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Poe, Edgar Allan  Hunting of the Slan, The  1952 FEB  vi  (1808-1849) an extract from Marginalia, 1st pub. in The Southern Literary Messenger, 1849 JUN; a 2-paragraph filler; edited 4 mags., Southern Literary Messenger(1835-37), The Gentleman's Mag.(1839-40), Graham's Mag.(1841-42), Broadway Journal(1845-46)
   Mellonta Tauta  1955 DEC  ss  1st pub. in Godey's Lady's Book, 1849 FEB; from story intro, title comes from Sophocles, means 'these things are in the future'; has Auguste Dupin detective series, 1st being "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" in Graham's, in 1841
   Tale of the Ragged Mountains, A  1958 MAR  ss  1st pub. in Godey's Lady's Book, 1844 APR; story followed by long note by editor, saying it's an example of a rare detective story, one without a detective, save the reader; has colls. The Raven and Other Poems(1845), Tales(1846)
Pohl, Frederik  Census Takers, The  1956 FEB  ss  (1919- ) member Futurians, writer, editor, agent; AAF weatherman in Italy in WWII; married to Judith Merril(1949-52); collab. w. many authors, used many ps., incl. James MacCreigh for solo work; also in F&SF w. co-author William Morrison, C.M. Kornbluth
   To See Another Mountain  1959 APR  nv  editor of AST & SSS, & of Star S.F. Stories anthologies(1953-59); editor for GAL(1962 AUG-1969 MAY), IFS(1962 DEC-1969 MAY); has novel with C.M. Kornbluth, The Space Merchants(GAL 1952 JUN-AUG as "Gravy Planet"; 1953); sequel The Merchant's War(1984)
   On Binary Digits and Human Habits  1962 DEC  ar  on a proposed "language" of binary numbers; see previous science essay(#1790) by Isaac Asimov, also on binary numbers; Pohl lives in Red Bank, N.J.; has biobraphy of Emperor Tiberius(1960 as Ernst Mason); founded & edited mag. WOT(1963 APR-1967 MAY)
   Punch  1963 JAN  ss  1st pub. in PBY 1962 JUN; has anth. Beyond the End of Time(1952), Shadow of Tomorrow(1953), Assignment in Tomorrow(1954), Star of Stars(1960); Galaxy SF anth. Time Waits for Winthrop(1962), Seventh-Eleventh Galaxy Reader(1964-69)
   Sad Solarian Screenwriter Sam  1972 JUN  ss  has novel with C.M. Kornbluth, Gladiator-at-Law(GAL 1954 JUN-AUG; 1955), Wolfbane(GAL 1957 OCT-NOV; 1957); has Eden ser. w. Jack Williamson, Undersea Quest(1954), Undersea Fleet(1956), Undersea City(1958)
   Shaffery Among the Immortals  1972 JUL  ss  N-1972 NEB; has novel w. Lester del Rey as Edson McCann, Preferred Risk(GAL 1955 JUN-SEP; 1955); w. Kornbluth, Search the Sky(1954; rev. 1985), Gladiator-at-Law(1955; rev. 1986), Wolfbane(1959; rev. 1986); novel Drunkard's Walk(1960)
   In the Problem Pit  1973 SEP  na  N-1974 LOC, JUP, novella; the problems & resolutions of a group of 16 people who take part in a national problem-pit think-tank program that takes place in the Arecibo cave system in Puerto Rico; has novel Slave Ship(GAL 1956 MAR-MAY; 1956)
   Mother Trip, The  1975 OCT  ss  N-1976 LOC, short story; has colls. Alternating Currents(1956), The Case Against Tomorrow(1957), Tomorrow Times Seven(1959), The Man Who Ate the World(1960), Turn Left at Thursday(1961), The Abominable Earthman(1963), Day Million(1970)
   Man Plus  1976 APR  no-1/3  W-1976 NEB; N-1977 HUG, JWC, LOC, novel; "concerns a world on the brink of nuclear holocaust ... President of the U.S. ... has ordered the creation of a cyborg astronaut to become the first Martian ... a human being who becomes something quite different"
   Man Plus  1976 MAY  no-2/3  has Starchild seq. w. Jack Williamson, The Reefs of Space(IFS 1963 JUL, SEP, NOV; 1964), Starchild(IFS 1965 JAN-MAR; 1965), Rogue Star(IFS 1968 JUN-AUG; 1968); novels A Plague of Pythons(1965), The Age of Pussyfoot(1969; N-1969 NEB)
   Man Plus  1976 JUN  no-3/3  has colls. The Gold at Starbow's End(1972), The Best of ...(1975), In the Problem Pit(1976), Pohlstars(1984), BiPohl(1987), etc; colls. w. Kornbluth, The Wonder Effect(1962), Critical Mass(1977), Our Best(1987); has novel JEM(GAL 1978-80 NOV-JUL; 1979)
   New Neighbors, The  1983 MAY  nv  to be pub. in coll. Midas World(1983), coll. of social satires in the guise of an sf novel(B&C); has Heechee ser., Gateway(1977; W-1977 NEB; 1978 HUG, JWC, LOC; 1979 Apollo; N-1978 DIT), Beyond the Blue Event Horizon(1980; N-1980 NEB; 1981 BSF, HUG, LOC)
   Spending a Day at the Lottery Fair  1983 OCT  ss  N-1984 LOC, ss; a fresh treatment of the same theme(overpopulation) as his story "The Census Takers" in F&SF 1956 FEB(#754); also in Heechee ser., Heechee Rendezvous(1984; N-1985 LOC), The Annals of the Heechee(1987; N-1988 LOC), The Gateway Trip(1990)
   Greening of Bed-Stuy, The  1984 JUL  na  N-1984 NEB; 1985 LOC, na; 1st story in NYC ser.; with 3 original na's, to be part of fixup novel The Years of the City(1984; W-1985 JWC); Pohl is a student & practioner of municipal politics & a resident of NYC; Asimov writes of Pohl in I. Asimov(1994)
   Blister, The  1984 SEP  na  N-1985 LOC, nv; 2nd/last story in NYC ser., becomes part of fixup novel The Years of the City(1984; W-1985 JWC; rvw. F&SF 1985 MAR), forming a future history of NYC; has novels The Cool War(1981), Starburst(1982), The Demon in the Skull(1984)
   Saucery  1986 OCT  ss  has novels The Merchant's War(1984), Black Star Rising(1985), The Coming of the Quantum Cats(ANA 1986 JAN-APR; 1986; N-1987 LOC), Terror(1986), Chernobyl(1987), The Day the Martians Came(1988 fixup), Homegoing(1989), The World at the End of Time(1990)
   Star War, The  1988 OCT  ss  novels w. Jack Williamson, Farthest Star(1975), Wall Around a Star(1983), both in Cuckoo ser., & Land's End(1988), The Singers of Time(1991), Outnumbering the Dead(1990), Stopping at Slowyear(1991); nf Chasing Science(2000); W-1992 NEB, Grandmaster Award
   Rocky Python Christmas Video Show, The  1989 OCT  ply  has novels Mining the Oort(1992; N-1992 HOM; 1993 LOC), Mars Plus(1994, with Thomas T. Thomas), The Voices of Heaven(1994), The Other End of Time(1996), The Siege of Eternity(1997), O Pioneer!(1998), Eschaton Sequence #3(1999); see iv in LOC 2000 OCT
Pohl, Frederik & C.M. Kornbluth  World of Myrion Flowers, The  1961 OCT  ss  "at the time of his death, Kornbluth had a number of stories in progress, being done w. his long-time collaborator, Pohl, who has put the finishing touches on this story"; has novel Search the Sky(1954), w. C.M. Kornbluth; Pohl W-1992 NEB, Grandmaster
   Meeting, The  1972 NOV  ss  co-W-1973 HUG, short story(w. R.A. Lafferty's "Eurema's Dam"); N-1973 LOC, short fiction; story written by Pohl based on notes made by Kornbluth; "their collaboration spanned a period of about 20 years and produced roughly 35 short stories & 7 novels"
   Mute Inglorious Tam  1974 OCT  ss  N-1975, LOC; "been waiting for years to write a story about a s-f writer who couldn't be a s-f writer because he happened to be born in a time when that art was not possible ... (then) I realized that story could fit nicely into ... a fragment of Cyril's"
Pollack, Rachel  Fool, the Stick, and the Princess, The  1998 OCT/NOV  ss  (1945- ) 1st story pub. sf "Pandora's Bust" in New Worlds Quarterly 2(1971) as by Richard A. Pollack; 1st novel Golden Vanity(1980); Unquenchable Fire(1988; W-1989 CLA), Temporary Agency(1994), Godmother Night(1996; W-1997 WFA); coll. Burning Sky(1998)
Porges, Arthur  Rats, The  1951 DEC  ss  (1915- ) reprint of his 1st pub. sf story, 1st pub. in Man's World 1951 FEB; born in Chicago, IL; now lives in Pacific Groves, CA; has 1940 BS in Mathematics from Illinois Institute of Technology; served as an instructor in the Army during WWII
   Fly, The  1952 SEP  ss  taught mathematics at Illinois Institute of Technology, De Paul Univ., & Western Military Academy; retired in 1957 to become a fulltime writer; has written many essays, articles & poems for The Monterey Herald, & other periodicals
   Story Conference  1953 MAY  ss  influenced by the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Saki, O. Henry, T.H. Huxley, Samuel Johnson, G.K. Chesterton, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, R.L. Stevenson, Charles Dickens, & Edgar Wallace(from his fan website)
   Strange Birth  1953 JUN  vi  has used ps. Peter Arthur(in FAN 1960 DEC & 1961 JAN), & Pat Rogers(in Fear! 1960 MAY), in issues in which he already had a story under his own name; see his fan website at
   Mop-Up  1953 JUL  ss  a lover of classical music, this passion is shown in his stories "Words and Music"(IFS 1960 SEP), "The Mozart Annuity"(FAN 1962 NOV), "The Perfect Pitcher" in AHMM 1961 SEP, & "The Second Debut"(AHMM 1968 AUG)(from his fan website)
   Ruum, The  1953 OCT  ss  1st story Ruum series(specimen-collecting robot from the planet Ilkor, left on the Earth)
   Liberator, The  1953 DEC  ss  his story "The Rescuer" in ANA 1962 JUL was made into a short film called The First Day, & shown on TV in the U.K. in May of 2000; other stories by Porges were adapted to TV & radio in the past, particularly in the U.K.(from his fan website)
   $1.98  1954 MAY  ss  $1.98 is said to be the value of a human body reduced to its raw elements
   Devil and Simon Flagg, The  1954 AUG  ss  also writes mystery fiction, 1st being ""Modeled in Clay" in Man to Man 1950 AUG/SEP, & incl. the series of Dr. Joel Hoffman, Ulysses Price Middlebie, Julian Morse Trowbridge, & Dr. Cyriack Skinner Grey, the latter a wheelchair-bound detective
   Grom, The  1954 NOV  ss  has used ps. Derek Page for story "The 60-Minute Egg" in Bizarre! Mystery Magazine, 1965 NOV; has pub. many mystery stories in AHMM, EQMM, MSMM, & The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Magazine
   Tidings, The  1955 FEB  ss 
   By a Fluke  1955 OCT  ss 
   Logic of Rufus Weir, The  1955 NOV  ss 
   Emergency Operation  1956 MAY  ss  2nd story Ruum series (planet Ilkor)
   Specimen for the Queen, A  1960 MAY  ss  3rd story Ruum series(the robot on Earth)
   Time-Bomb  1964 JUN  pm  has Larson & Corman series(ANA 1963 FEB & AUG, AMZ 1963 JUL), and Ensign De Ruyter series(AMZ & FAN 1964-68)
   Turning Point  1965 SEP  ss 
   Mirror, The  1966 OCT  ss  his brother, Irwin Porges(1909- ), has two books, Edgar Allan Poe(1963), & Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan(1975), & they collab. for sf story "A Touch of Sun" in FAN 1959 APR
   Oddmedod, The  1987 JUN  ss  has Sherlock Holmes parody stories that are coll. in Three Porges Parodies and a Pastiche(1988); another story in this series, "Stately Homes and the Invisible Slasher" in EQMM 2001 FEB
   Movie Show (A Story for Lincoln's Birthday)  1999 FEB  ss  he has pub. over 300 sf & detective stories; see his entry in The St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers(1996)
Posselt, Mildred  Flower, The  1961 MAY  pm  (1950?- ) sent in by Mr. E.F.T. Rice of Wilmington, Delaware, this poem was written by the 11-year old daughter of a friend of his
Pournelle, Jerry  Enforcer  1974 JUN  nv  (1933- ) PhDs from Univ. of Washington in Psychology(1960), Political Science(1964); former space scientist, political campaign manager; fulltime writer since 1969; 1st story pub. sf "Peace with Honor" in ASF 1971 MAY; has CoDominium seq., War World seq.
Powell, Sonny  Black Nebulea, The (Quintet: I)  1959 SEP  vi  (1913-1987) 1 of 5 vignettes: at least 1 written by a famous author, 1 by a 12 year old; answers 1959 OCT; this one, ps. for Alfred Bester
Powers, Tim  Way Down the Hill, The  1982 DEC  nv  (1952- ) story pub. 1986 chap; wn. for Timothy Powers, lives in Santa Ana, CA; 1st story pub. sf, novel The Skies Discrowned(1976; rev. vt Forsake the Sky, 1986); novels The Anubis Gates(1983; W-1984 DIC), The Stress of Her Regard(1989), Last Call(1992)
Poyer, D.C.  Before All, Do No Harm  1989 MAY  nv  (1949- ) wn. for David Charles Poyer; educated at Annapolis, 7 years in Navy; has sf novels The Shiloh Project(1981), Star Seed(1982, as David Andreissen), Stepfather Bank(1987); as David Poyer has ex-Seal mys. ser. Down to a Sunless Sea(1996), etc

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