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Tilley, Robert J.  Apprentice  1960 FEB  ss  lives in Bristol, England
   Place of Refuge  1963 APR  ss  has an EQMM award-winning story "The Devil and Mr. Wooler," in 1955; has 12 sales so far, mostly to British sf magazines
   Something Else  1965 OCT  ss  a jazz musician (tenor clarinet) & writer
   Choice  1972 JAN  ss  has novel The Big Losers(1988), in which an alien espionage agent teams up with local losers to destroy Earth(B&C)
   "Willie's Blues"  1972 MAY  nv 
   Outsider  1986 JAN  ss 
Tilton, Lois  Soldier's Bride, The  1991 AUG  ss  (1946- ) Lois Ann Tilton; lives in Glen Ellyn, IL; has 1st novel, Vampire Winter(1990), a horror novel about a vampire's post-holocaust adventures in a world permanently dark due to nuclear winter(B&C); see interview in Aberrations #32 1995
   Just and Lasting Peace, A  1991 OCT/NOV  ss  has novel Darkness on the Ice(1993), a vampire horror novel set on Greenland during WWII, where a Nazi vampire is consuming every human on the island(B&C)
   Twelve Swans, The  1992 JUN  ss  over the past six years, has been slowly giving up teaching philosophy & turning to fulltime writing; has novelizations, Star Trek Deep Space Nine #6: Betrayal(1994), & Babylon 5: #2, Accusations(1995)
   "Sleep, My Little One"  1993 FEB  ss  "'Sleep' is in a way about my 9-year old daughter Christine"; has novels Darkspawn(2000), a vampire escapes from centuries of entombment to free his lands from invaders; Written in Venom(2000), fantasy novel based on Norse mythology - Loki tells his story
Tiptree, James Jr  Painwise  1972 FEB  ss  (1915-1987) N-1973 HUG, LOC; ps. for Alice Hastings Bradley Sheldon, her true identity found out in 1977; born in Chicago, spent many years of her childhood in Africa & India; mother Mary Hastings Bradley was a travel & mystery author
   And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side  1972 MAR  ss  N-1972 NEB; 1973 HUG, ss; N-1973 LOC, shfi; her mother Mary wrote books, incl. Alice in Elephantland(1929), with artwork by Alice; graphic artist/painter 1925-41; worked for U.S. govt. for many years, during WWII & after, incl. in the Pentagon & CIA
   Women Men Don't See, The  1973 DEC  nv  N-1974 LOC; 1975 JUP; has 1967 PhD in Experimental Psychology, George Washington Univ.; taught psychology at American U., G.W.U., 1955-68; 1st story pub. "The Lucky Ones" in NYM, in 1946; 1st story pub. sf "Birth of a Salesman" in ANA 1968 MAR as Tiptree
   Time-Sharing Angel  1977 OCT  ss  N-1978 HUG, short story; she says, "This is a light story, a little playful mind-bending, & I wouldn't want to see it labeled as anything heavy"; has also used ps. Racoona Sheldon; has 1st coll. Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home(1973; N-1974 LOC)
   Women Men Don't See, The  1979 OCT  nv  1st pub. in F&SF 1973 DEC; has interviews in Charles Platt(ed): Dream Makers II(1983; rev. Dream Makers, 1987), & in LOC 1985 SEP(#296); has colls. Warm Worlds and Otherwise(1975; N-1976 LOC), Star Songs of an Old Primate(1978)
   Boy Who Waterskied to Forever, The  1982 OCT  ss  N-1983 HUG, LOC; 1st story in F&SF in Quintana Roo ser.; see following nf piece on this part of Mexico; 1 other story in ser., "Lirios: A Tale of the Q.R."(aka "What Came Ashore at Lirios") in ASI 1981 SEP 28; ser. coll. in Tales of the Quintana Roo(1986)
   Note About the Mayas of the Quintana Roo, A  1982 OCT  misc  non-fiction piece describing the land & the Mayan people of the "'wild' Easternmost shore of the Yucatan Peninsula," the region known as the Quintana Roo; rev., this nf piece becomes the preface in her coll. Tales of the Quintana Roo(1986; W-1987 WFA)
   Beyond the Dead Reef  1983 JAN  ss  W-1984 LOC, ss; 2nd & last story in F&SF in Quintana Roo ser.; author says of Q.R., "a diary of life on its shores could often be taken for a log of life on an alien planet"; has coll. Out of the Everywhere, & Other Extraordinary Visions(1981; N-1982 LOC)
   Only Neat Thing to Do, The  1985 OCT  na  W-1986 LOC, SFC; N-1985 NEB; 1986 HUG, novella; 1st story in F&SF in Great North Rift ser.; another story in ser. in ASI 1986 MAY; to be coll. in The Starry Rift(1986); 15-year-old Coati Cass finds adventure & a first contact in the Great North Rift
   Good Night, Sweethearts  1986 MAR  nv  N-1987 LOC, novella; 2nd & last story in F&SF in Great North Rift series, to be coll. in The Starry Rift(1986); has novels Up the Walls of the World(1978; N-1979 LOC), Brightness Falls From the Air(1985; N-1986 LOC); coll. Crown of Stars(1988; N-1989 LOC)
   Our Resident Djinn  1986 OCT  ss  has colls. Byte Beautiful: 8 Science Fiction Stories(1985), Her Smoke Rose Up Forever(1990; N-1991 LOC), Neat Sheets: The Poetry of J.T.Jr(1996), Meet Me at Infinity(2000); also used ps. Racoona Sheldon; see her essay in Du Pont(ed): Women of Vision(1988)
   In Midst of Life  1987 NOV  nv  N-1988 LOC, short story; notice in story intro that Alice Sheldon shot & killed her ailing husband(Alzheimer's) & then herself in May 1987 at their home in McLean, VA; this story was the last work her agent received before Alice Sheldon's death
   Color of Neanderthal Eyes, The  1988 MAY  na  N-1989 LOC, novella; about a telepath, Tom Jared, who is stranded on the sea world, Wet, & his relationship with the gentle humanoid & aquatic natives; see "A Short Autobiography of Alice Sheldon", in the NYRSF 1998 DEC
Tomerlin, John  White Night  1966 MAR  ss  (1930-1988) has mys. novel Run from the Hunter(1957) w. Charles Beaumont under collab. ps. Keith Grantland; ya novels Prisoner of the Iroquois(1965), The Nothing Special(1969) etc; Grand Prix novel Challenge the Wind(1966); nf Beating the Radar Trap(1996)
Townes, Robert Sherman  Time and Place  1954 DEC  ss  also has short stories "Problem for Emmy" in STS 1952 JUN, reprinted in Groff Conklin(ed): SF Thinking Machines(1954), "Earth Is the Evening Star" in STS 1953 APR, & "The Fortune Hunters" in PST 1957 NOV 9
Traven, B.  Sun Creation  1964 APR  ss  (1882-1969) ps. for Otto Feige, Mexico's most famous writer, of German-American stock; author of Treasue of the Sierra Madre(1935; made into 1948 movie, with Humphrey Bogart), Death Ship(1962), Bridge in the Jungle, March to Caobaland
Tritten, Larry  Star Sneak, The (a Jack Vance parody)  1974 JUL  spf  writer of much humorous sf; has 1st story pub. sf "West Is West" in IFS 1968 AUG; he has pub. over 45 short stories in genre mags. thru 2000, incl. Grue, PLP, Night Cry, WRT, TWZ, The Horror Show, AMZ, INZ, etc; by far he has pub. the most in F&SF
   Final Cut  1976 MAR  ss  has had stories pub. in PBY, National Review, & in anth. Preiss & Betancourt(ed): The Ultimate Zombie(1993), Silverberg & Haber(ed): Universe 3(1994), Marion Zimmer Bradley(ed): Sword and Sorceress 11(1994)
   Playback  1979 AUG  ss  he has also pub. short fiction in anth. Gelb & Garrett(ed): Seeds of Fear(1995), Pelan(ed): Darkside(1996), & McFadden(ed): Year 1: A Time of Change(1996)
   Taste Taste  1981 APR  ss 
   Green Roses  1983 JAN  ss 
   Exit Laughing  1984 MAR  ss 
   Play It Again, Sam  1984 NOV  vi 
   SF Book of Lists, The  1985 APR  spf 
   Serendipity  1986 APR  ss 
   Turning Off  1986 JUN  ss 
   Dead Woods, The  1987 JUL  ss 
   In Video Veritas  1987 DEC  ss  "We have two black cats, Calliope & Nibs, & the latter is always curling up on the cable box on top of the TV, where he frequently changes the channels by pressing different buttons when he moves—so this (story) was inspired by him"
   Science Fiction Readers' and Writers' Guide to the Universe, The  1989 JAN  fa 
   Corrigan's Homunculi  1989 APR  ss 
   Date, The  1990 APR  ss 
   Crossweird Puzzle  1990 AUG  spf  a 'crossword puzzle' for sf/f & horror aficionados; sample clues: (1. Across) What Norman Bates gets himself for Mother's Day; (38. Down) Ingredients of Stanislaw; (72. Across) Joke played by Incredible Shrinking Man on his tailor
   Travels With Harry  1991 JUL  ss  has pub. fiction & non-fiction in PBY, & in Writer's Digest
   Painbird, Painbird, Fly Away Home (A Harlan Ellison parody)  1998 SEP  spf  Tritten's short fiction has so far remained uncollected
   History's Mysteries  1999 MAY  fa  excerpts from Dr. Anatol Numbly's unpublished book, History's Mysteries - Abominable Snowman, Easter Island Faces, Pyramids, & the Bermuda Triangle; Numbly has two previous books, Trick or Trout: A History of Halloween in Alaska, & What the Sphinx Thinx
Trott, Susan  Donny Baby  1967 SEP  ss  (1937- ) 1st books ya novels Mr. Privacy(1972), The Sea Serpent of Horse(1973); 1st adult novel The Housewife and the Assassin(1979); Incognito(1983), Sightings(1987), The Holy Man(1995), Crane Spreads Wings(1998), etc; see
Trotter, Don  Call Me Maelzel  1976 AUG  ss  graduated from Kansas State Univ., now in graduate school studying Clarke's Law & physics; has 2 novelettes pub. in GAL, "Marsman Meets the Almighty" in 1975 FEB, & "The Purblind People" in 1978 APR
Trout, Kilgore  Venus on the Half-Shell  1974 DEC  no-1/2  (1918- ) ps. for Philip José Farmer, the 1st in Farmer's Pseudonym series; the adventures of Simon Wagstaff, the Space Wanderer, & his 3 constant companions, a dog, an owl, & a female robot; Kilgore Trout is a fictional author created by Kurt Vonnegut
   Venus on the Half-Shell  1975 JAN  no-2/2  Kilgore Trout was the fictional sf writer character in Vonnegut's novels God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater(1965), & Breakfast of Champions(1973); Farmer's use of this character's name as a pseudonym caused a row betw. Farmer & Vonnegut; see letters 1975 APR
Tuck, Donald H.  Robert Silverberg: Bibliography  1974 APR  bib  (1922- ) alphabetical listing of fiction books & stories, nf books, & anthologies; Tuck an Australian bibliographer & industrial manager; has sf nf books A Handbook of S. F. and Fantasy(1954), The Encyclopedia of S. F. and Fantasy(3 vols. 1974, '78, '83)

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