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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Wightman, Wayne  Metaphysical Gun, The  1986 FEB  nv  N-1987 LOC, novelette
   Cage 37  1987 APR  nv  N-1988 LOC, novelette
   Rat Run  1988 OCT  ss  has pub. over 35 short stories, between 1980-1999, in mags. AMZ, FAN, F&SF, ASI, PLP, Omni, The Thirteenth Moon, & in anth. Charles L. Grant(ed): Shadows #6(1983), and Lewis Shiner(ed): When the Music's Over(1991)
   Return of the Electrovoids, The  1989 MAY  nv 
   Somewhere Dreamers Wake  1989 SEP  ss 
   Pardon My Extremities  1990 JAN  ss 
   Unnatural Strangers  1990 APR  ss 
   King of the Neanderthals, The  1990 NOV  nv 
   Cretaceous Waltz, The  1992 JAN  ss  "a quirky & sentimental love story with a strange twist"; has 1st book, coll. Ganglion and Other Stories(1995)
   Attack of the Ignoroids, The  1999 AUG  nv  working on "a non-fiction self-realization book for people who think human beings are evolutionary dead-ends," which probably influenced this story
Wightman, Wayne & Richard Paul Russo  Idiot's Dream, The  1997 DEC  nv  neither has done much collab. work before; Wightman says their key to success is that "Richard is sincere, and I don't care"
Wilber, Rick  Calculating Love  1992 MAR  ss  (1948- ) working name for Richard Arnold Wilber; lives in St. Petersburg, FL; has Ed.D from Southern Illinois Univ.; a college teacher for over 25 years, he teaches journalism at the Univ. of South Florida; book reviewer for The St. Petersburg Times
   Ice Covers the Hole  1992 DEC  nv  N-1993 NEB, novelette; co-editor with Richard Mathews of Sub-Tropical Speculations(1991), an anth. of Florida-themed sf; has ya mystery, The Secret Skater(1996), as by Robin Aran; edits Fiction Quarterly, the Tampa Tribune literary supplement
   Straight Changes  1998 APR  ss  baseball story; has coll. Where Garagiola Waits and Other Baseball Stories(1999), in which Wilber discusses, in story intros & notes, how baseball, family, & writing came together in these pieces(B&C); he's the fiction editor at
   Imagine Jimmy  1999 APR  ss  has nf books Magazine Feature Writing(1995), The Writer's Handbook for Editing and Revision(1996), Modern Media Teaching(2001), Feature Writing(2001); novel To Leuchars(2000); see his website at
Wilbur, Rick  Where Garagiola Waits  1997 APR  ss  N-1997 NEB, ss; baseball spring training story; R.W. the son of baseball player Del Wilber who was a catcher for St. Louis, Philadelphia & Boston between 1946-1954, after which he had a successful career coaching, scouting & managing in the minors
Wilde, Niall  Divvil With the Women, A  1960 JAN  ss  (1905-1978) 1st pub. in Science-Fantasy #16, in 1955, as "Heart's Desire"; ps. for Eric Frank Russell, also been spelled Nialle at times; his 1st story pub. "The Saga of Pelican West" in ASF 1937 FEB; 1st novel Sinister Barrier(UNK 1939 MAR; 1943; 1948)
Wilde, Oscar  Lord Arthur Savile's Crime  1964 MAR  nv  (1854-1900) 1st pub. in Court and Society Review, 1887 MAY & in coll. of same name(1891); Anglo-Irish writer; has poetry Poems(1881), The Sphinx(1894), The Canterville Ghost(1887); wrote plays 1891-5; most famous story The Picture of Dorian Gray(1891)
Wilde, Percival  Extreme Airiness of Duton Lang, The  1951 JUN  ss  (1887-1953) 1st pub. in ESQ 1939 APR; wrote many Broadway plays & books coll. his plays; nf The Craftmanship of the One Act Play(1923; 1951); coll. Rogues in Clover(1929; The Popular Mag. 1924-5), ser. about ex-card sharp Bill Parmalee exposing gamblers
   Haunted Ticker, The  1951 DEC  nv  1st pub. in The Popular Magazine, 20 MAY 1923; has mystery novels Mystery Weekend(1938), Inquest(1940), Design for Murder(1941), Tinsley's Bones(1942); coll. of spoofs P. Moran, Operative(1947); see
Wiles, A.F.  Cartoon  1953 AUG  ct  1st pub. in Punch, 14 SEP 1952
Wilhelm, Kate  Time to Keep, A  1962 JAN  ss  (1928- ) born in Toledo, OH; married Damon Knight in 1963; 1st story pub. sf "The Pint-Sized Genie" in FAN 1956 OCT; in 1958 helped found Milford Science Fiction Writers' Workshop with Knight, & Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop in 1968
   Man Without a Planet, The  1962 JUL  ss  wn. for Katie Wilhelm Knight; has coll. The Mile-Long Spaceship(1963); 1st novel mys., More Bitter Than Death(1963); 1st sf novel The Clone(1965) w. Theodore L. Thomas; The Nevermore Affair(1966); W-1968 NEB(ss) for "The Planners" in Knight: Orbit 3(1968)
   Stranger in the House  1968 FEB  na  "this is a story about an alien probe of Earth ... focuses on the small group of people who are directly affected, among them Mandy, who is married to Robert"; has novels The Killing Thing(1967), Let the Fire Fall(1969); coll. The Downstairs Room(1968)
   Whatever Happened to the Olmecs?  1973 OCT  nv  has colls. Abyss(1971), The Infinity Box(1975; title story N-1971 NEB, na), Somerset Dreams(1978), Listen, Listen(1981), Children of the Wind(1989); fixup novel Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang(1976; W-1977 HUG, JUP, JWC, LOC; N-1976 NEB)
   Disassembler, The  1987 OCT  ss  has novels Margaret and I(1971), The Clewiston Test(1976; W-1995 TIP), Juniper Time(1979; W-1981 Apollo), A Sense of Shadow(1981), The Winter Beach(1981), Oh, Susannah(1982), Welcome Chaos(1983); see iv's in Platt: Who Writes S. F.?(1980), & TofU 1987 SPR
   Naming the Flowers  1993 FEB  na  N-1993 HOM, HUG, LOC, NEB, na; 1st pub. by Axolotl Press in 1992; has P.I. Charlie Meiklejohn & psychologist Constance Leidl ser., The Hamlet Trap(1987), The Dark Door(1988), Smart House(1989), Sweet, Sweet Poison(1990), Seven Kinds of Death(1992)
   Forget Luck  1996 APR  ss  N-1997 HUG, LOC, ss; 1st story in F&SF in Tony Manetti ser.; also in Charlie & Constance mystery ser., coll. of five na's, A Flush of Shadows(1995), omnibus The Casebook of Constance and Charlie, Vol. 1 & 2(1999 & 2000); see her entry in CANR, vol.60
   Happiest Day of Her Life, The  1999 OCT/NOV  nv  2nd story in F&SF in Tony Manetti ser.; has Eugene, OR, defense attorney Barbara Holloway ser. Death Qualified(1991), The Best Defense(1994), Malice Prepense(1996), Defense for the Devil(1999), No Defense(2000); psychological novel The Good Children(1999)
Williams, C. Herb  Canyons of the Mind  1980 JUL  ss  has nf book with Walt Neubrech, Indian Treaties: American Nightmare(1976), which deals with controversial legal battles of the 1970s; also has short story "Partners" in AMZ 1991 JAN
Williams, Gregg  Computer and the Oriental, The  1973 JUL  ss  1st story of 2 in his TABROT(Tactical Army Base Research Outpost No. Two), aka Tuesday Night Forum series; a student at Memphis State Univ., studying drama
   Plastic and Practical Jokes  1974 MAR  ss  2nd & last story in TABROT, or Tuesday Night Forum series; has book with Paul Dreyfus, The Unauthorized Strategy Guide to The Magic: The Gathering Card Game(1995)
Williams, Jay  Asa Rule, The  1956 JUN  ss  (1914-1978) has 11 sf/f stories pub. between 1956-1962 in F&SF, ASF, & FUN; posthumous coll. Unearthly Beasts and Other Strange People(1979); nf travel book, A Change of Climate(1956)
   Mr. Guthrie's Cold War  1956 OCT  ss  1st pub. in The Woman's Journal, in 1954
   Little Tin God  1958 JAN  ss  has historical novels, The Witches(1958), set in 1590 Scotland, tells of the conspiracy against the Scottish king James VI, who was later to become England's king James I; Solomon & Sheba(1959)
   Operation Ladybird  1959 AUG  nv  has Danny Dunn juvenile science-fact adventure series, with Raymond Abrashkin, Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint(1956), D.D. on a Desert Island(1957), D.D. and the Homework Machine(1959), D.D. and the Weather Machine(1959)
   Beetle, The  1961 MAR  ss  also in juvenile Danny Dunn series with Raymond Abrashkin, Danny Dunn on the Ocean Floor(1960), D.D. and the Fossil Cave(1961), D.D. and the Heat Ray(1962), D.D., Time Traveler(1963), D.D. and the Voice from Space(1967)
   Somebody to Play With  1961 MAY  ss  also in juvenile Danny Dunn series with Raymond Abrashkin, Danny Dunn and the Smallifying Machine(1969), D.D. and the Swamp Monster(1971), D.D., the Invisible Boy(1974), D.D., Scientific Detective(1975), D.D. and the Universal Glue(1977)
   Interplanetary Sex  1962 JAN  ar 
   Gifts of the Gods  1962 APR  ss 
Williams, Robert Moore  Aurochs Came Walking  1953 DEC  ss  (1907-1977) 1st story pub. sf "Zero as a Limit" in ASF 1937 JUL, as by Robert Moore; has Jongor series(FAD 1940-51) of novels pub. in book form in 1970; has novel Doomsday Eve(1957), etc; autobiography Love Is Forever We Are for Tonight(1970)
Williams, Tad  Monsieur Vergalant's Canard  1995 SEP  ss  (1957- ) wn. for Robert Paul Williams; 1st novel Tailchaser's Song('85; N-'86 LOC); Child of an Ancient City('92) w. Nina Kiriki Hoffman; has Otherland ser., City of Golden Shadow('96), etc; N-1986 JWCA; see iv in LOC 1995 JAN, &
Williams, Walter Jon  Side Effects  1985 JUN  nv  (1953- ) N-1986 LOC, ss; lives in NM; 1st works were 5 naval adventures in Privateer & Gentlemen ser., The Privateer(1981), etc, as by Jon Williams; 1st pub. sf novel Ambassador of Progress(1984); Knight Moves(1985; N-1986 DIC), Aristoi(1992; N-1993 LOC)
   Wall, Stone, Craft  1993 OCT/NOV  na  N-1993 HOM, NEB; 1994 HUG, LOC, SFC, WFA; 1st pub. by Axolotl Press, 1993; Hardwired ser., Hardwired('86), Voice of the Whirlwind('87); Metropolitan ser., Metropolitan('95), City on Fire('97); coll. Frankenstein and Foreign Devils('98); iv in LOC '96 SEP
Williamson, Chet  Scent of the Soul, A  1983 AUG  ss  (1948- ) working name for Chester Carlton Williamson, writer/producer of industrial shows; lives in Elizabethtown, PA; 1st story pub. fantasy/horror "Offices" in TWZ 1981 OCT; writes mostly horror stories & novels
   Rosinante  1984 APR  ss  story was sparked "when I saw (in a film) a hideous old horse, a dead ringer for Cervantes' Rosinante, & wondered what Don Quixote might have been like through the horse's point of view"
   Will the Real Sam Starburst ...  1984 JUN  ss  has 1st novel, Soulstorm(1986), which, like Shirley Jackson's 1959 novel The Haunting of Hill House, has five people trapped in a mountaintop mansion, where they must face the ghosts of every person who has been damned & then an very evil force(Clute)
   Matter of Sensitivity, A  1985 JAN  ss  has novel Ash Wednesday(1987; N-1988 STO), which studies the ravages of guilt, as all the people who ever died in a small Pennsylvania town suddenly return as ghosts to confront the town's residents(Clute)
   Letters to Mother  1987 APR  ss  has horror novels Lowland Rider(1988), set in a NYC subway; Dreamthorp(1989), set in a small Pennsylvania town; The House of Fear(1989 chap); mystery novel McKain's Dilemma(1989), about a married gay man & a killing over AIDS
   Play Dead  1987 AUG  ss  has interviews in TWZ 1986 JUL/AUG, Fear! 1989 JAN/FEB, Stanley J. Wiater(ed): Night Visions 7(1989), The Blood Review 1990 APR, WRT 1990 FLL(a Special Chet Williamson Issue), & Haunts #24 1992; see article in CMD 1990 SUM

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