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Newman, S.  Vindolanda in Winter  1990 DEC  ss  (1949- ) wn. for Sharan Newman; PhD in History from Univ. of California(Santa Barbara); member Medieval Academy; 1st novel ya The Dagda's Harp(1977); has Arthurian trilogy from Guinivere's point of view, Guinivere(1981), etc; has historical mys. ser.
Neyroud, Gerard E.  Terra-Venusian War of 1979, The  1959 DEC  ss  retired English newspaperman
Nichols, Jeannette  Light and the Sadness, The  1963 OCT  pm  (1931- ) in gratitude to Zenna Henderson for The People
Niemand, O.  Wooing of Slowboat Sadie, The  1982 SEP  ss  (1947-2002) 1st story in Springfield ser.; ps. for George Alec Effinger; "ser. is based in the domed city of Springfield, each (story) using the tone & style of a deceased American short story writer"; this one a pastiche of O. Henry, if he had written sf
   Man Outside, The  1983 APR  ss  N-1984 LOC, short story; 2nd story in Springfield series, this one using the voice of the deceased writer John Steinbeck
   Afternoon Under Glass  1983 NOV  ss  3rd story in Springfield series, this one in the style of Ernest Hemingway
   Two Bits  1984 JUN  ss  4th story in Springfield series, this one in the style of deceased American writer Ring Lardner
   artist passes it by, the  1984 AUG  pm  5th story in Springfield series, this one an sf pastiche of archy & mehitabel's Don Marquis & Krazy Kat's George Herriman
   Wisdom of Having Money, The  1986 JUL  nv  6th & last story in Springfield series, this one written in the style of Mark Twain
Niven, Larry  Becalmed in Hell  1965 JUL  ss  (1938- ) N-1965 NEB, short story; 1st story in F&SF in his Tales of Known Space series & sequence; working name for Laurence van Cott Niven, born in CA; has BA in Mathematics, Washburn Univ.(Kansas); 1st story pub. "The Coldest Place" in IFS 1964 DEC
   Bordered in Black  1966 APR  ss  N-1966 NEB, short story; 2nd story in F&SF in his Tales of Known Space series & sequence(most of the short stories in this series were pub. in IFS & GAL); his 1st novel is of this seq., World of Ptavvs(1966); coll. Tales of Known Space(1975)
   Long Night, The  1967 MAR  ss  has Known Space novels At the Bottom of a Hole(1966), How the Heroes Die(1966), The Warriors(1966), Safe at Any Speed(1966), A Gift from Earth(1968); Known Space colls. Neutron Star(1968), The Shape of Space(1969), All the Myriad Ways(1971)
   Safe at Any Speed  1967 MAY  vi  3rd story in F&SF in his Tales of Known Space ser.; this ser. is a complex future history of man's expansion into space(Clute), complete with many races of aliens; other Known Space colls. The Long ARM of Gil Hamilton(1976), Convergent Series(1979)
   Dry Run  1968 MAY  ss  other Known Space novels, Death by Ecstasy(1969; vt The Organleggers), Protector(GAL 1973 JUN as "The Adults"; exp. 1973; N-1974 HUG, LOC), The Patchwork Girl(1980); has non-seq. colls. Inconstant Moon(1973), Crashlander(1994; N-1995 LOC)
   Meddler, The  1968 OCT  nv  has Ringworld seq., Ringworld(1970; W-1970 NEB; 1971 HUG, LOC), The Ringworld Engineers(1980; N-1981 HUG, LOC), The Ringworld Throne(1996; N-1997 LOC); has Draco's Tavern seq. Cruel and Unusual(1977), Grammar Lesson(1977)
   Not Long Before the End  1969 APR  ss  N-1969 NEB; 1970 HUG, short story; 1st story in his Mana ser.; all but one story in ser.(novella "The Magic Goes Away" in Odyssey 1976 SUM) appears in F&SF; also in Draco's Tavern seq. The Subject Is Closed(1977), The Schumann Computer(1979), Limits(1981)
   Get a Horse!  1969 OCT  ss  1st story in Institute for Temporal Research, or Hanville Svetz ser.; a ser. of time-paradox comedies(3 in F&SF), are coll. in The Flight of the Horse(1973; N-1974 LOC), the title story orig. titled "Get a Horse!"; Svetz ser. coll. A Hole in Space(1974)
   Bird in the Hand  1970 OCT  ss  2nd story in his Hanville Svetz series; has ser. novel with David Gerrold, The Flying Sorcerers(IFS 1970 MAY, JUL as "The Misspelled Magician"; exp. 1971), in which low-tech people think that high technology is magic(Clute)
   Unfinished Story  1970 DEC  vi  2nd story in his Mana ser., this one concerns Maxwell's demon - see Asimov's science essay "The Modern Demonology" in 1962 JAN(#1638); also in Draco's Tavern seq. Assimilating Our Culture, That's What They're Doing!(1978)
   There's a Wolf in My Time Machine  1971 JUN  ss  3rd story in his Hanville Svetz series; has State ser. Rammer(1971), Night on Mispec Moor(1974), A World Out of Time(GAL 1971, 1976; 1976 fixup; N-1977 LOC); has novel w. Jerry Pournelle, Inferno(GAL 1975 AUG-SEP; 1975; N-1976 NEB; 1977 HUG, LOC)
   For a Foggy Night  1971 JUL  ss  1st pub. in Decal 1968 JUL; has Integral Trees seq. The Integral Trees(ANA 1983-84 OCT-JAN; 1984; W-1985 LOC; N-1984 NEB; 1985 HUG, SCF), The Smoke Ring(ANA 1987 JAN-APR; 1987; N-1988 LOC); has Man-Kzin Wars anth. ser.(#I-VIII; 1988-98)
   What Good Is a Glass Dagger?  1972 SEP  nv  N-1973 LOC, na; 3rd story in F&SF in his Mana series; the 1st story in this series, "Not Long Before the End" in F&SF 1969 APR, forms sort of a prologue for this story; see iv's in INZ #39 1990, Expanse #2 1994, LOC 1985AUG(#295), & LOC 1997 FEB(#433)
   Nonesuch, The  1974 DEC  ss  has CoDominion ser. w. Jerry Pournelle, The Mote in God's Eye(1974; N-1975 HUG, LOC, NEB), The Gripping Hand(1993; N-1994 LOC); also w. Pournelle, Lucifer's Hammer(1977; N-1978 HUG, LOC), Oath of Fealty(1981; N-1982 LOC; 1983 & 1997 PRO)
   Lion in His Attic, The  1982 JUL  ss  5th & last story in F&SF in Mana ser.; w. Steven Barnes, Dream Park seq. Dream Park(1981), The Barsoom Project(1989), The Voodoo Game(1991); w. Barnes & Pournelle, Heorot seq. The Legacy of Heorot(1987), Beowulf's Children(1995)
Niven, Larry & Dian Girard  Talisman  1981 NOV  nv  (1938- ; ? - ?) 4th story in F&SF in Mana ser., set in the same Warlock's universe as "What Good Is a Glass Dagger?" in F&SF 1972 SEP; Girard a fulltime computer programmer, has Cheryl Harbottle ser. of stories in GAL 1978 FEB, & ASI 1979 JUL, 1980 FEB
Nolan, William & Charles Fritch  Ship, The  1956 JUN  spf  (1928- ; 1927- ) a parody of Ray Bradbury; William F. Nolan, Charles E. Fritch, & both in F&SF by themselves
Nolan, William F.  One of Those Days  1962 MAY  ss  (1928- ) sf fan turned writer, edited fanzine Rhodomagnetic Digest, pub. The Ray Bradbury Review, & edited issues #1-3 of Gamma(1963-64); 1st story pub. sf "The Joy of Living" in IFS 1954 AUG; became a full-time writer in 1956
   Bradbury: Prose Poet in the Age Of Space  1963 MAY  bio  Bradbury lives in Chestnut Hills, CA; hates cars, planes, TV & phones; attended L.A. High School, joined SF League in 1937 & pub. 1st story "Hollerbochen's Dilemma" in its mimeo-mag. Imagination; married UCLA grad. Marguerite McClure in 1947
   Index to the Works of Ray Bradbury, An  1963 MAY  bib  a chronological listing of his collections(& their contents), stories, TV & movie work, and non-fiction work; Nolan acknowledges to be the world's "Number One Bradbury Fan" & pub. The Ray Bradbury Review
   Charles Beaumont: Magic Man, A Personal Appreciation, The  1967 JUN  bio  Beaumont spent his early years on Chicago's north side, & in Everett, Washington; pub. his own fanzine, Utopia, & wrote many letters to the editors of sf/f magazines; worked as a part-time cartoon illustrator; married Helen Broun & had 4 children
   Charles Beaumont Index, A: 1951-1965  1967 JUN  bib  a basic sf/f bibliography, does not include his TV credits, novels, nf essays, & work in the automotive field, or non-fantasy fiction
   He Kilt It With a Stone  1968 FEB  ss  Nolan was raised in Kansas City; wrote some stories under ps. Frank Anmar & F.E. Edwards; has coll. Impact 20(1963); has novel sequence Logan's Run(1967 with George Clayton Johnson; 1976 movie), Logan's World(1977), Logan's Search(1980)
Norbert, W.  Miracle of the Broom Closet, The  1954 FEB  ss  (1894-1964) 1st pub. in MIT's Tech Engineering News, in 1952 APR; ps. for Norbert Wiener, mathematician; has nf books Cybernetics(1948), The Human Use of Human Beings(1950), Ex-Prodigy(1953, on intellectual supermen), God and Golem, Inc.(1964)
Norden, Eric  Final Quarry, The  1970 MAY  nv  his 1st pub. story; has 2 nf books; regular contributor to PBY, incl. award-winning article "The Paramilitary Right"(1969 JUN); has article "The Death of a President" on JFK's assasination & the conspiracy theories pub. in 1964 JAN can be found online
   Primal Solution, The  1977 JUL  nv  1st pub. in Cavalier, in 1968; mentions Bridey Murphy on p.142; wrote scrnply for western Ride a Violent Mile(1957); booklet The Hidden War: South Vietnam(1963; 1964), repub. in Australia by 'Peace Action' to dissuade Australians from joining the conflict
   One Fine Day  1977 SEP  ss  has novel The Ultimate Solution(1973), which depicts a Nazi-dominated New York, in which FDR was assassinated, due to the U.S. remaining a non-combatant for too long in WWII
   Gathering of the Clan, The  1979 FEB  nv  1st pub. in his coll. Starsongs and Unicorns(1978); wrote plays Scream Streets(1966), False Witness(1967); has article "American Atrocities in Viet-Nam" in George C. Herring(ed): America's Longest War: The United States in Vietnam, 1950-1975(1979)
   Curse of the Mhondoro Nkabele, The  1980 SEP  nv  N-1981 LOC, nv; 1st pub. in Starsongs and Unicorns(1978); did PBY iv's w. former Nazi minister Albert Speer, Jim Garrison(1967 OCT), Marshall McLuhan(1969 MAR), Saul Alinsky(1972 MAR), Bernadette Devlin(1972 SEP), Gordon Liddy, Stephen King(1983 JUN)
Nordley, G. David  Barriers  1992 OCT/NOV  ss  wn. for Gerald David Nordley; born in Minneapolis, MN; has BA in Physics (Macalester College), MS in Systems Management(USCLA), 2 PhD's; retired USAF Major; 1st sale was "The Snows of Venus" in ANA 1991 MAY; see Biolog in ANA 1994 FEB
Norris, Hoke  Patient, The  1969 SEP  nv  (1913-1977) newspaperman in N. Carolina & Chicago since 1955; member of the editorial board of the Chicago Daily News; has had stories pub. in PBY, Redbook, & Cavalier; edited book We Dissent(1962; 1973); book It's Not Far But I Don't Know the Way(1969)
Norton, Andre  Mousetrap  1954 JUN  ss  (1912- ) ps. for Alice Mary Norton, legally changed to Andre Norton; born in Cleveland, librarian, editor at Gnome Press 1950-58; 1st novel pub. children's The Prince Commands(1934), 1st fantasy story pub. "The People of the Crater," Fantasy Book 1947
   London Bridge  1973 OCT  ss  has colls. High Sorcery(1970), Garan the Eternal(1972), The Many Worlds of ...(1974), Perilous Dreams(1976); Witch World seq., 1st Witch World(1963); iv's in FAN 1980 OCT, MZBFM 1991 SPR, PWr #16 1998; W-1984 NEB, Grandmaster; W-1998 WFA, Lifetime Achiev.
Nourse, Alan E.  Love Thy Vimp  1952 APR  ss  (1928-1992) 5th story BoIZ ser.(vimp); physician, editor, publisher of Chamberlain Press; 1st story pub. sf "High Threshold" in ASF 1951 MAR; has juvenile novels Trouble on Titan(1954), Junior Intern(1955), Rocket to Limbo(SAT 1957 OCT; 1957)
   Canvas Bag, The  1955 APR  ss  has juvenile novels Gold in the Sky(AMZ 1958 SEP),Scavengers in Space(1959), Star Surgeon(novella in AMZ 1959 DEC; exp. 1960; 1986), Raiders from the Rings(1962); adult novel The Invaders Are Coming!(1959) with Joseph A. Meyer
   Expert Touch, The  1955 NOV  ss  1st story in F&SF, Hoffman Center & Medical Mercenaries series; H.C. is also the background for his novel A Man Obsessed(1955; rev. vt The Mercy Men, 1984)); has novel The Universe Between(ASF 1951 MAR, SEP; 1965 fixup), The Bladerunner(1974)
   Compleat Consumators, The  1964 APR  ss  has colls. Tiger By the Tail(1961), The Counterfeit Man and Others(1963), Rx for Tomorrow(1971), & Psi High and Others(1967); nf books Nine Planets(1960), Intern(1965 as by Doctor X), the latter being a great success
   What a Place the World Would Be  1990 JUL  ss  lives in central Washington, writes science & health books, & a column for Good Housekeeping; has sf novel, The Fourth Horseman(1983), about a plague in the near future; see obit in LOC 1992 SEP(#380), & bib in INZ 1993 JUL; appreciation in LOC 1992 OCT
Novitski, Paul  Acrostic Puzzle  1976 FEB  pz  answers in 1976 MAR, p.160; Paul David Novitski; used ps. Alpajpuri for short stories "The Wind She Does Fly Wild" in AMZ 1973 AUG, & "Asylum in the Concrete" in FAN 1975 FEB
   Acrostic Puzzle  1976 JUN  pz  answers in 1976 JUL, p.38; Novitski has short story "The Loser at Solitaire" in FAN 1979 JAN, & novelettes "Illusions" in ASI 1979 JUN(with Tony Sarowitz), & "Nuclear Fission" in Terry Carr(ed): Universe 9(1979)
Novotny, John  Angry Peter Brindle, The  1954 OCT  ss  his stories have appeared chiefly in Esquire; betw. 1958-1963, he has pub. stories in the men's mags. Dude, & Escapade

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