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Donald E. Westlake, R.I.P.

Donald Westlake died yesterday at the age of 75.

He was a giant of the mystery field, master of the comic caper.  I met him a couple of times and he struck me as being a wonderful guy.  I also thought his reviews in the NY TIMES BOOK REVIEW were usually excellent.

He published a couple of stories in F&SF when Avram Davidson was editor: “The Question” (with Laurence Janifer) and “Nackles,” which was published under his “Curt Clark” pseudonym.

The world is a smaller place without him.

Dreams with Sharp Teeth update

A subscriber let me know that Netflix lists the Harlan Ellison documentary as releasing on 5/26/09. has the same date:

I’m biased but I think the film is well worth watching.  You can read my thoughts on the documentary here:

I don’t see any info on the producer’s site, but there is plenty of material on it about the movie itself.  Just don’t go there if you have dial-up unless you’re prepared to be patient:

Award-winning cover art

Congratulations to Cory and Catska Ench for winning the Chesley Award for Best Magazine Cover Illustration for the March 2007 issue.

Update your link

Although we’ve used the URL of for a decade, we’re going to let it expire in January and switch to

If you have bookmarked, please update your computer so it uses our new URL.  Thanks.

An offer so good we can’t tell you

Advertisers use this gimmick all the time—come to our store for offers that are so good we can’t say them on TV or radio.

I never thought I’d use the gimmick myself, but right now, F&SF is offering a bonus to anyone who takes out a lifetime subscription with us for $1,000.00.

Unfortunately, I can’t say in public what the bonus is, but I can tell people in private.  What I can say in public is that the bonus is part of a longterm project that will interest many people.

Sorry I can’t say more right now, but if you’re interested,use the Contact Us ( page on our Website and we’ll let you in on the details.

—Gordon V.G.

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