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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Wilson, Richard  Love  1952 JUN  ss  (1920-1987) has 1st story pub. sf "Retribution" in Science Adventure Stories 1938 OCT; also has stories "Murder from Mars" & "Stepsons of Mars" in AST 1940 APR, the latter story co-authored with C.M. Kornbluth, as by Ivar Towers
   Don't Fence Me In  1956 APR  vi  a founding member of the Futurians, director of the News Bureau of Syracuse University until he retired in 1982
   Lonely Road  1956 SEP  ss  has 1st novel The Girls from Planet 5(1955), in which aliens comically invade the Earth; has two other novels with the same theme, And Then the Town Took Off(1960), & 30-Day Wonder(1960)
   QRM  1957 APR  ss  has biographical profiles in NWS 1957 JUL, & 1960 SEP
   Venus Papers, The  1958 MAR  ss  has colls. of sf satire Those Idiots from Earth(1957), & Time Out for Tomorrow(1962)
   Eight Billion, The  1965 JUL  ss  N-1965 NEB, short story; story title derived from O. Henry's The Four Million, & Meyer Berger's The Eight Million - topic, over-population
   Day They Had the War, The  1971 JUN  ss  has novelette "Mother to the World" in Damon Knight(ed): Orbit 3(1968), W-1968 NEB; N-1969 HUG; has novella "The Story Writer," in Destinies 1979 APR, was N-1979 NEB
   See Me Safely Home  1985 NOV  ss  has memoir Adventures in the Space Trade(1986 chap); story A Rat for a Friend(1986 chap); coll. The Kid from Ozone Park & Other Stories(1987 chap)
Wilson, Robert Charles  Blue Gularis, The  1985 JUL  ss  (1953- ) born in CA, now lives in Toronto; 1st story pub. sf "Eqinocturne" in ANA 1975 FEB, as by Bob Chuck Wilson; has 1st novel, A Hidden Place(1986; N-1986 DIC; 1987 ARR, LOC), in which aliens contact 2 young Americans in a small town in the 1930s
   State of the Art  1986 JAN  ss  N-1987 LOC, short story; has novels Memory Wire(1987; N-1988 & 1989 ARR), in which the protagonists make contact with a 'lost world' through dream stones; Gypsies(1989; N-1990 & 1991 ARR), deals w. children who can make contact w. parallel worlds(Clute)
   Knight of Antiquity, A  1986 JUL  ss  has novels The Divide(1990; N-1991 LOC; 1992 ARR), a character who contains 2 utterly distinct selves; A Bridge of Years(1991; N-1991 DIC), time travel tale; The Harvest(1992), aliens offer humanity immortality & wisdom(Clute); iv in SFC 1999 FEB/MAR
   Ballads in Time  1987 APR  ss  has novelette "The Perseids," in Hutchison(ed): Northern Frights 3(1995) & RoF 1995 DEC, W-1996 ARR; N-1996 NEB, WFA; has novel Mysterium(1994; W-1994 DIC; N-1995 ARR, HUG, LOC), about a small town that disappears from our world & appears in another(B&C)
   Extras  1987 DEC  nv  N-1988 LOC; has novels Darwinia(1998), "in 1912 ... all Europe is mysteriously replaced by a primeval forest"(LOC); Bios(1999), "involving the exploration of a lush but savagely hostile world called Isis"(LOC); coll. The Perseids(2000; N-2001 WFA)
Wilson, Robin  To the Vector Belong ...  1994 SEP  ss  (1928- ) "story is ... about familiar people whose world has grown weird on them & they come to realize it when a weird guy comes along ..."; also in F&SF as Robin Scott Wilson & as Robin Scott
   Retired Men's Social Club & Ladies Auxiliary, The  1996 FEB  ss  he is now President Emeritus & Trustee Professor at California State Univ. at Monterey Bay
   Faster Than a Speeding Bullet  1997 JAN  ss  has 1st mystery novel, Death by Degrees(1995), about a former CIA agent hired as a troubleshooter by a university president & finds himself trying to solve a murder
   Thanks, Diaz  1998 MAY  ss  has nf book Paragons: Twelve Science Fiction Writers Ply Their Craft(1996)
   Grift of the Magellanae, The  1999 MAR  ss  lives in Carmel, CA
Wilson, Robin Scott  State of the Art, The  1970 JUL  ss  (1928- ) also in F&SF under the working name Robin Scott, & as Robin Wilson; a doctor, & later the President of California State Univ.(Chico); 1st story pub. sf "Third Alternative" in ANA 1964 MAR
   Gone Fishin'  1970 OCT  ss  Wilson was the most influential founder of the Clarion Writers' Workshop, along with Damon Knight, etal, in Clarion, PA, in 1968; Clarion still operates today
   For a While There, Herbert Marcuse, I Thought You Were Maybe Right About Alienation and Eros  1972 JUL  ss  this story is considered by some to be one of his best works(Clute)
   Pax Romana  1973 JUN  ss  edited Clarion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction from the Clarion Writers' Workshop(1971; N-1972 LOC), Clarion II(1972; N-1973 LOC), Clarion III(1973); retired from Clarion after the last anthology
   Not a Red Cent  1973 DEC  ss  edited Those Who Can: A Science Fiction Reader(1973; N-1974 LOC; 1989; 1996), in which writers discuss their own & others' stories in the anthology(Clute)
   Greening of Mrs. Edmiston, The  1987 JAN  ss  see interview in Starwind 1978 FLL
Wiltse, David  Feeny's Trials  1985 JAN  ss  (1940- ) lives in CT; ex-editor at Tennis Magazine; writer of plays, TV movie scripts Nightmare(1974), Revenge of the Stepford Wives(1980); has FBI agent John Becker mystery ser. Prayer for the Dead(1991), Into the Fire(1994), Blown Away(1996), etc
Winkler, Richard  Afternoon in May, An  1966 FEB  ss  1st pub. in Audience, 1959 SPR; has a short story "It's a Boy, Mr. Winstead" in Liberty Magazine 1941 SEP 13; has children's book, The Boy Who Saw an Alligator in His Bathtub(1961), illus. by Betty Cobb
Winslow, Thyra Samter  Rudolph  1955 SEP  ss  (1893-1961) 1st pub. in her coll. The Sex Without Sentiment(1954); has Broadway novel, Show Business(1926; vt Chorus Girl); colls. Picture Frames(1923; vt Window Panes, 1945), Blueberry Pie(1932), My Own Native Land(1935); nf Be Slim, Stay Slim(1955)
Winsor, Philip  Mama  1963 NOV  vi  (1938- ) Harvard grad., MA from Columbia Univ., a college textbook editor
Winston-Macauley, Marnie  Perfect Solution, The  1990 SEP  nv  (1949?- ) lives in NYC; former prison administrator, now a fulltime freelance writer; has nf books, Manspeak: What He Says and What He Really Means(1996), Men We Love to Hate(1996), The Ultimate Sex, Love & Romance Quiz Book II(1996)
Winter, Douglas E.  Books  1997 JUL  br  (1950- ) essay: vampires; Stephens(ed): Vampires, Wine & Roses; Shepard(ed): Classic Vampire Stories; Gladwell & Havoc(ed): Blood & Roses; Collins: A Dozen Black Roses; Aycliffe: The Lost; Monahan: The Bell Witch; Kimball: Undone; etc
   Books  1998 JAN  br  essay: cloning novels; Michael Marshall Smith: Spares; John Case(ps.): The Genesis Code; M. John Harrison: Signs of Life; Ballard: Cocaine Nights; Jonathan Coe: The House of Sleep; Wilson & Costello: Mirage; Mayra Montero: In the Palm of Darkness; 2 more
   Books  1998 MAY  br  essay: what Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin started; Levin: Son of Rosemary; Westlake: The Ax; Etchison: Double Edge, & Darkside; Tessier: Fog Heart; Atkins: Big Thunder; Wandrei: Don't Dream; Cave: The Door Below; Wagner: Exorcisms and Ecstasies
   Books  1998 SEP  br  essay: "the boundaries of horror are not easily circumscribed"; Otto Penzler(ed): Murder for Revenge; Whitley Strieber: Evenings with Demons: Stories from 30 Years; Bruno Schulz: Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass; David J. Schow: Crypt Orchids
   Books  1999 FEB  br  essay: religious doomsday books; Stephen Jay Gould: Questioning the Millennium; Richard Abane: End Times Visions; Tim La Haye & Jerry B. Jenkins: Left Behind; Peter & Paul Lalonde: Apocalypse; Larry Burkett: Solar Flare; Kenny Love: Millennium Eve
   Books  1999 JUL  br  Ann Arensberg: Incubus; Clive Barker: Galilee; Winter has horror anth. Black Wine(1986; N-1987 WFA), Night Visions 5(1988; N-1989 LOC), Prime Evil(1988; N-1989 LOC, WFA), Dark Visions(1990), Revelations(1997; vt Millennium, U.K.; N-1998 WFA)
Winter, Laurel  Infinity Syrup  1992 JUN  ss  her 1st professional fiction sale; grew up in the mountains of Montana, now lives in Rochester, MN; edited anth. of Minnesota writers, with C.J. Fosdick & Linda Essig, Blossoms and Blizzards(1986); has nf book, Minnesota Trivia(1990)
   Negotiator, The  1993 DEC  ss  wrote this story during an informal writers retreat in Wisconsin, first about aliens, then with an idea about a society with rigid rules about eating
   Moon Garden Cookbook, The  1994 FEB  ss  she wrote this story "after cooking dinner one evening, tired of the fact that my kids were such picky eaters"
   Permanent Natural Boy  1996 FEB  ss  writes fulltime, raises twin boys; "I was thinking about the point in some twins' lives when they begin to see themselves as separate beings. Then there was this idea about permanent paint ..."
   Blood Harp  1996 MAY  nv  N-1996 HOM, novelette; her 1st alternate world fantasy story for F&SF came from an idea after attending "a Rochester Symphony concert"
   David's Ashes  1997 MAR  ss  poetry editor of Tales of the Unaticipated(TotU) from issues #9 1991/1992 FLL/WIN, to #23 2002 APR-2003 APR; has editorials in TotU #14 1995-#23 2002/2003
   Tomorrow Tea  1997 DEC  ss  has pub. over 35 pieces of short fiction between 1990-2002, almost half of which are poems; she has pub. in mags. F&SF, ASI, & TotU
   Fighting Gravity  1998 SEP  ss  enjoys painting; her long poem, "why goldfish shouldn't use power tools" in ASI 1997 DEC, W-1998 RHY
   Sky Eyes  1999 MAR  nv  W-1999 WFA, novella; N-1999 NEB, novelette; has 1st novel ya Growing Wings(2000; N-2001 LOC, MYT), about Linnet, an eleven-year old girl who suddenly one day begins to grow wings
Wisman, Ken  Moses  1976 NOV  nv  attended 1-year of graduate school at Univ. of Michigan; production editor in a large publishing house; writer of mostly fantasy & horror stories, has pub. over 60 stories thru 2001 in many mags. & anth. Shadows #10(1987), Heaven Sent(1995)
   Peculiar Man, A  1981 MAR  ss  see interviews in Midnight Zoo v.3 #12 1993 JAN, & in Vampire Dan's Story Emporium #4 1997
   Christmas Tree, The  1986 JAN  ss  has coll. Frost on the Window(1995), of 14 Christmas stories; has fantasy novelette, Eden(2001 chap)
Wodehouse, P.G.  Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court  1952 OCT  ss  (1881-1975) 1st pub. in Liberty Magazine, 2 FEB 1929; from his Mulliner clan ser., 1st story in F&SF in ser.; Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, U.K. writer living in the U.S.; has 1st novel The Pothunters(1901); has Jeeves & Wooster characters in books & movies
   Slice of Life, A  1955 JUN  ss  1st pub. in Liberty Magazine, 7 AUG 1926, & in Meet Mr. Mulliner(1926); 2nd story in F&SF, Mulliner series; Wodehouse wrote lyrics for musicals, 1st for musical Sergeant Brue(1904); playwright, too, 1st play A Gentleman of Leisure, performed in 1911
   Mulliner's Buck-U-Uppo  1955 DEC  ss  1st pub. in ?; 3rd story in F&SF, Mulliner series; has novels The Swoop! or How Clarence Saved England: A Tale of the Great Invasion(1909), Laughing Gas(1936); see website

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