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Rudy Van Gelder

Today I learned that Rudy Van Gelder is receiving a National Endowment for the Arts grant:

I’ve never met Mr. Van Gelder (in fact, the photo in that post makes the first time I’ve ever seen his likeness) and growing up, I was told we weren’t related.  But a few years ago, I spoke with a first cousin of Rudy’s and he said he knew my grandfather and that we distantly related.  I believe the closest we could be related is third cousins, once removed.

But I thought it was using our distant connection to note that one of the great jazz producers  has gotten some of the recognition he deserves.

F&SF is going bimonthly

The March 2009 issue will be the last monthly issue. Starting with the April/May 2009 issue, we’ll be publishing one issue every two months. Each issue will be 256 pages (16 pages longer than our last Oct/Nov issue) except for this year’s anniversary issue, which will be a jumbo.

Subscribers don’t need to take any action. If your current sub expires with the April 2009 issue or with the May 2009 issue, your sub now expires with the April/May 2009 issue.

We’ve made the change because rising costs—especially postal costs—and the current economy put us in a position where we either had to raise our rates severely or cut back somewhere. Given the state of the economy, I decided a cutback in frequency made the most sense. We’ll lose a little more than 10% of our content this year, but we should be in a great position for the coming years.

I know it’s a big change and it will take a little while to get used to it, but I think it will work out fine. Thank you all for your support.

Donald E. Westlake, R.I.P.

Donald Westlake died yesterday at the age of 75.

He was a giant of the mystery field, master of the comic caper.  I met him a couple of times and he struck me as being a wonderful guy.  I also thought his reviews in the NY TIMES BOOK REVIEW were usually excellent.

He published a couple of stories in F&SF when Avram Davidson was editor: “The Question” (with Laurence Janifer) and “Nackles,” which was published under his “Curt Clark” pseudonym.

The world is a smaller place without him.

Dreams with Sharp Teeth update

A subscriber let me know that Netflix lists the Harlan Ellison documentary as releasing on 5/26/09. has the same date:

I’m biased but I think the film is well worth watching.  You can read my thoughts on the documentary here:

I don’t see any info on the producer’s site, but there is plenty of material on it about the movie itself.  Just don’t go there if you have dial-up unless you’re prepared to be patient:

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