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Interview: S. L. Gilbow on "Rebecca’s Locket"

S. L. Gilbow–author of “Rebecca’s Locket,” which appears in our May 2008 issue–said in an interview that the story is basically about an ordinary person trying to make his way through an absurd world. "Jerry Morgan’s personality and some of his memories have been downloaded into a locket which his wife wears around her neck," Gilbow said. "The rest of the story is about Jerry coping with his new form and trying to figure out his place in the world. I don’t start stories by thinking of other stories, but usually in the writing I start to see connections. Jerry reminds me a little of Kafka’s Gregor Samsa in that he undergoes an entire physical transformation."

The story started with the first line: "On a November Friday morning Jerry Morgan attended his funeral at the Cotton Springs Methodist Church," Gilbow said. "The next step was in figuring out how this could happen," he said. "The locket idea came to me as I was eating dinner with my wife and daughter at an Italian restaurant. I have a very bad habit of running story ideas through my mind while I’m out with my family. My wife will be talking to me and I will be trying to pretend I’m listening. Finally, she will say, ‘Are you writing again?’ It annoys her to no end. Sometime between the salad and the lasagna, I shouted out, ‘I got it. He’s a locket tied around his wife’s neck.’ Her response was, ‘You are so weird.’"

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Free Fiction Friday: Gwyneth Jones

Gwyneth Jones, born in Manchester, 14th February 1952, writer. She’s the author of more than twenty novels for teenagers, mostly using the name Ann Halam, and several highly regarded SF novels for adults. She’s won two World Fantasy awards, the Arthur C. Clarke award, the British Science Fiction Association short story award, the Dracula Society’s Children of the Night award, the P.K.Dick award, and shared the first Tiptree award, in 1992, with Eleanor Arnason. She lives in Brighton, UK, with her husband and son; a Tonkinese cat called Ginger and her young friend Milo. She’s done some extreme tourism in her time, still likes traveling but has given up on air transport. Likes going to the movies & playing with her websites. She’s a member of the Soil Association, the Sussex Wildlife Trust; and an Amnesty International volunteer. [via]

Jones has several pieces of free fiction on her website, including "The Tomb Wife," which appeared in our August 2007 issue.

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