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O'Neill, Gene  Awaken Dragon  1990 MAY  ss  about a marine in Vietnam who is obsessed with good luck charms & who finally acquires the ultimate in talismans; has colls. Ghosts, Spirits, Computers and World Machines(2001), Rockers, Shamans, Manikins & Thanathespians(2001)
Onions, Oliver  Rooum  1949 FLL  ss  (1873-1961) 1st pub. in Fortnightly Review 1910 DEC; legally changed name to George Oliver in 1918, but wrote fiction under O.O., esp. ghost stories; has coll. The Collected Ghost Stories of O.O.(1935), novel The Story of Ragged Robin(1945), among others
Onopa, Robert  Lights, The  1985 AUG  ss  (1943- ) born in Chicago, IL; has 1964 BA from Univ. of Illinois, 1966 MA from Univ. of Connecticut; 1974 PhD from Northwestern Univ.; an editor of TriQuarterly #45-48, 1979 SPR-1980 SPR; TriQuarterly is a fiction publication of Northwestern Univ
   Artist of the Future, The  1989 AUG  ss  lives in Kailua, Hawaii; Prof. of English at the Univ. of Hawaii; has sf novel The Pleasure Tube(1979); see entry in C.A., vol.112
   Swan, The  1992 FEB  ss 
   Traffic  1995 MAR  ss  story came to him on an aberrant morning schedule that put him in the commuting jam; also has short story "Blue Flyers" in TSF 1994 DEC
   Camping in the Biosphere Reserve  1996 MAY  ss  story inspired by "the swarm-like rise in rescue helicopter traffic which followed the opening of a new trail thru Maunawili Valley, where I live in Windward Oahu"
   Grateful Dead, The  1998 AUG  nv  this story is no rock concert, rather it follows the leads of Evelyn Waugh(1903-1966) & Jessica Mitford(1917-1996) with an offbeat look at death & life in times to come
Oppenheim, Garrett  Punishing of Eddie Jungle-Spit, The  1951 AUG  ss  1st pub. in Liberty 1950 MAY
Ore, Rebecca  My Mother, the Alien, and Me  1997 APR  ss  (1948- ) wn. for Rebecca Bard Brown; 1st story pub. sf "Projectile Weapons and Wild Alien Water" in AMZ 1986 MAY, as Rebecca Brown; has pub. 4 poetry colls.; N-1987, 1988 JWCA; has coll. Alien Bootlegger and Other Stories(1993; N-1994 LOC)
   Accelerated Grimace  1998 FEB  ss  has Becoming Alien trilogy, Becoming Alien(1988; N-1997 DIC; 1988 LOC), Being Alien(1989; N-1989 DIC; 1990 LOC), Human to Human(1990); The Illegal Rebirth of Billy the Kid(1991), Slow Funeral(1994), Gaia's Toys(1995), Outlaw School(2000)
Orr, A.  Sleeping Anacondas  1989 MAY  ss  (1950- ) working name for Alice Ingram Orr Sprague; has World in Amber seq., The World in Amber(1985), & In the Ice King's Palace(1986), about a world set literally in a drop of amber & centering on the wizard Isme's efforts to maintain balance(Clute)
Ottum, Bob  Chirp Me a Story  1955 AUG  ss  (1925-1986) working name for Robert K. Ottum; Salt Lake City newspaperman; has humorous novel All Right, Everybody Off the Planet(1972), in which aliens send a spy among us in human form, but ignorant of human relationships(Clute)
   Girls on Channel N, The  1957 APR  ss  has Captain Marvel book, Shazam!: A Circus Adventure(1977); mystery The Tuesday Blade(1977); edited A Day in the Life of the Amish(1994), A Day in an Amish Kitchen(1995), A Day in Cowboy Country: In Their Own Words(1996)
Ottum, Bob Jr  Ado About Nothing  1965 MAR  vi  (1948?- ) 17-year-old son of writer Bob Ottum, who is also in F&SF; working name for Robert K. Ottum Jr
Owen, Guy  House of Yellow Pain, The  1974 DEC  ss  (1925-1981) Guy Owen Jr, Prof. of English at N. Carolina State Univ.; has poems, stories & articles pub. in dozens of mags.; has 4 novels incl. The Ballad of the Flim-Flam Man(1967), which was made into movie The Flim Flam Man(1967), stars George C. Scott
   Face on the Tombstone, The  1976 FEB  ss  has coll. The White Stallion and Other Poems(1969); novels Season of Fear(1960), Journey for Joedel(1970), Apprentice Grifter(1972); anth. Contemporary Poetry of North Carolina(1977, w. Mary C. Williams), & Contemporary Southern Poetry(1979)
Owens, Barbara  Happy Birthday, Little Elroy  1982 SEP  ss  working name for Barbara Owens Weiman; born & raised in Illinois, lives in California; has BFA in theatre; has story "The Cloud Beneath the Eaves" W-1978 EDG, Best Short Story
   Professor Smitt's Amazing Tiny Town  1983 JUL  ss 
   Precious Thing  1983 DEC  ss 
   Doors, The  1984 NOV  ss 
   Greenhill Gang, The  1987 FEB  ss  has short stories "The New Man" in TWZ 1982 MAR(reprt. Night Cry 1985 SUM), "Something Evil" in TWZ 1982 AUG, "Portrait: Edward Larrabee" in TWZ 1986 AUG, "Sliding" in TWZ 1988 AUG, & "Blue Crick Holler Folks" in ASI 1984 AUG
   Chain  1987 JUL  ss 
   Real Story, by Jenny O'Toole, The  1992 AUG  ss 
Owings, Mark  James Blish: Bibliography  1972 APR  bib  (1945- ) alphabetical listing of his books & stories; Owings a bibliographer & small-press publisher; involved with Mirage Press w. Jack L. Chalker; has book The Index to the Science-Fantasy Publishers(1966; exp. vt The Science-Fantasy Publishers, 1991)
   Frederik Pohl: Bibliography  1973 SEP  bib  alphabetical listing of his books & stories & collaborations; Owings has nf books The Necronomicon: A Study(1967 chap), & w. var. co-authors the bibliographies of Leinster(1970), Simak(1971), Lovecraft(1973), Heinlein(1973), Schmitz(1973), Anderson(1973)

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