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Finisterra Wins Sturgeon Award

Congrats to David Moles, whose story from F&SF, "Finisterra" (Dec. 2007), has won the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, which is given annually to the best science fiction short story, novelette or novella of the year. It was presented this weekend at the 2008 Campbell Conference in Lawrence, Kansas. (Note: "Finisterra" actually tied with "Tidelines" by Elizabeth Bear, so technically both won.)  Other F&SF stories tied for second place: between "Memorare" by Gene Wolfe (Apr. 2007) and "The Master Miller’s Tale" by Ian R. MacLeod (May 2007).

Wall-E and Mel Hunter

If you haven’t seen Wall-E yet, you should drop whatever you’re doing and go see it right away because it’s freaking awesome. Tor art director Irene Gallo agrees, and points out some interesting parallels between the robot design in the movie and the iconic covers Mel Hunter did for F&SF.

International Horror Guild Award finalists

F&SF has been named a finalist for the International Horror Guild Awards in the best periodical category. Congratulations to us!

Congratulations too, to our authors who are also on the ballot.

  • Laird Barron, for his short story collection The Imago Sequence 
  • "The Bone Man" by Fredric S. Durbin (December 2007)
  • "The Great White Bed" by Don Webb (May 2007)

Free Fiction: Eating Hearts by Yoon Ha Lee

“Eating Hearts” by Yoon Ha Lee originally appeared in our June 2005 issue. Podcastle recently adapted it to audio, which you can listen to on their podcast [mp3].

Free Fiction: The Rainmaker by Mary Rosenblum

"The Rainmaker" by Mary Rosenblum originally appeared in our Oct/Nov 1998 issue. StarShipSofa recently adapted it to audio, which you can listen to on their podcast [mp3].

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