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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Rogers, Joel Townsley  No Matter Where You Go  1959 FEB  nv  (1896-1984) born in Sedalia, MO; has 1917 Harvard BA; mystery writer, mostly in the pulps & slicks; has 1st suspense novel Once in a Red Moon(1923); The Red Right Hand(1945),Lady with the Dice(1946), The Stopped Clock(1958; vt Never Leave My Bed, 1968)
Rogers, Kay  Love Story  1951 JUN  vi  her 1st pub. story; she is "a green-eyed redhead," single, & "lives with 34 cats" in Russell, PA
   Bitterness of Ghoril, The  1952 APR  ss 
   Experiment  1953 FEB  vi 
   Letter to a Tiger  1953 OCT  ss 
   Command Performance  1954 AUG  ss  has short story "Flirtation Walk" in Alice Laurance(ed): Cassandra Rising(1978)
Rohrer, Robert  Keep Them Happy  1965 APR  ss  N-1965 NEB, short story; Robert H. Rohrer Jr, from Atlanta, a student at Emory Univ.
   Explosion  1965 AUG  ss  has 1st pub. sf/f story "Decision" in FAN 1962 MAR, & 15 other short stories pub. in F&SF, AMZ & FAN between 1962-1965
Rokesmith, John Thames  Writers of the Purple Page  1977 MAY  nv  (1929- ) ps. for Arthur Jean Cox, in F&SF as such, as Arthur J. Cox, & Jean Cox; tongue-in-cheek story intro says Rokesmith authored several western novels & biography of Tom Mix, Straight Shooters Always Win, which was a novella by Cox in F&SF 1974 MAY
Rolf, Kenn  Satellite Trails  1959 JUN  ar  variations possible for geostationary orbits for satellites
Roller, Howard & Parke Godwin  Sergeant Pepper Variations  1982 FEB  ss  (? - ?; 1929- ) both former professional actors; Roller a critical writer on film history, has written music & record reviews; Godwin has occult novel with Marvin Kaye, A Cold Blue Light(1983; a sequel by Kaye alone, Ghosts of Night and Morning, 1987)
Rosenbaum, Jonathan  Now and Then  1957 NOV  vi  (1943?- ) grew up in Florence, AL; attended the Putney School, N.Y. Univ., Bard College; has 1968 MA in English & American Lit. from SUNY(Stony Brook); film critic since 1987 for the Chicago Reader; has many film books, incl. Movies as Politics(1997)
Rosenblum, Mary  Spirit-Dancing on the Evergreen Point Bridge  1991 MAY  nv  (1953- ) lives in Portland, OR; has BS in Biology; fulltime writer since 1988, attended Clarion in 1989; 1st sale "For a Price" in ASI 1990 JUN; has 1st novel, Chimera(1993; N-1994 LOC), a virtual reality sf novel of intrigue & mayhem on the global net
   Sanctuary  1993 JUN  ss  story "the result of my lifelong habit of taking evening walks ... There is a drowsy peace in the air that makes me think of elderly men & women dreaming gently of youth & yesterday ..."
   California Dreamer  1994 MAY  ss  story inspired by a visit to San Francisco after the latest earthquake; has fixup novel, from stories that were 1st pub. in ASI, The Drylands(1993; W-1994 CCR; N-1994 LOC), set in the 21st Century Northwestern U.S., in a world dying for lack of water(B&C)
   Afterimage  1997 JUL  ss  has sf mystery novel The Stone Garden(1995; N-1996 LOC), about the murders of artists who sculpt emotion-absorbing asteroids(B&C); see interview in LOC 1994 APR(#399)
   Rainmaker, The  1998 OCT/NOV  nv  N-1999 LOC, nv; has coll. Synthesis and Other Virtual Realities(1996; N-1997 LOC); murder mystery ser., as by Mary Freeman, Devil's Trumpet(1999), Deadly Nightshade(1999), Bleeding Heart(2000), featuring Oregon landscaping gardener Rachel O'Connor
Rosny ainé, J.-H.  Shapes, The  1968 MAR  nv  (1856-1940) 1st pub. in 1887; trans. from the French by Damon Knight, in his One Hundred Years of Science Fiction(1968); ps. for Honore Box; with his brother Justin used collab. ps. J.-H. Rosny, & later by themselves J.-H. Rosny ainé & J.-H. Rosny jeune
Rothman, Barry  Care in Captivity Series: Tyrant Lizards Tyrannosaurus Rex  1966 JUN  vi  1st pub. in the Bulletin of the Philadelphia Herpetological Society, 1965 JAN
Rothman, Chuck  Playmates  1986 MAY  ss  (1952- ) wn. for Charles Rothman; born in Southold, NY, lives in Schenectady; grad. from Union College, teaches at Siena College; 1st story pub. sf "The Munji Deserters", ASI 1982 JUN; novel Staroamer's Fate(1986; N-1986 LOC); writes reviews for Tangent
Rotsler, William  Parental Guidance Suggested  1979 JAN  ss  (1926-1997) writer, cartoonist & artist, W-1975 HUG for his fan art; 1st story pub. sf "Ship Me Tomorrow" in GAL 1970 JUN; 1st novel Patron of the Arts(nv in Carr: Universe 2, 1972; exp. 1974), The Far Frontier(1980), Shiva Descending(1980, w. G. Benford)
Royce, Stewart  " Fight in the Hills"  1953 NOV  ss 
Rubin, Rick  Final Muster  1961 MAY  nv  (1932?- ) writer, born in Portland, OR; has short story "The Bet" in Dude 1959 NOV
   Interplanetary Cat, The  1961 NOV  ss 
Rucker, Rudy  Man Who Ate Himself, The  1982 DEC  ss  (1946- ) working name for Rudolf von Bitter Rucker; has PhD from Rutgers Univ.; associate professor of Mathematics at Randolph-Macon Woman's College(Lynchburg, VA); 1st story pub. "The Miracle" in the amateur mag. The Pegasus, in 1962
   Inertia  1983 JAN  nv  his 2nd pub. story was "Faraway Eyes" in ANA 1980 SEP; has colls. The 57th Franz Kafka(1983; N-1984 LOC), Transreal!(1991; N-1992 LOC), Gnarl!(2000); nf coll. Seek!(1999); many of his stories deal with mathematics; see interview in INZ #20 1987
   Monument to the Third International  1984 DEC  ss  has 1st novel White Light(1980; N-1981 LOC), & thematic sequels, The Sex Sphere(1983), & The Secret of Life(1985); has 2nd novel Spacetime Donuts(1981), about a dystopian near-future computer society; nf The Fourth Dimension(1984)
   Soft Death  1986 SEP  ss  has anth. Mathenauts: Tales of Mathematical Wonder(1987), & Semiotext(e) Science Fiction(1989), the latter with Robert Anton Wilson & Peter Lamborn Wilson; has novels Master of Space and Time(1984), The Hollow Earth(1990), The Hacker and the Ant(1994)
Rucker, Rudy & Paul Di Filippo  Instability  1988 SEP  ss  1st story in F&SF in Di Filippo's Lost Pages ser.; Rucker has robot ser., Software(1982; W-1982 DIC), Wetware(1988; W-1988 DIC; N-1989 LOC), Freeware(1997), Realware(2000); nf Mind Tools (1987), Artificial Life Lab(1993), Saucer Wisdom(1999)
Runyon, Charles  Terminal  1975 AUG  ss  also in F&SF as Charles W. Runyon
Runyon, Charles W.  Sweet Helen  1969 SEP  ss  (1928-1987) orig. from Missouri, writer of thrillers & sf; 1st story pub. sf "First Man in a Satellite" in SUP 1958 DEC; has pub. stories in FAN, AHMM, & MSMM; has 1st mys. novel The Anatomy of Violence(1960); also in F&SF as Charles W. Runyon
   Dream Patrol  1970 FEB  ss  has mystery novels The Death Cycle(1963), Color Him Dead(1963), The Prettiest Girl I Ever Killed(1965), The Black Moth(1967), Power Kill(1972); has powerful novel of the Green Berets in Vietnam, The Bloody Jungle(1966); also in F&SF as Charles Runyon
   Soulmate  1970 APR  ss  story is "a contemporary horror tale & a strong one, not recommended for the squeamish"; exp. into novel, Soulmate(1974), being about possession, the victim a young prostitute(Clute); ghostwrote Ellery Queen novels The Last Score(1964), Killer Touch(1975)
   Once There Were Cows  1974 JUL  nv  a freelance writer, he has pub. 30 books in 14 years; has 1st sf novels Pig World(1971); sf novel Ames Holbrook, Deity(1972), about cured illnesses & eternal life
   Noomyenoh  1975 JAN  nv  has sf novel I, Weapon(1977), about a superman, super weapon, fashioned for an alien war against the armor-plated marsupials, called the Vim, who are attempting to take over the Universe; mystery novel Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die(1977)
   In Case of Danger, Prsp the Ntxivbw  1975 DEC  ss 
   Brain Diver  1976 MAR  ss 
   Sitter, The  1976 JUL  ss 
   Daughter of the Vine  1977 APR  nv 
   Liberation of Josephine, The  1978 SEP  ss 
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Phantom  1989 JUN  nv  (1960- ) N-1990 STO, nv; story started "the day after I saw Isaac Stern in concert"; born & lives in Eugene, OR; 1st story pub. sf "Sing" in ABO 1987 FEB/MAR; editor of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine 1988 FLL-1993 FLL; W-1990 JWCA, Best New Writer
   Inspiration  1990 NOV  ss  has book, novella The Gallery of His Dreams(1991 chap; ASI 1991 SEP; W-1991 HOM; 1992 LOC; N-1991 NEB; 1992 HUG, WFA), a time-travel tale featuring the photographer Matthew B. Brady(c.1823-1896), known for covering the Civil War(Clute)
   Editorial  1991 JUL  ed  new editor of F&SF shares w. the magazine a "sense of history"; promises changes at F&SF will be "structurally sound" as she "values history, & yet ... embrace(s) the future," a sort of an informal theme for her 1st issue of F&SF; see article LOC 1991 FEB
   Editorial  1991 AUG  ed  "editing is more than reading ... I look for fiction that is a little bit exotic, a little bit strange. Fiction that gives me a new perspective on a place I've already seen"; this is the informal theme for this issue's fiction; 2nd informal theme is Death
   To Our Readers  1991 AUG  note  "F&SF will pub. a combined October/November 42nd Anniversary issue"; an annual feature thereafter; note repeated in the 1991 SEP issue; Rusch has 1st novel The White Mists of Power(1991; N-1992 LOC), about a bard's mysterious & dangerous heritage(B&C)
   Editorial  1991 SEP  ed  "Children & childhood are the themes linking most of the stories in this issue. Each story propounds its own theory ... Theories of childhood rise & fall like empires ..."; Rusch w. Dean Wesley Smith W-1989, 1992 WFA, Special Award, for editing Pulphouse
   Dancers Like Children  1991 SEP  nv  1st story in F&SF in planet Bountiful ser., to be part of fixup novel, Alien Influences(1994; N-1995 CLA); an sf murder mystery, when impressionable children of human colonists come under the influence of aliens on the desert planet Bountiful(B&C)
   Editorial  1991 OCT/NOV  ed  "anniversaries are ... ways of keeping track of time ... (this) double issue (is) filled with stories about time ... in more ways than one ... This issue is yet another marker in the passage of the years"; Rusch was N-1991 LOC, for editing Pulphouse
   Editorial  1991 DEC  ed  child abuse, violence: do they belong in fiction?; "First job of fiction is ... to entertain ... the very best fiction brings a nugget of truth to that entertainment, a nugget that at times is difficult to face"
   Editorial  1992 JAN  ed  courage & heroism in real life & in fiction; "Most of our literature is about people as ordinary as we are, caught in extraordinary events, forced by circumstances to make that one small gesture, that one action which will save a life or change the world"

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