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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Miller, P. Schuyler  For Analysis  1958 NOV  vi  a takeoff on ASF's 'Probability Zero' department; has colls. The Titan(stories 1931-1944; 1952), Alicia in Blunderland(SFD 1933 JUN-DEC, & FMG 1934 JAN-APR as by Nihil; 1983); novel Genus Homo(SSS 1941 MAR; rev. 1950) with L. Sprague de Camp
Miller, Ronald  Acrostic Puzzle  1984 SEP  pz  answers in 1984 OCT, p.38
Miller, Sasha  Jamie Burke and the Queen of England  1987 JUN  ss  ps. for Georgia Myrle Miller; used ps. Myrle Benedict for short stories; G.S. Madden for western novel The Quest(1977); Georgia Sallaska for historical novels Three Ships and Three Kings(1969), Priam's Daughter(1970), etc; S.M. for novel Ladylord(1996)
Miller, Wade  I Know a Good Hand Trick  1959 NOV  ss  (1920- ; 1920-1961) collab. ps. for Robert (Bob) Wade & William (Bill) Miller; top collab. in the mystery field(DeAndrea); met in junior high in San Diego, has 1st crime novel Deadly Weapon(1946); Guilty Bystander(1947) began P.I. Max Thursday series
   How Lucky We Met  1960 OCT  ss  their story "Invitation to an Accident," in EQMM, N-1955 EDG; under collab. ps. Whit Masterton have ser. of thrillers, incl. Badge of Evil(1956; Orson Welles' movie Touch of Evil, 1958, res. 1975, rev. 1998), A Hammer in His Hand(1960)
Miller, Walter M. Jr  Canticle for Liebowitz, A  1955 APR  nv  (1922-1996) 1st story of three(a triptych) in St. Liebowitz series; pub. as a fixup novel in 1960, W-1961 HUG; born in New Smyrna Beach, FL; flew combat missions in WWII, converted to Catholicism in 1947; studied at Univ. of Tennessee, Univ. of Texas
   And the Light Is Risen  1956 AUG  na  2nd story St. Liebowitz series; survival of man 600 years after 20th century nuclear holocaust as seen thru the eyes of the Abbey of Liebowitz; 1st story pub. "MacDougal's Wife" in The American Mercury 1950 MAR; wrote scripts for TV show Captain Video
   Last Canticle, The  1957 FEB  na  3rd story St. Liebowitz series; has sequel novel Saint Liebowitz and the Wild Horse Woman(1997), with an excerpt novelette "God Is Thus" in F&SF 1997 OCT/NOV; 1st story pub. sf "Secret of the Death Dome" in AMZ 1951 JAN
   Lineman, The  1957 AUG  na  has novelette "The Darfsteller" in ASF 1955 JAN, W-1955 HUG; has colls. Conditionally Human(1960), The View from the Stars(1965), The Science Fiction of ...(1978), The Best of ...(1980); anth. Beyond Armageddon(1985) w. Martin H. Greenberg
   Canticle for Leibowitz, A  1979 OCT  nv  1st pub. in F&SF 1955 APR, the 1st of 3 stories in his St. Liebowitz series, which was made into his award-winning fixup novel A Canticle for Liebowitz(1959); see William H. Roberson & Robert L. Battenfeld: Walter M. Miller Jr: A Bio-Bibliography(1992)
   God Is Thus  1997 OCT/NOV  nv  4th story in St. Liebowitz ser., excerpt from Saint Liebowitz and the Wild Horse Woman(1997); W.M. died after completing 85% of novel, finished by Terry Bisson; action occurs betw. the 2nd & 3rd nv of A Canticle for St. Liebowitz; obit in LOC 1996 FEB
Mills, Robert P.  Last Shall Be First, The  1958 AUG  vi  (1920-1986) prev. Managing Editor of F&SF since 1st issue, & beginning 1958 SEP issue thru 1962 MAR, the editor of F&SF; editor of VSF(1957-1958); aafter leaving F&SF, he acted as a literary agent(for Walter M. Miller Jr, etal), until 1984
   About This Issue   1958 OCT  in  introduction to the 9th Anniversary issue; he edited The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: Ninth Series(1960), Tenth(1961), Eleventh(1962), A Decade of Fantasy and Science Fiction(1960), Twenty Years of the Magazine of ...(1970) w. Edward L. Ferman
   This Month   1959 MAY  note  soliciting reader opinions: 1. 3 short novelets in one issue?; 2. Graves' "The Shout" F&SF reprint OK; 3. send in topics for Asimov's essays; Mills has anth.The Worlds of Science Fiction(1963)
   In This Issue   1959 JUL  note  contest for readers' best new money-making use for the time machine in H.M. Sycamore's story(#1274); some results of F&SF 1959 May poll
   Authors of Last Month's "Quintet"  1959 OCT  note  announcing the 5 authors who wrote the 5 vignettes in F&SF 1959 SEP's "Quintet"
   In This Issue   1959 DEC  note  Mel Hunter's 3rd robot, or the last man, series of cover paintings; Beaumont's new column; winner 1959 JUL time machine idea contest(#1264)
   In This Issue ...  1960 MAY  note  states editorial policy is to exploit the "infinitely various field" of sf, & to publish "controversial stories." Solicits readers' opinions. "This issue is largely made up of pairs of stories - pairs which share a common setting, or point, or subject."
   In This Issue ...  1961 NOV  note  "F&SF is not directly involved in the search for an ultimate definition of sf" - the definition of of sf is dependent of "your definition of science." The definitions of sf, by Hugo Gernsback and by Gordon R. Dickson, are given
   Coming Next ...  1962 MAR  note  announces his leaving F&SF(due to other professional responsibilities), the new editor being Avram Davidson(beginning next issue)
   Richard McKenna: b. May 9, 1913 d. November 1, 1964  1965 FEB  note  authorship uncredited, but believed by Edward L. Ferman to be by Robert P. Mills, Richard McKenna's agent
Milosevic, Mario  Dead Letters  1995 JUL  ss  this story written as a response to his father's death in 1990, "(he) is still with me in many ways: memories, dreams, gestures, stray phrases ..."; married to writer Kim Antieau; managing editor for Daughters of Nyx, a magazine published in Skamania, WA
M'Intosh, J.T.  Talents  1952 OCT  nv  (1925- ) ps. for James Murdoch MacGregor, also in F&SF under ps. J.T. McIntosh, both used for his sf works; Scottish writer & journalist, from Aberdeen; has also pub. non-sf under his own name
   One in Three Hundred  1953 FEB  nv  1st story Lt. Bill Easson series, has two other stories in series as by J.T. McIntosh; winner best story of 1953 in F&SF, contest results in 1954 MAY
   Beggars All  1953 APR  nv  1st story pub. sf "The Curfew Tolls" in ASF 1950 DEC, as by J.T. M'Intosh; has 1st novel World Out of Mind(1953), about a disguised alien on an Earth dominated by aptitude tests, where he wins his way to the top & prepares the way for invasion(Clute)
Miranda, Vincent  Damon Knight: Bibliography  1976 NOV  bib  (1946?-1992) chronological listing of short stories, colls., novels, anthologies, nf, & translations; his short story "To Serve Man," in GAL 1950 NOV, was the basis for a screenplay by Rod Serling for the TV series, The Twilight Zone
Moffett, Judith  Surviving  1986 JUN  nv  (1942- ) W-1987 STU; N-1986 NEB; 1987 LOC, novelette; her 1st pub. sf story; Prof. at the Univ. of Pennsylvania since 1979; first active as poet, has colls. Keeping Time(1976), Whinny Moor Crossing(1984); W-1988 JWCA, Best New Writer
   I, Said the Cow  1990 JAN  ss  has 1st novel, Pennterra(1987; N-1988 LOC), about the two human expeditions to the planet Pennterra & their interaction(w. some sexual explicitness) w. the native pheromone-emitting Hrossa; coll. Author's Choice Monthly Issue 19: Two That Came True(1991)
   Final Tomte  1990 JUN  nv  1st story in F&SF in Hefn ser., about aliens who insist Earth clean up its ecosystem; all other ser. stories pub. in ASI 1988-1990, & coll. in fixup novel The Ragged World(1991; N-1992 LOC); sequel Time, Like an Ever-Rolling Stream(1992; N-1992 TIP)
   Bradshaw, The  1998 OCT/NOV  na  N-1999 LOC, novella; 2nd story in F&SF in Hefn series; novella written while living in Salt Lake City; took off a year tending gardens, raising ducks in a Philadelphia suburb, written up in Homestead Year(1995); now lives in Cincinnati & Philadelphia
Moffitt, Donald  Scroll, The  1972 MAY  ss  (1936- ) VP of a Madison Ave public relations firm, has nf books Swindled!: Classic Business Frauds of the Seventies(1976), America Tomorrow(1977), & The Wall Street Journal Views America Tomorrow(1977); has 1st novel The Jupiter Theft(1977)
   Man Who Was Beethoven, The  1972 DEC  ss  has Genesis series novels The Genesis Quest(1986), Second Genesis(1986), in which man contacts aliens after millions of years gap; Mechanical Sky ser. novels Crescent in the Sky(1990), A Gathering of Stars(1990), in which Arabs rule the space ways(Clute)
Mohler, Will  Journey of Ten Thousand Miles, The  1963 MAR  ss  lives in Washington, DC; has novelette "In the Control Tower" in GAL 1963 DEC; also has 5 stories in F&SF under the ps. Will Worthington
Monteleone, Thomas F.  Spare the Child  1982 JAN  ss  (1946- ) lives in Baltimore; began in sf writing br's for AMZ 1972 NOV-1975 JUL; 1st story pub. sf "Agony in the Garden" in AMZ 1973 MAR; 1st novel Seeds of Change(1975); Guardian seq. Guardian(1980), Ozymandias(1981); coll. Dark Stars and Other...(1981)
Moon, Elizabeth  If Nudity Offends You  1988 FEB  ss  (1945- ) wn. for Susan Elizabeth Norris Moon; has degrees from Rice Univ., Univ. of Texas; spent 3 years in Marines; 1st story pub. "ABCs in Zero-G" in ANA 1986 AUG; 1st novel The Deed of Paksenarrion #1: Sheepfarmer's Daughter(1988; W-1989 CCR; N-LOC)
   New World Symphony  1989 FEB  nv  has sequels to her 1st novel, The Feed of Paksenarrion II: Divided Allegiance(1988), III: Oath of Gold(1989), coll. in omnibus The Deed of Paksenarrion(1992); colls. Lunar Activity(1990; N-1991 LOC), Phases(1997)
   Happy Frog, The  1989 JUL  ss  has The Legacy of Gird ser., Surrender None(1990), Liar's Death(1992), coll. in omnibus The Legacy of Gird(1996); Ireta ser., Sassinak(1990 w. Anne McCaffrey), Generation Warriors(1991 w. McCaffrey), The Planet Pirates(1993 w. McCaffrey & Jody Lynn Nye)
   Aura  1995 AUG  ss  has Familias Regnant ser., Hunting Party(1993), Sporting Chance(1994), Winning Colors(1995), Remnant Population(1996), Once a Hero(1997); Rules of Engagement(1998), Change of Command(1999); see interview in LOC 1995 MAR, her website at
Moore, Dick  After Everything, What?  1964 NOV  ss  working name for John Richard Moore; has novelette "Bogeyman" in WOT 1965 MAY
Moore, E.A.  Next Step, The  1967 FEB  nv  Edward Albert Moore
Moore, Hal R.  Sea Bright  1965 SEP  ss  writer & photographer
   Doctor Dominoe's Dancing Doll  1972 DEC  nv 
Moore, Raylyn  They All Ran After the Farmer's Wife  1970 APR  ss  (1928- ) wife of author Ward Moore(also in F&SF); 1st story pub. "Death Is a Woman" in ESQ, in 1954; has book Mock Oranges(1968)
   Out of Control  1970 AUG  ss 
   Different Drummer, A  1971 FEB  ss 
   If Something Begins  1971 MAY  ss 
   Lobster Trick  1972 DEC  ss 
   Shoes  1974 FEB  ss 
   Milewide Steamroller, The  1975 APR  ss 
   Castle, The  1976 AUG  ss 

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