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Interview: Albert E. Cowdrey on "The Overseer"

Albert E. Cowdrey–author of “The Overseer” (our March 2008 issue‘s cover story)–said in an interview that the story grew out of his love of the great Victorian ghost story.

“[I’ve] always wanted to try my hand at the genre, and what a pleasure to find a way to do it at last!” Cowdrey said. “As a former historian I’ve spent much time and a lot of ink trying to weave history and fantasy together. An early version (which Gordon politely declined) had too much history, and it wasn’t until the Overseer came stalking out of the shadows that the fictional elements took charge and the story came to life. Where did he come from? No use asking, because I’ve really no idea. I never knew such a man, though somebody who looks remarkably like him appears in one of Toulouse-Lautrec’s prints advertising the Moulin Rouge—a rail-thin figure in top hat, with (like the Overseer) a Mardi Gras mask of a face. Why he stopped dancing with La Goulue long enough to run a plantation in Louisiana’s Red River country I’m not sure. But the Victorian ambiance is preserved.”

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F&SF Author Interviews

Now, in my first post here at the shiny new F&SF blog, I promised you there’d be interviews, right? Well, check out the next post for a new interview with Albert E. Cowdrey, author of "The Overseer"–the cover story of our March 2008 issue.

Before we started this blog, I’d been doing some interviews with F&SF authors on my personal blog. Here’s an index of those, in case you missed them:

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