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Priest, Christopher  Watched, The  1978 APR  na  (1943- ) N-1979 HUG, LOC, na; from England; pub. non-sf novels under ps. John Luther Novak, Colin Wedgelock, Donald MacKenzie; has 1st story pub. sf "The Run" in IMP 1966 MAY; early work coll. in Real-Time World(1974); 1st sf novel Indoctrinaire(1970)
   Palely Loitering  1979 JAN  nv  W-1980 BSF; N-1980 HUG, LOC; has colls. An Infinite Summer(1979), The Dream Archipelago(1999); novels Darkening Island(1972 US; N-1973 JWC)Inverted World(1974; W-1974 BSF), The Space Machine(1976), A Dream of Wessex(1977; vt The Perfect Lover)
   Books  1981 MAY  br  essay: Joan D. Vinge's novel Snow Queen; Barry B. Longyear: City of Baraboo; D.G. Compton: Ascendancies; Bruce Sterling: The Artificial Kid; see Priest' iv INZ 1995 SEP; has novels The Quiet Woman(1990), The Prestige(1996; W-1996 WFA), The Extremes(1998)
Priestley, J.B.  Strange Girl, The  1954 JAN  ss  (1894-1984) 1st pub. in COL, 9 MAY 1953 as "Look After the Strange Girl"; wn. for John Boynton Priestley, U.K. novelist & playwrighthas novels Adam in Moonshine(1927), Beknighted(1927), The Good Companions(1929), Albert Comes Through(1933)
   Uncle Phil on TV  1955 OCT  ss  1st pub. in LIL 1953 APR; has novels The Doomsday Men(1938), The Magicians(1954), Saturn Over the Water(1961), The Shapes of Sleep(1962); plays Johnson Over Jordan(1939), Three Time-Plays(1947); colls. Thoughts in the Wilderness(1957)
   Night Sequence  1956 MAR  nv  1st pub. in his coll. The Other Place(1953); has nf English Journey(1934), Man and Time(1964), Over the Long High Wall(1972); see books Susan Cooper: J.B. Priestley: Portrait of an Author(1970), & Vincent Brome: J.B. Priestley(1988)
Procter, Maurice  No Place for Magic  1955 APR  ss  (1906-1973) 1st pub. in 1954; English policeman(ret. 1947) & mystery novelist; has novels The Pennycross Murders(1951), The Ripper(1956); Inspector Martineau ser. incl. Somewhere in This City(1953), Two Men in Twenty(1964), His Weight in Gold(1967)
Pronzini, Bill  Screwiest Job in the World, The  1969 SEP  ss  (1943- ) his 1st pub. fantasy story; born in Petaluma, CA; fulltime writer since 1969, widely pub. in mystery, horror, sf & western genres; working name for William John Pronzini; 1st book, crime fiction, The Stalker (1971); in F&SF w. Barry N. Malzberg
   Man Who Collected "The Shadow," The  1971 JUN  ss  during 1970s he ghosted a number of Mike Shayne novelettes for MSMM under the name of Shayne's creator Brett Halliday(1904-1977)(DeAndrea); as of late 1997 has pub. more than 50 novels, over 300 short stories & articles, at least 60 anthologies(Heising)
   I Wish I May, I Wish I Might  1973 SEP  vi  B.P. called mystery's Blood Type O for ability to collab. w. many, incl. Malzberg, Marcia Muller, John Lutz, Collin Wilcox, & Jack Anderson(DeAndrea/Heising); w. Muller has nf 1001 Midnights: Aficionado's Guide to Mystery & Detective Fiction(1986; N-EDG)
   Thirst  1973 NOV  ss  best known for his Nameless Detective ser., a pulp-collector P.I. from San Francisco, 1st in ser. The Snatch(1971); 7th one, Hoodwink(1981), W-Shamus Award; 14th & 23rd, Bones(1985), & Sentinels(1996), N-Shamus Awards; 24th was Illusions(1997)
   Cat  1978 NOV  ss  has anth. of sf/f interest, Midnight Specials(1978), Werewolf!(1979), Dark Sins, Dark Dreams: Crime in S. F.(1978), The End of Summer(1979; vt The Fifties: The End of Summer), Shared Tomorrows: S. F. in Collaboration(1979), the last 3 w. Barry N. Malzberg
   And Then We Went to Venus  1980 JUN  ss  has anth. with Marcia Muller, The Web She Weaves: An Anthology of Mystery and Suspense Stories by Women(1983), Witches' Brew: Horror and Supernatural Stories by Women(1984), She Won the West: An Anthology of Western and Frontier Stories by Women(1985)
Pronzini, Bill & Barry N. Malzberg  Coming Again  1975 JUN  vi  (1943- ; 1939- ) has collab. suspense novel Off-Center(1975); see most bio- & non-collab. biliographical info for the authors under their non-collab. entries; also in F&SF in collab. as Barry N. Malzberg & Bill Pronzini
   Clone at Last, A  1978 OCT  vi  Malzberg & Pronzini has collab. novels The Running of Beasts(1976, mys.), Acts of Mercy(1977, thriller), Night Screams(1979, thriller), which makes use of ESP(Clute)
   Prose Bowl  1979 JUL  nv  N-1980 BSF, short fiction; LOC, novelette; this story was expanded into sf novel Prose Bowl(1980); has western novels The Gallows Land(1983), Firewind(1989); western anth. Wild Westerns(1986), More Wild Westerns(1989); several western anth. w. Greenberg
   Last One Left, The  1980 JAN  ss  Pronzini has anth. Voodoo!: A Chrestomathy of Necromancy(1980), Mummy!: A Chrestomathy of Crypt'ology(1981), & Creature!: A Chrestomathy of "Monstery"(1981), all assembled by Arbor House under various titles; others in ser., Ghoul!(1980), Werewolf!(1979)
   Fascination  1980 AUG  ss  Pronzini & wife Marcia Muller has collob. on mystery novels Double(1984), which teams up Pronzini's Nameless Detctive w. Muller's detective Sharon McCone, & The Lighthouse(1987); Pronzini & Muller were married in 1992
   In Our Image  1981 FEB  vi  Pronzini also has 19th century San Francisco private eye John Quincannon series, Quincannon(1985), & Beyond the Grave(1986), the latter with his wife Marcia Muller & which also stars her series Mexican arts curator Elena Oliverez
   Whither Thou, Ghost  1981 MAY  ss  1st & only story in F&SF in their Lunar Immigration series; other stories in series in ANA 1980 MAR, & 1982 FEB 1; has colls. Graveyard Plots: The Best Short Stories of Bill Pronzini(1985), Small Felonies: Fifty Mystery Short Shorts(1988)
   Shakespeare MCMLXXXV  1982 NOV  ss  Pronzini W-1987 Shamus Award for Lifetime Achievement; has western murder mystery The Hangings(1989); mysteries With an Extreme Burning(1994), Blue Lonesome(1995), Nothing But the Night(1999); co-edited anth. American Pulp(1997), Pure Pulp(1999)
Pulley, James  Space Twins, The  1966 APR  ss 
Purdom, Tom  Greenplace  1964 NOV  ss  (1936- ) working name for Thomas Edward Purdom; 1st story pub. sf "Grieve for a Man" in FUN 1957 AUG; has novels I Want the Stars(1964), The Tree Lord of Imeyen(1966), Empire Star(1966), Lord of the Green Planet(1967), Five Against Arlane(1967)
   Reduction In Arms  1967 AUG  nv  this story exp. into 1971 novel; has novel The Barons of Behavior(1972); has anth. Adventures in Discovery(1969), science essays by sf authors; nv "Fossil Games" in ASI 1999 FEB, N-2000 HUG, LOC; see iv in NYRSF 1999 JUL(#131);
Purtill, Richard  Others' Eyes  1980 MAY  ss  (1931- ) Richard Lawrence Purtill, has a BA, MA & PhD from the Univ. of Chicago; teaches philosophy, writes fantasy, esp. sword & sorcery; has nf books Logic for Philosophers(1971), Logical Thinking(1972); novel The Golden Gryphon Feather(1979)
   By the Dragon's Cave  1984 JUL  ss  also in F&SF as Richard L. Purtill; has nf books Thinking About Ethics(1976), Logic Argument, Refutation & Proof(1979); literary criticism books C.S. Lewis's Case for the Christian Faith(1981), J.R.R. Tolkien: Myth, Reality and Religion(1984; W-1987 MYT)
Purtill, Richard L.  Something in the Blood  1986 AUG  ss  also in F&SF as Richard Purtill; has novels The Stolen Goddess(1980), Murdercon(1982 sf mys.), The Mirror of Helen(1983), The Parallel Man(1984), Enchantment at Delphi(1986 ya); nf Lord of the Elves and Eldils(1974), Philosophical Questions(1985)

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