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Interview: Rick Norwood on “One Way”

I wrote “One Way” because I like to explore the ramifications of an sf idea.  What if?  What if you had a screen that would only pass matter through in one direction, the way a semiconductor only passes electricity through in one direction.  Much of my favorite science fiction starts with an idea, and rings the changes on that basic idea.  Of course, a story is nothing without characters, and as a college professor I have plenty of colorful characters to draw on for my stories.

I’m currently working on my first novel, titled The Map, set on Mars in a distant future where mankind has rejected science, and only allows the most basic technology necessary to keep civilization going.  My protagonist, Nathan Lombard, is a charismatic revolutionary who has defied the ban against interstellar travel and brought back a map of the alien civilizations nearest our own.

I’ve also written a book titled How To Think.  The US has the best colleges and universities in the world, and the worst K through 12 education in the developed world.  College students are taught how to think, people who do not go to college never are.  I hope at least some people want to learn to think more clearly, and my book is an easy way to learn.  (Though there are obviously people who are perfectly happy with what passes for “thinking” in the political discourse of the day: memorizing half-a-dozen sound bites and repeating them mindlessly and endlessly.)  The book is available from, and for download on the Kindle.

Comics RevueI also edit a magazine of comic strip reprints.  Fans of Tarzan, Flash Gordon, The Phantom, and Buz Sawyer can find out more at


“One Way” appears in the January/February 2017 issue of F&SF.

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