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Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  1996 FEB  ed  TV's fall season of sf shows; Rusch's viewing habits, opinions of Nowhere Man(1995-96; 25 ep.), Space: Above and Beyond(1995-96), American Gothic(1995-96, 22 ep.), Strange Luck(1995-96, 17 ep.), last has episode writers Michael Cassutt & Melissa Snodgrass
   Editorial  1996 MAR  ed  the inspiration of H.G. Wells' short novel War of the Worlds(1898); three stories in this issue to be pub. in a tribute anth. commemorating its 100th anniversary, Kevin J. Anderson(ed): War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches(1996)
   Editorial  1996 APR  ed  introduction to the works(novels, stories, TV scripts) of Alan Brennert; experiment in this issue, a novella "The Refuge" by Brennert, which you can compare with his teleplay of this story on Showtime's Outer Limits series, in May 1996
   Editorial  1996 MAY  ed  intro to new quarterly book review column by Michelle West, called Guilty Pleasures, for books we hide, that your parents forbid, "the books we enjoy"; Michelle West has pub. short stories & fantasy novels as M.W., Michelle Sagara & Michelle Sagara West
   Editorial  1996 JUN  ed  introduction to the new writer issue; the relationship between the editor & the new writer; how this issue came about; Rusch has novelizations Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Long Night(1996), & The Mist(1998) with Dean Wesley Smith
   Editorial  1996 JUL  ed  1st editorial in A Reader's Guide to Publishing ser.; book publishing business & how it affects the readers; intro to ser., what questions she hopes to answer; will follow commercial pub. in general, sf/f/horror in particular; invites readers to respond
   Editorial  1996 AUG  ed  2nd editorial in A Reader's Guide to Publishing ser.; the way publishers do business; how trilogies & bestsellers are handled; why writers may use ps.; who pays for book failures & how; bottom line #1 consideration; how readers can help bestsellers
   Editorial  1996 SEP  ed  3rd editorial in A Reader's Guide to Publishing ser.; book industry's policy of returns & how it affects book prices; how bookstores abuse this policy & what the readers can do about it; see Rusch 1998 DEC interview at website
   Editorial  1996 OCT/NOV  ed  4th editorial in A Reader's Guide to Publishing series; the industry's perception, the role of reviews, & how they affect what readers see at bookstores; F&SF's reviews - the literary essay, the consumer's guide; F&SF's book review policy or philosophy
   Editorial  1996 DEC  ed  5th & last editorial in Publishing series; excerpts of letters from readers on this series, incl. one from Chris Aylott, co-owner Space-Time Continuumbookstore in Northampton, MA; answers questions about book clubs, hardcovers vs. paperbacks, 1st novels
   Editorial  1997 JAN  ed  Stephen King & the success of his 6-part serial novel, The Green Mile(1st part pub. 1996 APR; 1999; made into 1999 movie); Rusch has novelizations Star Trek: The Ring of Tautee(1996), Day of Honor: Treaty's Law(1997) with Dean Wesley Smith
   Editorial  1997 FEB  ed  Wizard of Oz(1937), the film that made K.K.R.'s "love for fantasy take root," a forgotten treasure her husband took her to see on the big screen; intro to a new irregular column, Forgotten Treasues, "classics (that) exist in fiction," by Mike Resnick
   Editorial  1997 MAR  ed  some sf editors & publishers believe readers are "style deaf" when it is they who are publishing sf that adopt "stylistic prose at the expense of narrative ... publishing books that lack narrative drive—lack storytelling"
   Editorial  1997 APR  ed  introduction to this issue in which 3 authors write 3 stories inspired by this issue's cover art by Barclay Shaw; authors agreed amongst themselves to write in three genres - Mike Resnick, fantasy; Esther M. Friesner, sf; Nina Kiriki Hoffman, horror
   Editorial  1997 MAY  ed  good-bye editorial, her last issue as editor; resigning "in order to pursue my writing career ... somewhere along the way I lost my desire to write short fiction ... I was putting my creative short story energy into (F&SF)"; next editor Gordon Van Gelder
   Questing Mind, The (In memory of Kathryn Rusch)  1998 MAY  nv  has novelizations with Dean Wesley Smith, Quantum Leap: Loch Ness Leap(1997, as Sandy Schofield), Star Trek Next Generation: Double Helix 2: Vectors(1999), & trilogy based on a computer game, The Tenth Planet(1999), Oblivion(2000), Final Assault(2001)
   Women of Whale Rock, The  1999 MAR  nv  N-1999 HOM, STO; has mystery Hitler's Angel(1998); Black Throne series set in the Fey world, The Black Queen(1999), The Black King(2000); sf novelization with Dean Wesley Smith, X-Men(2000); romance Utterly Charming(2000) as Kristine Grayson
   Curiosities: "The Seeing I" and Other Gems  1999 OCT/NOV  br  "the back issues of F&SF provide a wealth of wonderful material"; like Charles Beaumont's reviews, her favorite being his TV review column, The Seeing I, of F&SF 1959 DEC, in which Beaumont hopes a new series will be successful, The Twilight Zone
Russ, Joanna  Nor Custom Stale  1959 SEP  ss  (1937- ) her 1st pub. story; born & raised in the Bronx, has a BA in English from Cornell Univ., presently a 2nd-year student at the Yale Univ. School of Drama(where she received an MFA degree)
   My Dear Emily  1962 JUL  nv  assistant to the Director of the American Institute of Physics; former Westinghouse Science Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, & winner of both the Browning & Shakespeare Essay Prizes(at Cornell Univ.)
   There Is Another Shore, You Know, Upon the Other Side  1963 SEP  ss  has 1st novel Picnic on Paradise(N-1968 NEB), makes up the biggest part of her coll. Alyx(1976; N-1977 LOC; vt The Adventures of Alyx, 1985 UK), a ser. of tales about a time traveling female mercenary, has changed way women are portrayed in sf(Clute)
   "I Had Vacantly Crumpled It Into My Pocket ... But by God, Eliot, It Was a Photograph From Life!"  1964 AUG  ss  title is from the end of H.P. Lovecraft's story "Pickman's Model"
   Wilderness Year  1964 DEC  vi  has novelette "The Second Inquisition" in Knight(ed): Orbit 6(1970) was N-1970 NEB; novelette "Poor Man, Beggar Man" in Carr(ed): Universe 1(1971) was N-1971 NEB; short story "Nobody's Home," in Silverberg(ed): New Dimensions II(1972), was N-1973 LOC
   New Men, The  1966 FEB  ss  has short story "When It Changed" in Ellison(ed): Again, Dangerous Visions(1972) was N-1972 NEB; 1973 HUG, LOC; 1995 TIP; novelette "The Mystery of the Young Gentleman," in Asimov & Laurance(ed): Speculations(1982), was N-1982 NEB
   Mr. Wilde's Second Chance  1966 SEP  vi  has novelette "The Dirty Little Girl," in Windling & Arnold(ed): Elsewhere, v.2(1982), was N-1983 LOC; has short story "Invasion," in ASI 1996 JAN, was N-1997 LOC
   Books  1966 DEC  br  Roger Elwood & Sam Moskowitz(ed): Strange Signposts, An Anthology of the Fantastic
   Books  1967 OCT  br  James Blish: The Warriors of Day; Michael Moorcock: Stealer of Souls, & Stormbringer
   Books  1968 JAN  br  Roger Zelazny: Lord of Light; Colin Wilson: The Mind Parasites
   Books  1968 JUL  br  Judith Merril(ed): The Best of the Best; René Barjavel: Ashes, Ashes; James Blish & Norman L. Knight: A Torrent of Faces
   Books  1968 DEC  br  James Blish: Black Easter; Michael Moorcock: The Final Programme; Lloyd Biggle: The Still Small Voice of Trumpets; Kenneth Bulmer: The Doomsday Men; Philip José Farmer: Flesh
   Books  1969 APR  br  Keith Roberts: Pavane; Frederik Pohl: The Age of the Pussyfoot; Frank Herbert: The Santaroga Barrier; Margaret Jones: Transplant; Wilfred Blunt: Omar
   Short and Happy Life, A  1969 JUN  vi  concerning the Skinner-Waxman multiple-choice test used to measure creativity; teaches at Cornell Univ.
   Books  1969 AUG  br  Ron Goulart: The Sword Swallower; Avram Davidson: The Phoenix and the Mirror; Hal Clement: Small Changes; Michael Moorcock(ed): The Best SF Stories from New Worlds #2; Poul Anderson: 7 Conquests
   Books  1969 SEP  br  Gerald Feinberg: The Prometheus Project: Mankind's Search for Long-Range Goals; Kate Wilhelm: Let the Fire Fall; Wollheim & Carr(ed): World's Bset Science Fiction: 1969; John Boyd: The Last Starship from Earth; Earl Conrad: The Da Vinci Machine
   Books  1970 JAN  br  Robert Merle: The Day of the Dolphin; Norman Spinrad: Bug Jack Barron; Jack Vance:Emphyrio; Harry Harrison & Brian W. Aldiss(ed): Best SF: 1968; K.M. O'Donnell: The Empty People
   Initiation  1970 FEB  nv  excerpt from her upcoming novel And Chaos Died(1970; N-1970 NEB; 1971 LOC; rvw. F&SF 1970 DEC), in which a man who crash-landed on a planet is forced by its psychically transformed human inhabitants to become like them & acquire psi powers(Clute)
   Books  1970 JUL  br  Anne McCaffrey: The Ship Who Sang; Poul Anderson: Satan's World; Brian W. Aldiss: Report on Probability A; Ray Bradbury: I Sing the Body Electric
   Books  1971 FEB  br  Ira Levin: This Perfect Day; Ralph Blum: The Simultaneous Man; Dean R. Koontz: The Dark Symphony; Edmund Cooper: Sea Horse in the Sky
   Books  1971 APR  br  reviews the movie The Bed Sitting Room(1969 UK); & books Harry Harrison(ed): SF: Author's Choice 2, & coll. One Step from Earth; Robert Silverberg: The Cube Root of Uncertainty; Leo P. Kelley: Time Rogue; Gene Wolfe: Operation Ares
   Books  1971 NOV  br  Shulamith Firestone: The Dialectic of Sex; Kate Wilhelm: Abyss; Harry Harrison(ed): The Light Fantastic; Harlan Ellison: Partners in Wonder; James Blish: The Day After Judgment
   Books  1972 DEC  br  Bunch: Moderan; Malzberg: The Falling Astronauts; O'Donnell: In the Pocket and Other SF Stories, & Gather in the Hall of the Planet; McAllister: Humanity Prime; M. John Harrison: The Committed Men; Runyon: Pig World; Sheckley: Can You Feel Anything ...
   Books  1973 FEB  br  Christopher Anvil: Pandora's Planet; Lloyd Biggle: The Light that Never Was; James Blish: Midsummer Century; Barry Malzberg: Beyond Apollo; George Alec Effinger: What Entropy Means to Me
   Books  1973 JUL  br  Joseph Elder(ed): Eros in Orbit; Thomas M. Scortia(ed): Strange Bedfellows; Norman Spinrad: The Iron Dream; James Gunn: The Listeners; Robert Silverberg: Dying Inside; correction of her 1971 FEB book review, mention of J. Herndon: The Way It Spozed to Be
   Books  1974 FEB  br  Thomas Disch(ed): Bad Moon Rising; Fredric Brown: Paradox Lost; Gordon Dickson: The Star Road; Marie Farca: Complex Man
   Game of Vlet, A  1974 FEB  ss  has 3rd novel, The Female Man(1975; N-1975 NEB; 1976 LOC; W-1995 TIP), which presents a series of four alternate worlds, in each of which a version of the central protagonist enacts a different life, all dovetailing as the plot progresses(Clute)
   Books  1975 JAN  br  essay: defining the reviewer's standards, what does their 'good' mean; Silverberg: Born with the Dead; Gunn: Some Dreams Are Nightmares; Brunner: Total Eclipse; Dick: Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said; Waldrop & Jake Saunders: The Texas-Israeli War, 1999
   Innocence  1975 FEB  vi  has novel We Who Are About to ...(1977), about a dying woman on a lifeless planet(Clute)
   Books  1975 MAR  br  Brian Aldiss: Frankenstein Unbound; Ursula K. Le Guin: The Dispossessed; Carol Emshwiller: Joy in Our Cause; Judy-Lynn del Rey(ed): Stellar 1
   Books  1975 APR  br  Allen: Cliffs Notes; Greenberg & Warrick(ed): Political S. F.; Sullivan III(ed): As Tomorrow Becomes Today; Sanders(ed): Speculations; Spinrad(ed): Modern S. F.; Friend: S. F.: The Classroom in Orbit; Moorcock: The English Assassin; note: on 1975 JAN br
   Risk  1975 JUN  vi  has novel The Two of Them(1978; W-1995 TIP), the story of the oppression & escape of a young woman brought up on a planet whose religion is like Islam, & deconstructing this genetic material into the embittered dreams of woman trapped on Earth(Clute)

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