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Godwin, Tom  Too Soon to Die  1957 MAR  nv  (1915-1980)
   Harvest, The  1957 JUL  vi 
Goulart, Ron  Books  1969 MAY  br  (1933- ) Ian Wallace: Croyd; David Lindsay: A Voyage to Arcturus; Frank Herbert: The Heaven Makers; John Creasey: The Inferno
   Books  1969 AUG  br  J.M. Scott: Dingo; Fritz Leiber: Night Monsters, The Green Millennium; Sam Moskowitz(ed): S.F. by Gaslight; Edmond Hamilton: Quest Beyond the Stars; Ferderik Pohl: The Age of Pussyfoot
   Books  1969 NOV  br  Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse Five; Dick: Ubik; Crichton: The Andromeda Strain; Leiber: A Specter Is Haunting Texas; E.R. Eddison: The Mezentian Gate; Harry Warner Jr: All Our Yesterdays
   Books  1970 FEB  br  D.G. Compton: The Silent Multitude; J.T. McIntosh: Six Gates from Limbo; Kenneth Robeson: Red Snow; William F. Nolan(ed): A Wilderness of Stars
   Disposal  1970 FEB  ss 
   Books  1970 MAY  br  Lovat Dickson: H.G. Wells(biography); H.S. Santesson(ed): Crime Prevention in the 30th Century; Wyman Guin: The Standing Joy; Dick Calkins & Philip F. Nowlan, etal: The Collected Works of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; George Herriman: Krazy Kat
   Books  1970 AUG  br  Sherred: Alien Island; Pratt & de Camp: Land of Unreason; D.G. Compton: The Steel Crocodile; P.H. Newby: The Spirit of Jem; Howard: The Moon of Skulls; Emmanuel G. Mesthene: Technological Change; Harrison(ed): The Year 2000
Gunn, James E.  Space Is a Lonely Place  1957 MAY  na  (1923- ) 1st of his psychological Space Conquest series in VSF, and the last of 5 stories in the series, pub. in coll. Station in Space(1958)
   Not So Great an Enemy  1957 JUL  nv 

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