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1969 MAY  Dickson, Gordon R.  Hour of the Horde  na  intergalactic war, Earth is invaded by a far superior force, and is saved primarily by one individual
   O'Donnell, K.M.  July 24, 1970  vi  (1939- ) ps. for Barry N. Malzberg
   Thompson, Don  New Science, The  vi  (1935-1994) working name for Donald Arthur Thompson
   Walton, Bryce  Troubling of a Star  ss  (1918-1988) 1st story pub. "The Ultimate World" in PLS, in 1945
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: LXIX  vi  (1911-1992) 1st story in VSF, Feghoot series; ps. for Reginald Bretnor
   Castell, Daphne  Topic for the Evening, The  ss  (1930-1983)
   Goulart, Ron  Books  br  (1933- ) Ian Wallace: Croyd; David Lindsay: A Voyage to Arcturus; Frank Herbert: The Heaven Makers; John Creasey: The Inferno
   Bonn, Ronald S.  Nine P.M., Pacific Daylight Time  ss 
   Eisenberg, Larry  Hold Your Fire!  ss  1st story in VSF biochemist Emmett Duckworth series
1969 AUG  Fast, Julius  League of Grey-eyed Women, The  no  (1918- ) a man with two months to live, is given another chance with DNA experimentation, but with many risks; Fast's 1st novel, reviewed in F&SF 1970 AUG; Fast is a medical journalist
   Wellen, Edward  With Ah! Bright Wings  ss  (1919- ) 1st story pub. sf was a 'non-fact article', "Origins of Galactic Slang" in GAL 1952 JUL
   Edwards, F.E.  Bradbury on Screen: A Saga of Perseverance  ar  (1928- ) on Bradbury's movie of his book, The Illustrated Man(coll.1951; movie 1968); ps. for William F. Nolan
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: LXX  vi  2nd story in VSF, Feghhot series
   Koontz, Dean R.  Dragon in the Land  ss  (1945- ) 1st story pub. "Kittens" for Readers & Writers, in 1966
   Eisenberg, Larry  Project Amnion  vi 
   Stacey, Joseph C.  Scientific Experts  qz 
   Goulart, Ron  Books  br  J.M. Scott: Dingo; Fritz Leiber: Night Monsters, The Green Millennium; Sam Moskowitz(ed): S.F. by Gaslight; Edmond Hamilton: Quest Beyond the Stars; Ferderik Pohl: The Age of Pussyfoot
   Young, Robert F.  Pithecanthropus Astralis  ss 
1969 NOV  Harrison, Harry  Plague Ship  na  (1925- ) interplanetary spaceship, the Johannes Kepler, is hit by a meteor, and the survivors face the dangers of space, led by a young medic; working name for Henry Maxwell Harrison
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: LXXI  vi  3rd story in VSF, Feghoot series
   Peck, Richard E.  In Alien Waters  ss  (1936- ) his 1st pub. story; writer, critic & prof. of English at Temple Univ.(Philadelphia)
   Eisenberg, Larry  IQ Soup  vi  2nd story Emmett Duckworth series
   Anvil, Christopher  Basic  ss  (1922- ) 1st & only story in VSF in Vaughan Roberts series; ps. for Harry C. Crosby Jr; 1st story pub. "Cinderella, Inc." in IMG, in 1952; has Pandora or Centra series & Interplanetary Patrol series in ASF
   Goulart, Ron  Books  br  Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse Five; Dick: Ubik; Crichton: The Andromeda Strain; Leiber: A Specter Is Haunting Texas; E.R. Eddison: The Mezentian Gate; Harry Warner Jr: All Our Yesterdays
   Scott, Robin  Escape Velocity  ss  (1928- ) his 1st pub. story; working name for Robin Scott Wilson; editor, writer & academic; co-founded Clarion S.F. Writers' Workshop in 1968
   Tiptree, James Jr  Snows Are Melted, the Snows Are Gone, The  nv  (1915-1987) ps. for Alice Hastings Bradley Sheldon

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