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Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  1992 FEB  ed  memories of the space program from childhood, her vision renewed by the report of The Synthesis Group, which has proposed a timetable for a 6-person mission to the Moon in 2005, to Mars in 2014
   Editorial  1992 MAR  ed  her experience finding out she is only "partially literate" when she couldn't understand Spanish signs in NYC, despite having studied the language; will try to "publish stories that have their base in other cultures & other literary traditions"
   Editorial  1992 APR  ed  changes in F&SF, an F&SF without Isaac Asimov; introduction to the two who will try to fill the empty place in F&SF - Gregory Benford, & Bruce Sterling; see Rusch's interviews in LOC 1990 SEP(#356), After Hours 1991 WIN, & Dead of Night 1994 SPR/SUM
   Editorial  1992 MAY  ed  "What has happened to the old sf traditions? ... 1. We outgrew them ... 2. They're still with us ... 3. We wouldn't recognize them if we read them ... sf has continued to grow & change"; see Rusch interviews in Talebones 1997 SUM, & INZ 1998 DEC
   Editorial  1992 JUN  ed  the terrifying attitude in today's society to deny the fantastic & thus to rein in the imagination; Rusch has nf book with Dean Wesley Smith: The SFWA Handbook: The Professional Writer's Guide to Writing Professionally(1990; W-1991 LOC)
   Editorial  1992 JUL  ed  the pleasures of reading Mark Twain's works; hopes Denton's story "The Territory" in this issue "inspires those of you who have never read Mark Twain to pick up a copy of Tom Sawyer," etc; Rusch has anth. The Best of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine(1991)
   Alien Influences  1992 JUL  nv  2nd & last story in F&SF in planet Bountiful series, to be part of fixup novel Alien Influences(1994; N-1995 CLA); story was orig. written for, & will be pub. in Resnick & Greenberg(ed): Whatdunits(1992), an anth. of sf mysteries
   Isaac Asimov: 2 January 1920 - 6 April 1992  1992 AUG  obit  announces the death of Isaac Asimov on April 6; introduction to tributes by Harlan Ellison & Edward L. Ferman, & to a short farewell that Asimov "sent with his 399th column last summer"; this farewell is the last piece in this issue
   Editorial  1992 SEP  ed  Clarion Writers Workshop, celebrating 25th anniversary; what Clarion has done for the field; what it does, & how it does it; Rusch has novels w. Kevin J. Anderson, Afterimage(1992), omnibus Afterimage/Aftershock(1998), about a woman aided by shapeshifters
   Editorial  1992 OCT/NOV  ed  "intermingling careers & influences" betw. writers, other writers, & their editors; Rusch has 1st horror novel Facade(1993), in which a well-known actor returns the beach house where a murder & his daughter disappeared, sparking more incidents(B&C)
   Editorial  1992 DEC  ed  don't ask what the trends & patterns in sf/f are, ask instead "where is the literature taking us ... (it) is leading us where it always does: back to ourselves"; Rusch has novel Heart Readers(1993), about a person who judges the purity of princes' heart
   Perennials  1992 DEC  ss  this story sold "2 years ago, 6 months before my father died ... I must have known something was about to happen ... amazing the games the mind can play"; Rusch has sf/fantasy novel Traitors(1993), about a rebellion on a distant planet(B&C)
   Editorial  1993 JAN  ed  announces Algis Budrys' last book column is in this issue(for F&SF); Budrys to be editor of his own sf magazine, Tomorrow Speculative Fiction(TSF 1993 JAN to 1997 FEB, 24 print issues, then going online for 1 year); new reviewer to be Orson Scott Card
   Editorial  1993 FEB  ed  transitions: 1992 brought the deaths of some of sf's best - Isaac Asimov, Fritz Leiber, Reginald Bretnor; sf is "slowly leaving (its) youth, & gaining an early middle age ... Fortunately, in literature, the voices live on long after the body goes"
   Editorial  1993 MAR  ed  introduces John Kessel as a new book review columnist; he has written reviews before, for Short Form, The New York Review of Science Fiction, & The Los Angeles Times Book Review; has a PhD in American Literature, which he teaches at NC State Univ.
   Editorial  1993 APR  ed  writing humor is difficult, the sf works of mystery writer Sharyn McCrumb, author of the James Owens Mega(an sf author/professor) mystery series, Bimbos of the Death Sun(1988; W-Edgar; N-Anthony), & Zombies of the Gene Pool(1992)
   Editorial  1993 MAY  ed  movies & TV have not "taken readers away from the fantasy & science fiction genre ... (they've) brought readers to the genre"; Rusch has Star Trek Deep Space Nine novelization, The Big Game(1993), with Dean Wesley Smith under collab. ps. Sandy Schofield
   Sinner-Saints  1993 MAY  ss  N-1994 HUG, LOC; alt. history story based on life of Lillian Hellman(1905-1984), to be pub. in Resnick(ed): By Any Other Fame(1994); Hellman wrote influential plays, & 3 autobiographies, An Unfinished Woman(1969), Pentimento(1973), Scoundrel Time(1976)
   Editorial  1993 JUN  ed  "despite any sudden darkness ... I find reassurance in stories ... that somewhere down the road a store is open, a well-lit store with candles & firewood, where someone else has already gone to escape the gloom"
   Good Wishes  1993 JUN  ss  examines pre-marriage jitters from post-marriage perspective; Rusch has The Fey ser., The Fey: The Sacrifice(1995), The Changeling(1996), The Rival(1997), The Resistance(1998), The Victory(1998), high-fantasy about the warlike Fey waging guerilla warfare
   Editorial  1993 JUL  ed  reader reactions to stories in 1993 JAN, FEB, & MAR issues; two reasons there won't be a letters column under her editorship: 1. takes away space best reserved for fiction; 2. magazine lead time(~6 months) precludes timely publication of letters
   Editorial  1993 AUG  ed  ethics & the writer; the reasons that make a writer write; "what we as writers, readers & editors must never forget is the reason we are here in the first place: to communicate"; has article about author A.R. Morlan in PLP: A Fiction Magazine, #9 1992 JUN
   Editorial  1993 OCT/NOV  ed  Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shelley's novel Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus(1818), perhaps the 1st sf novel; the focus of Walter Jon William's story in this issue, the historic meeting of Mary, husband Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron & Dr. Polidori
   Editorial  1993 DEC  ed  brief summary of Jack Williamson's life, from his birth in 1908 in the Arizona Territory & his family's covered wagon trek, to his teaching at Eastern New Mexico Univ. & his most recent story in this issue
   Editorial  1994 JAN  ed  Question to Harlan Ellison: What sf film would you show to someone unfamiliar to sf? Answer: Seconds(1966), based on the book by David Ely, dir. John Frankenheimer, stars Rock Hudson, about a middle-aged man given a second chance at life
   Editorial  1994 FEB  ed  at the F&SF booth at the World S. F. Convention in San Francisco, Sept. 1993; has novel Sins of the Blood("Children of the Night," in Preiss(ed):The Ultimate Dracula, 1991; exp. 1994), about vampire siblings, one a vampire, the other a vampire slayer(B&C)
   Editorial  1994 MAR  ed/br  announces that Orson Scott Card is leaving, his 'Books to Look For' column to be taken over by Charles de Lint beginning next month; reviews Sean Stewart: Passion Play; Joe Haldeman: Vietnam and Other Alien Worlds
   Editorial  1994 APR  ed  introduces new book reviewer, Charles de Lint; has pub. br's in PLP, Mystery Scene, The Horror Show, Science Fiction Review, Other Realms; owns & edits Triskell Press; won William L. Crawford Award for Best New Fantasy Author of 1984
   Without End  1994 APR  ss  has anth. w. Edward L. Ferman, The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction: A 45th Anniversary Anthology(1994; N-1995 LOC); Rusch was N-1991-92(w. Ferman), 1993-97 & W-1994 HUG, for Best Professional Editor(F&SF); N-1996-97 WFA, Special Award for editing F&SF
   Editorial  1994 MAY  ed  her reading list for the year 1993, says a lot about her reading tastes: Sharon McCrumb's The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, Elizabeth Harris' The Herb Gatherers, James Lee Burke's In the Electric Mist with the Confederate Dead, etal
   Editorial  1994 JUN  ed  sf on TV/cable: Sci-Fi Channel's Sci-Fi Buzz, with commentary by Harlan Ellison; TVOntario's program, Prisoners of Gravity; Rusch was N-1992, 1995-96 HUG, & N-1992 WFA, all with Dean Wesley Smith for editing at Pulphouse Publishing
   Editorial  1994 JUL  ed  censorship, is it becoming common or rampant?; "Good fiction draws an emotional response from the reader. Devaluing a story because it upsets someone—in any circumstance—devalues literature"; Rusch N-1990-1997 LOC, for Best Editor
   Editorial  1994 AUG  ed  "We should make the effort to bring non-sf readers into the genre ... My duty as an editor is to remember that each issue should attract new readers, & each issue should have one newcomer-friendly story"
   Editorial  1994 SEP  ed  introduces new book columnist Robert K.J. Killheffer, 1st work in sf field was for The New York Review of S. F., Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, The Washington Post; Paul Di Filippo begins a quarterly humorous essay column, Plumage from Pegasus
   Editorial  1994 OCT/NOV  ed  Mainstream America "is doing a better job of imagining the future than we are, "as witnessed by an alternate history Nightline(w. Ted Koppel), VR helmets for disabled children on Prime Time, & "Imagine a world with no beer" Zima commercials
   Editorial  1994 DEC  ed  introduction to Asimov's 400th science essay: "there will always be a fresh new generation of creators"(Anthony Boucher), but also "the day comes when our favorite writer stops producing & all that remains is what he has already written"
   Editorial  1995 JAN  ed  recommends to F&SF readers an anthology she has edited with Edward L. Ferman, The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: A 45th Anniversary Anthology(1994); Rusch has horror novel The Devil's Churn(1996), about a drowned man who returns after 50 years
   Editorial  1995 FEB  ed  survey results, Part 1 of 2; what the survey shows about F&SF's readers - most are 25-55 years old(55% over 35), 93% attended college, 40% female, 70% have not been to an sf convention, 40% also read ASI & ANA, 48% have read F&SF for over 11 years
   Beautiful, the Damned, The  1995 FEB  ss  N-1996 LOC, short story; this story written as an homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald(1896-1940), with whom she's been fascinated with since reading "Bernice Bobs Her Hair," & rereads his 1926 novel, The Great Gatsby, every few years
   Editorial  1995 MAR  ed  survey results, Part 2 of 2; responses on editorial content; 61% want more sf; 36% want more fantasy, 55% want less horror; 56% prefer the short story, novellas 30%, novelettes 14%; competition least popular feature; readers don't want letters column
   Editorial  1995 APR  ed  her reading list for 1994, best books she's read - Mike Conner: Archangel; Ursula K. Le Guin: The Left Hand of Darkness(25th anniv. edition); Mike Resnick & Anthony Lewis(ed): The Passage of Light(a coll. of Barry N. Malzberg's recursive sf)
   Editorial  1995 MAY  ed  a "Sense of Adventure" (not Wonder) is what we need in today's sf; "what happened to our Sense of Adventure? ... You'll see more adventure in the pages of F&SF. Along with ... horror & wonder ... it's time to return to our roots"
   Editorial  1995 JUN  ed  reader responses to survey results(1995 FEB & MAR editorials), Part 1 of 2; comments & opinions from readers, 25 years & over age group, about where did sf's Sense of Adventure go, is sf now only for adults, is sf becoming 'mainstreamed'?
   Spirit Guides  1995 JUN  ss  1st pub. in Peter Crowther & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): Heaven Sent(1995); has Star Trek Voyager novelizations, The Escape(1995), with Dean Wesley Smith, & Echoes(1998), with Smith & Nina Kiriki Hoffman
   Editorial  1995 JUL  ed  reader responses to survey results(1995 FEB & MAR editorials), Part 2 of 2; from the 25 & younger age group; why is the sf readership audience becoming older; 7% of F&SF readers are under 25; Rusch has Star Wars novelization, The New Rebellion(1996)
   Editorial  1995 AUG  ed  popularity of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps & Fear Street series of books for young adults(ages 9-12, & 13-16); "... children learn a lot from Stine: They learn to enjoy reading"
   Editorial  1995 SEP  ed  Nebula Awards ceremony speech by Tom Doherty, "on the future of the sf field, with an analysis of the changes in the book buying public"; what young people are reading now & will in the future; quote from a letter by 17-year old Jeremy Renken
   Editorial  1995 OCT/NOV  ed  virtual golf, "the world of today existed in the imagination only yesterday ... (today) we can get a glimpse of the landscape of tomorrow"; Rusch has novelizations Aliens: Rogue(1995), omnibus Alien Harvest/Rogue w. Dean Wesley Smith as Sandy Schofield
   Editorial  1995 DEC  ed  when local bookstores compete with book superstores, the attitudes of the local bookseller will tell if he is to survive; Rusch has novelizations Star Trek Next Generation: The Soldiers of Fear(1996), Klingon!(1996) w. Dean Wesley Smith as Sandy Schofield
   Editorial  1996 JAN  ed  introduction to the new book review column, 'Brief Reviews: Books,' to be composed by various F&SF staff members; the purpose of the column is to review more sf/f books each month

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