1966-80), which was N for several Locus Awards
   Books: Without Hokum  1959 NOV  br  Judith Merril(ed): SF, The Year's Greatest S.-F. and Fantasy; Algis Budrys: The Falling Torch; Donald H. Tuck: Handbook of S.F. and F., 2nd ed.; George O. Smith: The Fourth "R"; Arch Oboler: The Night of the Auk
   Books: Near Misses From All Over  1959 DEC  br  Brian W. Aldiss: Vanguard from Alpha; Edmund Cooper: Seed of Light; H.L. Gold(ed): The World that Couldn't Be
   Books: And the Truth Shall Drive You Mad  1960 JAN  br  Shirley Jackson: The Haunting of Hill House; Frederik Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth: Wolfbane; Sheckley: Immortality, Inc.; van Vogt: The War Against the Rull; Asimov: Words of Science; Jerry Sohl: One Against Herculum; Leonard Wibberley: The Quest of Excalibur
   Books: 1924  1960 FEB  br  Eugene Zamiatin: We; John Wyndham & Lucas Parkes: The outward Urge; Sterling Noel: We Who Survived; Robert A. Heinlein: Starship Troopers(book is 20,000 words longer than the serial that was in F&SF(1959 OCT-NOV)
   Books: Concerning Enchantments  1960 MAR  br  Norman Matson: Enchanted Beggar; Rex Gordon: First to the Stars; Kurt Vonnegut: The Sirens of Titan; Paul I. Wellman: The Fiery Flower; Anthony Boucher(ed): A Treasury of Great Science Fiction; Benjamin Appell: The Funhouse
   Books: Best of 1959, The  1960 APR  br  & the 10 best books of the 1950s - Bradbury: The Martian Chronicles; Heinlein: The Man Who Sold the Moon, & The Puppet Masters; Simak: City; Tucker: The Long, Loud Silence; Bester: The Demolished Man; Sturgeon: More Than Human; Vidal: Messiah; etc
   Books: Iä! Yog-Sothoth! Yah, Yah, Yah!  1960 MAY  br  John Lymington: Night of the Big Heat; L. Sprague de Camp: The Glory That Was; Robert M. Coates: The Eater of Darkness
   Books: New Maps of Hell  1960 JUN  br  Kingley Amis: New Maps of Hell; Philip K. Dick: Dr. Futurity; Roald Dahl: Kiss Kiss; L. Sprague de Camp: The Bronze God of Gold; Dick Eney(comp): Fancyclopedia II(based on an earlier edition by Jack Speer)
   Books: Level 7  1960 JUL  br  Mordecai Roshwald: Level 7
   Books: Tedious Mr. Lovecraft, The  1960 AUG  br  H.P. Lovecraft: The Shuttered Room and Other Places; C.S. Lewis: The World's Last Night
   Books: Walden Two  1960 SEP  br  B.F. Skinner: Walden Two(followed by editor's note that D.K. has resigned as book reviewer - actually caused by the editor's rejection of a bad review by D.K. of a Judith Merril book(prob. The Tomorrow People); Alfred Bester to be new book reviewer)
   Tree of Time, The  1963 DEC  no-1/2  Prof. Gordon Naismith must travel to the future to destroy the dangerous monster, Zug; this version was expanded & retitled Beyond the Barrier(1964); has short story "Masks" in PBY 1968 JUL, N-1968 NEB; 1969 HUG
   Tree of Time, The  1964 JAN  no-2/2  has anth. The Metal Smile(1968), One Hundred Years of Science Fiction(1968), Toward Infinity(1968), Dimension X(1970), A Pocketful of Stars(1970), First Contact(1971), Perchance to Dream(1972), Science Fiction Argosy(1972), Tomorrow and Tomorrow(1973)
   Maid to Measure  1964 OCT  vi  has anth. The Golden Road(1973), A Shocking Thing(1974), Happy Endings(1974), Science Fiction of the Thirties(1975); has colls. The Best of Damon Knight(1976), Rule Golden(1979), Better Than One(1980, with Kate Wilhelm)
   I See You  1976 NOV  ss  W-1977 JUP; N-1977 HUG, LOC, short story; says Knight, "you may think it is a short story, but it is really a novel on the plan of A for Anything, & Hell's Pavement, only much compressed"
   Not With a Bang  1979 OCT  ss  1st pub. in F&SF 1950 WIN/SPR; see Knight essay in Brian W. Aldiss & Harry Harrison(ed): Hell's Cartographers(1975); see interviews in Eternity #4 1975, & "An Interview with Kate Wilhelm and Damon Knight" in TotU #2 1987
   Tarcan of the Hoboes  1982 OCT  ss  a pastiche; see article "All in a Knight's Work" by James Blish in Speculations 29 1971; see interviews in Paul Walker: Speaking of Science Fiction(1978), & in Charles Platt: Who Writes Science Fiction(1980), & Dream Makers(1980)
   La Ronde  1983 OCT  ss  N-1984 LOC, short story; has nf books, Turning Points: Essays on the Art of Science Fiction(1977), & Creating Short Fiction(1981; rev. 1997), a popular handbook on writing
   CV  1985 JAN  no-1/3  1st & only story(novel) in F&SF in his CV series; "a floating contruction called Sea Venture (thus CV), which is designed as an alternative to colonies in space & is threatened by a(n invisible) menace"; novel takes place in 1998
   CV  1985 FEB  no-2/3  other novels in CV ser., The Observers(1988), & A Reasonable World(1991), which are about alien parasites who turn out not to be the paranoia-justifying plague of the 1950s sf but moralistic symbionts who enforce rational behavior upon our leaders(Clute)
   CV  1985 MAR  no-3/3  has novels The World and Thorinn(GAL 1968 APR, JUN, AUG; 1981 fixup), & The Man in the Tree(1984), the latter has as a hero an 8½ Christ figure(B&C); has colls. Late Knight Edition(1985), One Side Laughing: Stories Unlike Other Stories(1991)
   God Machine, The  1985 JUL  vi  has coll. Author's Choice Monthly Issue 21: God's Nose(1991); poetry coll. TAB A(1993); has novel Why Do Birds(1992), in 21st century a man claims to have been kidnapped by aliens in the 1930s & returned to Earth w. a mission(B&C); W-1994 NEB, Grandmaster
   Strangers in Paradise  1986 APR  ss  N-1987 LOC; has novel Humpty Dumpty: An Oval(1996), a surreal sf novel in which a man tries to make sense of the world after the fabric of reality cracks(B&C); last work at; obits in NYT 4/17/02, LOC 2002 MAY, SFC 2002 JUL
Knight, Damon & H. Ken Bulmer  Day Everything Fell Down, The  1957 AUG  ss  (1922-2002; 1921- ) H. Ken Bulmer, working name for Henry Kenneth Bulmer, U.K. writer who usually writes fiction under Ken or Kenneth Bulmer(& in F&SF as such), has used many ps., has colls. The Wind of Liberty(1962), Defiance(1963)
Knister, Barry  Beckfords, The  1978 FEB  ss  has a BA from Kalamazoo College, MA from Wayne State Univ.; Peace Corps volunteer for 2 years in Micronesia; since 1968, teaches English at Lawrence Institute of Technology, & a course in Science Fiction Classics; has novel The Dating Service(1987)
Koja, Kathe  Reckoning  1990 JUL  nv  (1960- ) lives in Berkeley, MI; attended Clarion on a Susan Petrey Scholarship; 1st story pub. "Happy Birthday, Kim White" in SF International #1 1987; see interview in LOC 1992 JAN(#372), & entry in CA, vol.147, p.263-264
   Neglected Garden, The  1991 APR  ss  has 1st novel, sf/horror, The Cipher(1991; W-1992 LOC, STO; N-1991 DIC), about a would-be poet who & his experience with a black hole in his apartment building that leads to another dimension(B&C)
   Angels in Love  1991 JUL  ss  N-1992 LOC, short story; "continues look at domestic nightmares"; has horror novel Bad Brains(1992; N-1993 LOC), about an artist whose head injury exposes him to a strange & terrifying world lurking at the edge of human consciousness(B&C)
   Company of Storms, The  1992 JUN  ss  N-1993 LOC, ss; has novels Skin(1993; N-1994 WFA), a horror novel of sadism & psychological manipulation; Strange Angels(1994), a psychological novel of madness, art & obsession; Kink(1996), a horror novel of obsession(B&C); coll. Extremities(1998)
   Lady Lazarus  1996 MAY  ss  story explores poet Sylvia Plath(1932-63), who wrote about her suicide attempts in her poem "Lady Lazarus"(pub. in coll. Ariel, in 1965); she did commit suicide, shortly after her novel The Bell Jar was pub.; considered the best poet of her generation
Koja, Kathe & Barry N. Malzberg  Orleans, Rheims, Friction: Fire  1997 AUG  ss  (1960- ; 1939- ) the authors have collab. on dozens of stories
Koman, Victor  Bootstrap Enterprise  1992 FEB  ss  (1944- ) 1st story pub. sf "When It Worked" in Libertarian Notes 1976 SEP 5; 1st sf novel Saucer Sluts(1980; vt Starship Women); The Jehovah Contract(1987; W-1988 PRO), Solomon's Knife(1989; W-1990 PRO), Kings of the High Frontier(1996; W-1997 PRO)
Koontz, Dean R.  Soft Come the Dragons  1967 AUG  ss  (1945- ) his 1st pub. sf story; began his career with over 20 sf novels, but from 1975 concentrated on horror, at first under various ps.: David Axton, Brian Coffey, Deanne Dwyer, K.R. Dwyer, John Hill, Leigh Nichols, Richard Paige, Owen West, etc(Clute)
   To Behold the Sun  1967 DEC  ss  has 1st novel Star Quest(1968); novels The Fall of the Dream Machine(1969), Fear That Man(1969), The Fall of the Dream Machine(1969), Fear That Man(1969), Dark Symphony(1970); his novella "Beastchild," in VSF 1970 AUG, N-1971 HUG
   Psychedelic Children, The  1968 JUL  ss  his early stories coll. in Soft Come the Dragons(1970); has novels Dark of the Woods(1970), Hell's Gate(1970), Anti-Man(1970), The Crimson Witch(FAN 1970 OCT; exp. 1971), A Darkness in My Soul(FAN 1968 JAN; exp. 1972), Warlock!(1972)
   Twelfth Bed, The  1968 AUG  ss  has novels Time Thieves(1972), The Flesh in the Furnace(1972), Starblood(1972), Demon Seed(1973; 1977 movie), A Werewolf Among Us(1973), Hanging On(1973), After the Last Race(1974), Nightmare Journey(1975), The Vision(1977)
   Muse  1969 SEP  ss  many of his horror novels under var. ps. came out after 1980 under his own name; has sf novels The Long Sleep(1975, as John Hill), Invasion(1975 Canada, as Aaron Wolfe), Prison of Ice(1976, as David Axton); has nf book Writing Popular Fiction(1972)
   Third Hand, A  1970 JAN  nv  has comic novel The Haunted Earth(1973); thriller/horror novel Night Chills(1976), about a mind-controlling drug(B&C); sf/suspense novel Lightning(1988); Oddkins(1988), a ya fantasy novel about a battle betw. groups of good toys & bad toys(B&C)
   Mystery of His Flesh, The  1970 JUL  nv  has thriller/horror novel The House of Thunder(1988 U.K.); The Shadow Sea(1988); Midnight(1989), a technophobic horror novel about a scientific experiment gone terribly wrong(B&C); see his iv's in WRT 1990 WIN, LOC 1994 NOV, CMD 1992 SPR & 1997 SPR
   Bruno  1971 APR  nv  1st story in hard-boiled detective Jake Ash ser.; has novels The Bad Place(1990), sf/horror novel about a pair of PI's & a strange family(B&C); Cold Fire(1991), about a journalist who finds a man who has performed 12 last minute rescues across the country
   Cosmic Sin  1972 FEB  nv  2nd/laststory in his Jake Ash ser.; has novel Hideaway(1992; 1995 movie), about a man who nearly dies & brings back evil from the other side; Fear Nothing(1998; N-1998 STO), an sf thriller about genetic engineering; coll. Strange Highways(1995)
Kopf  Cartoon  1982 JUN  ct  L.J. Kopf; has book, Into Every Life a Little Edge Must Fall(1988)
   Cartoon  1983 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon  1983 MAY  ct 

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