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Thomas, Ted  Science Springboard, The: Noise  1967 DEC  ar  measures to prevent damage caused by undue noise
   Science Springboard, The: Aperture in the Sky  1968 FEB  ar  what radio telescopes have so far discovered
   Tour, The  1971 MAR  ss 
   Rescuers, The  1974 SEP  nv 
   Family Man, The  1978 MAR  ss 
Thomas, Theodore L.  Intruder, The  1961 FEB  ss  (1920- ) Theodore Lockard Thomas; 1st story pub. sf "The Revisitor" in SPM 1952 SEP & "The Improbable Profession" in ASF 1952 SEP(as by his ps. Leonard Lockhard, & with Charles L. Harness, the 1st story in his Patent Office spoofs series)
   Test  1962 APR  vi  has 8 stories in Patent Office spoof series, as by his ps. Leonard Lockhard & sometimes with Charles L. Harness(they are both patent attorneys): in ASF/ANA 1952-64 & in FUN 1955 NOV
   Science Springboard, The: Our Fuzzy Moon  1964 FEB  ar  possible geometry of the moon's surface - "in preparation for the possibility of man going to the there within ten years" - a fungral lunar reef?; also in F&SF in this column as Ted Thomas
   Science Springboard, The: Pure Water From Salt  1964 MAR  ar  desalination methods; has two novels with Kate Wilhelm, The Clone(FAN 1959 DEC as by himself; exp. 1965; N-1965 NEB), which was Wilhelm's 1st novel, & The Year of the Cloud(1970)
   Science Springboard, The: Van Allen Belts  1964 APR  ar  Van Allen radiation belts; has short story "The Doctor," in Knight(ed): Orbit 2(1967), N-1967 NEB
   Science Springboard, The: Building of a Protein, The  1964 MAY  ar  from M.I.T. "new clues on how the living cell makes protein"
   Science Springboard, The: Medical Radiotracers  1964 JUN  ar  using radioactive tracers in medical diagnosis
   Science Springboard, The: Balloon Astronomy  1964 JUL  ar  the use of balloons in astronomy
   Science Springboard, The: Red Cells, The  1964 AUG  ar  the red blood cell goes thru a life cycle, & is very fragile
   Science Springboard, The: Carbonaceous Chondrites  1964 SEP  ar  one of the three kinds of meteorites(other two types - aerolites & sideriolites), & one which may be made of carbon from living things
   Science Springboard, The: Stomata  1964 OCT  ar  the tiny pores in plant leaves used in respiration
   Science Springboard, The: Plant Galls  1964 DEC  ar  causes of plant galls
   Science Springboard, The: Biolaser, The  1965 JAN  ar  use of the laser as a microsurgery tool
   Science Springboard, The: Placebo Effect, The  1965 FEB  ar  research results on the placebo effect
   Science Springboard, The: Low-Level Weather  1965 MAR  ar  micrometeorology, study of the weather within a few hundred feet above the ground
   Science Springboard, The: Ice Ages, The  1965 APR  ar  study of core samples
   Science Springboard, The: Phoenix  1965 JUN  ar  composition of the gas giants Jupiter & Saturn; editor's note on p.89, readers' comments on this series is welcomed
   Science Springboard, The: Computer Diagnosis  1965 JUL  ar  computers in use in making medical diagnoses
   Science Springboard, The: Crystal Surfaces  1965 AUG  ar  observing & moving individual atoms on a surface
   Science Springboard, The: Lunar Landing  1965 SEP  ar  how the Surveyors soft-landed on the moon, how will manned rockets?
   Science Springboard, The: Insect Attractant  1965 NOV  ar  getting away from using chemical poisons to kill or control insects
   Science Springboard, The: Smog  1966 JAN  ar  the chemistry of smog; can additives to gasoline lessen the harmful compounds
   Science Springboard, The: Desynchronosis  1966 FEB  ar  jet lag
   Science Springboard, The: Injected Memory  1966 APR  ar  memory is a matter of chemistry, experiments in memory transfer; see also in this issue Philip K. Dick's story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale," #2327, on this same subject
   Science Springboard, The: Beamed Power  1966 MAY  ar  "transmission of power by radiowaves"
   Science Springboard, The: Migratory Locusts  1966 JUN  ar  "the short-horned grasshopper gone wild ... by the press of" overpopulation
   Science Springboard, The: Man in the Sea  1966 JUL  ar  problems of deep-sea diving & submersibles, compressed air mixtures
   Science Springboard, The: Meteoroid Collision  1966 AUG  ar  possible collisions between spacecraft & meteoroids, meteoroid size & speed, how best to protect spacecraft
   Splice, The  1981 MAR  nv 
Thomas, Thomas T.  Message Found in a Dram Block  1989 JUN  nv  (1948- ) Thomas Thurston Thomas; has 1st novel The Doomsday Effect(1986, as Thomas Wren; W-1987 CCR; N-LOC), First Citizen(1987; N-1988 PRO), The Mask of Loki(1990, w. Zelazny), Me(1991), Crygender(1992), Flare(1992, w. Zelazny), Mars Plus(1994, w. Pohl)
Thompson, Jessie  Snowfall  1988 SEP  ss  1st sale; "I now live in northern California near the ocean, & though I love the warm fog & soft nights, I think about what it would be like to live closer to the real true edge again. To stick my tongue to frozen metal on a deal. To walk on booming ice."
   Angelman  1992 APR  ss 
Thompson, Joyce  Synecdoche  1992 AUG  ss  (1948- ) part of group of Seattle writers that incl. Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, this story written as admittance to a party held by Ann; has mainstream novels, Conscience Place(1984), Bones(1991); colls. 35-Cent Thrills(1978), East Is West of Here(1987)
Thurber, James  If Grant Had Been Drinking at Appomattox (Worlds of If: II.)  1952 FEB  vi  (1894-1961) Worlds of If: Early Alternate Histories; 1st pub. in NYM, in 1930; writer & cartoonist; author of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"(1939; & in coll. My World—And Welcome To It), made into 1947 movie; has novel White Deer(1945)
   Friend to Alexander, A  1966 NOV  ss  1st pub. in NYM, 10 JAN 1942, & in coll. My World—And Welcome To It(1942); he's considered one of the 20th century's best humorists(Clute); has novel The Thirteen Clocks(1950), colls. Fables of Our Time(1940), Further Fables of Our Time(1956)
   Interview With a Lemming  1967 MAY  vi  1st pub. in PM, 3 MAR 1941; has fabulation The Wonderful O(1955 chap), in which "wordplay runs riot ... as monomaniac pirates excise the letter O from ... an island's language & life ('Otto Ott, when asked his name, could only stutter')"(Clute)
Thurston, Robert  Carolyn's Laughter  1972 JAN  na  (1936- ) a transplant doctor seeks help from the fiance of a multiple donor, when patients who have received the transplants, including a monkey who has the woman's hands, begin to have strange reactions
   Hippie-Dip File, The  1972 MAR  ss  1st story pub. "Stop Me Before I Tell More" in Knight(ed): Orbit 9(1971); has 1st novel Alicia II(1978), in which the brain of an old man is implanted into the body of a young "retread"(Clute)
   Under Siege  1974 JUL  nv  N-1975 LOC, nv; has novels A Set of Wheels(1983), Q Colony(in Silbersack & Schochet 1981 anth. The Berkley Showcase 4, as "The Oonaa Women"; exp. 1985), latter set in a research station on an alien planet whose natives can interbreed w. humans(Clute)
   Dream by Number  1975 SEP  nv  has TV tie-in Battlestar Galactica novels, w. Glen A. Larson, Battlestar Galactica(1978), #2: The Cylon Death Machine(1979), #3: The Tombs of Kobol(1979), #4: The Young Warriors(1980), #11: The Nightmare Machine(1985), #12: Die, Chameleon!(1986)
   Aliens  1976 DEC  nv  has 1 more Battlestar Galactica novel, #14: Surrender the Galactica!(1987); BattleTech tie-ins, Legend of the Jade Phoenix #1: Way of the Clans(1991), #2: Bloodname(1991), #3: Falcon Guard(1991); has novelization, Robot Jox(1989)
   Mars Ship, The  1977 JUN  nv  N-1978 LOC, novella; "despite the title, (story) takes place at a party & does not fall into any category"; "in a world where cryonics is overused, ... a floating monument called the Mars Ship may (help) some people resolve their personal problems"
Tiedemann, Mark W.  Shattered Template  1992 JUN  ss  (1955?- ) born & lives in St. Louis, MO, a commercial photographer; 1st story pub. "Target" in ASI 1990 DEC; has short story "Pulitzer Kills Publishing Maggot" in Greenberg & Friesner(ed): Alien Pregnant by Elvis(1994)
   Playground Door, The  1993 MAY  ss  has 1st novel, The New Isaac Asimov's Robot Mystery: Mirage(2000), & 2nd novel in Asimov's Robot ser., Asimov's Chimera(2001); sf novels Compass Reach(2001), about a person selected to be the alien's ambassador to Earth; thriller Realtime(2001)
   Psyché  1998 DEC  ss  this fantasy was inspired by a painting(bearing the same title) of a young woman gazing at herself—off-center—in a mirror; the artist, Berthe Morisot, an Impressionist, was married to the brother of the artist Manet

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