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Payes, Rachel Cosgrove  Acrostic Puzzle  1985 APR  pz  answers in 1985 MAY, p.35; under her full name has romance novels Lady Alicia's Secret(1986), Emeralds and Jade(1988), & The Dark Towers of Trelochen(1991)
Payes, Robert  Acrostic Puzzle  1979 AUG  pz  answers in 1979 SEP, p.135; has short stories "Target Practice" in Vertex 1974 DEC, "Final Bomb" in Vertex 1975 APR, & "Exile in Lakehurst" in Asimov, Greenberg & Olander(ed): Microcosmic Tales(1980)
Pearce, Gerald  Twilight Reign  1977 MAR  na  (1929- ) born in England, lives in Hollywood hills; full-time writer for 20 years, now a writer for Disney; 1st story pub. sf "The Dreaming Wall" in GAL 1955 MAY; na "In the Sumerian Marshes" in AMZ 1984 SEP, N-1985 LOC, WFA; mystery novel Orphans(1990)
Pearson, Martin & Cecil Corwin  Mask of Demeter, The  1953 JAN  ss  (1914-1990; 1923-1958) Martin Pearson ps. for Donald A. Wollheim; Cecil Corwin ps. for C.M. Kornbluth; Wollheim also in F&SF under ps. David Grinnell; Kornbluth also in F&SF by himself; 'Cecil Corwin' is main character of Kornbluth story #954, 1957 JUL
Pederson, Con  August People, The  1953 JUN  ss  (1934- ) born in MN, moved to CA in 1943; has BA in Art from UCLA; attended animation school in Theater Arts at UCLA; worked for Disney writing their "Man on the Moon" & "Mars and Beyond" TV programs; W-1998 Oscar, Contributions to Special Effects
   Pushover Planet  1963 JUN  ss  worked on the special effects for Stanley Kubrick's movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968; W-Oscar, for Special Effects); co-founded Robert Abel & Associates in 1970, produced Superbowl 1984's 'sexy robot' commercial, & over 16 years won 33 Clio Awards
   To Aid and Dissent  1969 JUL  ss  created the special effects for Robert Abel's movie Tron(1982; W- Special Effects Oscar); see online interviews at,, & at
Pellegrino, Charles & George Zebrowski  Oh, Miranda!  1991 SEP  ss  (1953- ; 1945- ) 1st/only story in F&SF in Lex Bardo ser.; Pellegrino, a scientist, has nf books Her Name, "Titanic"(1988), etc; 1st novel Flying to Valhalla(1993); w. Zebrowski, The Killing Star(1995), Star Trek: The Next Generation: Dyson Sphere(1999)
Pendleton, Michaelene  Rising Star  1993 JUN  ss  story grew out of a discussion with Clarion friends about how a dragon could make a living in these recessionary times; lived for 18 years in Alaska, now owns a hotel in Moab, UT; has book w. F.A. Barnes: Canyon Country, Prehistoric Indians(1979; 1990)
Perlman, Al B.  Invitation to a Cruise  1973 JUL  pz  a logic puzzle, solution on p.97; Perlman has done logic features for Intellectual Digest; in story intro, editor Ferman asks readers if they like the idea of an occasional puzzle feature
   Logic Puzzle: Letter From a Small Businessman  1977 MAR  pz  a logic puzzle, solution on p.160 & 156
Perry, Steve  Master of Chan Gen, The  1992 SEP  nv  (1947- ) wn. for Steven Carl Perry; trained in the martial arts, this story about its "core aspects"; 1st story pub. sf "With Clean Hands" in GAL 1977 DEC as by ps. Jesse Peel; 1st novel The Tularemia Gambit(1981), an sf hardboiled detective story(Clute)
   Other Toys  1994 FEB  ss  has Time Machine ser., Civil War Secret Agent(1984), Sword of the Samurai(1984; w. J. Michael Reeves); also w. Reaves, Hellstar(1984), Dome(1987); Conan ser., incl. Conan the Fearless(1986), Conan the Free Lance(1990); The Hero Curse(1991)
   Just Ask  1995 MAR  ss  has Matador ser., incl. The Man Who Never Missed(1985), Brother Death(1992); written for TV, Batman: The Animated Series(1992), for which he was nominated for an Emmy; has novels Aliens Omnibus Edition(1995), The Trinity Vector(1996)
   "What the Dormouse Said"  1997 JAN  ss  has Aliens novels, incl. Earth Hive(1992), The Female War(1993; w. Stephani Perry; Stellar Ranger ser., Lone Star(1994), Stellar Ranger(1994); Aliens Versus Predator novels, Prey(1994; w. Perry), Hunter's Planet(1994; w. David Bischoff)
   Few Minutes in Granddaddy's Old House on Black Bottom Bayou, A  1998 AUG  ss  has Venture Silk ser., Spindoc(1994), The Forever Drug(1995); Star Wars novel, Shadows of the Empire(1996), novels Leonard Nimoy's Primortals: Target Earth(1997), The Digital Effect(1997); novelization Men in Black(1997)
Perry, Steve & George Florance-Guthridge  Champion of the World  1982 AUG  ss  (1947- ; 1948- ) wn. for Steven Carl Perry, 1st story pub. sf "With Clean Hands" in GAL 1977 DEC as by his ps. Jesse Peel; has 1st novel The Tularemia Gambit(1981), an sf hardboiled detective story(Clute); see info on co-author under George Guthridge
Perry, Steve & George Guthridge  Macaw, The  1993 FEB  ss  on collab., G.G.: "Even though we rarely agreed about anything ... we have sold everything on which we've collab."; S.P.: "Each of us hated the way the other one wrote. We always took out each other's favorite lines & bits. Still, we sold 'em all."
Pestriniero, Renato  Espree  1989 AUG  ss  (1933- ) trans. from the Italian by Pestriniero & Kim Stanley Robinson; from Venice, Italy, Pestriniero has had many stories & novels pub. there; story "Enchanted Village"(1959) was exp. by A.E. van Vogt & retitled "The People of the White Sands"(1982)
Petaja, Emil  Where Is Thy Sting  1967 MAY  ss  (1915-2000) U.S. writer of Finnish descent; 1st professional sale "Time Will Tell" in AMZ 1942 JUN; early work in coll. Stardrift, and Other Fantastic Flotsam (1971); has Finnish verse epic based novels Kalevala seq. Saga of the Lost Earths(1966), etal
Peterson, Nils  Cosmic Sex and You (as by Sammial Longhorn Priapus, Sx.D.  1961 APR  vi  has 1954 BA from Centre College of Kentucky; 1958 MA from Rutgers Univ.; he's a contributing editor to the Blue Sofa Review; also in F&SF as Nils T. Peterson
   Pecking Order  1961 SEP  ss  Professor of English at San José State Univ. from 1963-1999, where he was also the Coordinator of the Creative Arts, & poetry consultant for San Jose Studies; has pub. poems in many journals, & articles on subjects as varied as golf and Shakespeare
Peterson, Nils T.  Prelude to a Long Walk  1962 JAN  vi  has chapbook of poems, Here Is No Ordinary Rejoicing(?), & was an editor for Discover America(?), a coll. of poems celebrating the USA's bicentennial; has book of poetry The Comedy of Desire(1994), illus. by Rita Shumaker, & an introduction by Robert Bly
Peterson, Phyllis Lee  Pamela Pays the Piper  1950 FLL  ss  (1909- ) 1st pub. in Canadian Home Journal; has book The Log Cabin in the Forest(1954); wrote for Canadian TV, adapting Louis Hemon's 1933 novel Maria Chapdelaine for Playdate(drama ser., 1961-64), scripted Strangers in Ste Angele for The Serial(1963-66)
Petrey, Susan  Leechcraft  1982 MAY  nv  4th story in her Spareen the Varkelan vampire series; also in F&SF as Susan C. Petrey
Petrey, Susan C.  Spareen Among the Tartars  1979 SEP  ss  (1945-1980) N-1980 BRG, short fiction; her 1st fiction sale; 1st story in her Spareen the Varkelan vampire/leechman-healer series, whose family lives among the Tartars on the Russian steppes; Susan Candace Petrey, from the Portland, OR, area
   Spidersong  1980 SEP  ss  N-1981 HUG, LOC, short story
   Spareen Among the Cossacks  1981 APR  nv  2nd story in her Spareen the Varkelan vampire series; also in F&SF as Susan Petrey
   Healer's Touch, The  1982 FEB  nv  3rd story in her Spareen the Varkelan vampire series, this one about Vaylance, the brother of Spareen; series coll. in Gifts of Blood(1990)
   Small Changes  1983 FEB  ss  5th story in her Spareen the Varkelan vampire series
   Spareen and Old Turk  1983 AUG  ss  6th & last story in Spareen the Varkelan vampire series; the Portland S. F. Society in 1982 created a scholarship fund, as a memorial to Susan who died in 1980, to send an aspiring writer to the Clarion Writers Workshop, which she herself couldn't afford
Petrie, Graham  Herman  1973 AUG  ss  (1941- ) British, born in Malaysia, educated there & in Scotland; teaches film & sf at McMaster Univ.(Hamilton, Ontario); has pub. fiction in PBY, Encounter, etc; has pub. film criticism & book The Cinema of Francois Truffaut(1970)
   Bars: Aspect of Night Life, An  1981 JUL  ss  living in Canada since 1964; has novels Seahorse(1969 Canada; 1980 UK; 1996 US), The Siege(1996); nf books Hollywood Destinies: European Directors in America(1985), The Films of Andrei Tarkovski: A Visual Fugue(1994), etc.
Pettis, Nina  Witch's Charm (Quintet: III)  1959 SEP  pm  (1948?- ) 3 of 5 vignettes: at least 1 written by a famous author, 1 by a 12 year old; answers 1959 OCT; this one, by an 11-year old
Phelan, Jeremiah  Episode of the Perilous Talisman, The  1951 FEB  nv  (1895-1963) per Hawk's, ps. is for C. Daly King, who has Dianetics br(#62) in F&SF 1950 DEC; 1st & only story in F&SF in his Trevis Tarrant series
Phillips, Peter  Warning, The  1953 SEP  ss  (1920- ) British newspaperman; his writing of sf stories lasted a decade; between 1948-1958, he pub. at least 22 stories in sf/f mags., incl. F&SF, ASF, WRT, MVL, PLS, STS, GAL, NWS, FAN, & INF
   c/o Mr. Makepeace  1954 FEB  ss  his 1st story pub. was "Dreams Are Sacred" in ASF 1948 SEP, which with "Manna" in ASF 1949 FEB, & "Lost Memory" in GAL 1952 MAY have been highly anthologized
   First Man in the Moon  1954 SEP  vi 
Phillips, Rog  Homestead  1957 AUG  ss  (1909-1965) working name for Roger Phillips Graham; 1st story pub. "Let Freedom Ring" in AMZ 1945 DEC; wrote many stories for AMZ & for FAD; used many ps. incl. Clinton Ames, Franklin Bahl, Craig Browning, Gregg Conrad, Inez McGowan
   Love Me, Love My —  1958 FEB  ss  7th story unofficial Bureau of Imaginary Zoology series(the vegy); 1st story Vegy series(more stories promised by the editor); other ps. he used: Melva Rogers, Chester Ruppert, William Carter Sawtelle, John Wiley, & under several house ps. as well
   Services, Incorporated  1958 JUN  ss  has series with character Lefty Baker(var. mags. 1947-61; 1969); has novels Time Trap(1949), Worlds Within(1950), Worlds of If(1951), The Involuntary Immortals(FAD 1949 DEC; rev. 1959)
Pinkney, Dorothy Cowles  Full Circle  1956 DEC  pm  (1904-1973) born in New Rochelle, NY; lived in Rowayton, CT; pub. ss's & pm's in over 75 mags. betw. 1930s-1970s; won 3 Kaleidograph, 2 Step Ladder Awards, & 1934 Poetry Sociey of America Prize(poem "Without a Candle"); coll. The Town Not Yet Awake(1956)
Platt, Charles  Profile of Rudy Rucker  1984 DEC  bio  (1945- ) actually a transcript of an iv with Rucker, w. brief notes & descriptions by Platt; Rucker is a mathematician & sf writer who lives & works in Lynchburg, VA; 1st started writing Spacetime Donuts(1981), after seeing the Rolling Stones in Buffalo
   Inside Science Fiction: Ackermania  1988 MAY  ar  "The Auction of the Century" of part of Forrest J Ackerman sf collection, which incl. some of Frank Frazetta's artwork; why are some people infected with Ackermania, or obsessive collecting?; Platt's 1st story pub. sf/f "One of Those Days" in SCF #68 1964
   Inside Science Fiction: Inscrutable Science Fiction  1988 NOV  ar  the takeover of American SF by Japanese publishers & writers, and do the Americans care?; as a spoof, has the cover of the F&SF 1999 JAN issue is covered with Japanese names(not so); Platt's 1st novel Garbage World(1967), The City Dwellers(1970)
   Inside Science Fiction: How to Live Forever  1989 APR  ar  cryonic suspension; Platt visits Alcor Life Extension Foundation, in Riverside, CA; Note - F&SF has pub. 'cryostasis' ads off & on since 1987 AUG(p.95), for the Immortalist Society, in Oak Park, MI; Platt has novel Less Than Human(1986), as Robert Clarke
   Inside Science Fiction: Down Among the Dead  1989 SEP  ar  on the set of Somtow Sucharitkul's movie The Laughing Dead(1989), the cast includes sf fans & writers Somtow, Arthur Byron Cover, Tim Sullivan, William F. Wu, Greg Cox, & Edward Bryant(he's a redneck whose head is run over by a bus)
   Inside Science Fiction: Too Many Books  1990 JUL  ar  interviews editors, etal, at publishing houses about the flood of books being pub. today, incl. Susan Allison(Ace), David Hartwell(William Morrow, Tor), Betsy Mitchell(Bantam), John Douglas(Avon), Steve Brown(mag. Science Fiction Eye)
   Inside Science Fiction: Trading Data With Dead and Digital  1994 MAR  ar  how a couple of hackers/phone phreaks entered cyberspace to begin a Bulletin Board System, or BBS; the sf connection in the MindVox BBS; Platt has coll. of iv's, Dream Makers(1980); novels Free Zone(1988), The Silicon Man(1991; N-1992 JWC), Protektor('96)
Platt, Charles & Shawna McCarthy  Starhaven  1982 JAN  ss  (1945- ; 1954- ) Platt from U.K., an editor at NWS 1969-71, 1st story pub. sf "One of Those Days" in SCF #68 1964, 1st novel Garbage World(1967), see iv in Non-Stop 1995 WIN; McCarthy an editor at ASI 1978-85, at RoF 1994-present, see iv in TWZ 1986 APR

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