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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Reed, Kit  Holdouts, The  1977 JUN  ss  has novel Ballad of T. Rantula(1979), the story of the breakup of a marriage, narrated by the thirteen-year old son
   Shan  1978 JAN  ss  has novel Magic Time(1980), a story in the near future, about four people who escape the big brother pleasureland of "Happy Habitat," a sort of nightmarish Disneyland
   Visible Partner, The  1980 NOV  ss  has colls. Other Stories and ... the Attack of the Giant Baby(1981), Revenge of the Senior Citizens**Plus(1986); horror novels under ps. Shelley Hyde, Savage Stain(1982), & Blood Fever(1982)
   Dog of Truth, The  1986 MAR  ss  has novel Fort Privilege(1985), a moral fable set in an expensive New York apartment building under siege from the innumerable homeless of the great city(Clute)
   Double, A  1990 JUN  ss 
   Tapeworm  1992 MAR  ss  has novel Catholic Girls(1987), a fast-paced, serious & complex story about four contemporary women & one sinister boy; nf how-to-write book, Story First; teaches writing courses at Wesleyan Univ.
   Hall of New Faces, The  1992 OCT/NOV  ss 
   Last Resort, The  1993 DEC  ss 
   Singing Marine, The  1995 OCT/NOV  ss  N-1996 WFA, short fiction
   Rajmahal  1997 JUN  ss  has novel Little Sisters of the Apocalypse(1994; N-1995 TIP), a metaphysical sf novel about a motorcycle gang of nuns in a pre-apocalyptic near future; see website
   Mommy Nearest  1998 MAY  ss  uses ps. Kit Craig for suspense thrillers, Gone(1992; made into TV movie), in which a psychopath stalks 3 children who are alone; Twice Burned(1993), Strait(1996), Some Safe Place(1998), latter about hypnotherapy sessions with unexpected results
   On the Penal Colony (with thanks to Paul Mercer)  1998 AUG  ss  has coll. of mainstream stories, Thief of Lives(1992); novel J. Eden(1996), about three fortyish couples & their children who lease a farm in the Berkshires for the summer & are soon faced with the problems they hoped to escape by leaving the city
   Unlimited  1999 FEB  ss  1st pub. in her coll. Weird Women, Wired Women(1998); has coll. Seven for the Apocalypse(1999); associational mainstream novel, *@expectations(2000), about a woman who has trouble telling the real world from her fantasy life online(B&C)
Reed, Robert  Bird Looking In, The  1988 DEC  nv  (1956- ) born in Omaha, lives in Lincoln, NE; has 1987 BS in Biology from Nebraska Wesleyan Univ.; 1st sale "Treading in the Afterglow" in Terry Carr(ed): Universe 16(1986); full-time writer since 1987; N-1987 JWCA, for Best New Writer
   Busybody  1990 JAN  ss  has 1st story pub. sf "Mudpuppies" as Robert Touzalin, in Algis Budrys(ed): L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Vol. I(1986), the first grand prize winner of the WOTF award
   Chaff  1990 MAY  nv  N-1991 LOC, novelette; has 1st sf novel, The Leeshore(1987; N-1988 LOC), in which a pair of twins, the sole humans left on a water world, guide a task force in pursuit of the computer-worshipping zealots who killed everyone else(Clute)
   Bushwhacker  1990 NOV  ss  has sf novel The Hormone Jungle(1988), a far future tale about a class of short-lived, cloned, high-tech courtesans known as Flowers, & about one in particular who is desperate to avoid the mortality programmed into her body(Dan Chow, LOC 1988 FEB, p.41)
   Pipes  1991 JUL  ss  N-1992 LOC, short story; "the effect that human beings have on the environment"
   After All  1992 JAN  nv  "love & life after death"
   Birth Day  1992 JUN  ss  has sf novel Black Milk(1989; N-1990 LOC), set in a near future world threatened by uncontrolled & secret genetic engineering experiments instigated by the inventor/entrepreneur who runs the world(Clute)
   Coffins  1992 DEC  ss 
   Guest of Honor  1993 JUN  nv  homestate of Nebraska inspiration for story, has unusual weather, which "plays a big role in 'Guest,' & because most sf seems to take place in worlds much more static than Nebraska"
   Fable Blue  1993 OCT/NOV  nv  has sf novel Down the Bright Way(1991), about a group of sentient beings searching thru an endless string of parallel worlds for the old gods, or the sentient beings at the start of things, while fending off others with a dark purposes in mind(Clute)
   Treasure Buried  1994 FEB  ss 
   Remora's, The  1994 MAY  nv  this story has a sequel, novella "Aeon's Child," in ASI 1995 NOV, also set "on the same vast alien-built, human-salvaged, world-sized Ship"(LOC 1995 SEP, p.13)
   Shape of Everything, The  1994 OCT/NOV  ss  has sf novel The Remarkables(1992), about a planet where humans live in symbiosis with the only other intelligent race discovered in the galaxy(B&C)
   Place With Shade, A  1995 APR  nv  has novellas "Sister Alice"(ASI 1993 NOV) & sequels "Brother Perfect"(ASI 1995 SEP), "Father to the Man"(ASI 2000 SEP), set at the end of a Ten Million Year Peace, with mankind led by clone-generated Families, & expanding thruout the galaxy(LOC 1995 JUL)
   Our Prayers Are With You  1995 AUG  ss  story based on last summer's Midwest floods(Reed lives in Lincoln, NE)
   Tournament, The  1995 SEP  nv  has Veil of Stars ser., Beyond the Veil of Stars(1994), about a UFO hunter's who becomes part of a govt. experiment in using alien technology to enter the bodies of indigenous life forms on other worlds(B&C), & sequel Beneath the Gated Sky(1997)
   Myrtle Man, The  1995 DEC  nv  a tale of computers, viruses & the way that the little things change our lives
   First Tuesday  1996 FEB  ss  N-1997 LOC, short story; political sf & a change in technology used to examine the future of Presidential-Constituent relations
   Dragons of Springplace, The  1997 FEB  na  N-1998 LOC, novelette; an adventure story about dragons, the future, & the meaning of the past; Reed has taken a fantasy icon, the dragon, & made it the basis for a strong sf story
   Graffiti  1997 JUN  ss  has sf novel An Exaltation of Larks(1995; N-1996 LOC), about a college student in 1978 recruited by far future time travellers who are trying to recreate & change our universe(B&C)
   To Church With Mr. Multhiford  1997 OCT/NOV  ss  author comments that this story explains where crop circles really come from
   Will Be  1999 JAN  nv  has 1st coll., The Dragons of Springplace(1999); see interview in LOC 1998 APR(#447)
   Game of the Century  1999 MAY  nv  N-2000 LOC, novelette
   Winemaster  1999 JUL  nv  has novel Marrow("Marrow" in SFAge 1997 JUL; N-1998 HUG, LOC; exp. 2000), when an ancient starship of unknown origin wanders into the Galaxy, humans evolve into its near-immortal crew members; shares setting with na "Chrysalis" in ASI 1996 SEP
Reeves, Rosser  Infinity  1960 DEC  pm  Chairman of the Board of Ted Bates & Co., Inc., the 5th largest advertising agency in the world; author of the best-selling book, Reality in Advertising(1961)
   Effigy  1961 SEP  pm  has book with Ray Martin, The 99 Critical Shots in Pool: Everything You Need to Know to Learn & Master the Game(1977; 1982)
   E=MC˛  1961 SEP  pm  has novel, Popo(1980), "a bittersweet, nobly nostalgic, & invigorating tribute to that near-mythic figure: the eccentric garret Poet of Greenwich Village"
Reines, Donald F.  Shape of Copyright to Come, The  1953 APR  ar  1st pub. in the Information Bulletin of the Library of Congress, 1952 AUG; this article is reprinted as "Interplanetary Copyright" in Martin Greenberg(ed): Coming Attractions(1957)
Reis, R.H. & Kathleen P.  Ubi Sunt?  1963 AUG  pm  (1930- ; ? - ? ) Richard Herbert Reis, has book George MacDonald's Fiction: A Twentieth-Century View(1989)
Reitan, Eric  Faerie Storm  1998 DEC  ss  lives in Washington State; facilitates non-violence workshops in prisons; has story "A Socratic Pacifist in King Arthur's Court" in Plot 1997 WIN/SPR
Renard, Joseph  Anthropiranhas  1972 APR  ss  (1938- ) has pub. a story in VSF 1970 AUG, "How We Won the Monodyne," exp. into novel The Monodyne Catastrophe(1977); has play, Life in Bed
Renner, Jeffrey  Shortest Science Fiction Love Story Ever Written, The  1964 MAR  vi 
Resnick, Mike  Stalking the Unicorn With Gun and Camera  1986 JUL  ss  (1942- ) this story not to be confused w. his fantasy novel, Stalking the Unicorn(1987); wn. for Michael Diamond Resnick; runs the 2nd largest boarding/grooming kennel in the US; 1st story pub. sf an E.R.B. pastiche, The Forgotten Sea of Mars(1965)
   Beibermann's Soul  1988 AUG  ss  has E.R.B.-like novels in Ganymede series, The Goddess of Ganymede(1967), Pursuit on Ganymede(1968); post-holocaust NY subway tale, Redbeard(1969); wrote over 200 novels under ps. before his 1st sf novel under his own name Galactica Discovers Earth(1980)
   Kirinyaga  1988 NOV  nv  W-1989 HUG, SFC; N-1988 NEB; 1989 LOC; 1st story in F&SF in Kirinyaga ser.; a far future Kikuyu witch doctor who lives atop Kirinyaga mountain, & the forces which he fights to make him leave a deadly Earth for a colony in space; pub. as a chapbook in 1992
   For I Have Touched the Sky  1989 DEC  nv  W-1990 SFC; N-1989 NEB; 1990 HUG, LOC; 2nd/last story in F&SF in Kirinyaga ser.; others in ser. in ASI 1990-96, coll. in fixup novel Kirinyaga(1998); has Velvet Comet ser., Eros Ascending('84), Eros at Zenith('84), Eros Descending('85), Eros at Nadir('86)
   Frankie the Spook  1990 OCT  ss  has novels The Soul Eater(1981), Walpurgis III(1982), The Branch(1984); Tales of the Galactic Midway Sideshow(1982) ser., The Best Rootin' Tootin' Gunslinger in the Whole Damned Galaxy(1983), The Three-Legged Hootch Dancer(1983), The Wild Alien Tamer('83)

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