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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Watson, Ian  Flesh of Her Hair, The  1984 OCT  ss  has colls. The Very Slow Time Machine(1979; N-1980 LOC), Sunstroke(1982), The Book of Ian Watson(1985; N-1986 LOC), Slow Birds(1985; N-1986 LOC); anth. Changes: Stories of Metamorphosis(1983), with Michael Bishop
   White Socks  1985 FEB  nv  has novels The Fire Worm(INZ #17 1986 as "Jingling Geordie's Hole"; exp. 1988), in which the medieval Lambton Worm proves to be the alchemical salamander of Raymond Lully(Ramon Lull, c.1235-1316)
   Skin Day, and After  1985 JUL  ss  has anth. Picture at an Exhibition(1981), Afterlives: An Anthology of Stories About Life After Death(1986), the latter with Pamela Sargent; novel The Whores of Babylon(1988; N-1989 CLA), about a virtual reality Babylon in the USA(Clute)
   Cold Light  1986 APR  nv  N-1987 LOC, novelette; has horror novel Meat(1988), which depicts a world fighting back against those who refuse to eat meat
   Queenmagic, Pawnmagic  1986 SEP  na  abridged edition of his novel Queenmagic, Kingmagic(1986), pub. also in SEP, & reviewed in F&SF 1988 OCT; narrated by the pawn squire Pedino, it concerns the game of chess & the magical struggle betw. his city of Bellogard & the ebon city of Chorny
   Salvage Rites  1987 JAN  ss  has novels The Flies of Memory(novella in ASI 1988 SEP; exp. 1990), in which aliens memorize bits of Earth so the Universe can continue remembering itself
   Evil Water  1987 MAR  nv  this story to be the title story of his coll. Evil Water(1987; N-1988 LOC); has coll. Salvage Rites(1989; N-1990 LOC), Stalin's Teardrops and Other Stories(1991)
   Mole Field, The  1988 DEC  ss  see interviews in Charles Platt(ed): Who Writes Science Fiction(1980), Extro 1982 FEB/MAR, WRT 1993 SUM(#307, Special Ian Watson Isuue), INZ 1993 SEP & 1997 OCT; see article in The Zone #3 1995
   In the Upper Cretaceous With the Summerfire Brigade  1990 AUG  nv  has sf novelizations set in the Warhammer universe of the 41st century(based on the Warhammer game), Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor(1990), ... : Space Marine(1993), ... : Harlequin(1994), & ... : Chaos Child(1995)
   Looking Down on You  1992 OCT/NOV  ss  story's genesis was a Dusseldorf SF convention at which he & Terry Pratchett were guests of honor ... incl. a trip to the Rhine Tower
   Amber Room, The  1995 AUG  nv  1st pub. in Peter Crowther & Edward Kramer(ed): Tombs(1995); has novels, Lucky's Harvest(1993), & The Fallen Moon(1994), a 2-volume extra-terrestrial epic loosely inspired by Finland's national epic, the Kalevala
   Last Beast Out of the Box, The  1997 MAY  ss  has novel Hard Questions(1996), a techno-thriller about quantum computers & the mystery of consciousness; about story, "one rainy day years ago, our daughter ... painted 4 cats past & present on a wooden box, & added a marmalade one ... she had foreseen"
   Boy Who Lost an Hour, the Girl Who Lost Her Life, The  1998 FEB  ss  has colls. The Coming of Vertumnus and Other Stories(1994; N-1995 LOC), The Great Escape(2002); poetry coll. The Lexicographer's Love Song and Other Poems(2001 chap); his poem "Ode to My Screen Saver" in WRT 1999 SPR(#315), was N-2000 RHY
   Caucus Winter  1999 JAN  ss  has sf novel, Oracle(1997), in which an ancient Roman soldier is propelled into the 20th century by the first test of the time-probe 'Oracle,' triggering responses from the IRA & the British Secret Service
Watt, T.S.  Visitors From Venus  1954 JUN  vi  1st pub. in Punch
Watt-Evans, Lawrence  Spirit Dump  1992 OCT/NOV  ss  (1954- ) wn. for Lawrence Watt Evans; 1st story pub. sf/f "Paranoid Fantasy #1" in American Atheist 1975 AUG; 1st novel, Lords of Dus ser., The Lure of the Basilisk(1980); Legend of Ethshar ser., latest Night of Madness(2000); see website
Webb, Charles  Special Talent  1954 DEC  ss  also in F&SF as Charles T. Webb
Webb, Charles T.  BEM  1952 NOV  vi  also in F&SF as Charles Webb; has vignettes "The Mink Coat" in The American Magazine 1952 OCT, "Space Opera" in OWS 1952 DEC, & "Psychobabble" in James Charlton(ed): Bred Any Good Rooks Lately?(1986)
Webb, Don  Evil Miracle, The  1994 AUG  ss  (1960- ) lives in Austin, TX; 1st story pub. "The Essence of Faery" in Shavertron #23 1985 JUL; has colls. The Bestseller and Other Tales(1993), The Seventh Day and After(1993), A Spell for the Fulfillment of Desire(1996); novel The Double(1998)
Webb, Ron  Atomic Reaction  1963 MAY  pm  (1936- ) her 1st pub. sf; ps. for Sharon Lynn Webb, a nurse & writer; has Terra Tarkington series in ASI 1979-81, about a nurse engaged in galactic escapades, coll. in novel The Adventures of Terra Tarkington(1985 fixup)
   Girl With the 100 Proof Eyes, The  1964 JUL  ss  her 1st pub. story; has Earth Song trilogy novels Earthchild(1982 fixup), Earth Song(1983), & Ram Song(1984), in which the introduction of an immortality process causes social upheaval(Clute); has medical horror novels Pestis 18(1987), The Halflife(1989)
Weiner, Andrew  Deed, The  1978 MAY  nv  (1949- ) born in London, moved to Montreal in 1974; has BA in Social Psychology; supports "myself as a freelance writer, mostly rock writing for some English magazines, also some copywriting, some psychology writing"
   Comedians  1979 FEB  ss  1st story pub. sf "Empire of the Sun" in Harlan Ellison(ed): Again, Dangerous Visions(1972); only became an active sf writer in the early 1980s, pub. about 25 stories in that decade(Clute)
   Station Gehenna  1982 APR  nv  N-1983 AUR; story expanded into a fixup novel in 1987(N-1988 LOC); the protagonist is sent to Station Gehenna to investigate a murder involving the station crew on the partially terraformed planet(Clute)(see review of novel in F&SF 1987 SEP)
   Letter, The  1982 NOV  ss  an sf critic, his non-fiction has been pub. in Books in Canada Magazine, Quantum, SF Guide, Short Form, and the NYRSF
   On the Ship  1983 MAY  ss  has short story "Distant Signals" in TWZ 1984 MAY/JUN, which was televised in the Tales From the Darkside TV series(Clute)
   Going to Meet the Alien  1987 AUG  nv 
   Man Who Was Lucky, The  1988 JUN  ss  has coll. Distant Signals and Other Stories(1990)
   New Man, A  1992 JUL  ss  has stories "Distant Signals" in TWZ 1984 MAY/JUN, & "Going Native" in Night Cry 1985 WIN, which were made into episodes of the TV series Tales from the Dark Side(92 episodes; 1984-1988)
   Seeing  1992 SEP  na  N-1992 HOM; 1993 AUR; 1st/only story in F&SF in Daniel ser., about a strange boy w. special gifts; Daniel & the other characters are also in story "Getting Near the End" in McEnroe(ed): Proteus(1981) & in coll. Distant Signals and Other Stories(1990)
   Purple Pill, The  1996 FEB  ss  has coll. This Is the Year Zero(1998); this story "is a kind of update to Rog Phillips' story 'The Yellow Pill'(in ASF 1958 OCT) ... in a certain sense it is autobiographical"; see website
Weiner, David  Chaparral, The  1983 NOV  nv  no information on this person could be found, but if his middle initial is 'L.,' he might be the author of this book, David L. Weiner: ID - Battling the Inner Dummy: The Craziness of Apparently Normal People(1999)
Wellen, Edward  Seven Day's Wonder  1963 MAR  ss  (1919- ) writer almost exclusively of short stories, lives in New Rochelle; 1st story pub. sf was a spoof "Origins of Galactic Slang" in GAL 1952 JUL, followed by a series of Galactic Origins spoofs in GAL thru 1962
   Book of Elijah, The  1964 JAN  ss  some of Wellen's Galactic Origin spoofs pub. in GAL were reprinted in Martin Greenberg(ed): All About the Future(1955)
   Buffoon  1964 DEC  nv  has 1st novel, Hijack(VSF 1970 MAY; 1971), in which the Mafia learns the U.S. govt. is secretly preparing to escape the solar system, & muscles in on the action(Clute)
   No Other Gods  1972 APR  ss  between 1952-1993, Wellen has pub. over 65 short stories in sf/f & mystery magazines, & over has stories in about 18 anth.
   Chalk Talk  1973 MAR  vi 
   Androids Don't Cry  1973 MAY  ss 
   Film Buff  1973 JUL  ss 
   Cryonauts, The  1973 SEP  ss 
   Mouthpiece  1974 FEB  na  a 1935 gangster comes back to life in a Vietnam vet's college program and via telephone & computer connections, ruthlessly seeks to recover his fortune
   Thataway  1974 JUN  ss 
   Second Fall, or Anthony Comstock's Final Victory, The  1974 DEC  ss 
   Sanity Clause  1975 JAN  ss 
   Deadpan  1975 JUL  na  "a wild thriller concerning a project to restore the Delphic Oracle around a computer installation, the mysterious death of the computer's designer, & the investigations of his son"
   Ransom  1977 JUL  ss 
   Further Deponent Sayeth Not  1977 NOV  ss 
   Bearings  1978 FEB  nv 
   Goldbrick  1978 NOV  na  "the adventures of Lt. Stonewall J. Buckmaster, on assignment to the 10th Experimental Company"
   While-You-Wait  1979 JAN  ss 

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