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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Young, Robert F.  Storm Over Sodom  1961 FEB  nv 
   Jonathan and the Space Whale  1962 MAR  nv  1st story in F&SF in John Starfinder, Ciely Bleu & their asteroid-sized Space Whale series; this whale has the ability to travel through space & time
   There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe  1962 OCT  ss 
   Eternal Lovers, The  1963 DEC  ss 
   Second Philadelphia Experiment, The  1964 JUL  vi  the 1st Philadelphia Experiment, mentioned in Avram Davidson's "King's Evil" in F&SF 1956 OCT, was Ben Franklin flying a kite during a thunderstorm
   In What Cavern of the Deep  1964 OCT  na  "a story of love transmuted by a terrible yet glorious change"
   Dialogue in a Twenty-First Century Dining Room  1965 FEB  ss 
   Romance in an Eleventh-Century Recharging Station  1965 MAY  ss  has coll. The Worlds of Robert F. Young(1965)
   Minutes of a Meeting At the Mitre  1965 OCT  ss  has novelette "Little Dog Gone," in WOT 1964 FEB, N-1965 NEB
   L'Arc De Jeanne  1966 JAN  nv 
   Kingdom Come, Inc.  1967 JAN  ss  has coll. A Glass of Stars(1968)
   Remnants of Things Past  1973 APR  ss  "past 5 or 6 years (I have) been working full-time as castings inspector in a non-ferrous foundry ... write both weekends & evenings"
   Giantess, The  1973 JUL  ss 
   Star of Stars, The  1974 MAR  nv 
   Spacetrack  1974 SEP  ss 
   Hex Factor  1974 NOV  ss 
   Curious Case of Henry Dickens, The  1975 AUG  ss  has novel released only in French, La Quête de la Sainte Grille(novelette in AMZ 1964 DEC as "The Quest of the Holy Grille"; exp. 1975 France)
   Shakespeare of the Apes  1975 DEC  ss 
   P R N D L L  1976 JUN  ss 
   Milton Inglorious  1976 SEP  ss 
   Day the Limited Was Late, The  1977 MAR  ss 
   Star Eel, The  1977 JUN  ss  2nd story in F&SF in his Space Whale series, is pub. in fixup novel Starfinder(1980) as "Enter Ciely"; other stories in this series in Cavalier 1969 FEB, Damon Knight(ed): Orbit 8(1970), & in IFS 1971 OCT
   Down the Ladder  1978 MAR  ss 
   Hologirl  1978 AUG  ss 
   Project Hi-Rise  1978 NOV  ss 
   First Mars Mission, The  1979 MAY  ss 
   Haute Bourgeoisie, The  1980 JAN  nv  3rd story in F&SF in his Space Whale series
   "Mindanao Deep, The"  1980 MAR  ss  4th story in F&SF in his Space Whale series, is pub. in fixup novel Starfinder(1980) as "Beneath the Painted Ocean"
   As a Man Has a Whale a Love Story  1980 JUL  nv  5th & last story in F&SF in his Space Whale series; series to be coll. in fixup novel Starfinder(1980); this story in that book is broken up into the stories "Spacewhale, Space-Time," & "The Construction Company"
   Tents of Kedar, The  1980 DEC  ss 
   Summer of the Fallen Star, The  1981 APR  ss 
   Invitation to the Waltz  1982 MAR  ss 
   Lost Earthman, The  1983 NOV  ss  has novel Eridahn(novelette "When Time Was New" in IFS 1964 DEC; exp. 1983), which features time travel into prehistory, as a time-machine driver finds the frightened prince & princess of Mars hiding from a dinosaur
   Divine Wind  1984 APR  ss 
   Glass Houses  1984 NOV  ss 
   Three-Mile Syndrome  1985 AUG  ss  has humorous fantasy novel The Vizier's Second Daughter(novella "City of Brass" in AMZ 1965 AUG; exp. 1985), in which Mark Billings, sent back in time to kidnap Arabian Nights' author Sheherazade, accidentally steals the wrong woman, her little sister
   Visionary Shapes  1986 APR  ss  "a handful of sand is an anthology of the universe"
   Revolution 20  1986 JUN  ss 
   What Bleak Land  1987 JAN  ss  N-1988 LOC, short story; notice in the story intro of the death of Young in the summer of 1986; after serving with the military police in WWII, he returned to Silver Creek, NY, on Lake Erie
   Giant, the Colleen, and the Twenty-one Cows, The  1987 JUN  nv  his last story for F&SF, it demonstrates one of his main interests, concern for the environment; he has pub. over 200 short stories in his writing career, incl. to most of the sf/f, mys. mags., some slicks, & to several anth.; see his obit in LOC 1986 SEP

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