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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Schenck, Hilbert  Morphology of the Kirkham Wreck, The  1978 SEP  nv  N-1979 LOC, novelette
   Battle of the Abaco Reefs, The  1979 JUN  na  N-1979 NEB; 1980 HUG, LOC, novella; "the invasion of the Bahamian island of Abaco by an energy-starved U.S."
   Buoyant Ascent  1980 MAR  nv  N-1981 LOC, na; story "about a submarine bottomed at 940 ft & a most unusual rescue attempt"; to be pub. in coll. Wave Rider(1980; N-1981 LOC); Schenck has spent years looking at underwater accidents & preparing reports for the U.S. Dept. of Commerce
   Hurricane Claude  1983 APR  nv  N-1984 HUG, LOC, novella; "story about a group of ocean engineers & their attempts to stop a gigantic killer storm that is ... headed for Long Island"
   Steam Bird  1984 APR  na-1/2  concerns a U.S.-Soviet stand-off & recounts the pioneering flight of an enormously slow steam-driven nuclear bomber(Clute); to be in coll. Steam Bird(1988)
   Steam Bird  1984 MAY  na-2/2  has 1st novel At the Eye of the Ocean(1980), & A Rose for Armageddon(1982), both set in the Cape Cod region; the 1st novel about a pre-Civil War sea captain who helps slaves escape to Canada; latter about near-future researchers who find a time portal
   Send Me a Kiss by Wire  1985 APR  ss  has novel Chronosequence(1988), which presents its protagonist with a mystery from previous centuries whose solution involves the ocean, geography, time-slippage, aliens, & the potential redemption of the world(Clute)
   Down East Storm, A  1990 OCT  ss  see Schenck's entry in the St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers(1996)
Schenck, Hilbert Jr  Tomorrow's Weather  1953 APR  ss  (1926- ) his 1st pub. story; Hilbert van Nydeck Schenck Jr; engineer, university lecturer, writer; also in F&SF as Hilbert Schenck, beginning in 1977
   Me  1959 AUG  pm  has pub. nf that deals with the ocean & with oceanological research & exploration technologies, e.g., Underwater Photography(1954), Skin Diver's and Spearfisherman's Guide to American Waters(1955), Fundamentals of Thermodynamics(1962)
   Snip, Snip  1959 SEP  pm  has edited textbook, Introduction to Ocean Engineering(1975)
   Memo at the Department of Agriculture  1960 APR  pm 
   Wockyjabber  1960 MAY  pm 
   Ed Lear Wasn't So Crazy  1960 JUN  pm 
   Me  1979 OCT  pm  1st pub. in F&SF 1959 AUG; see biolog in ANA 1984 SEP
Schmidt, Stanley  Mascots  1982 FEB  ss  (1944- ) has 1969 PhD in physics, which he taught until 1978; editor of ANA 1978 DEC-present; 1st story pub. sf "A Flash of Darkness" in ANA 1968 SEP; 1st novel Newton and the Quasi-Apple(1975); The Sins of the Father(1976), & sequel Lifeboat Earth(1978)
Schmitz, James H.  These Are the Arts  1962 SEP  ss  (1911-1981) 1st story pub. "Greenface" in UNK 1943 AUG; has Vega agents series coll. Agent of Vega(ASF & GAL 1949-51; 1960); has novels The Witches of Karres(ASF 1949 DEC; exp.1966), A Tale of Two Clocks(1962, 1st part of Hub sequence; vt. Legacy, 1979)
   Attitudes  1969 FEB  ss  others in Hub seq. colls. A Nice Day for Screaming(1965), A Pride of Monsters(1970), novel The Demon Breed(1968); has Telzey Amberdon seq. novels The Universe Against Her(1964), The Lion Game(1973), coll. The Telzey Toy(1973); coll. The Best of ...(1991)
Schoenfeld, Howard  Built Up Logically  1950 FLL  ss  (1915- ) 1st pub. in Retort, 1949 WIN as "The Universal Panacea"; has sequel #145, F&SF 1951 DEC; has pub. mysteries in EQMM; has EQMM story "All of God's Children Has Shoes" reprinted in Bill Pronzini(ed): Midnight Specials(1977)
   Built Down Logically  1951 DEC  vi  sequel to story #45, F&SF 1950 FLL; has 1st novel Let Them Eat Bullets(1954), about "Jerry Nelson, a tough P.I., who knew what to feed a public enemy, as all hell breaks loose with blondes, lead showers & teenage psychotics"
Scholz, Carter  Altamira (for Glenn Harcourt—als ich chan)  1981 DEC  ss  (1953- ) N-1982 LOC; born in Manhattan, attended Clarion; 1st story pub. sf "Closed Circuit" in Wilhelm(ed): Clarion SF(1976); has 1st novel, with Glenn Harcourt, Palimpsests(1984); Radiance(2002); coll. Kafka Americana(1999) with Jonathan Lethem
Schow, David J.  Curiosities: The Lights in the Sky Are Stars, by Fredric Brown, 1953  1999 FEB  br  (1955- ) Brown's(1906-1972) novel depicts mankind at the turn of the 21st century & on the verge of star travel(Clute); "Lights has a sense of wonder rarely found in ... modern sci-fi ... Its plot is queerly similar to the recent film Gattaca(1997)"
Schutz, J.W.  Maiden Voyage  1965 MAR  nv  (1912-1984) N-1965 NEB, novelette; his 1st pub. sf; working name for Joseph Willard Schutz; State Department official - American Consul General in Tangier, Morocco; graduated in science & later from the U.S. Counter-Insurgency School
   Star Driver, The  1967 JAN  ss  writes thrillers as Jerry Scholl
   Bubble, The  1967 AUG  nv  has also pub. short sf stories in AMZ, ANA, IFS, GAL, & VSF
   Wish, The  1972 SEP  nv  has two adventure-sf novels, People of the Rings(1975 UK), & The Moon Microbe(1976 UK)
   Lebenstraum  1980 JUL  ss  his name is incorrectly given on story page as "Shutz," though on the contents page it is correctly given as "Schutz"
Scott, Jody  Go for Baroque  1961 JUN  ss  (1923- ) wn. for Joann Huguelot Wood; Scott her name from a first marriage; born in Chicago, now lives in Seattle; she has a novel of suspense, Cure It with Honey(1951); has also pub. vignette "The Origin of Species," in FAN 1969 FEB, as Jody Scott Wood
   2-D Problem, The  1965 AUG  ss  has novels Passing for Human(1977), which features Benaroya, a 36-foot extra-terrestial dolphin, who visits Earth to save it from an alien invasion; I, Vampire(1984); has website, Jody Scott: Censorable Ideas and Fiction
Scott, Robin  Gritsch System, The  1965 MAY  ss  (1928- ) ps. for Robin Scott Wilson(& also in F&SF as such, & as Robin Wilson), ex-Navy man, has PhD in English; is a publication editor(civilian) with the U.S. Army in Germany; 1st story pub. sf "Third Alternative" in ANA 1964 MAR
   Near Thing  1966 AUG  ss 
   Diaspora  1969 NOV  nv  Robin Scott Wilson was the most influential founder, along with Damon Knight etal, of the Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop in Clarion, PA, in 1968 (Clute)
   Delicate Operation, A  1970 JAN  ss 
Seabright, Idris  Listening Child, The  1950 DEC  ss  (1911-1995) ps. for Margaret St. Clair; her 1st story pub. under this ps.; also in F&SF under her own name(& where you can find most of her biographical & bililographical info)
   Brightness Falls From the Air  1951 APR  ss  Story Title Contest, $100.00 given to best title submitted by readers for this story; winner was not announced in later issues, but "Brightness Falls from the Air" was the winning title
   Man Who Sold Rope to the Gnoles, The  1951 OCT  ss  Margaret St. Clair also pub. mystery stories "Letter from the Deceased" in Detective Story Magazine 1945 MAR, & "Nightmare Lady" in Dime Mystery Magazine 1949 OCT
   Hole in the Moon, The  1952 FEB  ss  Margaret St. Clair also pub. three stories to men's magazine Gent, in its 1958 SEP, 1959 FEB, & 1960 OCT issues
   Causes, The  1952 JUN  ss  under the ps. Wilton Hazzard, Margaret St. Clair wrote the article "Geronimo - Red Scourge of the Southwest" in Indian Stories 1950 SUM
   Egg a Month From All Over, An  1952 OCT  ss 
   New Ritual  1953 JAN  ss 
   Thirsty God  1953 MAR  ss 
   Judgment Planet  1953 JUL  ss 
   Altruists, The  1953 NOV  ss 
   Change the Sky  1955 MAR  ss 
   Personal Monster  1955 SEP  ss 
   Asking  1955 NOV  ss 
   White Goddess  1956 JUL  ss 
   Stawdust  1956 SEP  ss 
   Hero Comes, The  1956 NOV  ss  under her real name, Margaret St. Clair, has her 1st novel Agent of the Unknown(STS 1952 FEB, as "Vulcan's Dolls"; 1956), & The Green Queen(1956)
   Eithne  1957 JUL  ss 

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