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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Malzberg, Barry N.  Books  1982 JUN  br  Scithers, etal(ed): On Writing Science Fiction; Card(ed): Dragons of Light, & Dragons of Darkness; Garrett & Heydron: The Gandalara Cycle: The Steel of Raithskar; Glen Cook: All Darkness Met; Rucker: Spacetime Donuts; Killough: Deadly Silents; 3 others
   Blair House  1982 JUN  ss  N-1983 LOC, short story
   What We Do on Io  1983 FEB  vi  has anth. Neglected Visions(1980), with Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander; anth. The Science Fiction of Mark Clifton(1980), with Martin H. Greenberg; Bug-Eyed Monsters(1980), with Bill Pronzini
   Reparations  1983 AUG  ss  has anth. The Arbor House Treasury of Horror and the Supernatural(1981; vt cut Great Tales of Horror & the Supernatural, 1985; vt rest. Classic Tales of Horror and the Supernatural, 1991), with Bill Pronzini & Martin H. Greenberg
   Bedside Manor  1984 NOV  ss  1st & only story in F&SF in android simulacrum Sigmund Freud ser., used on long space voyages to preserve crews' sanity; stories in ser. also in Chrysalis 8(1980), Omni 1980 JUL, & coll. in fixup novel The Remaking of Sigmund Freud(1985; N-1985 DIC, NEB)
   1984  1985 FEB  vi  has novel The Cross of Fire(1982), in which the hero is Jesus
   Tap-dancing Down the Highways and Byways of Life, etc.  1986 JUL  ss  has coll. of science fiction essays, The Engines of the Night: Science Fiction in the Eighties(1982; W-1983 LOC; N-1983 HUG, for Best Non-Fiction)
   Celebrating  1987 AUG  ss  has anth. Uncollected Stars(1986), with Charles G. Waugh, Martin H. Greenberg, & Piers Anthony
   Prince of the Steppes, The  1988 JUN  ss  has column about sf/f authors & their works, & sf's history, "From the Heart's Basement," in Pulphouse: A Fiction Magazine, #10 1992 to #16 1993, the first column being about sf author Alice Sheldon, aka James Tiptree Jr
   O Thou Last and Greatest!  1989 OCT  ss  has coll. The Passage of the Light: The Recursive Science Fiction of Barry N. Malzberg(1994), edited by Tony Lewis & Mike Resnick, contains novel Herovit's World(1973), two novellas, & ten short fiction pieces(3 of which were 1st pub. in F&SF)
   Amos  1992 JUL  ss  Malzberg calls "Amos" the most stylistically ambitious work he has attempted in years; has ss "Understanding Entropy" in SFAge 1994 JUL, which was N-1994 NEB, 1995 HUG, LOC, SFC, & was written in memory of his friend Henry W. Weiss(in F&SF as H.W. Whyte)
   Standards & Practices  1993 APR  ss  a friend said, "Emily Dickinson has nothing to do with the West Side of Manhattan in 1992" & Malzberg replied, "I'm going to write a story & prove otherwise"; has coll. In the Stone House(2000)
   Something From the Seventies  1993 MAY  ss  1st & only story in F&SF in Decades ser.; a "response" to his one other earlier story in ser., "A Soulsong to the Sad, Silly Soaring Sixties" in FAN 1971 FEB, & in coll. In the Pocket & Other S-F Stories(1971), as by K.M. O'Donnell; see iv in LOC 2002 APR
Malzberg, Barry N. & Bill Pronzini  On Account of Darkness  1977 NOV  ss  (1939- ; 1943- ) see bio- & bibliographical info for the authors under their non-collab. entries; also in F&SF in collab. as Bill Pronzini & Barry N. Malzberg, where their collab. works are listed
Malzberg, Barry N. & Carter Scholz  High Purpose, The  1985 NOV  ss  (1939- ; 1953- ) Both in F&SF by themselves, & Malzberg with a variety of co-authors & under ps. K.M. O'Donnell
Malzberg, Barry N. & Jack Dann  Blues and the Abstract Truth  1988 JAN  ss  (1939- ; 1945- ) Dann also in F&SF alone & with Jack C. Haldeman II, & Gardner Dozois; Dann & Dozois edited many anth. together, incl. Future Power(1976), Aliens!(1980), Clones!(1998); Dann with wife Jeanne, In the Field of Fire(1987; N-1988 LOC, WFA)
Malzberg, Barry N. & Kris Neville  Pater Familias  1972 MAR  ss  (1939- ; 1925-1980) Malzberg with Martin H. Greenberg edits anth. The Science Fiction of Kris Neville(1984)
Manders, Harry  Problem of the Sore Bridge—Among Others, The  1975 SEP  nv  (1918- ) 3rd in Farmer's Pseudonym series, Harry "Bunny" Manders being the ps. for Philip José Farmer; editor's story intro describes 'Mander's' life & that of his senior partner & mentor Arthur J. Raffles; Farmer evidently having lot of fun w. these ps.
Manhattan, Avro  Cricket Ball, The  1955 OCT  vi  (1914-1990) 1st pub. in LIL; from London; an expert on Roman Catholicism; has books The Vatican in World Politics(1949), Murder in the Vatican(1985); The Vatican's Holocaust(1986) & the Vatican's Role in the Vietnam War online at
Mapes, Diane  Personal Touch, The  1993 JAN  ss  her 1st sf sale; lives in WA; attended Clarion; a one-time editor at Argos mag.(1988 WIN-1988 SUM); story focuses on future of retail; has pub. stories in Argos, INZ, ASI, PLP, On Spec, & Weirdbook
Marcus, Daniel  Winter Rules  1994 SEP  ss  attended 1992 Clarion, has a music degree; currently works as an applied mathematician at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; has story "Random Acts of Kindness" in ASI 1993 OCT; N-1995 JWCA, Best New Writer
Marks, Winston  Call Me Adam  1954 FEB  ss  (1916?- ) Winston K. Marks; has used ps. win Kinney & Ken Winney; has pub. over 60 stories in sf/f mags., between "Mad Hatter" in UNK 1940 MAY & "The Cure-All" in IFS 1968 JUL
Marple, A.M.  Appoggiatura  1966 APR  ss  has had work pub. in Jack and Jill, Gentlemen's Quarterly, Teen, & The New Republic
Marron, Lynn  We Call Them Flowers  1986 FEB  ss  lives in CT; has written radio & TV scripts, texts for comic books
Marsh, Willard  Astronomy Lesson  1955 JUN  ss  (1922-1970) 1st pub. in the Yale Review, in 1954
   Machina Ex Machina  1956 MAY  vi  frequent contributor to EQMM and The Yale Review
   Poet in Residence  1958 SEP  ss 
   Forwarding Service  1964 JUN  ss  1st pub. in 1963
   Inconceivably Yours  1964 SEP  ss  has novel Week with No Friday(1965), won a Texas Institute of Letters Award for Fiction, about an American writer living precariously in Mexico, getting mixed up with money, booze, marijuana & a girl named Martha
   Sin of Edna Schuster, The  1965 FEB  ss  has coll. Beachhead in Bohemia(1969)
   Everyone's Hometown Is Guernica  1965 AUG  ss  1st pub. in 1964; has novel Week With No Friday(1965)
Marshall, Ardrey  Brain Bank  1966 JUL  nv  N-1966 NEB, novelette
Marti-Ibañez, Felix  Niña Sol  1963 MAY  ss  also in F&SF as Félix Martí-Ibáñez; has books The Crystal Mirror; Essays on Literature, Travel, Art, Love, and the History of Medicine(1964), The Ship in the Bottle, and Other Essays(1967), The Mirror of Souls, and Other Essays(1972)
Martí-Ibáñez, Félix  Senhor Zumbeira's Leg  1962 DEC  nv  (1911-1972) from Spain, has lived in U.S. since 1939; used to be a Prof. & Chairman of the Dept. of the History of Medicine at the New York Medical College, now the owner & editor of MD Medical News magazine
Martin, George R.R.  Peripheral Affair, A  1973 JAN  nv  (1948- ) George Raymond Richard Martin, Vista volunteer working with Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation; has 2 degrees in journalism from Northwestern Univ.; 1st story pub. sf "Hero" in GAL 1971 FEB; has coll. A Song for Lya and Other Stories(1976)
   Runners, The  1975 SEP  ss  also in F&SF w. George Florance-Guthridge; has 1st novel, Dying of the Light(1977; N-1978 LOC; 1979 BFA, HUG); Windhaven(ANA 1975 MAY, novella "The Storms of Windhaven" w. Lisa Tuttle; exp. 1981; N-1982 LOC); coll. Songs of Stars and Shadows(1977)
   Needle Men, The  1981 OCT  ss  N-1982 LOC, short story; has colls. Sandkings(1981; W-1982 LOC), Songs the Dead Men Sing(1983), Nightflyers(1985), Tuf Voyaging(1986), Portraits of His Children(1987); novel Fevre Dream(1982; N-1983 LOC, WFA); see iv's LOC 1984 JAN(#276), 1995 MAY(#412)
   Books  1981 DEC  br  "this article is in response to Thomas M. Disch's 1981 FEB column, in which he discussed the work of a generation of sf writers he labeled "The Labor Day Group"; supposedly incl. McIntyre, Tanith Lee, Dann, Bishop, Card, Varley, George R.R. Martin
   Monkey Treatment, The  1983 JUL  nv  W-1984 LOC; N-1983 NEB; 1984 HUG; has novel The Armageddon Rag(1983; W-1984 BRG; N-1984 LOC, WFA); A Song of Fire and Ice seq., A Game of Thrones(1996; W-1997 LOC; N-1997 NEB, WFA), A Clash of Kings(1997); prolific anth., has Wild Cards ser.(1987-present)
Martin, George R.R. & George Florance-Guthridge  Warship  1979 APR  ss  (1948- ; 1948- ) Martin has nv "Sandkings" in Omni 1979 AUG(W-1979 NEB; 1980 HUG, LOC; N-1980 BRG; made into 1st ep. of Showtime's The Outer Limits ser., 3/26/95); has colls. Sandkings(1981; W-1982 LOC), Songs the Dead Men Sing(1983), Nightflyers(1985)
Martin, H.  Cartoon  1981 APR  ct  (1925- ) wn. for Henry Martin; born in Louisville, KY; lives in Newton, NJ; 1948 graduate of Princeton Univ.; attended American Academy of Art(Chicago) 1948-1950; did spot drawings, covers & illus. for magazines & books before turning to cartoons in 1960
   Cartoon  1981 MAY  ct  his 1st cartoon sale to the Christian Science Monitor in 1963; his 1st sales to the PST & NYM were in 1964; he was a contract artist for NYM 1967-1995, the year he retired; he W-1978 Plaque Award, for Magazine Gag Cartoons
   Cartoon  1981 JUL  ct  he has been pub. in many mags., incl. Harvard Business Review, PST, Look, SRL, Ladies' Home Journal, Gourmet, Audobon Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Natural History Magazine, & in the U.K. in The Spectator, & in Punch
   Cartoon  1981 DEC  ct  according to F&SF's files, Martin did a bunch of spot illustrations from 1954-1956, described as "man in space suit looking at chart of stars 4/55," "open book, spaceship wavy lines 6/55," "book encircled by snake 11/55)," "atom in circle 5/56," etc.
   Cartoon  1982 JAN  ct  Martin's cartoon original drawings are in many private colls., as well as the Swann Collection, the IBM collection, the Graphic Arts collection of Princeton Univ., Centre College(Danville, KY), & the Univ. of Ohio
   Cartoon  1982 FEB  ct  had one-man shows at Princeton Univ., Merrill Lynch, The Princeton Club of New York, The Nassau Club, St. Marks School of Texas, St. Francis Medical Center; group shows at Squibb Gallery, the United Nations, Xerox, Heineman Galleries, Bethel Art Gallery
   Cartoon  1982 MAR  ct  has his 1st illus. book, The Little Riddle Book(1954; Peter Pauper Press); other P.P.P. books he has illus. incl. The Little Limerick Book(1955), The Little Quiz Book(1956), Comic Epitaphs from the Very Best Graveyards(1957), The Little Joke Book(1959)
   Cartoon  1982 MAY  ct  he has illus. Peter Pauper Press books, Salty Sayings(1959), Russian Fairy Tales(1959), Laundered Limericks(1960), The Little Pun Book(1960), Mark Twain(1961), Peter Pauper's Pun Book(1962), Rowdy Rhymes(1962), & World's Best Limericks(1994)
   Cartoon  1982 JUL  ct  has illus. the books, Why You Say It(1955), The Importance of Music(1963), Electing a President(1963), Dear V.I.P.(1963), Help Your Boss and Help Yourself(1974), Loud and Clear(1975), First Aid for Hypochondriacs(1982)
   Cartoon  1982 AUG  ct  has cartoons in colls. The New Yorker Album 1955-1965(1965), The Modern Beat(1965; cartoons from PST), Think Small(1967), Post Mortems(1969), Best Cartoons of the Year(1969), Absolutely No U.S. Personnel Permited Beyond This Point(1972)

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