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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
McIntosh, J.T.  One in a Thousand  1954 JAN  na  (1925- ) 2nd story Lt. Bill Easson series; 1st story, #293, as by J.T. M'Intosh in 1953 FEB; ps. for Scottish writer & journalist James Murdoch MacGregor, used for all his sf work; has also pub. non-sf under his own name
   One Too Many  1954 SEP  na  3rd story of trilogy, Lt. Bill Easson series; 1st #293 by M'Intosh(F&SF 1953 FEB) & 2nd #437 by McIntosh(F&SF 1954 JAN); series coll. in fixup novel One in Three Hundred(1954)
   Selection  1955 JAN  nv  has novels Born Leader(1954; vt Worlds Apart, 1958), puts two sets of colonists from a destroyed Earth on nearby planets, where the authoritarian set conflicts with the libertarian set(Clute)
   Eleventh Commandment  1955 MAY  nv  also in F&SF as J.T.M'Intosh
   Man Who Cried "Sheep!," The  1955 SEP  nv  has novel The Fittest(1955; vt The Rule of the Pagbeasts, 1956), which depicts the harrowing effects of a misfired experiment to increase animal intelligence(Clute)
   Sandmen, The  1957 JUN  ss 
   Tenth Time Around  1959 MAY  nv  has novels 200 Years to Christmas(SCF 1959 #35; exp. 1961), about a generation starship; The Million Cities(SAT 1958 AUG; rev. 1963), an urban dystopian novel
   One Into Two  1962 FEB  ss  has novels The Noman Way(NWS 1952 JUL-NOV as "The ESP Worlds"; 1964); Out of Chaos(1965), a post-holocaust novel; Snow White and the Giants(IFS 1966-67 OCT-JAN; 1968 US; vt Time for a Change, 1967), about time-traveling aliens
   Stupid General, The  1962 AUG  ss  has novels Six Gates from Limbo(1968), Transmigration(1970), Flight from Rebirth(ASF 1960 MAR as "Immortality ...... For Some"; exp. 1971)
   Humanoid Sacrifice  1964 MAR  nv  has novels The Cosmic Spies(1972), The Space Sorcerers(1972; vt The Suiciders, 1973 US), Galactic Takeover Bid(1973)
   Poor Planet  1964 AUG  nv  has novel Ruler of the World(cut 1976 Canada; rev. vt This Is the Way the World Begins, 1977 UK)
   Sudden Silence, The  1966 APR  ss  has novels Norman Conquest 2066(1977), A Planet Called Utopia(1979)
   Saw and the Carpenter, The  1967 SEP  nv  see book Ian Covell: J.T. McIntosh: Memoir & Bibliography(1987 chap)
McIntyre, Vonda N.  Mountains of Sunset, the Mountains of Dawn, The  1974 FEB  ss  (1948- ) N-1975 LOC; writer & geneticist; attended 1970 Clarion; 1st story pub. sf "Only at Night in" in Wilson(ed): Clarion(1971); 1st novel The Exile Waiting(1975); fixup novel Dreamsnake(ANA 1973 OCT, 1978 FEB, MAR; 1978) W-1978 NEB; 1979 HUG, LOC
   Fireflood  1979 NOV  nv  N-1980 HUG, LOC, novelette; title story of her coll. Fireflood and Other Stories(1979; N-1980 HUG, LOC); has written 5 Star Trek novels; Superluminal(1983 fixup; N-1984 LOC), The Moon and the Sun(1997; W-1997 NEB); see iv's in GEO 1979 NOV, LOC 1998 FEB
McKenna, Bridget  Good Pup, The  1993 MAR  ss  N-1993 HOM, NEB; 1994 HUG, LOC, SFC; lives in Seattle, WA; attended Clarion; 1st sale "The Old Oregon Trail" in Budrys(ed): WotF, Vol. II(1986); 1st novel, in Caley Burke P.I. mys. ser., Murder Beach(1993), Dead Ahead(1994; N-Shamus), Caught Dead(1995)
   Little Things, The  1993 OCT/NOV  ss  McKenna also writes under ps. Melissa Cleary, having taken over the Jackie Walsh & Jake mys. ser. w. book #10, And Your Little Dog, Too(1998), & #11, In the Doghouse(2000); also wrote the Cleary stories in Canine Crimes(1998), & Canine Christmas(1999)
McKenna, R.M.  Casey Agonistes  1958 SEP  ss  (1913-1964) wn. for Richard Milton McKenna, his 1st pub. story; also in F&SF as Richard McKenna; born in Mountain Home, Idaho; Navy veteran(1931-53) & Old China Hand(10 years), B.A. in English Literature in 1958 from Univ. of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill
McKenna, Richard  Mine Own Ways  1960 FEB  ss  McKenna's efforts to revise "Casey Agonistes"(F&SF 1958 SEP, #1140) according to the editors demands are described in his essay "Journey with a Little Man," which was reprinted in Damon Knight's sf criticism anthology Turning Points(1977)
   Hunter, Come Home  1963 MAR  nv  has only novel The Sand Pebbles(1962; W-1963 Harper Prize; 1966 movie), about a gunboat patrolling the Yangtze River during revolution-torn China in 1926; McKenna served in the Navy in the Far East for 10 years, two of them aboard a gunboat in 1930s China
   Home the Hard Way  1967 OCT  nv  prev. unpub. story; has mainstream fiction coll. Sons of Martha and Other Stories(1966); his story "The Secret Place" in Damon Knight: Orbit 1(1966) won a posthumous Nebula Award; see Peter Nicholls: Survey of Science Fiction Literature(1979)
   They Are Not Robbed  1968 JAN  nv  previously unpublished; also in F&SF as R.M. McKenna; has coll. of essays & speeches, New Eyes for Old(1972), which chronicle his development as a writer; fiction coll. Casey Agonistes and Other Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories(1973)
McKinlay, M. Catherine  Xessex  1983 FEB  ss  (1939- ) her 1st pub. story; ps. for Katherine V. Forrest; from San Francisco; as Forrest has feminist sf novel Daughters of a Coral Dawn(1984); lesbian-oriented sf & horror coll. Dreams and Swords(1987); has Kate Delafield(LAPD lesbian detective) ser.
McKnight, John P.  Prolog  1951 AUG  vi  (1908?-1987) John Proctor McKnight
   Bird Talk  1953 APR  vi  has nf book, The Papacy: A New Appraisal(1952), an examination of the religious & doctrinal aspects of the Papacy as well as its political influence
McLaughlin, Cooper  Shannon Merrow, The  1982 NOV  ss  served 5 years as an Airborne Infrantryman; Prof. of Psychology in the California State Univ. system
   Smyler, The  1984 JUL  ss  has short story "The Stones of Moel Hebog" in S&T 1983 SUM, & novelette "The Shanahy's Treasure" in S&T 1986 WIN
   Black and Tan Man, The (For Snooper 6 & Darkhorse 16)  1985 NOV  nv  has novella "The Lodge of Jahbulon" in anth. Gardner Dozois & Susan Casper(ed): Ripper!(1988)
   Order of the Peacock Angel, The  1987 JAN  nv  tale about a brotherhood that began 1000 years ago & may still have existed in the 1960s, beginning with the mystery of a box carved from the metal of a ship from the sky(author says the historical background is accurate)
McLaughlin, Dean  Voyage Which Is Ended, The  1962 AUG  ss  (1931- ) born in Ann Arbor, MI, went to Univ. of Michigan; bookstore owner; 1st story pub. sf "For Those Who Follow After" in ASF 1951 JUL; has novel Dome World(ASF 1958 MAR as"The Man on the Bottom"; exp. 1962)
   One Hundred Days From Home  1964 FEB  ss  amateur astronomer, the son of a well-known astronomer; has novels The Fury from Earth(1963); The Man Who Wanted Stars(1965 fixup), which depicts a man's long, driven quest to force & trick Earth governments into attaining interstellar space flight(Clute)
   Trouble With Project Slickenside, The  1973 MAR  nv  has coll. Hawk Among the Sparrows(1976; title story a novella in ANA 1968 JUL was N-1968 NEB; 1969 HUG); see Biolog in ANA 1977 NOV; has novel Dawn, in ANA 1981 APR 27-JUL 20; has novella "Ode to Joy" in ANA 1991 JUL; editor of Figment #1-3(1990)
   West of Scranton and Beyond the Dreams of Avarice  1974 AUG  nv  has novella "Mark on the World," in ANA 1992 JUL, was N-1993 HUG
McMorrow, Fred  Man From Tomorrow, The  1960 MAY  ss  (1925-2000) son of Tom McMorrow Jr(in F&SF 1953 MAY, #333), the large McMorrow family lives on Cape Cod; has pub. stories in TWS, STS, PST & PBY; has psychology book Midolescence: The Dangerous Years(1974); Jimmy: The Candidacy of Carter(1976)
McMorrow, Tom Jr  Leap Year Day  1953 MAY  ss  has pub. sf stories in STS 1953 OCT, & TWS 1954 WIN, & SPR; has also pub. 4 short stories in PST betw. 1950-1958, wrote for The Saturday Evening Post and Argosy; his father was Thomas McMorrow(1886-1957) who wrote for The Saturday Evening Post, Collier's
McMullen, Sean  Colors of the Masters, The  1988 MAR  nv  (1948- ) N-1989 DIT; from Australia; 1st professional sf sale "The Pharoah's Airship" in Omega Science Digest, 1986 JUL/AUG; has coll. Call to the Edge(1992; N-1993 DIT); 1st novel Voices in the Light(1994 fixup; N-1995 DIT), 1st in Greatwinter series
   While the Gate Is Open  1990 FEB  nv  has 2nd novel, Greatwinter ser., Mirrorsun Rising(1995; W-1996 DIT; N-1995 AUR) about a world controlled by computers; both novels in ser. reworked as Souls in the Great Machine(1999); The Centurion's Empire(1998); see iv's in Eidolon 1993 WIN, 1996 FLL
McNamara, Michael M.  Boy Who Dreamed of Tir na n-Og, The  1979 DEC  ss  (1940-1979) born in Limerick, Ireland; came to U.S. in 1958; naturalized U.S. citizen; served in U.S.A.F.; has novels The Vision of Thady Quinlan(1974), The Feast, The Sovereign Solution(1979, on terrorism), The Dancing Floor(1979, on the Irish rebellion)
Meadows, Patrick  "Virtue. 'Tis a Fugue!"  1967 APR  ss  has book Countercommandment(1967)
   Pater One Pater Two  1969 FEB  nv 
   Rag, a Bone, A  1971 AUG  ss  concerns cryogenics
   Supernovas and Chrysanthemums  1971 DEC  ss  Has nf book Francis Ponge and the Nature of Things: From Ancient Atomism to a Modern Poetics(1997), about the French poet Francis Ponge(1899-1988)
Meddor, Michael  Wizard Retires, The  1999 SEP  nv  (1946- ) N-1999 WFA, novella; his 1st pub. story; Michael Meddor is a pseudonym for Joseph Feehan; served in the Army; wrote games for Apple II computers; now runs big mainframe computers
Meehan, Thomas A.  Wind's Will, The  1955 JUL  ss  screenwriter & playwright; also in F&SF as Maurice Murphy(#81); 1st book coll. Yma, Ava; Yma, Abba ... and Others(1967); has Broadway plays Annie(1977; 1980 book; 1982, 1995 TV, 1999 TV movies); movies To Be or Not to Be(1983), Spaceballs(1987)
Mendelsohn, M.  Little Goethe  1978 NOV  nv  his 1st pub. fiction; a univ. professor in England
Mérimée, Prosper  Venus of Ille, The (Special Reprint Feature)  1970 NOV  nv  (1803-1870) story written in 1837, trans. by Francis B. Shaffer; French dramatist, short story writer & historian, born in Paris; served in French govt., incl. inspector of ancient monuments, had habit of pub. archaeological theories & findings in stories
Merril, Judith  Dead Center  1954 NOV  nv  (1923-1997) ps. for Josephine Juliet Grossman, legally changed her name to Judith Merril; born in NYC, editor at Bantam in 1947, freelance editor since1949; 1st story pub. sf "That Only a Mother" in ASF 1948 JUN; married to Frederik Pohl 1949-53
   Project Nursemaid  1955 OCT  na  problems of an administrator of a space project attempting to raise embryos in a low- or null-gravity environment(Clute); Merril moved to Canada for political reasons in 1968, living in Toronto; has 2 short stories in VSF 1957 JAN & MAR as ps. Rose Sharon
   Wish Upon a Star  1958 DEC  ss  has 1st novel Shadow on the Hearth(1950; basis of TV-play Atomic Attack), the story of an atomic war from the viewpoint of a housewife(Yntema); anthologies Shot in the Dark(1950), Beyond Human Ken(1952), Beyond the Barriers of Space and Time(1954)
   Death Cannot Wither  1959 FEB  nv  has 2 novels w. C.M. Kornbluth as by Cyril Judd, Outpost Mars(1952), Gunner Cade(1952); has anth. Human?(1954), SF: The Year's Greatest ...(1956-59), Annual Edition of the Year's Best SF(1960-66); novel The Tomorrow People(1960), a psychological mystery

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