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Merril, Judith  Theodore Sturgeon  1962 SEP  bio  "personality" article on 1962's Worldcon guest of honor; Judith Merril, Philip Klass & T.S. lived together for most of a year as starving writers before the Big S-F Boom started; among his stories mentioned, "Bianca's Hands" in ARG(UK) 1947 MAY
   Books  1965 MAR  br  Asimov: The Rest of the Robots; Leiber: A Pail of Air; Leinster: Doctor to the Stars; Richard Matheson: Shock II; Sturgeon: Sturgeon in Orbit; Cordwainer Smith: The Planet Buyer; Silverberg: Regan's Planet; Laumer: The Great Time Machine Hoax; etc
   Books  1965 APR  br  Charles Einstein: The Day New York Went Dry; John Christopher: Sweeney's Island; James Kennaway: The Mind Benders; The Worlds of Robert F. Young; Isaac Bashevis Singer: Short Friday; Robert Nathan: The Fair; William Golding: The Spire; & one other
   Books  1965 MAY  br  Fred Hoyle & John Elliot: Andromeda Breakthrough; William S. Burroughs: Nova Express; Gordon R. Dickson: The Alien Way; Merril has anth. SF: The Best of the Best(1967), England Swings SF(1968); colls. Out of Bounds(1960), Daughters of Earth(1968 UK)
   Books  1965 JUN  br  Walter Sullivan: We Are Not Alone; John Hersey: White Lotus; Dick: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch; Phyllis Gotlieb: Sunburst; Avram Davidson: Mutiny in Space; Herbert D. Kastle: The Reassembled Man; Bonestell & Ley: Beyond the Solar System; 1 other
   Books  1965 JUL  br  Kurt Vonnegut Jr: God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, ...(correction p.73, 1965 SEP); J.G. Ballard: The Drowned World, & The Wind from Nowhere; Walter M. Miller Jr: The View from the Stars; Arthur C. Clarke: Man and Space
   Books  1965 AUG  br  James V. McConnell(ed): The Worm Re-Turns(The Best from Worm Runner's Digest); Merril has colls. Survival Ship and Other Stories(1974), & The Best of Judith Merril(1976); has anth. Tesseracts(1985), the first volume in an anth. ser. of Canadian sf
   Books  1965 SEP  br  results reader opinions(asked for in 1965 JUN) - longer reviews mixed with shorter ones, extracts of readers' letters; Chapman Pincher: Not With a Bang; Farmer: Dare; Christopher: The Possessors; Laumer: Galactic Diplomat; Clement: Natives of Space; etc
   Books  1965 OCT  br  "sources of new insights into sf"; Cordwainer Smith: Space Lords; Ray Bradbury: R Is for Rocket, & The Machineries of Joy; Jose Maria Gironella: Phantoms and Fugitives; Jorge Luis Borges: Labyrinthes; Romain Gary: Hissing Tales; 1 other
   Books  1965 NOV  br  John D. MacDonald: The Girl, the Gold Watch, & Everything; Anderson: The Star Fox; Delany: The Ballad of Beta-2; Petaja: Alpha Yes, Terra No!; Biggle: The Fury Out of Time; Walter Moudy: No Man on Earth; Davidson: Masters of the Maze; etc
   Books  1966 JAN  br  the American & British sf scenes, from London; the big 3 sf writers in London: Ballard, Aldiss & Brunner; sf book editors & the market; J.G. Ballard: The Drought(vt The Burning World, US)
   Books  1966 FEB  br  Beaumont: The Magic Man; Henderson: The Anything Box; Abram Tertz: The Makepeace Experiment; Langelaan: Out of Time; Raphael: The Thirst Quenchers; Leonard Daventry: A Man of Double Deed; Brunner: Now Then; Anderson: The Corridors of Time; etc
   Books  1966 MAR  br  Harrison: Plague from Space; Dickson: Mission to Universe; Brunner: The Altar of Asconel; White: Android Avenger; Moorcock: The Fireclown; Davidson: Rork!; Pohl: A Plague of Pythons; Herbert: Dune; Christopher: The Ragged Edge; 5 more
   Books  1966 APR  br  David Solomon(ed): LSD, the Consciousness-Expanding Drug; Eric Berne: Games People Play; John Brunner: The Day of the Star Cities, & The Squares of the City; Mack Reynolds: Planetary Agent X; Rick Raphael: Code Three; Alan E. Nourse: The Universe Between
   Books  1966 MAY  br  Jules Feiffer: The Great Comic Book Heroes; Sheckley: The 10th Victim; White: The Watch Below; Pohl & Williamson: Starchild; van Vogt: Rogue Ship; Shepherd Mead: The Carefully Considered Rape of the World; Knight: Mind Switch; 1 more
   Books  1966 JUN  br  complaints about Berkley Books; Thomas M. Disch: The Genocides; Daniel Keyes: Flowers for Algernon
   Books  1966 JUL  br  Charles L. Harness: The Rose; Brian W. Aldiss: Earthworks; John Lymington: Froomb!; Joseph L. Green: The Loafers of Refuge
   Books  1966 AUG  br  Regeinald Bretnor: The Future of Science Fiction; J.G. Ballard: The Crystal World, & The Impossible Man; Merril presents a long essay on Brunner's works, to coincide with his serial in F&SF begun in this issue(#2380)
   Books  1966 SEP  br  how to be an sf anthologist; Pohl(ed): The Ninth Galaxy Reader, & The If Reader of Science Fiction; Mills(ed): The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, 11th Series; Knight(ed): Orbit 1, & Cities of Wonder; Moskowitz(ed): Modern Masterpieces of S.F.; etc
   Books  1966 NOV  br  Asimov: Fantastic Voyage; Leiber: Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, & The Night of the Wolf; Herbert: The Green Brain; Keith Roberts: The Furies; Allen Kim Lang: Wild and Outside; Heinlein: The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, & The Worlds of ...; etc
   Books  1966 DEC  br  contemporary mythology; Pangborn: The Judgment of Eve; Davidson: The Kar-Chee Reign; Vance: The Blue World; Le Guin: Rocannon's World; Nunes: Inherit the Earth; Zelazny: This Immortal; Delany: Empire Star, & Babel-17; Purdom: The Tree Lord of Imeten
   Books  1967 JAN  br  100th anniversary of H.G. Wells birth; announces death of Prof. Paul A. Linebarger(aka Cordwainer Smith); Hoyle: October the First Is Too Late; Rosel George Brown: Sybil Sue Blue; Gertrude Friedberg: The Revolving Boy; Clarke(ed): Time Probe; one more
   Books  1967 FEB  br  C.S. Lewis: Of Other Worlds; E.J. Carnell(ed): New Writings in SF 1; Brian W. Aldiss: Who Can Replace a Man?; William F. Temple: Shoot at the Moon; Brunner: The Long Result; Harry Harrison: Make Room! Make Room!; L.P. Davies: The Paper Dolls; 1 more
   Books  1967 MAR  br  reviews two books, neither labeled sf, but both are really at opposite ends of the sf spectrum; John Barth: Giles Goat-Boy; Jean-Claude Forest: Barbarella(a graphic story book)
   Books  1967 MAY  br  religion in sf; Frank Herbert: Destination: Void; Philip José Farmer: Night of Light; Clifford D. Simak: Why Call Them Back from Heaven?; Robert Kelly: The Scorpions
   Books  1967 JUN  br  Douglas Hill & Pat Williams: The Supernatural; I.S. Shklovskii & Carl Sagan: Intelligent Life in the Universe
   Books  1967 AUG  br  many very short reviews(16) of one paragraph; Merril has anth. SF 12(1968), S-F: the Best of the Best(1968), England Swings SF(1968), colls. Out of Bounds (1960), Daughters of Earth(1968); has acted in the British sf TV series, Dr. Who
   Books  1967 SEP  br  Sam Moskowitz(ed): Three Stories(by Leinster, Williamson, & Wyndham); essay on Moskowitz, the sense of wonder, the sense of nostalgia, & the ability or inability to reread older sf stories
   Books  1967 NOV  br  TNT(The New Thing, or New Wave) vs TOT(The Old Thing); Wollheim & Carr(ed): World's Best Science Fiction 1967; Knight(ed): Orbit 2; Dick: The Crack in Space, The Zap Gun, & Counter-Clock World; Disch: Echo Round His Bones; 2 more
   Books  1967 DEC  br  Harlan Ellison(ed): Dangerous Visions; lists the recent reprints, reissues & "novelizations"; in regards to Merril's br column last month(1967 NOV), see Robert Silverberg's "Reflections" column in ASI 2001 MAR & APR, a look back at The New Wave, 1965-72
   Books  1968 FEB  br  Hortense Calisher: Journal from Ellipsia; William Burroughs: The Soft Machine; William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson: Logan's Run; Chester Anderson: The Butterfly Kid; Willard Bain: Informed Sources (Day East Received)
   Books  1968 MAR  br  Arthur C. Clarke: The Coming of the Space Age; Isaac Asimov: Is Anyone There?; Carl Sagan & I. Shklovskii: Intelligent Life in the Universe; Vincent H. Gaddis: Mysterious Fires and Lights; Colin Clair: Unnatural History; Harold Stümpke: The Snouters; etc
   Books  1968 MAY  br  Miguel Angel Asturias: Mulata; Mikhail Bulgakov: Margarita and the Master; Lafferty: The Past Master; Simak: The Werewolf Principle; Budrys: The Amsirs and the Iron Thorn; Terry Carr(ed): New Worlds of Fantasy; Anon(ed): Path into the Unknown; 3 art books
   Letters to the Book Editor  1968 MAY  lttr  Willem Van den Broek(on Knight: In Search of Wonder, & Kenneth Kenniston: The Uncommitted); Dennis Raimondo(teeny-bopper SF, & on a French book Sexualis '95, & criticism of Merril's reviews)
   Books  1968 JUN  br  political & social criticism in sf; The Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace; Chloe Zerwick & Harrison Brown: The Cassiopeia Affair; Hayden Howard: The Eskimo Invasion; Thomas Morrill: Let Us Reason Together; 1 more
   Books  1968 AUG  br  begins with a tribute to the late Anthony Boucher; Don Fabun: The Dynamics of Change; Philip K. Dick: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?; Brian W. Aldiss: Cryptozoic; John Brunner: Quicksand; Alan E. Nourse: The Mercy Men
   Books  1968 SEP  br  essay: Prof. Philip Klass of the English Dept. at Penn. State Univ.; William Tenn: Of Men and Monsters, Of All Possible Worlds, The Human Angle, The Wooden Star, The Seven Sexes, The Square Root of Man; Leiber: Swords of Lankhmar; Russ: Picnic on Paradise
   Letters to the Book Editor  1968 SEP  lttr  Victor Contoski(on sf poetry - W.S. Merwin's "Fog-Horn," & David Ignatow's "News Report")
   Books  1968 NOV  br  the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968); Samuel R. Delany: Nova(reviews after 1st reading, & 2nd reading); R.A. Lafferty: The Reefs of Earth
   Books  1969 JAN  br  Democratic Convention of 1968; sf of the late 30s thru today; L.P. Davies: Twilight Journey; Theodore Tyler: The Man Whose Name Wouldn't Fit; Nigel Balchin: Kings of Infinite Space; Laumer: The Day Before Forever; Wilhelm: The Downstairs Room; 3 more
   Books  1969 FEB  br  John Brunner: Stand on Zanzibar; Bob Shaw: The Two Timers; Roger Zelazny: Isle of the Dead; Clifford D. Simak: The Goblin Reservation
   Fritz Leiber  1969 JUL  ar  appreciation of Leiber & his works, his unique status among sf/f writers and his place in sf history, his cycles of productivity and decline; Merril's book collection forms basis of Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy, in Toronto
   In the Land of Unblind  1974 OCT  vi  Merril: "Do NOT call it a poem"; see article "Memories of Judy" by Derryl Murphy in On Spec, 1997 WIN; see interview "One of Postwar SF's Formative Figures" by David Seed in INZ 1997 DEC; see her obit & appreciations In LOC 1997 OCT & NOV(#441, 442)
   [Real?] Writer, A—Homage to Ted Sturgeon  1999 OCT/NOV  ar  parts 1st pub. in the NYRS F 1993 JUL(#59), as "Better to Have Loved: From a Memoir-in-Progress"; this incomplete, polished, memoir found among her papers by her granddaughter Emily Pohl-Weary; talks about the early sf scene & Sturgeon; pub. as book 2002
Merwin, Sam Jr  Lambikin  1952 JUN  ss  (1910-1996) wn. for W. Samuel Merwin Jr; writer & editor(of TWS, STS, FUN, etc.); 1st story pub. sf "The Scourge Below" in TWS 1939 OCT; has sf novels The House of Many Worlds(1951), Three Faces of Time(1955); see his obit in LOC 1996 APR(#423)
Metzger, Robert A.  Planet of the Dolphins  1994 JAN  ss  (1956- ) born in L.A.; lives in Atlanta, GA; 1983 PhD, Solid State Physics from UCLA; 1st story pub. "An Unfiltered Man," ABO 1987 SEP/OCT; has science column "What If?" in ABO 1989-2001; novels Quad World(1991), Picoverse(2002); see
Middleton, Richard  Shepherd's Boy  1953 MAR  vi  (1882-1911) 1st pub. in his posthumous coll. The Ghost Ship & Other Stories (1912); Richard Barham Middleton; U.K. writer, poet; has colls. The Day Before Yesterday(1913), The Pantomime Man(1933, ed John Gawsworth)
Miller, Charles  Tangled Web of Neil Weaver, The  1970 MAR  ss 
Miller, Lion  Available Data on the Worp Reaction, The  1953 SEP  vi 
Miller, P. Schuyler  Daydream  1956 JAN  ss  (1912-1974) 1st pub. in Donald A. Wollheim(ed): The Girl with the Hungry Eyes(1949); Peter Schuyler Miller; book reviewer for ASF(1945 APR-1975 JAN), won 1963 special Hugo for his reviews; 1st story pub. "The Red Plague" in WOS 1930 JUL

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