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Varley, John  Pusher, The  1981 OCT  ss  W-1982 HUG, LOC, SFC; N-1981 NEB, short story; has novella "PRESS ENTER []" in ASI 1984 MAY, W-1984 NEB; 1985 HUG, LOC, SFC; has anth. with Ricia Mainhardt, Superheroes(1995); novels The Golden Globe(1998; W-1999 PRO; N-LOC), Red Thunder(2003)
Varshavsky, Ilya  Conflict, The  1967 AUG  vi  (1909-1973) 1st pub. in his anth., Path Into the Unknown(1966, U.K.); trans. from the Russian; a naval engineer, he also has sf stories in International S.F. 1967 NOV, & many anth. incl. The Molecular Cafe(1968), Other Worlds, Other Seas(1970), etc
Vatsek, Joan  Duel, The  1958 MAY  ss  (1916-1996) ps. for Joan Vaczek; born in Uniontown, PA; 1st story pub. "The Bees" in Story Mag. 1941 MAR/APR; only novel This Fiery Night(1959), about conflict in 1950 Cairo, where she lived from 1935-1940; see
Vaughan, Bill  Wall, The  1994 SEP  ss  in TOC as Bill Vaughn; lives in San Francisco Bay area, works in computer industry since 1969; has pub. in ANA 1987 MAR, & 1988 JUN; has "Confessions of a Bimbette in Space" ser. in Amazing Experiences 1990 SEP, NOV, & MZoo #1 1991
Veillot, Claude  First Days of May, The  1961 DEC  ss  (1925- ) 1st pub. in F&SF's French edition, Fiction 1960 MAY; trans. by Damon Knight; newspaperman, has two nf books(one on artificial satellites, one on the art of moviemaking); has written scripts for 18 French movies between 1963-1991
Verne, Jules  Gil Bralter  1958 JUL  ss  (1828-1905) 1st time in English, 1st pub. in Le Chemin de France(The Flight to France), in 1887; trans. by I.O. Evans(1894-1977); Verne a French playwright & novelist, considered 1 of 2 founding fathers of sf(other is H.G. Wells)(Clute); born in Nantes
   Frritt-Flacc  1959 NOV  ss  1st pub. in Le Figaro Illustre, 1884 DEC; trans. from the French by I.O. Evans, editor of Jules Verne: Master of S.F.(1957); Extraordinary Voyages ser. incl. Journey to the Centre of the Earth(1863; trans. 1872 UK; 1959 movie); see the many Verne websites
Vess, John W. Jr  Introduction to Morgan Robertson's "From the Darkness and the Depths"  1969 AUG  in  (1929- ) Vess has book The Titan and the Titanic(1990); Robertson has colls. "Where Angels Fear to Tread" and Other Tales of the Sea(1899), The Three Laws and the Golden Rule(1900), Down to the Sea(1905), Over the Border(1914), The Grain Ship(1914), etc
Vickers, Roy  Eighth Lamp, The  1958 JUL  ss  (1889-1965) 1st pub. in England, in NOM 1916 JUL; ps. for William Edward Vickers; has coll. The Department of Dead Ends(1947; 1956); has Inspector George Rason ser. in Fiction Parade and Golden Book 1935-1937, & EQMM 1947 DEC
Vidal, Gore  Visit to a Small Planet  1957 MAR  ply  (1925- ) 3-act teleplay, performed May 8, 1955 on NBC, became a hit on Broadway; 1st novel Williwaw(1946); sf novel Messiah(1954); non-sf novels Myra Breckenridge(1968; 1970 movie), sequel Myron(1974); Live from Gologotha(1992); memoir Palimpsest(1995)
Vonnegut, Kurt Jr  Harrison Bergeron  1961 OCT  ss  (1922- ) born in Indianapolis, was a P.O.W. in Dresden in WWII during the saturation bombing & firestorm; studied at Univ. of Tennesee, & Chicago; 1st story pub. sf "Report on the Barnhouse Effect" in COL, in 1950; 1st novel Player Piano(1952)
Vukcevich, Ray  Mom's Little Friends  1992 APR  ss  MS in Computer Science from Univ. of Oregon, a graduate student working in the area of artificial intelligence; 1st story pub. "The Spokesman" in The Fault #15 1980; 1st "big sale" was "Rachel's Inheritance" in PLP #5 1989
   No Comet  1994 JUL  ss  lives in Eugene, OR; he is a research assistant for the Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences at the Univ. of Oregon
   Giant Step  1994 OCT/NOV  ss  has taught high school English & Journalism, & college Computer Science
   Finger, The  1995 APR  ss 
   Count On Me  1995 OCT/NOV  ss  N-1996 NEB, short story
   Rug Rats  1995 DEC  vi 
   White Guys in Space  1996 AUG  ss  thru mid-2002 has pub. over 40 stories in mags. F&SF, PLP, Sirius*Visions, Talebones, Rosebud, ASI & ABO, and the anth. Twists of the Tale(1996), Buried Treasures(1996), Imagination Fully Dilated(1998), & Bones of the World(2001)
   Holiday Junket, A  1998 AUG  vi  has 1st novel, The Man of Maybe Half-a-Dozen Faces(2000), a mystery featuring Oregon P.I. Skylight Howells, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, & solves his cases w. the aid of personalities Dennis, Dieter, Lulu, Scarface, & The Average Guy
   Rejoice  1999 JAN  ss  see his website at; has 1st coll. Meet Me in the Moon Room(2001)

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