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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Mueller, Richard  Mosserman Trace, The  1984 FEB  ss  wrote episodes for the TV show, Married ... With Children, in 1987
   Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Gonna Rise Again  1984 NOV  ss  has strange website showcasing his "VerdaWorlds," which includes a site with info on Amelia Earhart, at
   Finnegan's Fake  1984 DEC  ss 
   Nifty Murder Case, The (for Donna Kemeny & Michael P. Hodel, for different reasons)  1985 MAY  ss 
   Little Friends  1985 SEP  ss 
   Creature of Water, A  1986 JAN  ss  "a story about loss & its impact upon the creative process. A year previously I had lost the love of a woman who meant everything to me ... no matter what happens you go on and do and give your best"
   Bullivant's Knife  1986 JUN  ss 
   On the Dream Coast in Winter  1986 NOV  ss 
   Bless This Ship  1987 SEP  ss  a pair of interwoven yarns in a WWII sea story, "I got the idea for this after becoming fascinated with the phrase 'Constructive Total Loss'"
Mundis, Jerrold  Real Estate  1980 AUG  ss  (1941- ) Jerrold James Mundis; has nf books The Guard Dog(1975), How to Get Out of Debt(1990), Earn What You Deserve(1995); 1st novel The Dogs(1976), Gerhardt's Children(1976), The Retreat(1985); fiction anth. The Dog Book(1983)
Murphy, Maurice  Time Tourist  1951 FEB  ss  ps. for Thomas A. Meehan(& in F&SF as such, #667); wrote movie scripts One Magic Christmas(1985), A Child's Garden of Verses(1992); plays I Remember Mama(1979), Ain't Broadway Grand(1993), The Producers(2001; 2001 book), Hairspray(2002)
Murphy, Pat  Going Through Changes  1992 APR  ss  (1955- ) wn. for Patrice Ann Murphy; 1st story pub. "No Mother Near" in GAL 1975 OCT; 1st novel The Shadow Hunter("Touch of the Bear" in ASI 1980 OCT; exp. 1982; N-1983 LOC), about a Stone-Age man abducted to the future by a time travel project(Clute)
   Points of Departure  1995 JUL  ss  has fantasy/horror novel The Falling Woman(1986; W-1987 NEB; N-1988 LOC, MYT), about an archaeologist, her daughter & ancient Mayan magic; The City, Not Long After(1988; N-1990 LOC, MYT; 1991 CLA), set in near future San Francisco decimated by plague(B&C)
   Iris Versus the Black Knight  1996 OCT/NOV  ss  has coll. Points of Departure(1990; W-1990 DIC; N-1991 LOC); coll. w. Pat Cadigan & Karen Joy Fowler, Letters from Home(1991), 6 stories from each author; see entries in CANR, vol.84, & in St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers; website
   Ménage and Menagerie (under the influence of Jane Austen)  1998 OCT/NOV  nv  has dark fantasy novel Nadya(1996; N-1996 TIP; 1997 LOC), about a young woman in the 1830s Missouri frontier who discovers she is a werewolf(B&C); sf novel There and Back Again(1999); see iv's in INZ #42 1990, MZBFM 1991 SUM, LOC 1988 OCT & 1999 JUL
Murphy, Pat & Paul Doherty  Science: Science of Invisibility, The  1997 AUG  ar  (1955- ; ? - ? ) both work at San Francisco's hands-on science museum the Exploratorium; Doherty a physicist w. a PhD from MIT, teaches, writes science activity books; discussion of light; problems of being invisible; at-home invisibility experiments
   Science: Watch the Skies!  1997 DEC  ar  atmospheric optical phenomena - rainbows, secondary rainbows, halos, sundogs, & green flashes - are explained; what closer observations can reveal, "colorful insights"; "hands-on rainbows" & polarized rainbows; see website
   Science: Messing With Your Mind  1998 JUN  ar  memory; experiments to show your memory is not always accurate; memories are associative, vulnerable to "post-event information"; you're not the sum of your memories, they're "the end product of all you've ever thought & done ... shaped by who you are"
   Science: Twisted Thinking  1999 FEB  ar  Möbius strips, what you can do & learn from them; the peculiar properties of Möbius strips, & experiments you can do at home; a brief excursion into fourth-dimensional thinking; wormholes & exotic matter; see Pat's website
   Science: Shadow Knows, The  1999 AUG  ar  Sun, its movement as perceived from the Earth; what can be learned from experiments & observations of shadows; solstices; solar time & standard time, analemmas; see Pat's website,; Paul's website,
Murphy, Phyllis  Time Was  1968 OCT  ss  (1924- ) graduate of Barnard College(NYC), has book about drug addiction, The Little People(1966), with David Wilkerson
Murray, Robert  Replacement, The  1960 FEB  ss  (1902-1971) Robert William Murray, has stories in PST 1961 JUN & 1962 MAR
Myers, Howard L.  Fit for a Dog  1971 SEP  ss  (1930-1971) has novel Cloud Chamber(1977), combines cosmology, antimatter invaders of our universe, sex, & effortless rebirth of all sentient beings in a wide-ranging space opera climaxing in its hero's arrival at nirvana(Clute); freelance writer
   All Around the Universe  1972 JAN  nv  has used ps. Verge Foray for 11 stories in ANA, FAN, GAL, & IFS, between 1967-1974

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