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Davidson, Avram  Now Let Us Sleep  1957 SEP  ss  (1923-1993)
   Jury-Rig  1957 NOV  ss 
deFord, Miriam Allen  Featherbed on Chlyntha  1957 NOV  ss  (1888-1975)
del Rey, Lester  Seat of Judgment, The  1957 JUL  ss  (1915-1993) ps. for Leonard Knapp
   Robots Should Be Seen  1958 JAN  ss 
   Lady of Space  1958 JUL  ss 
Dickson, Gordon R.  Friend for Life  1957 MAR  ss  (1923-2001)
   Fleegl of Fleegl  1958 MAY  ss 
   Hour of the Horde  1969 MAY  na  intergalactic war, Earth is invaded by a far superior force, and is saved primarily by one individual

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