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Issue Date  Theme 
Type  Stories
1969 NOV  Unofficial 2nd 20th Anniversary Issue 
unintentional  all stories, #2836-2846
1970 FEB  two stories that take place off-Earth & have fine human & alien characters 
unintentional  #2868 - Robin Scott: "A Delicate Operation"; #2874 - Joanna Russ: "Initiation"
1979 FEB  two "stories that concern the problems of aging ... the solutions of the protagonists are so similar" 
unintentional  #4224 - James Patrick Kelly: "Not to the Swift"; #4231 - Stephen Dixon: "A Home Away From Home"
1980 SEP  stories with after-the-holocaust themes 
unintentional  #4488 - Felix C. Gotschalk: "Among the Cliff-Dwellers of the San Andreas Canyon"; #4496 - Edward P. Hughes: "In the Name of the Father"
1983 JAN  two stories that deal with the problems "associated with cryogenic suspension" 
unintentional  #4910 - L.S. Blanchard: "Mirror of the Soul"; #4918 - R. Bretnor: "Cryogenesis"
1983 APR  a book review by Algis Budrys with a long essay on Gene Wolfe, & a vignette by Gene Wolfe 
unintentional  #4955 - Algis Budrys: "Books"; #4956 - Gene Wolfe: "A Solar Labyrinth"
1984 DEC  a short story by Rudy Rucker, followed by an interview/biographical of Rucker by Charles Platt 
unintentional  #5240 - Rudy Rucker: "Monument to the Third International"; #5241 - Charles Platt: "Profile of Rudy Rucker"
1991 JUL  stories that "examine what can happen when we preserve the past while moving into the future" is the informal theme of this issue, as explained in the editorial by the new editor of F&SF, Kristine Kathryn Rusch(#6361) 
unintentional  #6362 - Cassutt: "Extraordinary Measures"; #6368 - Reed: "Pipes"; #6369 - Springer: "Autumn Mist"; #6370 - Engstrom: "The Pan Man"; #6373 - Koja: "Angels in Love"; #6375 - Caves: "Fetch Felix"
1991 AUG  a secondary informal theme of this issue, is Death, as explained in the editorial by Kristine Kathryn Rusch(#6378) 
unintentional  #6392 - Ronald Anthony Cross: "Johnny's Inferno"; #6394 - Dean Whitlock: "The Woman, the Pilot, the Raven"
1991 AUG  two stories in this issue that deal with international relations 
unintentional  #6387 - Bruce Sterling: "The Unthinkable"; #6389 - Gregor Hartmann: "Henry in the Trees"
1991 AUG  "Fiction that gives me a new perspective on a place I've already seen," fictional themes in an exotic locale, made new: the informal theme of this issue, as expressed in Rusch's editorial(#6378) 
unintentional  #6380 - Hoing: "City of the Dreadful Night"; #6381 - Taylor: "The Tale of the Two Queens"; #6382 - Kimbriel: "Triad"; #6387 - Sterling: "The Unthinkable"; #6389 - Hartmann: "Henry in the Trees"; #6392 - Cross: "Johnny's Inferno"; #6394 - by Dean Whitlock
1991 SEP  "Children & childhood are the (informal) themes linking most of the stories in this issue. Each story propounds its own theory," as explained in the editorial by Kristine Kathryn Rusch(#6395) 
unintentional  #6397 - Stableford: "The Invisible Worm"; #6401 - Hightower: "Journal of the First Voyage"; #6403 - Kushner: "The Swordsman Whose Name ..."; #6405 - Hensley: "Alvin's Witch"; #6406 - DiChario: "The Power of Love"; #6410 - Rusch: "Dancers Like Children"
1991 OCT/NOV  "Anniversaries are ... ways of keeping track of time ... (This) double issue (is) filled with stories about time ... in more ways than one," as explained in the editorial by Kristine Kathryn Rusch(#6411) 
unintentional  #6412 - Carolyn Ives Gilman: "The Honeycrafters"; #6413 - Sheri S. Tepper: "The Gourmet"; #6416 - Bradley Denton: "Rerun Roy, Donna, and the Freak"; #6422 - Mike Resnick: "Winter Solstice"
1992 APR  stories that explore perception and memory 
unintentional  #6502 - Ray Vukcevich: "Mom's Little Friends"; #6505 - Pat Cadigan: "True Faces"; #6506 - Pat Murphy: "Going Through Changes"; #6507 - Paul J. McAuley: "Prison Dreams"
1992 JUN  stories with "odd and varied look(s) at mysticism in everyday life" 
unintentional  #6534 - Koja: "The Company of Storms"; #6538 - Tiedemann: "Shattered Template"; #6540 - Kale: "Miracle in a Small Village"; #6541 - Reed: "Birth Day"; #6543 - Winter: "Infinity Syrup"; #6544 - Tilton: "The Twelve Swans"; #6547 - Carroll: "Uh-Oh City"
1992 AUG  stories set in exotic locales 
unintentional  #6570 - Stephen Kraus: "In the Land of Grass"; #6576 - Vance Aandahl: "The First Invention"; #6581 - Ray Aldridge: "Winedark"; #6583 - Marc Laidlaw: "The Vulture Maiden"
1992 DEC  two stories that were inspired by Mary Shelley's classic novel, Frankenstein 
unintentional  #6629 - Brian W. Aldiss: "Common Clay"; #6634 - Madeleine E. Robins: "Willie"
1993 JAN  ghost stories for the holidays 
unintentional  #6650 - Nina Kiriki Hoffman: "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentle Ghosts"; #6651 - Marina Fitch: "The Ghosts on Christmas Eaves"
1994 MAR  a look at deities & myth 
unintentional  #6850 - James Morrow: "Director's Cut"; #6851 - Esther M. Friesner: "Two Lovers, Two Gods, and a Fable"
1994 JUL  baseball, softball, Little League related stories 
unintentional  #6911 - Esther M. Friesner: "Jesus at the Bat"; #6913 - Robert Grossbach: "A Feel for the Game"
1995 JAN  Christmas holiday stories 
unintentional  #7005 - Leslie What: "Compatibility Clause"; #7015 - David Bischoff: "Santa Ritual Abuse"; #7017 - Nina Kiriki Hoffman: "Home for Christmas"
1995 JUL  baseball stories 
unintentional  #7109 - Robert J. Levy: "New Horizons in Stickball"; #7111 - Dale Bailey: "The Resurrection Man's Legacy"
1995 AUG  weather stories 
unintentional  #7121 - Robert Reed: "Our Prayers Are With You"; #7123 - Raymond Steiber: "Dry August"
1996 MAR  stories in this issue by an F&SF columnist 
unintentional  #7227 - Bruce Sterling: "The Littlest Jackal"; #7236 - Harlan Ellison: "Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral"; #7239 - Gregory Benford & David Brin: "Paris Conquers All"

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