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Kopf  Cartoon: Complex Carbohydrate, A  1986 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 AUG  ct 
Kornbluth, C.M.  Silly Season, The  1950 FLL  ss  (1923-1958) Cyril M. Kornbluth, member of the Futurians(New York sf fan club); 1st pub. story "Stepsons of Mars" with Richard Wilson & Henry Dockweiler, in AST 1940 APR
   Goodly Creatures, The  1952 DEC  ss  1st solo pub. story sf "King Cole of Pluto" as by S.D. Gottesman in SSS 1940 MAY; used many ps., incl. in F&SF as Cecil Corwin, & S.D. Gottesman; see interview of Kornbluth's wife, Mary, in Charles Platt: Dream Makers(1980)
   I Never Ast No Favors  1954 APR  ss  has novels with Judith Merril, Outpost Mars(GAL 1951 MAY-JUL as "Mars Child"; 1952; rev. vt Sin in Space, 1961), & Gunner Cade(ASF 1952 MAR-MAY; 1952), both as by Cyril Judd; has 1st solo novel Takeoff(1952), & Syndic(SFA 1953-54 DEC-MAR; 1953)
   Cosmic Charge Account, The  1956 JAN  nv  in F&SF anthology as "The Cosmic Expense Account"; has solo novel Not This August(1955; exp. by Pohl 1981); has novels with Frederik Pohl The Space Merchants(GAL 1952 JUN-AUG as "Gravy Planet"; 1953), Search the Sky(1954; rev. by Pohl 1985)
   MS. Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie  1957 JUL  ss  has novels w. Pohl, Gladiator-at-Law(1955), Wolfbane(1957; rev. by Pohl 1986); has non-sf novels w. Pohl, A Town Is Drowning(1955), Presidential Year(1956); colls. The Explorers(1954), A Mile Beyond the Moon(1958), The Marching Morons(1959); see story#272
   Events Leading Down to the Tragedy, The  1958 JAN  ss  has collab. colls. with Pohl, The Wonder Effect(1962), Critical Mass(1977), Before the Universe(1980), Our Best(1986); has colls. Best SF Stories of ...(1968), The Best of ...(1976), Thirteen O'Clock and Other Zero Hours(1970), His Share of Glory(1997)
   Theory of Rocketry  1958 JUL  ss  N-1959 HUG, ss; story is preceded by a one-page eulogy of Kornbluth's work(he died 21 MAR 1958), followed by a bibliography; his widow, Mary Kornbluth, compiled a memorial anth., Science Fiction Showcase(1959); Asimov writes about him in I. Asimov(1994)
Kraus, Stephen  Behind the Barrier  1990 DEC  nv  lives in the Silicon Valley in California; works in the computer graphics field, & founded a company that makes systems for creating special effects
   In the Land of Grass  1992 AUG  nv  story is set in China in 1854
   White Walls  1994 OCT/NOV  nv  idea for story came from a conversation he had with a man who worked in a clean room, "... I wondered what would happen if people had to live in an environment like that permanently"
Kress, Nancy  Casey's Empire  1981 NOV  ss  (1948- ) N-1982 LOC, short story; born in Buffalo, NY; raised in E. Aurora, NY; has elementary education degree from SUNY(Plattsburgh), MS in English from SUNY(Brockton); 1st story pub. sf "The Earth Dwellers" in GAL 1976 DEC; fulltime writer since 1990
   Little Matter of Timing, A  1982 SEP  ss  has 1st novel fantasy, The Prince of Morning Bells(1981; N-1982 LOC); The Golden Grove(1984), The White Pipes(1985), An Alien Light(1988; N-1989 LOC), Brain Rose(1990), Oaths and Miracles(1996); coll. Trinity and Other Stories(1985; N-1986 LOC)
   Explanations, Inc.  1984 JUL  ss  has "Sleepless" trilogy, Beggars in Spain(na in ASI 1991 APR; W-1991 NEB; 1992 HUG, SFC; N-LOC; exp. 1993; N-1993 NEB; 1994 HOM, HUG, JWC, LOC), Beggars and Choosers(1994; N-1995 HUG, LOC, NEB), Beggars Ride(1996; N-1997 LOC)
   Out of All Them Bright Stars  1985 MAR  ss  W-1985 NEB; N-1986 LOC, ss; has novels Maximum Light(1998), Stinger(1998); ya novel in David Brin's Out of Time ser., Yanked(1999); colls. The Aliens of Earth(1993; N-1994 LOC), Beaker's Dozen(1998); nf Dynamic Characters(1998)
   Spillage  1988 APR  ss  married author Charles Sheffield in 1998; live in Silver Spring, MD; Fiction columnist for Writer's Digest Magazine; has novel Probability Moon(2000); see iv's in Pirate Writings #10 1996, & LOC 1992 DEC(#383); see her web site at
Kube-McDowell, Michael P.  When Winter Ends  1985 JUL  na  (1954- ) N-1986 LOC; wn. for Michael P. McDowell; Kube his wife's maiden name; raised in NJ; has science education MS from Michigan State; has written scripts for TV's Tales from the Darkside; 1st story pub. sf "The Inevitable Conclusion" in AMZ 1979 AUG
   Misbegotten  1989 DEC  nv  N-1990 LOC, nv; has 1st 3 novels, in Trigon Disunity ser., Emprise(1985; N-1985 DIC; 1986 LOC), Enigma(1986; N-1987 LOC), Empery(1987); has written Star Wars ser. novels; novels Alternities(1988; N-1989 LOC), The Quiet Pools(1990; N-1990 HOM; 1991 HUG)
Kurosaka, Bob  Those Who Can, Do  1965 JAN  vi  Robert T. Kurosaka, a 29 year old math instructor at a Vermont college
Kusenberg, Kurt  Certain Room, A  1960 APR  ss  (1904-1983) 1st pub. in a supplement to ATL, in 1957; trans. from the German by Therese Pol; has coll. The Sunflowers, and Other Stories(1972); book Kurt Kusenberg: Humorist of the Fantastic(1991), by Jean E. Pearson
Kushner, Ellen  Swordsman Whose Name Was Not Death, The  1991 SEP  ss  (1955- ) 1st/only story in F&SF in Richard St. Vier ser.; story returns to the world of her 1st novel, Swordspoint(1987; N-1988 LOC, SFC); radio host at WGBH Boston; has novel Thomas the Rhymer(1990; W-1991 MYT, WFA); anth. The Horns of Elfland(1997)
Kuttner, Henry & C.L. Moore  Two-Handed Engine  1955 AUG  nv  (1915-1958; 1911-1987) C(atherine) L(ucille) Moore, born in Indianapolis, her 1st story pub. "Shambleau" in WRT 1933 NOV; has Northwest Smith series(1933-39), Jirel of Joiry series(1934-39); solo novel Doomsday Morning(1957); also in F&SF as C.H. Liddell
   Rite of Passage  1956 MAY  nv  story followed by checklist of books by Kuttner & Moore; Kuttner's 1st story pub. "The Graveyard Rats," WRT 1936 MAR; has Tony Quade ser.(TWS 1938-47), Pete Manx ser.(TWS 1939-44), Galloway Gallegher ser.(ASF 1943-48), Hogben ser.(TWS 1947-49)

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