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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Morressy, John  Fair Weather Fiend  1991 JAN  nv  13th story in F&SF in his Kedrigern the wizard series; has novels in this series, Kedrigern and the Charming Couple(1990), & A Remembrance for Kedrigern(1990)
   Liberator, The  1991 APR  ss 
   Tale of Three Wizards, A  1991 DEC  ss 
   Working Stiffs  1993 MAY  ss  see his entry in the St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers(1996)
   Nest Egg  1995 OCT/NOV  ss  14th story in F&SF in his Kedrigern the wizard series
   Rimrunner's Home  1997 SEP  nv  retired from teaching at the end of 1995; has novel The Juggler(1996), a juvenile book about the Middle Ages, in which Beran makes a pact with the devil to become the greatest juggler in the world
   Reflection and Insight  1998 MAR  ss  15th story in F&SF in his Kedrigern the wizard series
   Cold Comfort  1999 FEB  ss  16th story in F&SF in his Kedrigern the wizard series
   Floored  1999 JUL  ss  17th story in F&SF in his Kedrigern the wizard ser.; this ser. coll. in omnibus form with The Domesticated Wizard: Kedrigern Chronicles Vol. I(2002), which incl. 6 stories & the novels A Voice for Princess(1986), & The Questing of Kedrigern(1988)
Morris, Wright  Word From Space, The  1958 SEP  ss  (1910-1998) story title in TOC, Index is "Last Call;" on p.111 as listed here is its orig. title, 1st pub. in ATM 1958 APR; novelist/photographer; The Field of Vision(1956; W-1957 Nat. Book Award); see Joseph J. Wydeven: Wright Morris Revisited(1998)
Morrison, William  Playground  1954 FEB  nv  (1906-1980) ps. for Joseph Samachson; born in Trenton, NJ; writer & chemist; earned a PhD in Chemistry from Yale in 1930; Prof. of Biochemistry at Loyola University, retired in 1973
   Inner Worlds, The  1954 APR  nv  1st story pub. "Bad Medicine" in TWS 1941 FEB, as by William Morrison
   There Ought to Be a Lore  1954 SEP  ss  under house ps. Brett Sterling, wrote two Captain Future tales, "Worlds to Come"(CFU 1943 SPR), & "Days of Creation"(CFU 1944 SPR; vt The Tenth Planet, 1969)
   Music of the Sphere  1954 OCT  nv  has juvenile sf novel(his only book), Mel Oliver and Space Rover on Mars(1954), as by William Morrison
   Ardent Soul, The  1954 DEC  ss 
   Star Slugger  1956 JUN  ss 
   Science Stage, The  1957 MAR  plyr  author of The Dramatic Story of the Theatre(with wife Dorothy); reviews play Night of the Auk
   Science Stage, The  1957 MAY  plyr  Vidal's play Visit to a Small Planet
   Science Stage, The  1957 JUN  plyr  play Good As Gold
   Science Stage, The  1957 AUG  plyr  plays Shinbone Alley, Hide and Seek
   Science Stage, The  1957 NOV  plyr  two musical comedies, Damn Yankees, & L'il Abner; Visit to a Small Planet
   Science Stage, The  1958 MAR  plyr  plays When the Curtain Rises on the Makropoulos; Rumple
   Science Stage, The  1958 MAY  plyr  play The Infernal Machine
   Science Stage, The  1958 JUN  plyr  plays Endgame; Dark of the Moon
   Science Stage, The  1958 JUL  plyr  plays Clerambard; Back to Methuselah
Morrison, William & Frederik Pohl  Stepping Stone  1957 DEC  nv  (1906-1980; 1919- ) William Morrison is a ps. for Joseph Samachson; both in F&SF by themselves
Morrow, James  Spelling God With the Wrong Blocks  1987 MAY  ss  (1947- ) produced material for Boston TV, 1979-1984; 1st book Moviemaking Illustrated: The Comicbook Filmbook(1973); wrote children's textbooks & at least 5 children's novels, 1st was The Quasar Kids(1987); 1st sf novel The Wine of Violence(1981)
   Eye That Never Blinks, The  1988 MAY  ss  has novelization of computer game(In Search of the Most Amazing Thing), The Adventures of Smoke Bailey(1983); novels The Continent of Lies(1984), This Is the Way the World Ends(1986; N-1986 NEB; 1987 JWC, LOC); see iv's in INZ 1991 APR, LOC 1998 AUG(#451)
   Abe Lincoln in McDonald's  1989 MAY  ss  N-1990 LOC, ss; has novels Only Begotten Daughter(1990; W-1991 WFA; N-1990 NEB; 1991 JWC, LOC), Towing Jehovah(1994; W-1995 WFA; N-1994 NEB; 1995 CLA, HUG, LOC); novella City of Truth(1991; W-1992 NEB; N-LOC); coll. Swatting at the Cosmos(1990)
   Director's Cut  1994 MAR  ply  this short play a deleted section from his novel, Towing Jehovah(1994), though parts of it survive here & there; has novels Blameless in Abaddon(1996; N-1997 LOC), The Eternal Footman(1999); see his website at
   Bible Stories for Adults, No.20: The Tower  1994 JUN  ss  N-1995 LOC; 1st/only story in F&SF in Bible Stories for Adults ser., coll. in Bible Stories for Adults(1996; N-1997 LOC, WFA); 1st pub. in his coll. Author's Choice Monthly #8: Swatting at the Cosmos(1990); ser. story "B.S. for A.: The Deluge," W-1988 NEB
   Eight Great Animated Fantasy Films  1998 JUL  misc  A Warm Reception in L.A.; Bad Luck Blackie(1949); Minnie the Moocher(1932); Bolero; Before the Law(prologue to The Trial, 1963); My Neighbor Totoro(1988 Japan); The Fabulous World of Jules Verne(1958 Czech); Pinocchio(1940)
Morton, Charles W.  All-Purpose Ghost Story, The  1955 JUL  vi  an associate editor of ATL, where this vignette was 1st pub. in 1953; has books with cartoonist Francis W. Dahl: Dahl's Boston(1946), & Dahl's Brave New World(1947); nf How to Protect Yourself from Women(1951); autibiography It Has Its Charms ...(1966)
Morton, J.B.  On the Way to Her Sister  1955 APR  ss  (1893-1979) 1st pub. in Punch, in 1954; John Bingham Morton, U.K. writer, known primarily under house ps. Beachcomber, under which he wrote a comic column in the London Daily Express(1924-75), in coll. Beachcomber(1974), novel Drink Up, Gentlemen(1930)
Moskowitz, Sam  How Science Fiction Got Its Name  1957 FEB  ar  (1920-1997) see letter in 1980 MAR; sf historian/anthologist; as Sam Martin, editor of trade mags. for frozen food industry until 1985; prominent member of sf fandom since 1936; wrote history of fandom in The Immortal Storm(1954), his 1st book, W-1955 HUG
   Fantasy and Science Fiction by Theodore Sturgeon  1962 SEP  bib  chronological listing of the 1st publication of Sturgeon's f & sf; has 3 stories in 1941, incl. "The Way Back" in CMT 1941 JAN; literary agent 1940-41; managing editor of SFP 1952 NOV-1953 DEC; editor of 4 issue revival WRT 1973 SUM-1974 SUM
   Introduction to Booth Tarkington's "The Veiled Feminists of Atlantis" (Special Reprint Feature)  1968 FEB  in  Moskowitz pub. a series of about 50 profiles of sf authors betw. 1958-67, in mags. SAT, FAN, AMZ & WOT; series on sf themes in AMZ 1965 APR, & WOT 1966 JAN, MAR, NOV, 1967 FEB, MAY; has anth. Editor's Choice in Science Fiction(1954)
   Introduction to Guillaume Apollinaire's "Remote Projection" (Special Reprint Feature)  1968 JUL  in  many of Moskowitz's author profiles & sf theme articles coll. in 3 volumes: Explorers of the Infinite(1963), covers the period up to 1940; Seekers of Tomorrow(1966), covers 1940-65; Strange Horizons(1976), covers sf themes(Clute)
   Introduction to Yevgeny Zamyatin's "The Cave"  1969 FEB  in  has sf mag. history anth. Science Fiction by Gaslight(1968), covers period 1891-11, & Under the Moon of Mars(1970), covers period 1912-20; has many anth. incl. The Coming of the Robots(1963), Exploring Other Worlds(1963), Horrors Unknown(1971)
   Afterword  1979 JUL  aw  story "A Modern Magician" to be pub. in Olaf coll., Moskowitz(ed): Far Future Calling(1979); Olaf has novels Odd John: A Story Between Jest and Earnest(1935), Sirius: A Fantasy of Love and Discord(1944), latter about a dog w. enhanced intelligence(Clute)
Mudgett, Herman W.  (Untitled)  1951 AUG  pm  (1911-1968) ps. for William Anthony Parker White, aka Anthony Boucher; also in F&SF as H.H. Holmes; in Anthology #37 as "Limerick"
   Naming of Names, The  1953 OCT  pm  Herman W. Mudgett was the infamous "Torture Doctor," a 19th Century U.S. mass murderer, who used the alias H.H. Holmes(also a Boucher ps.); see book David Franke: The Torture Doctor(1975)
   Report on the Sexual Behavior of the Extra-Sensory Perceptor  1954 AUG  pm 
   Glass of the Future, The  1955 JAN  pm 
   Silent, Upon Two Peaks ...  1955 JUL  pm 
Mueller, Richard  Chains of the Sea, The  1982 JUN  ss  (1920- ) born in NJ; has BA in theatre from Iowa Wesleyan, MA in playwrighting from CSU, MFA in acting from Univ. of Iowa; "served in the U.S. Coast Guard on a lightship, & a rescue boat crew, which accounts for the authentic tone of (this) story"
   Everybody Goes to Mosserman's  1982 SEP  ss  has novelettes "Little Axes" in Fantasy Book 1983 DEC, & "The Dark at the End of the Tunnel" in Fantasy Book 1985 SEP; short stories "The Day We Really Lost the War" in ASI 1985 SEP, & "Meditation on the Death of Cortes" in ASI 1988 SEP
   Welcome to Coventry  1983 MAR  ss  has 1st novel, novelization Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular(1985); Jernigan's Egg(1986), an sf novel with elements of heroic fantasy(B&C)
   Cenotaph  1983 JUN  ss  has novel in series, Time Machine #24: World War 1 Flying Ace(1988), in which the mission is to go back in time to 1917 & find the Red Baron
   Song for Justin, A  1983 NOV  ss  writer for 24 episodes of the animated TV series, The Real Ghostbusters(1986); also wrote episodes for the animated TV series Tiny Toons Adventures, Spiral Zone, Hypernauts(1996), Extreme Ghostbusters(1997), & Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

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