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Roberts, Jane  Chestnut Beads, The  1957 OCT  nv  1st story Bundu, or Migma, witchcraft ser.; has novels The Rebellers(1963); The Education of Oversoul Seven(1973), in which a student protagonist inhabits the bodies & souls of 4 humans of differnet periods ranging from 35,000 BC to 2300 AD; has 2 sequels
   Bundu, The  1958 MAR  na  2nd story Bundu witchcraft series; has two sequels to The Education of Oversoul Seven(1973) - The Further Education of Oversoul Seven(1979), & Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time(1984)
   Demon at Devotions, A  1958 SEP  ss  has book of a series of connected poems, Dialogues of the Soul & Mortal Self in Time(1975), & juvenile novel Emir's Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers(1979)
   Nightmare  1959 APR  vi  Roberts, a psychic, began in the 1960s to channel the thoughts of a personality known as Seth; has 1st psychic book How to Develop Your ESP Powers(1966; vt The Coming of Seth, 1976); see "How It All Began" at
   Impasse  1959 JUL  ss  lives now in upstate NY; has Seth series of metaphysical, psychic books, Seth Material(1970), Seth Speaks(1972), The Nature of Personal Reality(1974), The Coming of Seth(1976), The Unknown Reality(1977), Dreams Evolution and Value Fulfillment(1986), etc.
   Three Times Around  1964 MAY  ss  see books Susan M. Watkins: Conversations with Seth, Vol. I: Story of Jane Roberts ESP Class(1980), Vol. II(1984), & Speaking of Jane Roberts: Remembering the Author of the Seth Material(2001); Roberts considered among most important 20th century psychics
Roberts, John Maddox  Stoney Griffon and the UFO People  1990 MAY  ss  (1947- ) lives on a mountain-top on VA/KY border; 1st sf novel pub. The Strayed Sheep of Charun(1977; rev. vt Cestus Dei, 1983); ya Space Angel ser., Space Angel(1979), Spacer: Window of the Mind(1988); King of the Wood(1983), The Enigma Variations(1989)
   Skinsuit  1990 NOV  ss  has Cingulum ser., The Cingulum(1985), Cloak of Illusion(1985), The Sword, the Jewel, and the Mirror(1988); Act of God ser. w. Yoji Kondo(as Eric Kotani), Act of God(1985), The Island Worlds(1987), Between the Stars(1988); Murder in Tarsis(1996)
Roberts, Keith  Survey of the Third Planet  1966 JAN  ss  (1935-2000) U.K. writer, illustrator; 1st story pub. sf "Anita" & "Escapism" in SCF #67 1964; wrote early stories in U.K. as ps. Alistair Bevan; assoc. editor of SCF #81 & successor IMP 1966 MAR-1967 FEB; has illus. covers for SCF, IMP, NWS & for novels
   Mayday, The  1970 NOV  nv  1st story in F&SF in his Anita the witch series; except for the 3 stories in F&SF, the other 9 stories in the series are pub. in the British magazines SCF & IMP betw. the years 1964-66
   Junior Partner  1970 DEC  ss  2nd story in F&SF in his Anita the witch ser.; ser. coll. in Anita(1970; exp. 1990); has 1st novel, The Furies(SCF #74-76 1965; 1966), about a nuclear test going awry in the UK(Clute); see article "Keith Roberts: The Patient Craftsman" in SFM v.2 #12 1975
   Wreck of the "Kissing Bitch," The  1971 DEC  nv  1st pub. in Douglas Hill(ed): Warlocks and Warriors(1971); has 2nd, fixup novel, Pavane(IMP 1966 & NWS 1966 DEC; 1968 fixup; rev. 1969), about an alternate world in which Elizabeth I was assassinated & Spanish Armada was successful
   Beautiful One, The  1974 JAN  nv  1st pub. in NWS #6 1973; has fixup novel The Inner Wheel(1970), which deals with a kind of gestalt superman theme(Clute); see interviews in Charles Platt: Dream Makers(1983), & in LOC 1986 SEP(#308)
   Big Fans, The  1977 MAY  nv  N-1978 LOC, short fiction; 1st & only story in F&SF in his Alex Boulter series; only other story in series, novelette "Boulter's Canaries," in John Carnell(ed): New Writings in SF #3(1965); see his interview in LOC 1986 SEP(#308)
   Ariadne Potts  1978 APR  ss  has novels The Boat of Fate(1971), a historical novel with a Roman setting, & The Chalk Giants(1974 fixup; cut 1975 US); has colls. Machines and Men(1973), The Grain Kings(1976), The Passing of the Dragons(1977)
   Lordly Ones, The  1980 MAR  nv  N-1981 BSF, short fiction; HUG, LOC, novelette; 1st story in his Comfort Station Attendant series; has colls. Ladies From Hell(1979), The Lordly Ones(1986), A Heron Caught in Weeds: Poems(1987 chap), Winterwood and Other Hauntings(1989)
   Comfort Station, The  1980 MAY  ss  2nd story in Comfort Station Attendant ser.; see ar "Keith Roberts: The Patient Craftsman" by Mike Ashley in SFM vol.2 #12 1975; has fixup novel Molly Zero(1980; N-1981 BSF, LOC), about the growth of a young female protagonist in a dystopian world(Clute)
   Checkout, The  1981 FEB  nv  N-1982 BSF, short fiction; 3rd & last story in F&SF in his Anita the witch series; has fixup novel Kiteworld(1985; N-1986 BSF, JWC, LOC), composed of interlinked tales set in a post-holocaust world ruled by the Church Variant(B&C)
   Kaeti's Nights  1981 OCT  nv  1st story in F&SF in Kaeti Fredericks ser.; Kaeti & her companions inhabit a strange world, a 'theatre of the mind,' where ghosts, vampires & even the odd goddess may be encountered; other stories in ser. in Firebird #3 1984, WRT 1988-89 WIN, INZ 1994 OCT
   Sphairistike  1984 FEB  nv  story's title was the name first given to lawn tennis back in the 1870s; in Kaeti Frederick's ser. is chapbook Kaeti's Apocalypse(1986); has nf book The Natural History of the P.H.(1988 chap), initials refer to the 'Primitive Heroine'; Lemady(1997)
   Richenda  1985 SEP  nv  has novel Gráinne(1987; W-1988 BSF; N-CLA), which follows a heroine from schooldays at Oxford to her "self-ordained destiny as high priestess of a radically new social movement"(B&C); nf book Irish Encounters(1989), essays about a trip to Ireland in 1978
   Tiger Sweater, The  1987 OCT  na  N-1987 NEB, na; 2nd & last story in F&SF in Kaeti Fredericks series; Kaeti is a young Londoner whose life frequently takes unexpected & odd turns; series coll. in Kaeti & Company(1986), Kaeti on Tour(1992); see obit in LOC 2000 NOV
Roberts, Mary-Carter  When Jack Smith Fought Old Satan  1957 JUL  nv  1st pub. in COL, 7 DEC 1956; became State Travel Writer for Maryland in 1955, retired in 1969
   One Sent  1958 FEB  ss  has novels The Abbot Sisters(1951), Little Brother Fate(1957), the latter a mystery crime novel based on the 3 greatest American murder cases of the 1920s(those of Mildred Baker, Rev. Roy Harvey Barber, & Herman Levy and Thomas Meyer)
   He Descended Into Hell  1975 JUN  nv  former book review editor of the Washington Star; has had stories pub. in COL, NYM, & Woman's Day
   Ride, Colonel, Ride!  1976 MAR  ss  "I've written the wonderful ride of Tench Tilghman as fantasy—because that sharpens its point, I think—but it is all true"
Roberts, R. Ellis  Other End, The  1951 APR  ss  (1879-1953) 1st pub. in London in his coll. The Other End(1923); wn. for Richard Ellis Roberts; 1st book Poems(1906); nf books Samuel Rogers and His Circle(1910), Henrik Ibsen(1912), (tr)Ernst Toller: Look Through the Bars, Portrait of Stella Benson(1939)
Robertson, Morgan  From the Darkness and the Depths  1969 AUG  nv  (1861-1915) 1st pub. in New Story Mag., 1913 JAN; has famous novella "Futility" (1898 mag.; in coll. The Wrecking of the Titan, 1912; 1994), about a new 'unsinkable' luxury liner, the Titan, which hits an iceberg & sinks(uncannily predicting the Titanic)
Robin, Ralph  Beach Thing, The  1952 JUN  ss  has pub. 11 stories in F&SF, GAL, FAN & OWS between 1951-53; only other story pub. was short story "The Pygmies of Phobos" in AMZ 1936 APR
   Budding Explorer  1952 SEP  ss 
   Inefficiency Expert  1953 MAR  ss 
   Mr. Prime  1953 JUN  ss 
   Open Ears  1953 AUG  ss 
Robins, Madeleine E.  Cuckoo  1984 SEP  ss  (1953- ) born in NYC; attended Connecticut College, majoring in Theatre Studies; attended 1981 Clarion; worked at Tor Books from 1989-1994, then briefly at Metropolis Mag., then Acclaim Comics; fulltime freelance writer & editor since 1998
   Mules  1990 APR  nv  has pub. historical romance novels, Althea(1977), My Dear Jenny(1980), The Heiress Companion(1981), Lady John(1982); has 1st story pub. sf/f "The Border" in ASI 1982 JUL
   Papa's Gone A-Hunting  1991 JAN  ss  has last historical romance novel, The Spanish Marriage(1984), which she says, "I structured ... around a specific historic event, & had to plot backward, synchronizing the action in the book with what was happening in Spain, Portugal & England ..."
   Willie  1992 DEC  ss  story inspired by watching the movie Young Frankenstein(1974), had "impatience with the doctor, who didn't have the responsibility to follow through on his project"
   Somewhere in Dreamland Tonight  1994 JUL  ss  has associational novel, Daredevil: The Cutting Edge(1999), based on the Marvel Comics character; Robins once worked for Acclaim Comics(ex-Valiant Comics), editing Armed and Dangerous, Magnus Robot Fighter, Shadowman, & Darque Passages
   Abelard's Kiss  1995 AUG  ss  story incorrectly listed in TOC as "Adelard's Kiss"; has novel, The Stone War(1999), in which New York City suffers a strange catastrophe; see her website at
Robinson, Kim Stanley  To Leave a Mark  1982 NOV  na  (1952- ) N-1983 HUG, LOC; exp. into fixup novel Icehenge(1984), w. story "On the North Pole of Pluto" in Knight(ed): Orbit 21(1980); a woman who is an expert in biological living systems becomes a key figure in a space mutiny; Robinson lives Maryland
   Black Air  1983 MAR  nv  W-1984 WFA, novella; SFC; N-1983 NEB; 1984 HUG, LOC, novelette; pub. as a chapbook in 1991; has PhD in English from Univ. of California(San Diego); 1st stories pub. sf "Coming Back to Dixieland" & "In Pierson's Orchestra" in Knight(ed): Orbit 18(1976)
   Ridge Running  1984 JAN  ss  N-1985 HUG, LOC, short story; has Orange County ser. novels The Wild Shore(his 1st novel, 1984; W-1985 LOC; N-1984 DIC, NEB; 1985 SFC), The Gold Coast(1988; N-1989 JWC, LOC; 1990 BSF), Pacific Edge(1990; W-1991 JWC; N-1991 LOC)
   Transect, A  1986 MAY  ss  has novels The Memory of Whiteness("In Pierson's Orchestra"; exp. 1985; N-1986 LOC; 1987 CLA), Escape From Kathmandu(1989 fixup; N-1990 LOC), A Short, Sharp Shock(1990); colls. The Planet on the Table(1986; N-1987 LOC), Remaking History(1991; N-1992 LOC)
   Return From Rainbow Ridge, The  1987 AUG  nv  N-1988 LOC, novelette; has Mars ser. novels Red Mars(1992; W-1993 BSF, NEB; N-1992 TIP; 1993 CLA, HUG, LOC, SFC), Green Mars(1994; W-1994 HUG, LOC; N-BSF, NEB, SFC), Blue Mars(1996; W-1997 HUG, LOC; N-BSF, CLA, JWC, SFC)
   Zürich  1990 MAR  ss  N-1991 LOC, ss; lived for over a year in Zurich; see iv's in Nova Express 1989 SPR, TotU 1991 SPR/SUM, Nicholls(ed): Wordsmiths of Wonder(1993), PWr #9 1996, & in LOC 1996 MAR, 1997 SEP; has novel Antarctica(1997); coll. The Martians(1999)
Roessner, Elmer  Dragon on Somerset Street  1952 JUN  ss  (1900-1972) 1st pub. in ESQ 1951 NOV; born in Oakland, CA; moved to NYC, working for news agencies, the N.Y. World Telegraph; prolific war pulp writer; wrote under ps. Dennis Murray for Women's News Service; grandfather of sf/f writer Michaela Roesnner
Rogers, Bruce Holland  Whalesong  1989 JUN  ss  (1958- ) ps. for Bruce P(aul) Rogers, in F&SF 1982 JUN as such; has taught creative writing, literature at Univ. of Colorado; has trans. poetry, fiction from German, Spanish & Portuguese; now lives in Eugene, OR; see website at
   Big Far Now  1991 MAR  nv  lives in Eugene, OR; has novel Mind Games(1992), book # 10 in Tom Swift series, as by Victor Appleton; Asses of the Sun(1996), in Magic: The Gathering #7, as by Hanovi Braddock; poetry chaps Breathing in the World(1990), Tales and Declarations(1991)
   Lifeboat on a Burning Sea  1995 OCT/NOV  nv  W-1996 NEB; has "Staying Alive" column, Speculations 1995 JAN -present, about writing fiction full-time; has anth. Bedtime Stories to Darken Your Dreams(1999); colls. Wind Over Heaven(2000; N-2001 STO), Flaming Arrows(2000); audiobook Award Stories(2000)
Rogers, Bruce P.  Krishman Cube, The  1982 JUN  ss  (1958- ) his 1st pub. sf/f story, though "Wirewalkers Get No Overtime," Writers Forum, 1978, is near fantasy; Bruce Paul Rogers, also in F&SF as ps. Bruce Holland Rogers; BA in history from Colorado State Univ.; story "A Branch in the Wind," W-1989 WotF

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