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Hamilton, Edmond  No Earthman I  1957 NOV  nv  (1904-1977) husband of writer Leigh Brackett; this story's "basic viewpoint is exactly the opposite to that of Leigh", in her story that follows(#51)
   Dark Backward, The  1958 MAY  ss 
Harmon, Jim  Bit for Mrs. Halloran, A  1957 SEP  ss  (1933- ) working name for James Hudson Harmon, writer & radio producer; 1st story pub. sf "The Smuggler" in SWY, in 1954
Harrison, Harry  Plague Ship  1969 NOV  na  (1925- ) interplanetary spaceship, the Johannes Kepler, is hit by a meteor, and the survivors face the dangers of space, led by a young medic; working name for Henry Maxwell Harrison
Hetschel, Dick  Tall Psychiatrist, The  1958 MAR  ss 

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