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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Seabright, Idris  Wines of Earth, The  1957 SEP  ss 
   Death of Each Day, The  1958 APR  ss  story title is from Macbeth
   Graveyard Shift  1959 FEB  ss 
Seabury, Paul  Histronaut, The  1963 APR  ss  (1923-1990) 1st pub. in 1961; Associate Professor of Political Science at the Univ. of California(Berkeley); has book The Wilhelmstrasse(1954), a study of Nazi diplomacy
Searle, Ronald  Cartoon  1955 JUL  ct  (1920- ) born in Cambridge, England; has lived in France since 1961; studied at Cambridge School of Art; 1st carton sale for the Cambridge Daily News in 1935; freelance illus. since 1935, an illustrator for Lilliput Magazine since its inception in 1937
   Cartoon  1956 FEB  ct  1st pub. in his coll. The Female Approach(1954); served in WWII in Royal Engineers painting camouflage, & was interned in a Japanese POW camp for over 3 years; pub. book of sketches made in Changi Camp, To the Kwai and Back: War Drawings 1939-1945(1986)
   Cartoon  1956 MAR  ct  1st pub. in coll. The Female Approach(1954); W-1959, 1965, 1986-1987 Plaque Award, Advertising; W-1980 Plaque Award, Magazine/Book Illustration; designed animated films Dick Deadeye(1975), sequences in Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines(1965)
   Cartoon  1956 NOV  ct  1st pub. in his coll. The Female Approach(1954); he worked in London as a humorous illustrator & caricaturist for Punch, London Opinion, & Punch; his work has "an ebullient humor offset by a ... macabre elongation & distortion of the human form"
   Cartoon  1957 JUL  ct  1st pub. in his coll. The Female Approach(1954); wrote & illustrated many humorous books, incl. the popular St. Trinian series(also made into movie features); W-1960 Reuben Award, for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year; in 1961 moved & settled in Frane
   Cartoon  1957 OCT  ct  1st pub. in his The Female Approach(1954); illustrated James Thurber's The 13 Clocks and the Wonderful O (1962)- (info from Clute); see biography, Russell Davies: Ronald Searle: A Biography(1990); has coll. Marquis de Sade Meets Goody Two-Shoes(1994), etc
Searles, Baird  Wilis, The  1968 MAY  ss  (1934-1993) drama & literature director for NYC's radio station, WBAI-FM; co-proprietor with Martin Last of The Science Fiction Shop in Greenwich Village, 1973-86; assoc. editor of The S. F. Review Monthly; also in F&SF as movie & TV reviewer(mr/tvr)
   Films  1970 SEP  mr/tvr  1st of his column of reviews of movies on the big screen & on TV, & of TV series; Beneath the Planet of the Apes(1970), dir. Ted Post, stars Charlton Heston & James Franciscus
   Films  1970 NOV  mr/tvr  On a Clear Day You Can See Forever(1970), stars Barbara Streisand; Searles was a dancer on Broadway in the 1950s; he produced sf/f for radio in the 1960s on Pacifica Radio; he had a regular book review program on radio for a time, as well
   Films  1970 DEC  mr/tvr  Time of Roses(1969), 1st Finnish feature film to be released in U.S., gold medal winner at 1969 Trieste Science Fiction Film Festival; Searles pub. book reviews in The New York Times, The Village Voice, & Publishers Weekly
   Films  1971 JAN  mr/tvr  No Blade of Grass(1970), based on John Christopher novel; Taste the Blood of Dracula(1970 UK), stars Christopher Lee; Cry of the Banshee(1970 UK), stars Vincent Price; Trog(1970 UK), stars Joan Crawford
   Films  1971 FEB  mr/tvr  Je T'Aime, Je T'Aime(1968), the only entry at the New York Film Festival that can be classified as sf; Searles has 1st nf book Stranger in a Strange Land & Other Works(1975 chap); with Martin Last, The Science Fiction Quizbook(1976)
   Films  1971 MAR  mr/tvr  Brewster McCloud(1970), dir. Robert Altman, stars Bud Cort, Sally Kellerman; Searles has nf books A Reader's Guide to Science Fiction(1979), with Martin Last, Michael Franklin & Beth Meacham; A Reader's Guide to Fantasy(1982), with Franklin & Meacham
   Films  1971 MAY  mr/tvr  The Phantom Tollbooth(1969), stars David Monahan; Zachariah(1971), stars John Rubinstein, & Country Joe and the Fish; When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth(1970); Searles has nf book Films of Science Fiction and Fantasy(1988)
   Films  1971 JUN  mr/tvr  The Andromeda Strain(1971), based on Michael Crichton novel, stars Arthur Hill; Carnival of Souls(1962), stars Candace Hilligoss; Searles has nf book Epic! History on the Big Screen(1990), which presents the history of the world as seen thru the movies
   Films  1971 JUL  mr/tvr  THX 1138(1971), dir. George Lucas(his directorial debut, it is an expanded version of a prize-winning featurette he made at the Univ. of Southern California), stars Robert Duvall & Donald Pleasence
   Films  1971 SEP  mr/tvr  The House that Dripped Blood(1971); Creation of the Humanoids(1962), based on the novel by Jack Williamson; Searles has anth. Halflings, Hobbits, Warrows, & Weefolk(1991), with Brian M. Thomsen
   Books  1971 OCT  br  Anna Kavan: Ice; Kit Reed: Armed Camps; Ron Goulart: Gadget Man; Keith Laumer: The Star Treasures; Searles has "On Books" column in ASI 1979 MAY-1993 OCT; after his death, ASI established the Searles Award, associated w. the Asimov Award contest
   Films  1971 NOV  mr/tvr  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory(1971); Peter Rabbit and Tales of Beatrix Potter(1971 UK); see Searles' obits & appreciations in LOC 1993 MAY(#388), & in ASI 1993 OCT
   Films  1971 DEC  mr/tvr  The Omega Man(1971), based on Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend(as was 1964 movie The Last Man on Earth, stars Vincent Price), stars Charlton Heston
   Films  1972 JAN  mr/tvr  Glen and Randa(1971); Let's Scare Jessica to Death(1971); Fearless Vampire Killers(1967), dir. Roman Polanski; short reviews - Privilege(1967); Forbidden Planet(1956)
   Films  1972 FEB  mr/tvr  The Gladiators(1969 Sweden), dir. Peter Watkins, movie known in England as The Peace Game; The Trojan Women(1972 Greece-US), stars Katharine Hepburn; Helen of Troy(1955), stars Brigitte Bardot, Rosanna Podesta
   Films: Mixed Media  1972 MAR  mr/tvr  Medea(1970 Italy), stars Maria Callas; Black Noon(1971 TV), stars Roy Thinnes, Yvette Mimieux, Ray Milland, Gloria Grahame
   Films: Kubrick's Earth Odyssey  1972 APR  mr/tvr  A Clockwork Orange(1971), dir. Stanley Kubrick, stars Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee
   Films: People on the Tube, The  1972 MAY  mr/tvr  The People(1972 TV), based on Zenna Henderson's The People ser. in F&SF, stars Kim Darby & William Shatner; briefly - The Night Stalker(1971 TV); Earth II(1971 TV); Something Evil(1972 TV); book Walt Lee: Reference Guide to Fantastic Films(1972)
   Films: "They're Coming to Get You, Barbara"  1972 JUN  mr/tvr  Night of the Living Dead(1968); The Orchid(?), a short directed by Samuel R. Delany
   Films: Z.P.G.P.U.  1972 JUL  mr/tvr  Z.P.G.(1972), stars Oliver Reed, Geraldine Chapman; short reviews - Monster Zero(1970 Japan); Curse of the Crying Woman(1964 Mexico)
   Films: Candy Coated Robots  1972 AUG  mr/tvr  Silent Running(1971), stars Bruce Dern
   Films: Sex and the S-F Film  1972 SEP  mr/tvr  I Love You, I Kill You(1971 Germany); Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde(1972 UK), stars Ralph Bates
   Films  1972 OCT  mr/tvr  "a short essay ... on what I look for in the fantastic film"; movies mentioned - Jason and the Argonauts(1963); Stairway to Heaven(1946); The Cat People(1942); The Innocents(1961); The Incredible Shrinking Man(1957); 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968); 1 more
   Films: Dinner at 8 for the Mud People  1972 NOV  mr/tvr  Savages(1972); Eye of the Devil(1967 UK), stars Deborah Kerr, David Niven
   Films: Minority Vampire, The  1972 DEC  mr/tvr  Blacula(1972), has sequel - Scream, Blacula, Scream(1973); Die, Monster, Die(1965), based on H.P. Lovecraft's "Colour Out of Space," stars Boris Karloff; The Extraordinary Seaman(1969), stars David Niven, Faye Dunaway
   Films: UFO's, Werewolves and Other Familiarities  1973 JAN  mr/tvr  U.F.O.(1970 UK TV series, 26 ep.), stars Ed Bishop; Moon of the Wolf(1972 TV), stars David Jansen; Haunts of the Very Rich(1972), stars Ed Asner; Portrait of Jennie(1948), based on Robert Nathan novel(1940; 1998), about love & time travel
   Films: Horrors!  1973 FEB  mr/tvr  Vampire Circus(1971 UK); Countess Dracula(1970 UK); Dracula A.D. 1972(1972 UK); House of Usher(1960), based on Edgar Allan Poe story; The Haunted Palace(1963), based on Poe story; The Thing(1951), loosely based on John W. Campbell's Who Goes There?
   Films: Return to Cobra Island  1973 MAR  mr/tvr  Cobra Woman(1944), stars Maria Montez; has sequel/remake Night of the Cobra Woman(1972); The Undead(1957)
   Films: Transcendence on the Tube  1973 APR  mr/tvr  essay: on realizing the fantastic elements in films; Salome( ? , France); briefly mentions - Asylum(1972), screen play by Robert Bloch; Gargoyles(1972 TV); Via Galactica(Broadway's 1st sf musical)
   Films: Strange Bedfellows  1973 MAY  mr/tvr  Moonwalk One(?); In Search of Ancient Astronauts(1973 TV), a visualization of Erich von Daniken's book Chariots of the Gods(1969)
   Films: Very Good Dr. Phibes, The  1973 JUN  mr/tvr  Dr. Phibes Rises Again(1972 UK), stars Vincent Price, the sequel to The Abomminable Dr. Phibes(1971 UK)
   Films: Dr. Frankenstein, Mr. Hyde, Ms. Satan Et Al  1973 JUL  mr/tvr  The Devil's Daughter(1972 TV), w. Shelley Winters; Frankenstein(1973 TV), w. Bo Svenson; A Cold Night's Death(1972 TV); The Horror at 37,000 Feet(1972 TV), w. Chuck Connors; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(1973 TV), w. Kirk Douglas; Moon Zero Two(1969)
   Films: Green Grows the Soylent  1973 AUG  mr/tvr  Soylent Green(1973), stars Charlton Heston, based on Harry Harrison novel; Genesis II(1973 TV), written by Gene Roddenberry
   Films: Blood Up to Here  1973 SEP  mr/tvr  Theatre of Blood(1973 UK), stars Vincent Price, Diana Rigg; Picture of Dorian Grey(1973 TV), stars Shane Briant
   Films: Revivals, Repeats and Reflections  1973 OCT  mr/tvr  2001: A Space Odyssey(1968), based loosely on Arthur C. Clarke's short story "The Sentinel" in TEN 1951 SPR; Mary Poppins(1964); The Borgia Stick(1966 TV); The Thief of Bagdad(1940 UK), won Oscar Award for photography
   Films: Some Garlic for Jonathan  1973 NOV  mr/tvr  Jonathan(1970 Germany); The Legend of Hell House(1973), scripted by Richard Matheson & based on his own novel
   Films: See the Giant Clams Eat the Friendly Natives  1973 DEC  mr/tvr  The Neptune Factor(1973 Canada), stars Ben Gazzara, Yvette Mimieux, Walter Pidgeon; some thoughts on Disney productions; The Mouse Factory(1971-73, TV series, 40 ep.), from Disney
   Films: Jesus With Jets  1974 JAN  mr/tvr  Jesus Christ Superstar(1973), has same Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber score as the Broadway play, stars Ted Neeley, Yvonne Elliman; Brother Sun, Sister Moon(1973 Italy-UK), dir. Franco Zeffirelli, has songs by Donovan
   Films: Damn You, Harlan Ellison  1974 FEB  mr/tvr  essay: "Why aren't there more good sf movies?"; The Starlost(1973-74, TV series, 16 ep.), initial script by Harlan Ellison, he rejects whole thing, which is why the credits say "created by Cordwainer Bird," stars Keir Dullea, Gay Rowan, Robin Ward

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