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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Sturgeon, Theodore  Blue Butter  1974 OCT  ss  N-1975 JUP, short story; has graphic Star Trek Fotonovel: Amok Time(1978), & graphic version of novel More Than Human(1979); novel Godbody(1986; N-1987 LOC); see interview in Charles Pratt(ed): Dream Makers II(1983; rev. vt Dream Makers, 1987)
   Damon: Appreciation, An  1976 NOV  ar  "a special & affectionate insight into D. K. and his work"; see articles in Dark Horizons #18 1978, Night Cry 1985 WIN(by Samuel R. Delany), LOC 1985 JUN(by Harlan Ellison); interview, "Ted Sturgeon: The Last Interview" in MGF 1988-89 FLL, SPR, FLL
   And Now the News  1979 OCT  ss  1st pub. in F&SF 1956 DEC as "And Now the News ..."; all his short fiction, pub. & unpub., being coll. in a 10-volume project by Paul Williams, incl. The Ultimate Egoist: Vol. I, The Complete Stories of T. S.(1994), Microcosmic God: Vol. II(1995)
   Not an Affair  1983 OCT  ss  his shfi coll. ser. incl. Killdozer!: Vol.III(1996; title story 1974 TV movie), Thunder and Roses: Vol.IV(1997), The Perfect Host: Vol.V(1998), Baby Is Three: Vol.VI(1999; N-2000 LOC), A Saucer of Loneliness: Vol.VII(2000), Bright Segment: Vol.VIII(2002)
   New York Vignette  1999 OCT/NOV  ss  this vignette dates from about 1955 when he was living in Congers, NY; discovered among his papers by Paul Williams & Niel Sturgeon; Asimov writes of Sturgeon in I. Asimov(1994); see iv in the NYRSF 1989 MAR-APR(#7-8)
Sturgis, Colin  Conversion Factor  1957 NOV  ss  (1904-1985; ?-?) 1st story Cameron series; collab. ps. for Lester Cole & Melvin Sturgis collab.; Lester Cole also in F&SF as Les Cole, was a member of the "Hollywood Ten" & has book Hollywood Red: The Autobiography of Lester Cole(1981)
   24,000-Mile Field Goal, The  1958 JAN  ss  2nd story Cameron series; Lester Cole, screenwriter & founder of The Screenwriters Guild; as a screenwriter has also used the ps. Lester Cohn, Gerald L.C. Copley & J. Redmond Prior; wrote screenplay or story for 43 movies 1932-1966, incl. Born Free(1966)
Suffet, Stephen L.  Exodus  1979 NOV  ss  (1947- ) born in NYC, where he still lives; teaches at Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn
Sullivan, Edward S.  8:29, The  1952 FEB  ss  (1897-1985) ps. for Walter B. Gibson; magician, writer of true crime stories; ghosted books for Houdini; invented The Shadow under house ps. Maxwell Grant(wrote 283 of the 325 Shadow novels); see; wrote books on magic; used 80+ ps.
Sullivan, Thomas  Fugue, The  1980 NOV  ss  (1940- ) Thomas William Sullivan; lives in Lathrup Village, MI; has pub. in ANA, Omni, & TWZ; has sf novel Diapason(1978), in which eight explorers fight for a fortune of cash & for one woman's love amid the dunes of Mars; also in F&SF as Tom Sullivan
   Impotentate, The  1982 AUG  ss  has also been pub. in anth. Grant(ed): Midnight(1985), Shadows #8(1985), & Shadows #10(1987), & Williamson(ed): Masques #2(1987), Lansdale(ed): Dark at Heart(1992), Maclay(ed): Voices from the Night(1994), Resnick etal(ed): Deals with the Devil(1994)
Sullivan, Tom  Case for Kosher Pasta, The  1981 APR  ss  (1940- ) Thomas William Sullivan, & in also in F&SF as such
Sussex, Lucy  Queen of Erewhon, The  1999 SEP  nv  (1957- ) N-2000 LOC, nv; lives in Brunswick, Australia; has anth. The Patternmaker(1994), She's Fantastical(1995; N-1996 DIT, WFA); novels Deersnake(1994; N-1995 DIT), The Scarlet Rider(1996; W-1997 DIT); coll. My Lady Tongue(1990); iv Eidolon 1997 FLL
Suter, John F.  Seeds of Murder, The  1960 AUG  ss  (1914-1996) 1st pub. in EQMM 1955 MAY; a frequent contributor to EQMM & AHMM, he has a coll. of these mystery stories, plus some Uncle Abner pastiches, in Old Land, Dark Land, Strange Land(1996); also pub. in several mys. anth. incl. Cat Crimes II(1992)
Sutherland, John  Struldbrugg Reaction, The  1964 JUL  ss  Struldbruggs are the immortals of the island of Luggnagg, in Gulliver's Travels; Assoc. Prof. of English at Colby College, lives in East Vassalboro, ME; has also pub. articles in Gauntlet incl. "Beware of Proselytizing Vegetarians" in Gauntlet #3 1992
Sutton, Lee  Soul Mate  1959 JUN  ss  (1916-1978) working name for Homer Lee Sutton, librarian, poet & professor of English in Iowa; has juvenile sf novel Venus Boy(1955)
Suvin, Darko  Books: Against Common Sense: Levels of SF Criticism  1972 MAY  br  (1932- ) William Atheling Jr(Blish): More Issues at Hand; Donald A. Wollheim: The Universe Makers; Sam J. Lundwall: Science Fiction: What It's All About; Robert Silverberg(ed): The Mirror of Infinity; Suvin is a Prof. of English at McGill Univ.(Montreal)
Swann, Thomas Burnett  Manor of Roses, The  1966 NOV  na  (1926-1976) N-1967 HUG, novelette; 1st story John & Stephen series; in 1213 England, two boys & their Guardian Angel go on "a quest which brings them ... to the hidden Manor of Roses and ... its curious mistress"; Prof. of English at Wesleyan College(GA)
   Goat Without Horns, The  1970 AUG  no-1/2  "a young Englishman ... becomes involved in a tangle of mysterious events on the Caribbean island of Oleandra"; has a dolphin as a narrator; a poet & novelist, Swann used to teach English literature at Florida Atlantic Univ.; has coll. Moondust(1968)
   Goat Without Horns, The  1970 SEP  no-2/2  1st story pub. sf "Winged Victory" in FUN 1958 JUL; has book Wonder and Whimsy: The Fantastic World of Christina Rossetti(1960); has Minotaur seq. The Day of the Minotaur(1966), The Forest of Forever(1971),The Minikins of Yam(1976), Cry Silver Bells(1977)
   Love Is a Dragonfly  1972 MAR  na  N-1973 LOC; 1st/only story in F&SF in his Mellonia the Dryad ser.; shares the same heroine, Mellonia, as story "Where Is the Bird of Fire"(exp. novel Lady of the Bees, 1976) in SCG #52 1962; Mellonia seq. Green Phoenix(1972), Queens Walk in the Dusk(1977)
   Stalking Trees, The  1973 JAN  na  2nd & last story in John & Stephen ser.; "adventures of a Saxon serf & the son of a Norman baron"; in "Acknowledgments" at end of story, Swann expresses debt to Marjorie Quennell: A History of Everyday Things in England; Robert A. Collins, Swann biography
Swanwick, Michael  Mother Grasshopper  1998 APR  ss  (1950- ) N-1998 LOC; 1st pub. in coll. A Geography of Unknown Lands(1997); 1st story pub. sf "The Feast of St. Janis" in anth. New Dimensions 11(1980); 1st novel In the Drift(1984 fixup); iv LOC 1998 MAR; see his website at
Swift, Jennifer  Divergence  1989 NOV  nv  has 1981 MA in creative writing from the Univ. of Washington; currently living in Oxford, UK; has pub. short stories in AMZ, ASI, INZ, etc
Swigart, Leslie Kay  Harlan Ellison: F&SF Checklist, An  1977 JUL  bib  books & anthologies by or edited by Ellison in chronological order; scripts & short fiction in alphabetical order; Swigart has articles "Harlan's World" in Fantasy Crossroads #6 1975, & "Ten Tuesdays Down a Rabbit Hole" in Fantasy Crossroads #4 1975
Sycamore, H.M.  Success Story  1959 JUL  nv  ps. for Allan Hayes; lives in NYC

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