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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Sterling, Bruce  Science: Artificial Life  1992 DEC  ar  artificial life; what is life, artificial life & intelligence; the basic principles of A-Life: bottom-up initiative, local control rather than global control, simple rules instead of complex ones, & emergent rather than pre-specified behavior
   Science: Internet  1993 FEB  ar  Internet evolution; how a 1964 RAND proposal to help "control of (a) ravaged society after a nuclear holocaust" turned into ARPANET which evolved into the Internet we know today; what TCP/IP stands for; "what does one do with the Internet?"
   Science: Magnetic Vision  1993 APR  ar  magnetic resonance imagery (MRI scans), their history & how it works; discovered & developed by Dr. Raymond Damadian; what the future holds for MRI's
   Science: Superglue  1993 JUN  ar  glue & superglue; the chemistry of adhesion & its growth into a major industry; the peculiar properties of superglue, cyanoacrylate, first discovered in 1942
   Science: "Creation Science"  1993 AUG  ar  creationist & creation science; how creationists have battled scientists & evolution, their methods from 'gap theory' & 'day-age theory,' to the 'flood geology theory' of the present day; trying to understand the motivations & mindsets of creationists
   Science: Robotica '93  1993 OCT/NOV  ar  robots, the state of robotics in 1993; term 'robot' first invented in 1921 by Czech playwright Karel Capek, for a stage drama; most common form of robot now is robotic arms, for 'Dirty, Dull & Dangerous jobs,' & for tele-communications
   Science: Watching the Clouds  1994 JAN  ar  clouds; what are they, how they form, & why they change; the classification system originated by Luke Howard(1772-1864), "the father of British meteorology", see ''; the physics of cloud formation & precipitation
   Science: Spires on the Skyline  1994 MAR  ar  broadcast towers; what they do & why they look that way; from their types, their maintenance & their assorted arrays of antennae, to the governing bodies that regulate them
   Science: New Cryptography, The  1994 MAY  ar  cryptography, from Assyrian "funerary cryptography" to the "Caesar cypher," to Alan Turing & Claude Shannon in the 1940s, to the National Security Agency; why cryptography is labeled a munitions, & are digital cash of the cyber world
   Science: Dead Collider, The  1994 JUL  ar  Superconduction Super Collider(SSC); how the huge particle accelerator was first conceived(in August 1982), approved by Ronald Reagan(1986), construction started in Waxahachie, TX, then cancelled(October 1993); domestic, international, monetary battles
   Science: Artificial Body, The  1994 OCT/NOV  ar  artificial body parts industry, from the kidney dialysis machine to orthopedic prostheses & orthoses, artificial joints, hearts, to reconstructive implants; the essential properties of these parts, what they are made of, & what the future holds for them
   Science: Bitter Resistance  1995 FEB  ar  bacteria; the nature & characteristics of bacteria; how antibiotics were discovered, how they work, & bacterial defenses & reaction to them; ecotage; the possibility of the evolution of super-resistant bacteria, & the return to a world of deadly plagues
   Littlest Jackal, The  1996 MAR  na  N-1997 HUG, LOC, na; 2nd story in F&SF in Leggy Starlitz ser.; has Leggy Starlitz novel, Zeitgeist(2000); coll. A Good Old-Fashioned Future(1999; N-2000 LOC); see website at; see his iv's in LOC 2001 APR, INZ 2002 AUG
   Maneki Neko  1998 MAY  ss  W-1999 LOC; N-1999 HUG, NEB, ss; STU; 1st trans. & pub. in Hayakawa S.F.; has humorous near-future sf novel Distraction(1998; W-2000 CLA; N-1999 HUG, LOC), in which a Washington spin-doctor faces a powerful opponent in Louisiana(B&C)
Stern, Donnel  Reunion  1979 SEP  ss  (1949?- ) grew up in northwest & southern California, now lives in NY; Clarion graduate, has a PhD in Psychology; he & his wife are both psychologists
Stern, G.B.  Gemini  1955 JUL  ss  (1890-1973) 1st pub. in coll. Slower Judas(1929); Gladys Bronwyn Stern, wn. for Gladys Bronwyn Holdsworth; has series of novels on Rakonitz family, 1st The Matriarch(1924; 1987), sequel A Deputy Was King(1926; 1988); The Ugly Dachshund(1938; 2001)
Sternig, Larry  Scrap Iron  1951 JUN  ss  (1910-1999) 1st pub. in the pulp mag Fight Stories, in 1945 FLL; ps. for William Campbell Gault; Gault has PI Joe Puma series & PI Brock Callahan series; sold 1st fiction to pulps in 1936; non-ser. novels incl., The Dead Seed(1985), The Chicane War(1986)
Stevens, Barry  Window to the Whirled  1962 FEB  nv  (1902-1985)
Stevens, Julie  Deathtreader, The  1986 NOV  ss  Julie A. Stevens, legal aid attorney & writer; lives in Portland, OR; has been pub. since 1981 in ASI, SFAge, RoF, Whispers, Best of Omni, sf anth. Isaac Asimov's Voices of Tomorrow(1984), & in horror anth. by C.L. Grant(ed): Fears(1983), & Midnight(1985)
Stevenson, Robert Louis  Isle of Voices, The  1953 JAN  ss  (1850-1894) 1st pub. in The National Observer, 4 FEB 1893; studied at Edinburgh Univ.; travelled extensively, settled in Samoa in 1890; suffered from tuberculosis; has novels Treasure Island(1882), The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(1886)
   Something in It  1966 OCT  vi  1st pub. in coll. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Fables(1896); has novel Kidnapped(1887), has colls. New Arabian Nights(1882), More New Arabian Nights: The Dynamiter(1885), The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables(1887)
   Song of the Morrow, The  1967 FEB  ss  1st pub. in his 1896 coll.; has colls. Island Night's Entertainments(1893), Tales and Fantasies(1905), Fables(1914), The Tales of Tusitala(1946), The Complete Shorter Fiction(1991); see H.M. Geduld: Definitive Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Companion(1983)
Stine, G. Harry  Truth of the Matter, The  1956 NOV  ar  (1928-1997) some classic rocket goofs; George Henry Stine, also in F&SF as Lee Correy; as Stine has Warbots seq., incl. Warbots(1988), Warbots #2: Operation Steel Band(1988), #3: The Bastaard Rebellion(1988), #4: Sierra Madre('85), etal; obit LOC 1997 DEC
   Sputnik: One Reason Why We Lost  1958 JAN  ar  how Russians beat the U.S. in the race to become 1st in space; has nf book Earth Satellites and the Race for Space Superiority(1957); as Correy has novels Shuttle Down(1981), Space Doctor(1981), Manna(1984), A Matter of Metalaw(1986); obit in LOC 1997 DEC
Straley, Rosalind  Capsule  1982 AUG  vi  (1951?- ) ps. for Elizabeth Morton; a medical texts production editor; has stories pub. in TWZ & AMZ as Morton
Strickland, Brad  Herders of Grimm, The  1984 APR  nv  (1947- ) working name for William Bradley Strickland; born in New Holland, GA; lives in Oakwood, GA; has AB, MA & 1976 PhD from Univ. of Georgia; taught at Truett-McConnell Junior College, 1976-85; 1st story pub. sf/f "Payment Deferred" in ASI 1982 MAY
   Taker of Children, The  1984 NOV  nv  his 1st pub. story a mystery, sold to EQMM in 1963; has 1st novel To Stand Beneath the Sun(1986), an sf adventure whose protagonist must come to terms with a world dominated by women(Clute); a Prof. of English at Gainesville College(GA), since 1987
   Pira  1985 AUG  ss  has medical horror novels Shadowshow(1988), Children of the Knife(1990); has Jeremy Moon seq. Moon Dreams(1988), Nul's Quest(1989), & Wizard's Mole(1991), which conveys its protagonist into a dream world where he takes his stand(Clute)
   In the Hour Before Dawn  1986 AUG  ss  has completed ya fantasy adventures begun by the late John Bellairs, in his Lewis Barnavelt series, The Ghost in the Mirror(1993), The Vengeance of the Witch-Finder(1993), The Doom of the Haunted Opera(1995); alone, The Hand of the Necromancer(1996)
   Oh Tin Man, Tin Man, There's No Place Like Home  1987 MAY  ss  "I think (this story) will either please or enrage any reader who is also a movie buff," especially those who are fond of The Wizard of Oz; has ya novel Dragon's Plunder(1992); Ark Liberty(1992), as by Will Bradley; Riverworld seq. novel Hero's Coin(1993)
   Caution Sign  1988 MAY  ss  has completed ya fantasy novels begun by the late John Bellairs, in his Johnny Dixon series, The Drum, the Doll, and the Zombie(1994); by himself, The Bell, the Book, and the Spellbinder(1997); see entry in C.A., vol.130, p.439-440
   What Dreams May Come  1988 DEC  ss  has ya sf novels in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine series, The Star Ghost(1994), & Stowaways(1994); with wife Barbara Strickland, in the Star Trek Next Generation series, Starfall(1995), Nova Command(1995), & Starfleet Academy: Crisis on Vulcan(1996)
   Her Wild Wild Eyes  1991 APR  nv  has ya fantasies in John Bellairs Lewis Barnavelt series, The Specter from the Magician's Museum(1998), & in his Johnny Dixon series, The Wrath of the Grinning Ghost(1999)
Struther, Jan  Ugly Sister  1952 FEB  ss  (1901-1953) 1st pub. in The London Mercury 1935 DEC; ps. for Joyce Maxtone Graham; coll. of ar's from The London Times, Mrs. Miniver(1939; made into 1942 movie), movie made 2nd most money in 1940s after Gone With the Wind; poetry coll. Glass Blower(1940)
Struthers, Andrew  Cartoon  1991 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon  1992 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon  1992 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon: Ghostwriters in the Sky  1993 FEB  ct 
Sturgeon, Robin  Martian Mouse  1962 SEP  vi  (1952- ) Theodore Sturgeon's son; for info on Sturgeon, his works & his family see websites &
Sturgeon, Theodore  Hurkle Is a Happy Beast, The  1949 FLL  ss  (1918-1985) 1st story unofficial Bureau of Imaginary Zoology ser.(hurkle); ps. for Edward Hamilton Waldo(Sturgeon is his stepfather's surname); 1st story pub. "Heavy Insurance" in the Milwaukee Journal, 16 JUL 1938; 1st sf "Ether Breather" in ASF 1939 SEP
   Silken-Swift, The  1953 NOV  nv  has coll. Without Sorcery(1948); has novel The Dreaming Jewels(1950); fixup novel More Than Human(exp. from nv "Baby Is Three," GAL 1952 OCT, plus two new novellas; W-1954 IFA), depicts the coming together of 6 deeply alienated psi-powered freaks(Clute)
   [Widget], The [Wadget], and Boff, The  1955 NOV  na-1/2  group of humans in Bittelman's boarding house, under Alien Observation; has colls. E Pluribus Unicorn(1953), A Way Home(1955), Caviar(1955); has used ps. E. Waldo Hunter & E. Hunter Waldo in UNK & ASF issues in which he has more than one story
   [Widget], The [Wadget], and Boff, The  1955 DEC  na-2/2  has ss "A Saucer of Loneliness" in GAL 1953 FEB, which Algis Budrys says(br in F&SF 1976 MAY) is the most "modern" sf story of 1940s-50s, & is "based on a true incident reported in The Reader's Digest"; wrote Star Trek TV ep. "Amok Time" & "Shore Leave"
   Fear Is a Business  1956 AUG  ss  his ss, "A Saucer of Loneliness"(made into 1985 Twilight Zone ep.) is said by Budrys(br, F&SF 1976 MAY) to be similar to Eric Frank Russell's ss "I Am Nothing" in ASF 1952 JUL, both "highly creative" & "modern" for their time; also in F&SF as Billy Watson
   And Now the News   1956 DEC  ss  has historical novel I, Libertine(1956) as by Frederick R. Ewing; detective novel The King and Four Queens(1956); novel The Cosmic Rape(GAL 1958 AUG as novella "To Marry Medusa"; exp. 1958), colls. A Touch of Strange(1958), Aliens 4(1959), Beyond(1960)
   Touch of Strange, A  1958 JAN  ss  has novel Venus Plus X(1960), N-1961 HUG; western movie novelization The Rare Breed(1966), & western coll. Sturgeon's West(1973); has non-sf study of a blood-drinking psychotic, Some of Your Blood(1961; 1994); coll. Sturgeon in Orbit(1964)
   Man Who Lost the Sea, The  1959 OCT  ss  N-1960 HUG, short fiction; has novelization of 1961 movie, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea(1961); has colls. ... And My Fear Is Great/Baby Is Three(1965), Starshine(1966); an Ellery Queen detection The Player on the Other Side(1963) as by E.Q.
   Like Young  1960 MAR  ss  has colls. The Joyous Invasions(1965 UK), Sturgeon Is Alive and Well ...(1971; N-1972 LOC), The Worlds of T. S.(1972), To Here and the Easel(1973 UK), Case and the Dreamer(1974), The Stars Are the Styx(1979; N-1980 LOC), The Golden Helix(1979)
   When You Care, When You Love  1962 SEP  nv  N-1963 HUG, short fiction; this story supposed to be the 1st part of a novel, but Sturgeon never completed it(Edward L. Ferman "has a dozen or so pages of an unpublished sequel, but that's as far as [Sturgeon] went"); Sturgeon W-1985 WFA, Lifetime Award
   Man Who Learned Loving, The  1969 OCT  ss  N-1969 NEB; 1st pub. in Adam in 1969 as "Brownshoes"; has colls. Visions and Venturers(1978), Maturity(1979), Alien Cargo(1984), & A Touch of Sturgeon(1987); story of his became TV ser. The Invaders ep. "The Betrayed"; wrote 1 ep. TV ser. Land of the Lost

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