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What’s in a Name?

If you’re new to the magazine but have stumbled across this blog, you may be a bit confused as to what the actual name of the magazine is. Is it The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction? Or is it Fantasy & Science Fiction? Or is it F&SF?


Which is to say all three are correct. When the magazine first launched way back in 1949, it was called The Magazine of Fantasy. By the time issue #2 rolled around, it had already been changed to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. When the cover design of the magazine changed years later, the publisher dropped the “The Magazine of” part off the cover, and called it simply “Fantasy & Science Fiction,” though kept the full name as the official name of the magazine. At some point long ago–long before, I think, the “The Magazine of” bit was dropped off the cover–the accepted nickname of the magazine became F&SF. Which can be a bit of a mouthful and takes some getting used to saying, so if you’re planning to use it in a heated conversation, you might want to practice first.


One Response to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. SF Signal on February 19th, 2008

    F&SF Gets a Blog…

    The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction now has a blog. Posting will be done by editor Gordon Van Gelder and assistant editor John Joseph Adams. They’re off to a great start withThis interview with Albert E. Cowdrey.A visual history……

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