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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
West, Michelle  Musing on Books  1997 SEP  br  William Browning Spencer: Zod Wallop; essay: "I react to books the same way I react to people ... there are books that I trust ..."; Tad Williams: Otherland: City of Golden Shadow; Terry Pratchett: Interesting Times
   Musing on Books  1998 JAN  br  essay: Robin McKinley's novels; Robin McKinley: Rose Daughter; Sharon Shinn: Jovah's Angel; Will Shetterly: Dogland; as Sagara, also in The Sundered series, Lady of Mercy(1993), & Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light(1994)
   Musing on Books  1998 MAR  br  Mary Doria Russell: The Sparrow; Kate Elliott: Prince of Dogs; Terry Pratchett: Maskerade; as M.W., has Sacred Hunt fantasy series, Hunter's Oath(1995), & Hunter's Death(1996), set in a kingdom where hunters must annually their god's prey(B&C)
   Musing on Books  1998 JUL  br  essay: Sean Stewart's fiction; Sean Stewart: The Night Watch; Mary Doria Russell: Children of God; Richard Grant: In the Land of Winter; as M.W., has The Sun Sword fantasy series, set in the same world as the Sacred Hunt series, The Broken Crown(1997)
   Musing on Books  1998 DEC  br  essay: books about gender issues; Carolyn Ives Gilman: Halfway Human; James Alan Gardner: Commitment Hour; as M.W., also in The Sun Sword series, The Uncrowned King(1998), The Shining Court(1999); she lives in Toronto
   Musing on Books  1999 APR  br  Michael Hale: A Fold in the Tent of the Sky; Steven Brust: Dragon; Terry Pratchett: Hogfather; see Michelle West's entry in CA, vol.180, p.362-363, as Michelle Sagara; she has novel w. Mark Kreighbaum & John Helfers, Tad William's Mirrorworld(1998)
   Musing on Books  1999 AUG  br  essay: round-up of recent ya titles; Jane Yolen & Bruce Coville: Armageddon Summer; Sonia Levitin: The Cure; Philip Pullman: Clockwork; Vivian Vande Velde: Never Trust a Dead Man
Westlake, Donald E.  Hydra  1984 MAR  ss  (1933- ) in F&SF as ps. Curt Clark, & w. co-author Larry M. Harris; famous mystery writer, 1st story pub. sf "Or Give Me Death" in USF 1954 NOV; has sf novel Anarchaos(1967), as Curt Clark; coll. The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution ...(1968)
What, Leslie  Clinging to a Thread  1994 APR  ss  (1955- ) born in L.A.; lives in Eugene, OR; her mother a survivor of WWII's Riga Ghetto; Leslie has a poem in Marguerite M. Striar(ed): Beyond Lament: Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust(1998); has humor column "Say What" in Eugene Weekly
   Designated Hater  1994 MAY  ss  1976 Clarion graduate, her 1st pub. story was "King for a Day" in ASI 1992 SEP; prev. was a maskmaker & puppetmaker, does a fair amount of performance art- see her website, incl. her multi-media art "Jell-O Zen Garden"
   Compatibility Clause  1995 JAN  ss  has her 1st coll., Sweet and Sour Tongue(2000), stories that examine "traditional & nontraditional takes on Jewish life"; historical romance Nice Girls Do(2001), as by Leslie Joyce, "about a (WWII) young couple working in the Resistance in Nice, France"
   Uncle Gorby and the Baggage Ghost  1996 MAR  ss  about story, "My father's death made me feel as if the one resource I needed was locked away ... I wonder if ghosts aren't reference materials, accessed by memory, imagination, & wishful thinking"; ghost-edited a book of poetry by at-risk youths
Wheeler, Deborah  Madrelita  1992 FEB  nv  (1947- ) N-1993 LOC; 1st story in West City ser.; born in Queens, NY; lives in Mar Vista, CA; has 1968 BA from Reed College, 1973 MS from Portland State Univ.; was Dean of Pasadena College of Chiropractic; has master's rank in kung fu san soo
   Javier, Dying in the Land of Flowers  1996 JAN  nv  N-1996 NEB, nv; 2nd & last story in West City ser.; has 1st novel Jaydium(1993), in which 2 miners on a remote planet are accidentally shot back in time to an earlier time in their culture; Northlight(1995), where colonists have forgone technology(B&C)
Wheeler, Mark  Life on the Tether  1983 AUG  nv  N-1984 LOC, novelette; from England, not far from Arthur C. Clarke's hometown of Minehead, Somerset
White, Don  Twenty-Four Hours in a Princess's Life, with Frogs  1962 OCT  vi 
   Peggy and Peter Go to the Moon  1963 FEB  vi  from London
   Watch the Bug-Eyed Monster  1963 MAY  ss 
White, E.B.  Hour of Letdown, The  1952 AUG  ss  (1899-1985) 1st pub. in NYM, 22 DEC 1951; working name for Elwyn Brooks White; NYM's Talk of the Town columnist; wrote Stuart Little(1945; 1999 movie), Charlotte's Web(1952; 1973 movie); see website
White, James  Christmas Treason  1962 JAN  nv  (1928-1999) U.K. writer from Ulster; 1st story pub. sf "Assisted Passage" in NWS 1953 JAN; best known for his Sector General series, about galactic medicine, pub. mainly in NWS; in ser. coll. Hospital Station(1962), novel Star Surgeon(1963)
   Counter Security  1963 FEB  nv  chief salesman in tailoring department of the largest department store in Belfast, Northern Ireland; has 1st novel The Secret Visitors(1957); Second Ending(1962; N-1962 HUG), All Judgement Fled(1968), colls. Deadly Litter(1964), Monsters and Medics(1977)
   Fast Trip  1963 APR  nv  has novels Open Prison(1965; vt The Escape Orbit, US; N-1965 NEB), The Watch Below(1966; basis 1981 movie Goliath Awaits), Tomorrow Is Too Far(1971), Dark Inferno(1972; vt Lifeboat, US), The Dream Millennium(1974), Underkill (1979), Double Contact(1998)
   Interpreters, The  1987 MAR  ss  an extract from his novel, The Interpreters(1985)?; has many Sector General ser. books, incl. Ambulance Ship(1979 fixup), Code Blue—Emergency!(1987), Mind Changer(1998); has coll. The White Papers(1996); see iv's in LOC 1984 JUN(#281), & 1993 MAR(#386)
White, Robert  Natural Selection  1988 AUG  ss  (1941?- ) his 1st sale; works as a literary agent
White, Ted  Books  1964 NOV  br  (1938- ) reviews Andre Norton: Night of Masks; working name for Theodore Edwin White, assistant editor of F&SF from 1963-68; later editor of AMZ & FAN from 1969-78, Heavy Metal from 1979-80, & Stardate from 1985-86
   Books  1965 AUG  br  Donald A. Wollheim & Terry Carr(ed): World's Best Science Fiction: 1965; White's 1st story pub. "Phoenix" in AMZ 1963 FEB, which became part of a fixup novel, Phoenix Prime(1966), the first in his Qanar sequence
   Editorial  1966 FEB  ed  Part 1 of 2, "The Slush Pile," where new writers come from; e.g. Larry Niven, over a dozen stories rejected by F&SF before "Becalmed in Hell"(1965 JUL, #2229) was "enthusiastically bought"; rules for submission; Tom Disch also mentioned
   Editorial  1966 MAR  ed  Part 2 of 2, "The Slush Pile"; only "1 out of 500 stories among the 'slush pile' ... will make it into print" in F&SF; why stories get rejected, what is a suitable story?; White has anth. The Best from Amazing Stories(1973), The Best from Fantastic(1973)
   Books  1967 OCT  br  Gordon R. Dickson: The Space Swimmers; Arthur Sellings: The Uncensored Man; also in White's Qanar sequence, novels The Sorceress of Qar(1966), Star Wolf!(1971); has 1st novel Invasion from 2500(1964), novel Lost in Space(1967, TV tie-in, as Ron Archer)
   Wednesday, Noon  1968 FEB  ss  1st & only story in F&SF in private detective Ronald Archer series, only other story in series in FAN 1969 OCT; has novels Android Avenger(1965), sequel The Spawn of the Death Machine(1968), juvenile The Secret of the Marauder Satellite(1967)
   Books  1968 OCT  br  Alexei Panshin: Heinlein in Dimension; White has novels The Jewels of Elsewhen(1967), Sideslip(1968, w. Dave Van Arnam), No Time Like Tomorrow(1969), By Furies Possessed(1970), juvenile Trouble on Project Ceres(1971), etc
White, William Chapman  Literate Monster, The  1957 JUL  vi  (1903-1955) 1st pub. in the New York Herald Tribune, in 1954; has columns in the Tribune & NYT, coll. in Forever Wild: Adirondack Country(1954), Just About Everything on the Adirondacks(1960); novel The Pale Blonde of Sands Street(1946)
Whitehill, Joseph  In the House, Another  1960 APR  vi  (1909?-1990?) engineer & writer; has a short story, "Marshmallow World," in ASF 1954 APR; coll. Able Baker and Others(1957), the title story won a 1956 O. Henry Prize Award, & two others won EQMM annual awards
   Doctor Royker's Experiment  1960 SEP  ss  has 1st novel The Angers of Spring(1959; vt The Way Up, 1960), about electrical engineers & the women they want but do not understand; 2nd novel Precious Little(1967), about 6 scientist on an oceanographic study being stranded on a Pacific island
Whitley, George  Second Meeting  1950 FLL  ss  (1912-1984) 1st pub. in Town & Country, in 1948; ps. for A. Bertram Chandler(& in F&SF as such), merchant seaman in the British Navy; has used this ps. for 22 sf/f stories in mags. NWS, FFM, WRT, AMZ, FUN, SFA, SCF, SSF, PLS, TWS & STS
Whitlock, Dean  Million-Dollar Wound, The  1987 JAN  ss  (1950?- ) his 1st pub. story; lives in Vermont, has been a journalist & a technical writer
   Miriam, Messiah  1988 JAN  nv  Whitlock wrote 15 sf/f short stories, between 1987-1995, in the mags. GEO, ASI, F&SF, ABO, & The Gate
   All or Nothing  1989 FEB  ss 
   Fax Man, The  1990 SEP  ss 
   On the Death of Daniel  1991 MAR  ss  has a short story, "Waiting for the Girl from California," in Steven-Elliot Altman & Patrick Merla(ed): The Touch(2000), an anth. whose proceeds went to benefit AIDS & cancer reasearch
   Woman, the Pilot, the Raven, The  1991 AUG  ss  "story about AIDS & Death ... set in the mountains of eastern US, again a familiar but exotic locale (in the soul this time)"
   Man Who Loved Kites, The  1991 DEC  nv  says "I became a kite aficionado over the summer, & was inspired to write this tale. The main events are taken from Chinese oral tradition & written history ... have jumbled together some actual names from (them) to provide monikers for my characters"
   Three Gifts  1995 FEB  nv  this story evolved over several beach vacations, "My reverence for the sea started me thinking in terms of religion, faith, & miracles"
Whitten, William  About the Artist  1981 JUL  bio  one-page profile on this issue's cover artist, Kent Bash, born in 1946 in Culver City, CA; has done portraits of famous people, such as Sophia Loren, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, & Harlan Ellison; also does cover & interior artwork for books
Whyte, H.W.  Non Sub Homine  1975 JUN  ss  (1940-1991) ps. for Henry Walter Weiss; 1965 law degree graduate from Harvard Univ.; first an estate lawyer, then in private practice in NJ; Barry N. Malzberg's "Understanding Entropy"(SFAge 1994 JUL; N-1994 NEB; 1995 HUG, LOC, SFC) was written for him
Wightman, Wayne  Condemned, a Kiss, and Sleep  1982 DEC  nv  (1946- ) teaches creative writing at Modesto(CA) Junior College; 1st story pub. sf "Do Unto Others" in AMZ 1980 FEB; "spends lots of time listening to Haydn while I'm in the kitchen teaching myself to cook ..."
   Skin Disguise, The  1984 JUN  ss  born & raised in Missouri, has lived in California since the 1960s; has Gorman Rimley ser. of stories, "Metamind" in AMZ 1980 AUG, "Evening Promenade" in FAN 1980 OCT, & "The Semi-Happy Life of Gorman Rimley" in AMZ 1981 MAR
   Ganglion  1984 AUG  nv  1st story in his Tarassis Psychonauts series, set in a station deep in space in which a team of psychonauts are probing into alien minds; Wightman says this story grew from his respect for the work of Philip K. Dick
   Tensor of Desire, The  1985 MAY  na  2nd & last story in his Tarassis Psychonauts series; in a station deep in space, a team of psychonauts are probing into alien minds
   Great Wall, The  1985 SEP  ss  N-1986 LOC, short story

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