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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  1978 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1978 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1978 JUN  ct  has book Harry and the Snow Melting Ray(1978)
   Cartoon  1978 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon  1978 AUG  ct  has illus. the children's books, by Jerome Beatty Jr: Matthew Looney in the Outback: A Space Story(1969), Matthew Looney and the Space Pirates(1972)
   Cartoon  1978 SEP  ct  has illus. the children's books, by Jerome Beatty Jr: Maria Looney on the Red Planet(1977), Maria Looney and the Cosmic Circus(1978), & Maria Looney and the Remarkable Robot(1979)
   Cartoon  1978 OCT  ct 
   Cartoon  1978 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1978 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 FEB  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 APR  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 JUN  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 AUG  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 OCT  ct  1st pub. in F&SF 1974 JUN; see interviews in Footsteps #8 1987, in CMD 1993 SPR, & in LOC 1999 MAR
   Cartoon  1979 OCT  ct  1st pub. in F&SF 1965 APR
   Cartoon  1979 OCT  ct  1st pub. in F&SF 1967 FEB
   Cartoon  1979 OCT  ct  1st pub. in F&SF 1968 JUL
   Cartoon  1979 OCT  ct  1st pub. in F&SF 1970 JAN
   Cartoon  1979 OCT  ct  1st pub. in F&SF 1970 MAY
   Cartoon  1979 OCT  ct  1st pub. in F&SF 1971 FEB
   Cartoon  1979 OCT  ct  1st pub. in F&SF 1970 AUG
   Cartoon  1979 NOV  ct 
   Cartoon  1979 DEC  ct  has pub. many books for children; has coll. Nuts(1979), of his cartoon strips that were pub. in National Lampoon, which are remembered fantasies & horrors of childhood in the U.S.(Clute)
   Cartoon  1980 JAN  ct 
   Cartoon  1980 FEB  ct  has cartoon coll. Is Nothing Sacred?(1982)
   Cartoon  1980 MAR  ct 
   Cartoon  1980 APR  ct  has cartoon coll. Gahan Wilson's America(1985)
   Cartoon  1980 MAY  ct 
   Cartoon  1980 JUN  ct  has book, Eddy Deco's Last Caper: An Illustrated Mystery(1987), a farcical fantasy/detective thriller
   Cartoon  1980 JUL  ct 
   Cartoon  1980 AUG  ct  has book, Everybody's Favorite Book(1988), another fantasy mystery spoof, which includes Fu Manchu & Sherlock Holmes as characters(Clute)
   Cartoon  1980 SEP  ct 
   Cartoon  1980 OCT  ct  has cartoon coll. Still Weird: A Look Back—And Forward(1994), which collects Playboy & New Yorker cartoons, as well as 100 brand-new cartoons
   Cartoon  1980 NOV  ct  has fiction coll. Spooky Stories for a Dark and Stormy Night(1994)
   Cartoon  1980 DEC  ct 
   Cartoon  1981 JAN  ct  has cartoon coll. Even Weirder(1996)
   Cartoon  1981 FEB  ct  has illustrated an original horror anth., Wilson & Nancy A. Collins(ed): Gahan Wilson's The Ultimate House(1996), in which each story by an author is inspired by a cartoon by Wilson; also made into a CD-ROM game
   Cartoon  1981 MAR  ct  this cartoon is the last in an unbroken string of cartoons by Gahan Wilson in each F&SF issue since 1965 APR; between 1965 APR & 1981 MAR, he has pub. 190 original & 8 reprinted cartoons in F&SF, the reprints in the 30th Anniversary 1979 OCT issue
   Cartoon  1981 MAY  ct  Wilson lives on Long Island, NY
   Cartoon  1981 JUN  ct  Wilson wrote the screenplay for the movie, Freeway Maniac(1989; aka, Breakdown), about a crazed killer that sneaks onto the set of an sf film & begins murdering the cast & crew
   Cartoon  1981 JUL  ct  Wilson was in the documentary, Document of the Dead(1989), about the films of director George A. Romero, with a behind-the-scenes look at his movie, Dawn of the Dead(1978), which was a sequel to his movie, Night of the Living Dead(1968)
   Cartoon  1981 AUG  ct  movie reviewer for TWZ 1984 JAN/FEB to 1989 JUN; see his article, "The Perils of Movie Going in the Latter Eighties" in TWZ 1988 APR
   Cartoon  1981 SEP  ct  see interviews in Footsteps #8 1987, CMD 1993 SPR, & LOC 1999 MAR(#458); has anth. edited by Nancy A. Collins, Gahan Wilson's The Ultimate Haunted House(1996), in which Wilson supplies intros & cartoons for 13 stories each about a room in a haunted house
   Cartoon  1981 OCT  ct  Wilson W-1992 STO, for Lifetime Achievement; W-1981 WFA, Special Convention Award, & 1996 WFA, for Best Artist; has mystery novel, Everybody's Favorite Duck(1988), a spoof about bad & good guys battling to the death in NYC
   Cartoon  1999 OCT/NOV  ct  has coll. of his fiction & illustrations, cartoons, The Cleft and Other Odd Tales(1998; N-1998 STO; 1999 WFA); book reviewer for Realms of Fantasy, since its 1st issue in 1994 OCT to the present

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