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Scarff, William  End of Winter, The  1958 JAN  ss  (1931- ) ps. for Algis Budrys; also in F&SF as Algis Budrys, Paul Janvier, Robert Marner, & Albert Stroud
Schutz, J.W.  Survival Course  1970 AUG  ss  (1912-1984) Joseph Willard Schutz, career diplomat; 1st story pub. sf "Maiden Voyage" in FSF 1965 MAR; novel People of the Rings(1975)
Scott, Robin  Escape Velocity  1969 NOV  ss  (1928- ) his 1st pub. story; working name for Robin Scott Wilson; editor, writer & academic; co-founded Clarion S.F. Writers' Workshop in 1968
Sharon, Rose  Woman of the World, A (World of the Future: II)  1957 JAN  ss  (1923-1997) ps. for Judith Merril (she legally changed her name in 1949 from Juliet Grossman to J.M.)
   Lady Was a Tramp, The  1957 MAR  ss 
Silverberg, Robert  Winds of Siros, The  1957 SEP  nv  (1935- )
   Eve and the Twenty-Three Adams  1958 MAR  ss 
Simak, Clifford D.  Money Tree, The  1958 JUL  nv  (1904-1988)
Slesar, Henry  Before the Talent Dies  1957 SEP  ss  (1927-2002) 1st story pub. sf "The Brat" in IMT , in 1955; uses ps. O.H. Leslie; won Edgar Award for mystery novel The Gray Flannel Shroud (1958)
Stacey, Joseph C.  Scientific Experts  1969 AUG  qz 
Stroud, Albert  Contact Between Equals  1958 JUL  ss  (1931- ) ps. for Algis Budrys
Sturgeon, Theodore  Girl Had Guts, The  1957 JAN  nv  (1918-1985)
   Affair With a Green Monkey  1957 MAY  ss 
   On Hand: A Book  1957 JUL  br  (1918-1985) Martin Greenberg(ed): Coming Attractions(1957); Offhand table of books
   On Hand: A Book  1957 SEP  br  Philip K. Dick: Eye in the Sky(1957); Offhand table of books
   It Opens the Sky  1957 NOV  nv 
   On Hand: A Book  1957 NOV  br  John W. Campbell Jr: The Black Star Passes(1953 fixup), & Islands in Space(ASQ 1931; 1957); Offhand table of books
   On Hand: A Book  1958 JAN  br  Geoffrey Gibson & C.H. Gibbs-Smith(ed): People Places Things Ideas, in 4 volumes; Offhand table of books
   On Hand: A Book  1958 MAR  br  Theodore Sturgeon(ed): A Defiance of Time(1959)
   On Hand: A Book  1958 MAY  br  Offhand table of books, Bookends and Bullets
   Comedian's Children, The  1958 MAY  nv 
   On Hand: A Book  1958 JUL  br  L.M. Fallaw: The Ugglians; Martin Gardner: Fads & Falacies in the Name of Science; Offhand table of books

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