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Tucker, Wilson  My Brother's Wife  1951 FEB  ss  (1914- ) sf fan, film projectionist, writer; pub. fanzine Le Zombie for 68 issues, 1938-1978; wrote three articles for The Fantasy Fan, in 1933-35, under the ps. Hoy Ping Pong; 1st story pub. "Interstellar Way Station" in SSN 1941 MAY
   To a Ripe Old Age  1952 DEC  ss  1st novel The Chinese Doll(1946, a mystery, with recursive sf fandom elements), novels Prison Planet(1947 chap), The City in the Sea(1951), The Long Loud Silence(1952), The Time Masters(1953; rev. 1971) & sequel Time Bomb(1955; vt Tomorrow Plus X, 1957)
   Able to Zebra  1953 MAR  ss  known to use names of sf fans & writers for the characters in his novels, and this habit of his has been called Tuckerisms; has novels Wild Talent(NWS 1954 AUG-OCT; 1954; exp. vt The Man from Tomorrow, 1955), Ice and Iron(1974; exp. 1975)
   To the Tombaugh Station  1960 JUL  na  crime detection and life aboard a small spaceship, pub. as book(1960); has novel The Lincoln Hunters(1958), time travellers are sent back to get a recording of a lost speech of Lincoln's(Clute); coll. Science Fiction Sub-Treasury(1954; vt Time X, 1955)
   Fan, The: Myth and Reality  1964 FEB  ar  1st article of three in ser. about the current sf fan scene, this one on fandom organization; has novels The Year of the Quiet Sun(1970; W-1976 JWC), Resurrection Days(1981); see interviews in Walker(ed): Speaking of Science Fiction(1978), & AMZ 1980 MAY
Turco, Lewis  Great Grey Fantasy, A  1961 JAN  pm  (1934- ) born in Buffalo, NY; earned 1959 BA from Univ. of Connecticut, 1961 MA from Univ. of Iowa; Prof. of English at Cleveland State Univ. 1960-64, SUNY at Oswego 1965-96; a poet, has colls. Awaken, Bells Falling(1968), The Inhabitant(1970)
   Excerpts From the Latterday Chronicle  1962 FEB  pm  has nf, Poetry: An Introduction Through Writing(1973), The New Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics(1986); poetry colls. The Weed Garden(1973), Courses in Lambents(1977), Seasons of the Blood(1980), American Still Lifes(1981), Legends of the Mist(1993)
Turtledove, Harry  Last Article, The  1988 JAN  nv  (1949- ) N-1989 LOC, nv; born in L.A., CA; has 1977 PhD from UCLA in Byzantine History; 1st stories pub. sword & sorcery novels Wereblood(1979) & Werenight(1979) as by Eric G. Iverson, a ps. he used until 1985; married to mystery writer Laura Frankos
   Batboy  1988 DEC  ss  has novels Agent of Byzantium(1987), Noninterference(1987), Swords of the Legion(1987), A Different Flesh(1988), A World of Difference(1990), The Guns of the South(1992), Two Thieves(1992), The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump(1993), Prince of the North(1994)
   Designated Hitter  1990 JUN  ss  W-1990 HOM; N-1991 LOC, ss; has Videssos ser., An Emperor for the Legion(1987), The Misplaced Legion(1987), The Legion of Videssos(1987), Krispos Rising(1991), Krispos of Videssos(1991), Krispos the Emperor(1994), Videssos: Besieged(1998)
   Mebodes' Fly  1992 JUL  ss  1st/only story in F&SF, Clever Rolf the scribe ser.; one other story in ser. "Blue Fox and Werewolf" as Eric G. Iverson(AMZ 1983 SEP); fulltime writer since 1991; coll. Departures(1993); novel King of the North(1996); see iv's, WRT 1989 FLL, LOC 1993 APR
   Vermin  1993 MAR  nv  has Worldwar ser., In the Balance(1994), Tilting the Balance(1995), Upsetting the Balance(1996), Striking the Balance(1996); How Few Remain(1997; W-1997 SDW); The Great War ser., American Front(1998), Walk in Hell(1999), Breakthrough(2000)
   Seventh Chapter, The  1997 SEP  ss  has The Time of Troubles ser., The Stolen Throne(1995), Hammer and Anvil(1996), The Thousand Cities(1997); The Two Georges(1995 w. R. Dreyfuss), Thessalonica(1997), Between the Rivers(1998), Fox and Empire('98), Second Contact('99), Into the Darkness('99)
Turzillo, Mary A.  Kraken  1990 APR  ss  lives in Berea, OH; has PhD from Case-Western Reserve Univ.; Prof. of English at Kent State Univ.; attended 1985 Clarion & other writers' workshops; 1st story pub. "What Do I See in You?" in Budrys(ed): Writers of the Future, Vol. IV(1988)
   Alex  1993 MAR  ss  founding member of the Cajun Sushi Hamsters from Hell writing workshop in Ohio; has pub. fiction & poems in genre mags. WRT, PLP, MZoo, INZ, TotU, ASI, SFAge, MZBFM, Star*Line, 2AM, S&T, WFH, & TSF; has pub. over 20 poems & 25 stories since 1988
   Miranda's Monster  1995 AUG  ss  has pub. fiction & poems in anth. The Ultimate Witch, The Ultimate Dragon, Xanadu 2, New Altars, Vision Quests, How to Save the World, Once Upon a Midnight, Universe 3, Dark Terrors 5, & The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women
   Mate  1997 FEB  ss  has non-fiction book, Philip Jose Farmer: Starmont Reader's Guide #3 & 9(1980), as by Mary T. Brizzi; this story about chess; author believes as child-rearing practices change, women players will begin to dominate the world of competitive chess
   Chrysoberyl  1998 JUN  ss  story pays homage to a novel by Mr. O. Butterworth
   By Ben Cruachan  1999 SEP  ss  married sf writer Geoffrey A. Landis in 1999; has stories "Eat or Be Eaten: A Love Story" in INZ 1996 FEB(N-1996 BSF, short fiction), & "Mars Is No Place for Children" in SFAge 1999 MAY(W-1999 NEB, novelette)
Tushnet, Leonard  In the Calendar of Saints  1964 AUG  ss  (1908-1973) his 1st pub. sf story; a physician from Irvington, N.J.
   Chelmlins, The  1967 DEC  ss  in his ten-year sf publishing career, 1964-1974, Tushnet pub. 15 short stories: 11 in F&SF, 2 in Vertex SF("The Schlemihl Hypothesis" in 1974 FEB; "Human Beings Are a Nation's Best Resources" in 1974 JUN), & 2 stories in anth.
   Gifts From the Universe  1968 MAY  ss  has two short stories in anth. "A Plague of Cars" in Robert Silverberg(ed): New Dimensions I(1971), & "In re Glover" in Harlan Ellison(ed): Again, Dangerous Visions(1972)
   Worm Shamir, The  1968 DEC  ss  has nf book The Medicine Men: The Myth of Quality Medical Care in America Today(1971)
   Lord of Sensation  1969 DEC  ss 
   Matchmaker, Matchmaker  1971 JAN  ss  has book The Medicine Men: The Myth of Quality Medical Care in America Today(1971)
   Aunt Jennie's Tonic  1971 DEC  ss  has book The Pavement of Hell: Three Leaders of the Judenrat(1972), about the 3 Nazi-appointed leaders of ghettoes in Poland, Rumkowski of Lodz, Czerniakow of Warsaw, & Gens of Vilna; based on extensive personal interviews & documentary material
   Practical Invention, A  1972 JUL  ss 
   Galaxy Travel Service, The  1973 NOV  ss 
   Waves of Ecology  1974 MAR  ss 
   In the World of Magic  1974 JUN  ss 
Tuttle, Lisa  Dollburger  1973 FEB  ss  (1952- ) U.S. writer, in U.K. since late 1980, married to author Christopher Priest(also in F&SF) 1981-87; Clarion graduate, 1st story pub. "Stranger in the House" in Robin Scott Wilson(ed): Clarion II(1972); W-1974 JWCA, Best New Writer
   Horse Lord, The  1977 JUN  ss  has 1st novel, with George R.R. Martin, Windhaven(novella in ANA 1975 MAY as "The Storms of Windhaven"; W-1976 LOC; N-1975 NEB; exp. 1981; N-1982 LOC), which depicts life on a lost colony planet, Maris, whose people use artificial, functional wings(Clute)
   Wives  1979 DEC  ss  see biographical article in Fear! 1990 MAY, & interviews in TWZ 1983 MAR/APR, INZ #29 1989, & in Stan Nicholls: Wordsmiths of Wonder(1993)
   Bug House  1980 JUN  ss  N-1981 LOC, short story; Tuttle lived in the U.K. since 1980; after ten years in London, she has moved to Scotland
   Other Mother, The  1980 DEC  nv  has novels Angela's Rainbow(1983), Catwitch(1983), the latter a juvenile fantasy
   Bone Flute, The  1981 MAY  ss  W-1981 NEB; N-1982 LOC, short story
   Treading the Maze  1981 NOV  ss  N-1982 BSF, short fiction
   Memory of Wood, The  1982 SEP  ss  has novels Familiar Spirit(1983), a horror novel in which a woman sells her soul to get her husband back(B&C), & Gabriel(1987), a horror novel involving reincarnation(B&C)
   Nest, The  1983 APR  nv  has nf books Children's Literary Houses: Famous Dwellings in Children's Fiction(1984) with Rosalind Ashe; Encyclopedia of Feminism(1986), Heroines: Women Inspired by Women(1988)
   Redcap  1984 SEP  ss  has colls. A Nest of Nightmares(1985), A Spaceship Built of Stone and Other Stories(1987), Memories of the Body: Tales of Desire and Transformation(1992), Food Man(1994)
   No Regrets  1985 MAY  nv  N-1986 LOC, short story; has edited anth. Skin of the Soul: New Horror Stories by Women(1990; N-1991 LOC), Crossing the Border: Tales of Erotic Ambiguity(1998)
   Colonization of Edward Beal, The  1987 OCT  ss  has novels Lost Futures(1992; N-1992 TIP; 1993 BSF, CLA), an sf novel about a woman who slips between her different selves in parallel universes(B&C); Food Man(1995; N-1995 TIP), Panther in Argyll(1996), the latter a ya fantasy novel
   Meeting the Muse  1996 APR  ss  this story to be part of novel, The Pillow Friend('96); "in the novel it is a short story written by the main character"; uses house ps. Maria Palmer for a ya horror series, Horrorscopes, written by various authors; she wrote #10, Virgo: Snake Inside('95)
   Tir Nan Og  1999 JAN  ss  has novel The Pillow Friend(1996; N-1996 IHA, TIP; 1997 LOC), a dark fantasy/psychological horror novel in which a woman's childhood fantasies become horribly real(B&C)
Tuttle, Lisa & Steven Utley  Flies by Night  1975 JUN  ss  (1952- ; 1948- ) Tuttle an ex-Air Force brat, has sold about 3 dozen stories to GAL, Vertex, var. anth.; W-1974 JWCA, Best New Writer; Utley a recent graduate of Syracuse Univ., 1st story pub. "The Unkindest Cut of All" in anth. Perry Rhodan 20(1972);
Twain, Mark  Curious Pleasure Excursion, A  1961 JUN  ss  (1835-1910) 1st pub. in The New York Herald Tribune, 6 JUL 1874, during the time of the "Comet Scare"; ps. for Samuel L. Clemens; has sf novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court(1889), coll. The Science Fiction of Mark Twain(1984, ed D. Ketterer)

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