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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Shapiro, Neil  In Black of Many Colors  1970 APR  nv  1st of 2 stories in his telepath series; has sf novel Planet Without a Name(1976), in which space colonists find themselves at war with nasty amphibian humanoids
   Starlight Shining Through Her Eyes  1970 JUL  ss  has also pub. four stories and two articles in Vertex Science Fiction between 1974 FEB & 1975 AUG
   She Was the Music. The Music Was Him.  1970 OCT  nv  2nd of 2 stories in telepath ser.; has novel in same universe, Mind Call(1978), where telepathic starship Commander Diana Light, a recent graduate of the Institute of the Worlds, uses her skills to find out why returning starfarers have been going insane
Sharkey, Jack  Final Ingredient, The  1960 AUG  ss  (1931-1992) working name for John Michael Sharkey; 1st story pub. sf "The Captain of His Soul" in FAN 1959 MAR
   Collector's Item  1963 SEP  ss  has sf novels The Secret Martians(1960), Ultimatum in 2050 A.D.(AMZ 1963 JUN-JUL, as "The Programmed People"; 1965); has Jerry Norcriss series(GAL, WOT, & IFS in 1961-70); active as a playwright after 1965
   Survival of the Fittest  1964 MAR  ss  has two crime novels Murder, Maestro, Please(1960), & Death for Auld Lang Syne(1962); he had many mystery stories in the magazine Manhunt
   Trade-In  1964 JUN  ss  has novel The Addams Family(1965, TV tie-in)
   Breakthrough  1964 NOV  ss  has pub. at least 9 short stories betw. 1959-1963 in the men's mags. Dude, Gent, Escapade, & Nugget
   Essentials Only  1965 MAR  ss  Sharkey wrote more than 100 short & full-length plays & musicals, which have been performed by community theaters thruout the nation; successful playwright, was well-known in the dinner theater industry, & among high school theater clubs
   Glorious Fourth, The  1965 OCT  ss  see his obit in LOC 1992 DEC(#383); a search of the internet shows his comedy plays "Saving Grace" by Orange Park Community Theatre(FL) in Sept. 2000, & "Rich Is Better" by touring company Repertory Theater of America in the fall of 2000
Shaver, Edward F.  Killing Thought, The  1981 MAY  nv  N-1982 BSF, short fiction; his 1st pub. story; graduated from Pennsylvania State Univ. in 1977 with a BS in Physics; employed by a support contractor to the Dept. of Energy's solar energy program
   Choice of Dreams, A  1982 AUG  nv  has pub. short stort "Fear the Light" in AMZ 1987 MAY, & novelette "Closing Circle" in AMZ 1989 JUL
   Sport of Kings  1985 NOV  nv 
   Stones  1986 NOV  nv 
   Gods Arrive, The  1987 SEP  nv 
   Third Effect, The  1989 SEP  ss 
Shaw, Bob  Repeat Performance  1971 FEB  ss  (1931-1996) working name for Robert Shaw, from Ireland, fulltime writer since 1975; involved in sf fandom, 1st sf book The Enchanted Duplicator(1954 chap; AMZ 1972-73 NOV-JUN) with Walter A. Willis; 1st story pub. sf "Aspect" in NEB #9 1954
   Dream Fighter  1977 FEB  ss  has famous short story "Light of Other Days" in ANA 1966 AUG(N-1966 NEB; 1967 HUG; 1st story in Slow Glass ser.; exp. into fixup novel Other Days, Other Eyes, 1972; N-1973 LOC); has colls. Tomorrow Lies in Ambush(1973), Cosmic Kaleidoscope(1976)
   Well-Wisher  1979 NOV  ss  has 1st novel Night Walk(1967); The Two-Timers(1969), The Palace of Eternity(1969), One Million Tomorrows(1970), A Wreath of Stars(1976), Ship of Strangers(1978 fixup), Vertigo(1978); colls. A Better Mousetrap(1982), Between Two Worlds(1986)
   Go On, Pick a Universe!  1981 MAR  ss  has Orbitsville seq. Orbitsville(GAL 1974 JUN-AUG; 1975; W-1976 BSF; N-JWC), Orbitsville Departure(1983), Orbitsville Judgement(1990); see iv's in AMZ 1981 JUL, & LOC 1987 OCT(#321); special Shaw issue(bib, iv, ar) in LOC 1993 JAN(#384); obit LOC 1996 MAR
   Lunch of Champions  1991 APR  ss  has Ragged Astronauts seq., The Ragged Astronauts(1986; W-1987 BSF; N-CLA, HUG, LOC), The Wooden Spaceships(1988), The Fugitive Worlds(1989); Fire Pattern(1984), Warren Peace(1993), Dimensions(1994); coll. Dark Night in Toyland(1989)
Shea, J. Vernon  H.P. Lovecraft: House and the Shadows, The  1966 MAY  ar  (1912-1981) a friend of H.P.L., born in Dayton, KY, the son of a professional magician, overseas veteran of the Army Medical Corps; works as a metallurgist in Cleveland; has edited anthologies Strange Desires(1954), & Strange Barriers (1961)
Shea, Michael  Angel of Death, The  1979 AUG  nv  (1946- ) N-1979 NEB; 1980 LOC, novelette; born in L.A., educated at Berkeley; has 1st novel, A Quest for Simbilis(1974; N-1975 BFA), which is a sequel, with permission, to Jack Vance's The Eyes of the Overworld(1966)(Clute)
   Autopsy, The  1980 DEC  nv  N-1980 NEB; 1981 LOC, novella; HUG, novelette; pathologist Dr. Carl Winters "arrives at a mountain town to perform autopsies on the victims of a suspicious explosion" & meets something unexpected & deadly
   Polyphemus  1981 AUG  na  N-1982 LOC, novella; on the planet Firebairn, a field expedition out to forage provisions for its colony instead becomes the prey of an ancient beast, which it must quickly understand in order to survive
   That Frog  1982 APR  ss  has Nifft series, Nifft the Lean: Raiders of the Infernal Domains(1982; W-1983 WFA), a Vancean fantasy consisting of four related prev. unpub. stories, & sequel The Mines of Behemoth(TSF 1996 JUN, AUG, NOV; 1996; N-1998 LOC)
   Horror on the #33, The  1982 AUG  ss  N-1983 LOC, short story; has novel The Color Out of Time(1984), a sequel to H.P. Lovecraft's novelette, "The Colour Out of Space," which was first pub. in AMZ 1927 SEP
   Grunt-12 Test Drive  1983 FEB  ss  has novel In Yana, the Touch of Undying(1985; N-1986 LOC), a fantasy novel in the Vancean mode, with more than a touch of horror(B&C)
   Uncle Tuggs  1986 MAY  nv  has coll. Polyphemus(1987; N-1988 WFA)
   Fill It With Regular  1986 OCT  nv  N-1987 LOC, novelette; has a Chthulhu Mythos horror novelette, "Fat Face," pub. as a chapbook in 1987, was N-1988 BFA
   Extra, The  1987 MAY  nv  has horror novella "I, Said the Fly" orig. pub. in Ellen Datlow(ed): The Omni Book of Science Fiction #6(1989), & was revised & pub. in a chapbook in 1993, about an insect invasion that takes over the nervous & reproductive systems of humans
   Delivery  1987 DEC  ss  see interview in The Scream Factory 1995 WIN; has novel The A'rak(2000), 3rd in the Nifft series, in which Nifft is hired as a swordsman/bodyguard by Lagadene, a woman on a special mission; omnibus The Incompleat Nifft(2000), of 1st two Nifft novels
Sheckley, Robert  Monsters, The  1953 MAR  ss  (1928- ) born in Brooklyn, NY; raised in Maplewood, N.J.; served in the Army in Korea; grad. from N.Y. Univ. in 1952; 1st story pub. "Final Examination" in IMG 1952 MAY; early 1950s wrote scripts for TV series Captain Video, as did Knight, & Kornbluth
   King's Wishes, The  1953 JUL  ss  has colls. Untouched by Human Hands(1954), Citizen in Space(1955), Pilgrimage to Earth(1957); has used ps. Phillips Barbee, Ned Lang, & Finn O'Donnevan in GAL; short story "Something for Nothing" in GAL 1954 JUN made into 1993 Cable ser. The Utilizer
   Accountant, The  1954 JUL  ss  has novel Immortality Delivered(GAL 1958-59 OCT-FEB as "Time Killer"; 1958), made into 1969 TV movie Immortality, Inc., & 1992 movie Freejack; novel The Status Civilization(1960), set on a prison planet where conformity is evil(Clute)
   Slow Season, The  1954 OCT  ss  Sheckley lives in Portland, OR; has colls. Notions: Unlimited(1960), Store of Infinity(1960), Shards of Space(1962), The People Trap and Other Pitfalls(1968), Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?(1971), The Robot Who Looked Like Me(1978 UK)
   Dawn Invader  1957 MAR  ss  has sf novels Mindswap(1966), in which the protagonist switches minds with a Martian; Dimension of Miracles(1968); has non-genre novels The Man in the Water(1961; 1965 movie Escape from Hell Island), The Game of X(1965; 1981 movie Condorman)
   Love, Incorporated  1957 JUN  ss  1st pub. in PBY 1956 SEP; has novels Options(1975), Crompton Divided(GAL 1958 DEC as "Join Now"; exp. 1978 US; vt The Alchemical Marriage of Alistair Crompton, 1978 UK), latter about a paranoid schizophrenic attempting to reassemble his mind(Clute)
   Holdout  1957 DEC  ss  has story "Seventh Victim" in GAL 1953 APR(made into 1965 & 2002 movies 10th Victim), & Victims ser. of novels, The Tenth Victim(1966), Victim Prime(1987 UK), Hunter/Victim(1988 UK); nv "Shall We Have a Little Talk?" in GAL 1965 OCT, N-1965 NEB
   Prize of Peril, The  1958 MAY  ss  this story was the uncredited basis for the Stephen King novel The Running Man(1982 as by Richard Bachman) & the 1987 movie The Running Man, & for 1983 Italian movie Le Prix du danger - see Harlan Ellison's Watching movie column in F&SF 1988 SEP
   Girls and Nugent Miller, The  1960 MAR  ss  has non-genre novels Dead Run(1961); International Det. Stephen Dain series, Calibre .50(1961), White Death(1963), & Time Limit(1967); colls. The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley(1979), The People Trap Plus Mindswap(1981), Is That What People Do?(1984)
   Journey of Joenes, The  1962 OCT  no-1/2  "protagonist is an innocent who suffers a variety of alarming adventures after leaving his near-future Pacific island ... novel takes the form of a series of remembrances enshrined as myths 1000 years later"(Clute); considered one of R.S.'s best novels
   Journey of Joenes, The  1962 NOV  no-2/2  pub. in an expanded form as Journey Beyond Tomorrow(1962); has non-fiction book Futuropolis(1978); was Omni Fiction Editor, 1980 JAN-1981 SEP; see his interviews in Charles Platt: Dream Makers(1980; 1987), & in INZ 1992 SEP
   Budget Planet  1968 MAR  ss  an excerpt from his soon-to-be-published novel, Dimension of Miracles(1968), "in which the protagonist wins in error a prize which shunts him back & forth a Galaxy whose reality is disconcertingly arbitrary"(Clute); see official website
   People Trap, The  1968 JUN  ss  used for ABC-TV's short-lived ser., Stage 67; has anth. After the Fall(1980); novel w. Harry Harrison, Bill the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Bottled Brains(1990); fantasy novella Minotaur Maze(1990); sf novella Alien Starswarm(1991)
   Starting From Scratch  1970 NOV  vi  has Millennial Contest seq. novels w. Roger Zelazny, Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming(1991), If at Faust You Don't Succeed(1993), A Farce to Be Reckoned With(1995); see website
   Emissary From a Green and Yellow World  1998 OCT/NOV  ss  has Alternative Detective mys. ser., The Alternative Detective(1993), Draconian New York(1996), Soma Blues(1997), featuring aging ex-hippie detective Hob Draconian; has Pulphouse Short Story Paperback #3: Xolotl(1991)
   Deep Blue Sleep  1999 JUN  ss  this story came to him in a dream; has 5-volume coll. The Collected Short Fiction of Robert Sheckley(1991); in Riverworld ser., Diaghilev Plays Riverworld(1993); sf novelization based on the Dark Horse comic book based on the movie, Alien Harvest(1995)
   Kenny  1999 OCT/NOV  ss  has sf novelizations, Star Trek Deep Space Nine 12: The Laertian Gamble(1995), & Babylon 5: A Call to Arms(1999); humorous fantasy novel Godshome(1999), about an impoverished mythology professor who finds help from a 'trickster' god
Sheckley, Robert & Harlan Ellison  I See a Man Sitting on a Chair, and the Chair Is Biting His Leg  1968 JAN  nv  (1928- ; 1934- ) story to be in Ellison's book Partners in Wonder (1971), a coll. of his collaborations; Sheckley has pub. many stories in Argosy(U.K.), COL, & PBY; Ellison has pub. many stories in Adam, Knight, PBY, Rogue, Manhunt, & detective pulps

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