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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Novotny, John  Bourbon Lake, The  1954 DEC  ss  1st pub. in ESQ 1951 JAN
   Tin Halo, The  1955 MAY  ss 
   On Camera  1956 APR  ss 
   Second Prize  1957 APR  ss 
   Trick or Two, A  1957 JUL  ss  has short stories in VSF, "The Meddler" in 1958 JAN, & "The Biggest Damn Martini in the Universe" in 1958 JUL
Nurit  Cartoon  1981 MAY  ct  working name for Nurit Karlin; born in Jerusalem, Israel; illustrator for newspapers & magazines, incl. The New York Times(see its Tuesday's Science Times section for her color illus.), The Washington Post, The Daily News, Newsweek, etc.
   Cartoon  1981 JUN  ct  Karlin's cartoons have also been pub. in The New Yorker, Audobon, Ladies' Home Jpurnal, etc.; has coll. of captionless cartoons, No Comment: Cartoons Too Funny for Words(1978)
   Cartoon  1981 NOV  ct  has illus. children's books by David Cleveland: The April Rabbits(1978), Tony Schwartz: Media: The Second God(1981), Stephen Manes: Socko: Every Riddle Your Feet Will Ever Need(1982); illus. nf book Ora Band(ed): Hebrew: A Language Course Level 2(1983)
   Cartoon  1982 JAN  ct  has illus. the children's book writen by John Burstein(a.k.a. Slim Goodbody), & with photographs by Bruce Curtis: The Force Inside You(1983)
   Cartoon  1982 MAR  ct  has written & illus. children's books A Train for the King(1983), about a king who wants to impress his queen & orders a very Long train; The Blue Frog(1983), about a frog community, puzzled by a newcomers color, & contemplates why its members are green
   Cartoon  1982 APR  ct  has written & illus. children's book Tooth Witch(1985; vt Abra Cadabra & the Tooth Witch, 1999 limited edition), the story of the tooth witch who predates the tooth fairy - the 1999 edition includes a little witch in a blue box & a tooth bag
   Cartoon  1982 JUL  ct  has written & illus. children's books The Dream Factory(1988), a bedtime story about Baa Baa who hates to go to sleep; Little Big Mouse(1991); & written a children's book, Ten Little Bunnies(1994), which was illus. by Hans Wilhelm
   Cartoon  1982 AUG  ct  has written & illus. two children's book in the I Can Read Book series for pre-schoolers to 1st grade, The Fat Cat Sat on a Mat(1996), about Wilma the witch who has a crazy broom, a fat cat & a pet rat; & I See, You Saw(1997)
   Cartoon  1982 SEP  ct  has illus. the book Grace Marmor Spruch: Squirrels at My Window: Life With a Remarkable Gang of Urban Squirrels(2000), which chronicles the lives of the squirrels Genius, Sweetie Longtail, The Lady, & others, around NYC's Washington Square Park
   Cartoon  1982 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1983 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon  1983 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1983 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1983 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon  1983 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1984 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1984 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1984 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1984 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon  1984 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1985 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1985 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1985 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon  1985 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon: In—Out—Limbo  1986 OCT  ct 
   Cartoon  1986 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1987 OCT  ct 
   Cartoon  1988 MAR  ct  has children's book, The Dream Factory(1988), a bedtime story about Baa Baa who hates to go to sleep
   Cartoon  1989 AUG  ct 

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