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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Wellen, Edward  Finger of Fate  1980 JUN  ss 
   Hotline  1981 DEC  nv 
   Spur the Nightmare  1983 MAR  nv 
   Pattern  1984 JUL  vi 
   Waswolf (with thanks to Charles G. Waugh)  1987 SEP  ss 
   Cool Cat  1990 MAR  nv  has audiobook novel(2 cassettes), Mind Slash Matter(1997), part sf & part mystery, about Rush Lightbody, a Hollywood screenwriter stricken by Alzheimer's
Wellman, Manly W. & Wade Wellman  Adventure of the Martian Client, The  1969 DEC  ss  (1903-1986; 1937- ) 1st of 3 stories in Sherlock Holmes ser.; father & son collab.; ser. coll. in fixup novel Sherlock Holme's War of the Worlds(1975); Wade Wellman is the wn. for Manly Wade Wellman Jr, pub. poet & Prof. of English, Clarke College(IA)
   Venus, Mars, and Baker Street  1972 MAR  ss  2nd of 3 stories in their Sherlock Holmes/War of the Worlds series; Wellman Jr as ps. John H. Watson MD has Sherlock Holmes novels The Seven-Per-Cent Solution(1974), The West End Horror(1976), The Case of the Philosopher's Ring(1978)
   Sherlock Holmes Versus Mars  1975 MAY  nv  3rd & last story in their Sherlock Holmes/War of the Worlds series; Wellman Jr as ps. John H. Watson MD has Holmes novels S. H. vs Dracula(1979), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes(1979), S. H. and the Golden Bird(1985), S. H. and the Red Demon(1996), etc
Wellman, Manly Wade  Larroes Catch Meddlers  1951 APR  ss  (1903-1986) see 1951 OCT, p.17, for definitions of 'larroes'; born in Kamundongo, Angola; has 1926 BA in English from Wichita Stae Univ., 1927 BA from Columbia Univ.; used ps. Gans T. Field, Levi Crow(in F&SF), house ps. Gabriel Barclay, etc
   O Ugly Bird!  1951 DEC  ss  1st story in Silver John ser., about a wandering balladeer & American folk ballads; 1st pub. work poem "Ripples" in Verse 1925 SPR; 1st story pub. "When the Lion Roared" in Thrilling Tales 1927 MAY; 1st story pub. sf "When Planets Clashed" in WSQ 1931 SPR
   Desrick on Yandro, The  1952 JUN  ss  2nd story Silver John ser.; see article on this story in NCLR #11 2002; S.J. 1st introduced in stories "Sin's Doorway"(WRT 1946 JAN), "Frogfather"(WRT 1946 NOV); has 1st book The Invading Asteroid(1932 chap), novel Giants from Eternity(STS 1939 JUL; 1959)
   Vandy, Vandy  1953 MAR  ss  3rd story Silver John ser.; has novels Romance in Black(WRT 1938 JUN-AUG as "The Black Drama" by Gans T. Field; 1946), The Dark Destroyers(ASF 1938-39 DEC-JAN as "Nuisance Value"; exp. 1959; cut 1960), Sojarr of Titan(STS 1941 MAR; 1949)
   One Other  1953 AUG  ss  4th story Silver John ser.; has Hok ser. in AMZ(1939-41) & FAD(1942), sf adventures set in early mythic civilizations; has story made into 1961 The Twilight Zone TV ser. ep. "Still Valley" - a Confederate soldier gets a chance to win the war for the South
   Call Me From the Valley  1954 MAR  ss  5th story Silver John ser.; has Judge Pursuivant ser. in WRT(1938-41, as by Gans T. Field) & later in F&SF, occult detective; has novels The Devil's Planet(STS 1942 JAN; 1951 UK), The Beasts from Beyond(STS 1944 SUM as "Strangers on the Height"; 1950)
   Little Black Train, The  1954 AUG  ss  6th story Silver John series; has John Thunstone series some in WRT from 1938(as by Gans T. Field) & later in F&SF, occult detective; has novel Twice in Time(STS 1940 MAY; cut 1957; res. 1988) a time travel story featuring Leonardo da Vinci's Florence
   Shiver in the Pines  1955 FEB  ss  7th story Silver John ser.; J.P. & J.T. ser. colls. Lonely Vigils(1981), novels What Dreams May Come(1983), The School of Darkness(1985); his wife Frances ( ps. Garfield) Wellman(1908-2000) is also an author, pub. in WRT, Fantasy Tales, Whispers, etc
   Walk Like a Mountain  1955 JUN  ss  8th story Silver John ser.; see his entries under ps. Levi Crow for mys. & nf books; wrote some 35 ya books, incl. The Last Mammoth(1953), Rifles at Mansour's Mill(1961); wife Frances wrote an article on Manly in NCLR #2 1993, a Special Wellman Issue
   On the Hills and Everywhere  1956 JAN  ss  9th story Silver John ser.; has novel Island in the Sky(TWS 1941 OCT; 1961); Manly's brother, Paul, is a writer of historical novels & nf books of the Southwest, incl. The Iron Mistress(1951), Ride the Red Earth(1958), Death on the Prairie(1987 nf)
   Old Devlins Was A-waiting  1957 FEB  ss  10th story Silver John ser.; another Silver John story in Sorcerer's Apprentice #11 1981; has Captain Future novel, The Solar Invasion(STS 1946 FLL; 1968); see iv's in Chacal 1977 SPR, AMZ1981 MAR; bio's in Nightshade #3 1976 OCT, The Horror Show 1987 APR
   Nine Yards of Other Cloth  1958 NOV  ss  N-1959 HUG; 11th story Silver John ser.; ser. coll. in Who Fears the Devil?(1963; made into 1973 movie The Legend of Hillbilly John; exp. vt John the Balladeer, 1988; N-1989 LOC); other Silver John short stories in WRT 1981 FLL, & Whispers 1987 OCT
   Wonder As I Wander: Some Footprints on John's Trail Through Magic Mountains  1962 MAR  gp  12th in Silver John series, 7 vignettes he will use to connect the series stories in a coll.: Then I Wasn't Alone; You Know the Tale of Hoph; Blue Monkey; The Stars Down There; Find the Place Yourself; I Can't Claim That; & Who Else Could I Count On
   Dead Man's Chair  1973 OCT  ss  1st story in F&SF in S. Appalachia ser.; "Some 25 years ago, I began wandering the Southern Appalachians, looking for old songs & old tales, making friends with the mountain people, finally building a cabin among them where I spend what time I can spare"
   Goodman's Place  1974 SEP  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Southern Appalachia series; this series coll. in The Valley So Low: Southern Mountain Tales(1987); has colls. Worse Things Waiting(1973; W-1975 WFA); wrote DC Comics The Spirit comics during WWII, which are being reprinted 2001-2002
   Ghastly Priest Doth Reign, The  1975 MAR  ss  N-1976 WFA, shfi; 3rd story in F&SF in Southern Appalachia ser.; "... witch business in the Carolina mountains. The Book that figures in the story, Albertus Magnus ..." does exist; see Wellman articles in NCLR #1 1992, #2 1993, #11 2002
   Where the Woodbine Twineth  1976 OCT  ss  4th story in F&SF in S. Appalachia series, this story not being pub. in any of his colls.; has novels in Silver John series The Old Gods Waken(1979), After Dark(1980; N-1981 LOC), The Lost and the Lurking(1981), The Hanging Stones(1982)
   Caretaker  1977 OCT  ss  5th story in F&SF in Southern Appalachia series; one more novel in Silver John series, The Voice of the Mountain(1984); has also written westerns; Wellman W-1980 WFA, for Lifetime Achievement Award; see website
   Hundred Years Gone  1978 MAR  ss  6th story in F&SF in Southern Appalachia series; Manly Wade Wellman also in F&SF in collaboration with his son Manly Wade Wellman Jr, in War of the Worlds/Sherlock Holmes series, which is coll. in Sherlock Holmes' War of the Worlds(1975)
   Toad's Foot  1979 APR  ss  has novels The Beyonders(1977), Cahena: A Dream of the Past(1986); see Gordon Benson Jr: Manly Wade Wellman, the Gentleman from Chapel Hill: A Memorial Working Bibliography(1986 chap); see his obits in LOC 1986 MAY(#304), SFWA Bulletin 1986 SUM
   What of the Night  1980 MAR  ss  has The Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman, Vol. 1: The Third Cry to Legba(2000), Vol. 2: The Devil Is Not Mocked(2001), Vol. 3: Fearful Rock(2001), Vol. 4: Sin's Doorway(2002), Vol. 5: Owls Hoot in the Daytime(2003); biographical info in vol. intros
Wellman, Wade  Postscript by the Junior Collaborator, A  1969 DEC  aw  postscript to his story with his father, #2850; idea for the story came to Wade after seeing the Sherlock Holmes/Jack the Ripper movie, A Study in Terror (1965 British-made; John Neville as Holmes); discusses H.G. Wells' novel The War of the Worlds
Wells, John Jay & Marion Zimmer Bradley  Another Rib  1963 JUN  ss  (1933- ; 1930-1999) Wells the ps. for Juanita Coulson, this her 1st pub. story, who w. her husband Robert, W-1965 HUG for fanzine Yandro, which they edited 1953-86; Bradley from upstate NY, now lives in Texas, is "a nut on circus acrobatics, & carnivals"
Wells, Matthew  Auschwitz Circus, The  1996 JUN  ss  1st short fiction sale; story began as one-act play, performed at A Theatre Company in NYC; worked for last 20 years in acting & writing plays, which incl. God's Country(1990 Off-Off-Broadway), The Goose Girl(in L.A.), Wildest Dreams(Madison Ave Theater)
Wentworth, K.D.  Sacred Ground  1993 OCT/NOV  ss  (1951- ) wn. for Kathy D. Wentworth; he lives in Tulsa, OK; teaches elementary school; fiction editor for Computer Times; has markets column in Pulphouse Pub. writers' mag., The Reporter; 1st story pub. "Daddy's Girl" in Budrys(ed): WotF, Vol. V(1989)
   As You Sow  1995 MAR  ss  has 1st novel sf, The Imperium Game(1994; N-1995 LOC), about a Roman Empire computer game that becomes deadly reality when the player who reigns as Emperor is murdered in the real world as well(B&C); she's often drawn to religious themes in her fiction
   'Tis the Season  1997 DEC  ss  story grew out of observation, "in the hands of some people, religion is as dangerous as a controlled sunstance"; has novel Moonspeaker(1994), about a girl, falsely accused of killing her father, who uses psychic powers to escape to alternate timelines
   Tall One  1998 APR  ss  N-1998 NEB, short story; has novels House of Moons(1995), about the founder of a controversial mind-talent training school, sequel to Moonspeaker(1994); Black on Black(1999), about an alien rescued from a slave market by a human & raised as his son
   Embians, The  1999 MAY  ss  since pub. her 1st story in 1989, K.D. Wentworth has pub. 40 or more short stories in sf/f genre mags. & anth.; mags. incl. RoF, MZBFM, TotU, ABO, AHMM, MZoo, After Hours, TSF, GAL, Starshore, & PLP
Wessell, Deborah  She Could Look It Up  1991 JAN  ss  lives in Seattle, her husband is writer Steven Bryan Bieler; attended 1988 Clarion; 1st stort pub. sf "The Last One to Know" in ASI 1989 APR; has sldo pub. fiction in PLP, & anth. Universe 2(1992); "most of my stories are humor of one sort or another"
Wessells, Henry  Curiosities: The Well of the Unicorn, by Fletcher Pratt, 1948  1999 DEC  br  Fletcher Pratt's(1897-1956) novel(1st pub. under the ps. George U. Fletcher) "deals with the political turmoil in the land of Dalarna ... intrigues & battles are interwoven with political discussions & reflections on the consequences of using magic"
West, Jake  Halls of Burning  1997 AUG  ss  lives in Torrance, CA; has short stories "A Dearth of Ravens" in Plot WIN/SPR 1997, "Digital Hearts and Minds" in AMZ 1999 WIN
West, John Anthony  George  1961 JUN  ss  (1932- ) "this story was orig. conceived & written as a play; since pub. in F&SF, it has been scheduled to be an off-Broadway play; ex-Editorial Assistant to F&SF(1956) & ex-Assistant Editor to VSF(1957), he lives on the island of Ibiza(south of Majorca)
   Fiesta at Managuay  1961 DEC  ss  1st pub. in his coll. Call Out the Malicia(1961 - UK; 1962 - US), stories from different genres, but each presenting a satiric view of American life; has novel Osborne's Army(1966), set on Caribbean island Escondite, a target for 20th century developers
   Gladys's Gregory  1963 FEB  ss  has nf nooks Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Egypy(1979), which discusses the work of Egyptologist R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz; The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt: A Guide to the Sacred Places of Ancient Egypt(1985), The Case for Astrology(1991)
West, Michelle  Guilty Pleasures  1996 MAY  br  (1963- ) Michelle Sagara West; N-1992, 1993 JWCA; "you will see here books that fulfill my criterion for a good read"; Tanya Huff: Fifth Quarter; Laurell K. Hamilton: Circus of the Damned; Melissa Scott: Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Proud Helios
   Guilty Pleasures  1996 JUL  br  Melissa Scott & Lisa Barnett: Point of Hopes; essay: two types of comfort books; Pauline Ashwell: Project Farcry; Rand & Robin Miller with David Wingrove: Myst: The Book of Atrus; West's 1st story pub. fantasy novel Into the Dark Lands(1991; N-1992 CCR)
   Guilty Pleasures  1996 SEP  br  Terry Pratchett: Men at Arms; Sharon Shinn: Archangel; Jane Emerson: City of Diamond; Tanya Huff: Scholar of Decay; Rosemary Edghill: Book of Moons; as Sagara has The Sundered ser., Into the Dark Lands(1991; N-1992 CCR), Children of the Blood(1992)
   Guilty Pleasures  1996 DEC  br  essay: her 2:00 A.M. novel test; Francine G. Woodbury: Shade and Shadow; Christopher Golden: Daredevil: Predator's Smile; Anne Lesley Groell: Anvil of the Sun; Kara Dalkey: Goa, Blood of the Goddess, Vol.1
   Guilty Pleasures  1997 APR  br  essay: publisher or marketing hype, books must live up to it; J. Gregory Keyes: The Waterborn; Wil McCarthy: The Fall of Sirius; Jennifer Roberson: Highlander: Scotland the Brave; Ann Marston: Kingmaker's Sword; Tom Holt: Expecting Someone Taller
   Guilty Pleasures  1997 MAY  br  essay: good-bye to editor Kris Rusch; Kate Elliott: King's Dragon, Vol. One of Crown of Stars; Laurell K. Hamilton: Bloody Bones; Jane Yolen: Here There Be Angels; Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski: A Fury Scorned(Star Trek novel)

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