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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Martin, H.  Cartoon  1983 JAN  ct  has cartoons in colls. A Child of Six Could Do It(1973), Nobody's Perfect(1974), The American Cartoon Album(1974), I Feel I Should Warn You(1975), The Art in Cartooning(1975), The New Yorker Album(1975), The Journal of the Century(1976)
   Cartoon  1983 MAR  ct  has cartoon colls. All Those in Favor(1970), Yak! Yak! Yak! Blah! Blah! Blah!(1977); coll. of business cartoons, Good News—Bad News(1977) became a daily panel cartoon for the Chicago Tribune/New York News Syndicate in 1978, & ran for 15 years
   Cartoon  1983 AUG  ct  see Martin's entry in Charles Green & Mort Walker(comp): The National Cartoonists Society Album(1980); has cartoons in colls. War Heads(1983), At the Expense of Business(1983), Punch Cartoons: Battle of the Sexes(1984)
   Cartoon  1983 OCT  ct  has illus. the books, My Puppy Scrapbook(1982), C.E.O.(1984), Cash In!(1986), Fancy Dance in Feathertown(1988), Moving Day in Feathertown(1989), Hail to Thee, Okoboji U!(1992), & It's a Sure Thing(1993)
   Cartoon  1983 DEC  ct  has cartoons in colls. The New Yorker Cartoon Album 1975-1985(1985), Dogs Dogs Dogs(1985), Cats Cats Cats(1986), Funny Business: Punch in the Office(1986), All You Can Eat(1987), Books Books Books(1988), Family Business: Punch in the Home(1988)
   Cartoon: Assorted Chocolates  1984 MAR  ct  has cartoons in colls. Movies Movies Movies(1989), Golf Golf Golf(1989), Moms Moms Moms(1990), Ho! Ho! Ho!(1990), The New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons(1990), The Lawyer Joke Book(1991), Fathers and Sons(1994)
   Cartoon  1984 APR  ct  has cartoons in colls. The New Yorker Book of Doctors(1993), The New Yorker Book of Lawyers(1994), The Art of The New Yorker(1995), The New Yorker Book of Business Cartoons(1998), The New Yorker Book of All New Cat Cartoons(1998)
   Cartoon  1984 JUN  ct  Martin says: "How you get ideas (for a cartoon) is a mystery to me but it is, for me, the most fun. I have done gags for other cartoonists. The New Yorker bought ideas from me for Peter Arno, Charles Addams, George Price and others."
   Cartoon  1984 JUL  ct  Henry Martin retired in 1995, "when my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and I knew there was a more important job awaiting as care giver"
   Cartoon  1984 OCT  ct 
   Cartoon  1984 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1985 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon  1985 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1985 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon: Welcome to the Real World  1985 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1985 OCT  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 APR  ct 
   Cartoon: Kruller Travel Agency  1986 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon: Welcome to 1939  1986 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 OCT  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon: Judgement Day  1987 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon: Time Machine  1987 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon: 6 O'Clock News  1987 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon: Ambrosia Vendor  1987 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon  1988 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon  1988 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1988 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon: Reincarnation  1988 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon  1988 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon  1988 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1989 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1989 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1989 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1989 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1989 OCT  ct 
   Cartoon: Five New Stars  1989 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1990 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon: If Trees Could Talk  1990 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon: Mr. Fourth Dimension  1990 MAR  ct 

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