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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Resnick, Mike  Winter Solstice  1991 OCT/NOV  ss  N-1992 HUG, LOC, ss; "examines the way memory works ... a fantasy, takes the old sorcerer Merlin & makes him new again"; has novel Stalking the Unicorn: A Fable of Tonight(1987); coll. Will the Last Person to Leave the Planet Please Shut Off the Sun?('92)
   Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge  1994 OCT/NOV  na  W-1994 HOM, NEB; 1995 HUG, SFC; N-LOC, na; 1st pub. by Axolotl Press in 1994; a far-future alien anthropologist investigates man's beginnings, using his powers to 'read' an item's history, at Olduvai Gorge in order to understand him & his quick extinction
   Roosevelt Dispatches, The  1996 MAR  ss  1st story in War of the Worlds ser., to be pub. in Kevin J. Anderson(ed): War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches(1996); two more stories in this anth. in this issue; has Future History ser., Birthright(1982), Santiago(1986; N-1987 LOC), The Dark Lady(1987)
   Forgotten Treasures  1997 FEB  br  introduces column; Galouye: Dark Universe; Kuttner(as Padgett): Robots Have No Tails; C.L. Moore: Northwest Smith(vt Scarlet Dream); Fredric Brown: What Mad Universe; Eric Frank Russell: Wasp; Merritt: The Ship of Ishtar; Arthur Byron Cover: Autumn Angels
   Gelfilte Fish Girl, The  1997 APR  ss  1st story of 3 in this issue inspired by this issue's cover art by Barclay Shaw, this story being a fantasy; has colls. Bwana & Bully!(1981), Unauthorized Biographies(1984), Through the Darkest Resnick with Gun and Camera(1990), The Alien Heart(1991)
   Forgotten Treasures  1997 JUN  br  Simak: Way Station; van Vogt: The Voyage of the Space Beagle; Keith Woodcott(ps. for John Brunner): I Speak for Earth; Weinbaum: A Martian Odyssey; Sheckley: Dimension of Miracles; Brackett: Eric John Stark: Outlaw of Mars; Vance: The Dying Earth; 2 more
   Forgotten Treasures  1997 OCT/NOV  br  Stapledon: Star Maker; James White: All Judgment Fled; Thorne Smith: Rain in the Doorway; Robert E. Howard: Heroes of Bear Creek; Malzberg: Herovit's World; Goldstein: The Red Magician; Carroll: The Land of Laughs; Jack Finney: The Third Level; 2 more
   Forgotten Treasures  1998 MAR  br  Harry Harrison: Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers; Fredric Brown: Nightmares and Geezenstacks; C.L. Moore: Judgment Night; Zenna Henderson: Pilgrimage: Book of the People, & The People: No Different Flesh; Poul Anderson: Tau Zero; 7 more
   Card Shark: A John Justin Mallory Story  1998 MAY  nv  1st/only story in F&SF in Mallory & Carruthers Agency ser.; has novels Ivory(1988), Paradise('89), Second Contact('90), Exploits('93), A Miracle of Rare Design('94), Encounters('95), A Hunger in the Soul('98); coll. Solo Flights Through Shared Worlds('96)
Resnick, Mike & Nicholas A. DiChario  Birdie  1994 MAY  ss  (1942- ; 1960- ) N-1994 HOM, ss; both are in F&SF by themselves; DiChario was N-1993 JWCA for Best New Writer; Resnick has co-edited many alternate history anth., incl. Alternate Presidents(1992), Alternate Kennedys(1992), Alternate Warriors(1993), etc
   Working Stiff  1995 FEB  ss  Resnick has Dr. Lucifer Jones ser. Adventures(1985), Lucifer Jones(1992; aka Exploits, 1992, & Encounters, 1992); trilogy The Widowmaker(1996), The Widowmaker Reborn(1997), The Widowmaker Unleashed(1998); anth. Girls for the Slime God(1997)
Reynolds, L. Major  Flood  1952 FEB  ss  ps. for Louise Leipiar, well known sf fan, member of the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society(LASFS); pub. 1 poem & 12 stories in the genre between 1948-1955
Reynolds, Mack  Business, As Usual, The  1952 JUN  vi  (1917-1983) wn. for Dallas McCord Reynolds; 1st story pub. sf "Isolationist" in FAD 1950 APR; member American Socialist Labor Party; has used ps. Clark Collins, Guy McCord, Mark Mallory, Dallas Ross, 2 Gothics as Maxine Reynolds, 1 nf as Todd Harding
   Other Alternative, The  1954 FEB  ss  1st novel The Case of the Little Green Men(1951), murder mys. at an sf convention; anth. w. Fredric Brown: The Science Fiction Carnival(1953); had the most stories of any author in ASF/ANA between 1959-1969, many concentrate on social & economic issues
   Thou Beside Me, And  1954 APR  ss  has United Planets series, about Section G secret agents of a U. P. Organization, Planetary Agent X(1965), Dawnman Planet(no "Beehive" in ANA 1965-66 DEC-JAN; 1966), The Rival Rigelians(na "Adaptation" in ASF 1960 AUG; exp. 1967), Code Duello(1968)
   Prone  1954 SEP  ss  also in United Planets series is fixup novel Section G: United Planets(na "Fiesta Brava" in ANA 1967 SEP, & ss "Psi Assassin" in ANA 1967 DEC; fixup 1976); also in F&SF with co-author August Derleth(Solar Pons series), & with Gary Jennings
   Expert, The  1955 JAN  ss  has Homer Crawford ser., Black Man's Burden(na in ANA 1961-1962 DEC-JAN; exp. 1972), Border, Breed Nor Birth(na in ANA 1962 JUL-AUG; exp. 1972), The Best Ye Breed(nv's in 1973 anthologies, "Black Sheep Astray" & "The Cold War ... Continued"; 1978 fixup)
   All the World Loves a Luvver  1955 APR  ss  1st and only story in F&SF in Luvver series; only other story in series "Luvver" in FAD 1950 JUN(rprt. in AMZ 1969 MAR); nv "The Adventure of the Extraterrestial" in ANA 1965 JUL & ss "A Leader for Yesterday" in IFS 1965 OCT, both N-1965 NEB
   Martinis: 12 to 1  1956 JUL  ss  1st pub. in PBY 1955 NOV, as "Burnt Toast"; has Joe Mauser ser., Day After Tomorrow(na "Status Quo" in ANA 1961 AUG; N-1962 HUG; exp. 1976), Mercenary from Tomorrow(na "Mercenary" in ANA 1962 APR; exp. 1968); has novel, Space Pioneer(1966)
   Compounded Interest  1956 AUG  ss  also in Joe Mauser series, The Earth War(no "Frigid Fracas" in ANA 1963 MAR-APR; 1963), Time Gladiator(no "Sweet Dreams, Sweet Princes" in ANA 1964 OCT-DEC; exp. 1966 UK), The Fracas Factor(1978); has novel, Of Godlike Power(1966)
   Gladiator  1958 MAR  ss  also in Joe Mauser series, coll. Joe Mauser, Mercenary from Tomorrow(1986), with Michael A. Banks; has novels Amazon Planet(ANA 1966-1967 DEC-FEB; 1975), After Some Tomorrow(1967), Computer War(1967), The Computer Conspiracy(1968)
   Russkies Go Home!  1960 NOV  nv  story was expanded into novel Tomorrow Might Be Different(1975), a satire in which Russia overtakes the U.S. as the world's leading economy; a voluntary expatriate since 1953, he has stayed or lived in over 75 countries; see his Biolog in ANA 1977 OCT
   Speakeasy  1963 JAN  na  a future scientific society, theme being "the concurrent marches of technology and the fear of being 'controversial,' & that eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty"; story exp. into novel The Cosmic Eye(1969); has fixup novel The Space Barbarians(1969)
   Pacifist  1964 JAN  ss  has novel Star Trek: Mission to Horatius(1968); Looking Backward, from the Year 2000(1973), After Utopia(1977); Rolltown series, Commune 2000 AD(1975), The Towers of Utopia(1975), Rolltown(na "The Towns Must Roll" in IFS 1969 JUL-SEP; exp. 1976)
   Mack Reynolds Replies  1965 OCT  ar  reply to two Soviets' view of American sf, #2259; has novels Ability Quotient(1975), Perchance to Dream(1977), Space Visitor(1977), Equality: in the Year 2000(1977), Police Patrol: 2000 AD(1977), Brain World(1978); coll. The Best of Mack Reynolds(1976)
   Relic  1967 MAR  ss  has Lagrange series, The Five Way Secret Agent(na in ANA 1969APR-MAY; exp. 1975), Satellite City(1975), Lagrange Five(1979), & with Dean Ing: The Lagrangists(1983), Chaos in Lagrangia(1984), & Trojan Orbit(1985); has novel Space Search(1984)
   Escape Velocity  1980 DEC  ss  has novels with Dean Ing, Eternity(1984), Home Sweet Home: 2010 AD(1984), The Other Time(1984), Deathwish World(1986); see article on Mack Reynolds, "The Utopian Dream Revisited" by Brian M. Stableford in Foundation #16(1979 MAY)
Reynolds, Mack & August Derleth  Adventure of the Snitch in Time, The  1953 JUL  ss  (1917-1983; 1909-1971) story Derleth's Solar Pons ser., Sherlock Holmes pastiches; books in ser. - In Re: Sherlock Holmes(1945), The Memoirs of S.P.(1951; N-1951 EDG), Three Problems for S.P.(1952), The Return of S.P.(1958), The Reminiscences of S.P.('61)
   Adventure of the Ball of Nostradamus, The  1955 JUN  ss  2nd story in Solar Pons ser.; more books in ser., The Adventure of the Orient Express(1965), The Casebook of S.P.(1965), Mr. Fairlie's Final Journey(1968), The Adventure of the Unique Dickensians(1968), A Praed Street Dossier(1968), The S.P. Omnibus(1982)
Reynolds, Mack & Gary Jennings  Hell's Fire  1980 JUN  ss  (1917-1983; 1928-1999) both are also in F&SF by themselves & in collaboration with others
Rhodes, W.H.  Case of Summerfield, The  1950 SUM  nv  (1822-1876) 1st pub. in The Sacramento Union, in two installments, May 1871, under the ps. "Caxton"; working name for William H. Rhodes, lawyer & writer; has coll. Caxton's Book: A Collection of Essays, Poems, Tales and Sketches(1876)
Rice, Jane  Willow Tree, The  1959 FEB  ss  also in F&SF under ps. Mary Austin; Rice has also pub. fiction in Ladies' Home Journal, Charm, & Cosmopolitan
   Rainbow Gold, The  1959 DEC  ss  contributed 10 stories to Unknown, incl. her most famous one, "The Idol of the Flies" in UNK 1942 JUN, about the character Pruitt, one of the "most exquisitely nasty brats in literature"(Dziemianowicz)
   White Pony, The  1960 FEB  ss  has short story "The Loolies Are Here" with Ruth Allison under the collab. ps. Allison Rice, in Damon Knight(ed): Orbit 1(1966); Rice also has a horror novelette, "The Sixth Dog," pub. in chapbook form in 1995
Richards, John Thomas  Minor Alteration  1965 DEC  ss  (1940?- ) 25 year old English teacher & graduate student
Richards, Tony  Discards  1983 SEP  ss  (1957?- ) lives in county Essex, UK; fulltime free lance writer; has horror novels The Harvest Bride(1987), featuring the Hindu god Kali, & Night Feast(1995), in which gods of ancient Egypt, embodied in their high priests, feed on man's dark emotions
Richardson, Robert S.  Day After We Land on Mars, The  1955 DEC  ar  (1902-1981) 1st pub. in SRL, 28 MAY 1955, and in F&SF in an expanded form; story(#741) in 1956 JAN, 2 art.(#785, 786) in 1956 MAY, & story(#1033) in 1958 JAN, on same topic, namely the sexual mores of future Martian exploration & colonization
   Facts About Life on Mars, The  1957 NOV  ar  report on the proceedings of the International Mars Committee; author is an astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory, writes articles for sf mags.; uses ps. Philip Latham for fiction(& in F&SF as such); 1st story pub. sf "N-Day" in ASF 1946 JAN
Richerson, Carrie  Dying Breed, A  1992 OCT/NOV  ss  her 1st professional short story sale; 1st story in Sheriff Doris Webster & the Returning Dead series; about story, says "The dead are a different species from the living, more alien than anything that could come from the stars ..."; lives near Austin, TX
   Light at the End of the Day, The  1993 OCT/NOV  ss  N-1994 NEB, short story; 2nd story in Sheriff Doris Webster & the Returning Dead series; she was N-1993 & 1994 JWCA, Best New Writer, on the basis of this series
   Sous la Mer  1994 MAR  ss  has horror short story pub. as a chapbook, Geckos(1994; RoF 1995 AUG), in which a woman researching Texas historical character Cynthia Anne Parker is haunted by growing pink lizards
   Artistic License (For May Westrope Stewart, 1890-1971)  1994 DEC  nv  N-1995 LOC, novelette; Richerson has also pub. fiction in AMZ, RoF, PLP, N0ctulpa, & anthologies
   Harrowing, The  1996 DEC  ss  N-1997 HUG, STO, ss; story "dedicated to (author)Dorothy Allison, whose courage & pain, esp. as related in the story 'River of Names,' bear witness to the hope that can be won even in the face of horror. Here's to survivors everywhere. May you know peace"
   Quick and the Dead, The  1997 DEC  ss  N-1998 STO, short story; 3rd story in the Returning Dead series; has eBook coll. Something Rich & Strange(2001), pub. digitally by Scorpius Digital at
Rickert, M.  Girl Who Ate Butterflies, The  1999 AUG  ss  her 1st pub. work of fiction; working name for Mary Rickert, she lives in Saratoga Springs, NY; this story clearly shows the influence of Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, a lovely tale of sexual roles & lepidoptera
Rigsby, Howard  One Fine Day  1954 SEP  vi  (1909-1975) ps. for Vechel Howard; his 1st sf story; has 1st mys. novel Murder for the Holidays(1951); Kill and Tell(1951), Lucinda(1954), As a Man Falls(1954), The Avenger(1957)The Tulip Tree(1963); westerns Rage in Texas(1953), The Reluctant Gun(1957)
Rini  Cartoon: Bolt Charge  1999 APR  ct  wn. for James P. Rini; "born near Boston; raised in Memphis; went to Pennsylvania; lives in the Southwest"; has published work in NYM, National Enquirer, Cosmopolitan, Natural History; "(My) humor is essentially just asking 'What's going on here?'"
Robbins, Paul Jay  Sweets to the Sweet  1963 AUG  ss  has iv's w. Bob Dylan in In-Beat Magazine 1965 MAY(repub. in Stephen Pickering: Bob Dylan Approximately, 1975; & in the 3 CD set The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2, 1996), & in L.A. Free Press 1965 SEP 10, 17 & 24(& at
Roberts, Jane  Red Wagon, The  1956 DEC  ss  (1929-1985) working name for Jane Roberts Butts; her 1st pub. story; theme same as previous story(#869), a human body being taken over by another being; born in Albany, NY, she attended Skidmore College from 1947-50, married Robert F. Butts in 1954
   Canvas Pyramid, The  1957 MAR  ss  lives in Sayre, PA; attended the 1st Milford Writers Conference in 1956, where she ran a sort of seance for writers Budrys, Kornbluth, Blish & Knight - which was described by Knight in his book The Futurians

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